Widely known in narrow circles of ascetic Cycling tourism in the Urals.
The owner of a rare gift of the charismatic and irrepressible attitude. The founder of the Cycling tourist club

A frequent participant and inspirer of tours, stories about which are the pride and highlight of this site


Famous Russian cycle-traveler and athlete
Participated in numerous Biking and adventure racing
The biggest achievements:
1 place among the Russian participants. Road marathon "Paris-Brest-Paris" - 1230 km, France (organizer of the "Audax Club Parisien") Ilya Stroganov, No. 8434 (the Result of 56 hours and 45 minutes - the best of the Russian period in the history of the marathon!)
Autonomous Bicycle tours in South Africa and Venezuela


Humble chronicler, and Creator of the first in Ufa veloturistam website, which won numerous prizes in competitions, recognition of the General public and a mention in Wikipedia
Through which over the 13 years of existence, the project managed to conquer valuematch thousands of people and encourage them to sit on the bike

  • history

    Baltic Rhapsody

    Bike tour across Finland, Sweden and Estonia

  • 2017

    Island Sweden

    Gotland — the largest island in the Baltic sea. He belongs to Sweden, but the gotlanders do not consider themselves Swedes and gotlanders it.

  • history

    Dear rotavirus

    Hot journey on a traditional favorite places of recreation of Russian patriots and politsionerov

  • 2014

    Traverse the Gulf of Bothnia

    Single a bike tour around Finland and Sweden.

  • history

    Ukrainian Suite

    Horbokonyk or the longest road in the cemetery. Slavic synthesis of Western Ukraine

  • 2012

    The threshold Nedoma

    What happens if you approach the bike ride in the Crimea from the standpoint of hedonism

  • history

    Peregrinos on bicicletas

    A fascinating journey through the Northern provinces of Spain - the Basque Country, Rioja, Asturias , Galicia, the trail of the pilgrims and visit the mountain national parks in the Iberian Peninsula.…

  • 2010

    Karelian extravaganza

    Evening frost bound surface of the lake and a thin crust of ice grew rapidly along the banks of the icy transparent mica. The kayak was a little icebreaker with the crunch of breaking the water passed…

  • history

    Trehozerky Veloute

    The idea is to ride between two of the largest lakes of Bashkiria ripe for a long time but to realize it as a result was not chosen the best time - the midst of the utter heat of the summer of 2010

  • 2009

    Aslykul, Yangi-Turmush, Olo-Telyak and other

    Asylykul – the largest lake in the Republic, is located 30 kilometres North-West of the city Davlekanovo.

  • history

    In search of the Moomin-Dole

    A sniff was extremely calm and knew a lot, but never flaunt it. Only sometimes told on his travels, and then his companion felt pride, as if he had committed them in secret, with a Sniff.

  • 2008

    Inhabited the Peninsula

    The Cape Kazantip is shaped like the head sitting on a thin neck, crossed wheels a matter of minutes. And voila! Then we splashed water Arabat Bay and now, before the eyes of the vast expanse and Kazantip…

  • history

    The Irendyk ridge above the lake Talkas

    The lake emerged from the corner of the gray oval prism. Two days off its coast allowed us to enjoy the whole palette of its colors. It is, as the girl's eyes change color to mood, meekly followed any…

  • 2007

    Bright lake yakty-Kul

    This picturesque place is surrounded by legends and fairy tales. Here found the remains of ancient settlements. But ancient settlements not as interesting as information about what here at the time arranged…

  • history

    Around the lake Turgoyak

    Rarely on our planet there are just mountains, the lake in these mountains, and conifer forest. One of those places we have, in the southern Urals - lake Turgoyak, now a national Park. The purity, water…

  • 2006


    Norway is a beautiful country. It makes you want to return to it again and again. No wonder many think she is the best country in the world. The beauty of nature, the standard of living and the relation…

  • history

    The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

    I without exaggeration - just fell in love with Scandinavia and first of all in Sweden. This country was very close to me in spirit. My heart beats with it, and now, as I write these lines. However, there…

  • 2005

    The Megan Binom: we and the sea

    It's like he froze, stopped his run. Everything came to a halt. The people rushed to learn abroad. Turkey, Egypt, Spain have replaced our citizens of Crimea. And only after 2000, things started to gradually…

  • history

    The fourth sense of Scandinavia

    The fourth sense of Scandinavian - feeling Bike.There, it never leaves you even for a moment. This feeling permeated all around. Motorists are unable to fully appreciate the surrounding nature. They are…

  • 2004

    Journey to Grenlandia

    We have more and more captured by his Majesty the Crimea, with its inexplicable appeal and striking beauty. He filled our hearts and thoughts. Sounded by the wind of the mountains and the lapping waves. Therefore,…