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Bike trails

To bike can every! Around Ufa there are a lot of possibilities to spend a relaxed day in the saddle, traveling from 20 to 60 kilometers


Here you can read a few distracted from our trips (although related to it) fiction, to expand the horizons

«Travel, new places, people put the person in the situation, unusual for him, and because he begins to feel sharper, to think about something else, everything suddenly changed.»

Erlend Lou

  • Crimea
17.08-30.08 2005

The Megan Binom: we and the sea

It's like he froze, stopped his run. Everything came to a halt. The people rushed to learn abroad. Turkey, Egypt, Spain have replaced our citizens of Crimea. And only after 2000, things started to gradually…

  • Chelyabinsk oblast
11.09 2007

Around the lake Turgoyak

Rarely on our planet there are just mountains, the lake in these mountains, and conifer forest. One of those places we have, in the southern Urals - lake Turgoyak, now a national Park. The purity, water…

  • Crimea, Western Ukraine
15.09-20.10 2013

Ukrainian Suite

Horbokonyk or the longest road in the cemetery. Slavic synthesis of Western Ukraine

  • Crimea
21.08-07.09 2008

Inhabited the Peninsula

The Cape Kazantip is shaped like the head sitting on a thin neck, crossed wheels a matter of minutes. And voila! Then we splashed water Arabat Bay and now, before the eyes of the vast expanse and Kazantip…

  • Crimea
28.08-30.09 2004

Journey to Grenlandia

We have more and more captured by his Majesty the Crimea, with its inexplicable appeal and striking beauty. He filled our hearts and thoughts. Sounded by the wind of the mountains and the lapping waves. Therefore,…

  • Sweden
15.07-04.08 2017

Island Sweden

Gotland — the largest island in the Baltic sea. He belongs to Sweden, but the gotlanders do not consider themselves Swedes and gotlanders it.

The famous modern Norwegian writer Erland Lu wrote "Only if we all ride bikes will we have a chance!"

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Let the word "mission" sounds a bit pretentious, but it better conveys the goal we want to achieve texts on this website.
The goal is to inspire as many as possible of the people of this great vehicle which is a Bicycle. To persuade to change the views of skeptics about him.
I want everyone to understand that this is not a childish prank and not subject to short-term entertainment.
It is absolutely adequate and convincing is tantamount to replacing cars in many areas of our life.