Asphalt sonnet


Ufa(Monument to Friendship) - KPM - Dema - Milowka - Zaton - Ufa(Monument Druzhby)


This way for those who decided just to train your legs and endurance.

Because it goes along roads where more, where less-saturated transport.
First, on the way to the airport to interchange with the Chelyabinsk trakt, then in his section to the Demos(the narrow road and sometimes of course frustrating from passing cars).

Through the deme and the Beskidy.
There are little machines and a pleasure to drive.
And then across the Creek to Ufa and in the end will have to sweat on the climb after the bridge at the entrance to the city.
However, and it is necessary for your feet in this case:)
Kilometers little - but if you go at a good pace then tired can be quite.