Fascinating reports on the tours in the near and far abroad will not leave indifferent even those who care about the bike

Bike trails

To bike can every! Around Ufa there are a lot of possibilities to spend a relaxed day in the saddle, traveling from 20 to 60 kilometers


Here you can read a few distracted from our trips (although related to it) fiction, to expand the horizons

«On the bike I keep not racing records, and the feeling of happiness»

Lance Armstrong

  • Sweden, Denmark, Norway
04.07-05.08 2005

The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

I without exaggeration - just fell in love with Scandinavia and first of all in Sweden. This country was very close to me in spirit. My heart beats with it, and now, as I write these lines. However, there…

  • Crimea, Western Ukraine
15.09-20.10 2013

Ukrainian Suite

Horbokonyk or the longest road in the cemetery. Slavic synthesis of Western Ukraine

  • Sweden, Denmark
23.07-03.08 2007

The fourth sense of Scandinavia

The fourth sense of Scandinavian - feeling Bike.There, it never leaves you even for a moment. This feeling permeated all around. Motorists are unable to fully appreciate the surrounding nature. They are…

  • Bashkortostan
1.10 2007

The Irendyk ridge above the lake Talkas

The lake emerged from the corner of the gray oval prism. Two days off its coast allowed us to enjoy the whole palette of its colors. It is, as the girl's eyes change color to mood, meekly followed any…

  • Karelia
27.11 2010

Karelian extravaganza

Evening frost bound surface of the lake and a thin crust of ice grew rapidly along the banks of the icy transparent mica. The kayak was a little icebreaker with the crunch of breaking the water passed…

  • Sweden
17.07-10.08 2019

Baltic Rhapsody

Bike tour across Finland, Sweden and Estonia

The famous modern Norwegian writer Erland Lu wrote "Only if we all ride bikes will we have a chance!"

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Let the word "mission" sounds a bit pretentious, but it better conveys the goal we want to achieve texts on this website.
The goal is to inspire as many as possible of the people of this great vehicle which is a Bicycle. To persuade to change the views of skeptics about him.
I want everyone to understand that this is not a childish prank and not subject to short-term entertainment.
It is absolutely adequate and convincing is tantamount to replacing cars in many areas of our life.