Bulgakov ring


Bulgakovo - Novokosino - lake Blue - Podobovo of Beketovo - Bulgakovo

Not far from the village of Bulgakovo have a very curious nature.
Small as a saucer - Blue lake
It is located near the village Novokosino at the foot of the limestone hills.
It can be reached both on the track in Sterlitamak and Beketovo.

A closed ring route, which United the two path, came out in 45 km and took 3 hours of time.
If you go here from Ufa and back it will be another 60 kilometers.


The lake water is very cold and very clear.
Hardly anyone dares even on the hottest day a dip in it.
The bottom of the lake like a funnel rapidly away your neck to a feet in the ground.
The blue color of the water caused not only a reflection of the sky and layers of blue clay made by the head of key waters from the depths of local breeds.

Clay, as we are part of the Earth.
The clay-based — oxides of silicon and aluminum, and water.
But the chemical composition also includes compounds of titanium, calcium, manganese, sodium, potassium, small amounts of nitrogen, zinc, lithium, copper, ferrous iron ,mineral salts and trace elements.
Clay as a chemical product can be expressed by the formula Аl2O3Н2О.
This formula means that the clays in the obligatory order are aluminum, oxygen and water.
Thus, different types of clays (brown, white, red, green, etc.) consist of the above elements.

In the main composition of clay can be considered quite benign material in health relation to. It is usually devoid of organic substances that can rot and release harmful gases.
This natural material has sufficient permeability, i.e., Allows for natural ventilation of organs and tissues to which the adjacent clay.

And therapeutic effect of the clay, mainly OBUkasliwal its mineral composition. In some types of clay, more silicon, in others — aluminum, in the third — manganese.
Another rare and very powerful element, radium.
It contains clay in quantity and condition are not only safe, but also beneficial to the body.
Radium determines the antitumor effect of the clay. And natural radioactivity kills all the germs

Scientists distinguish up to 40 types of clays.
They are very diverse in composition, structure and, of course, color. Different types of clays are used in different ways.
Found in nature in red, yellow, green, blue, white, gray, even black clay of different colors.
Its color and tone as the properties that defines the chemical composition, the predominance of a particular element, salt of a specific metal.

The most valuable for the recovery of the so-called Miocene blue clay, distributed mainly in the South of Bashkortostan.
These clays differ uniform gray-blue color, high plasticity, viscosity and stickiness.
These clays are used for ingestion, they have no equal in the world in barbarouses qualities and mineral properties.
The blue clay as a natural aseptic and adsorption vehicle, has long been used in cosmetics to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate inflammation, improve the functions of the skin and joints.
It is believed that the blue clay most effectively triggers the mechanisms of self-regulation of the organism.
Blue clay improves metabolism, heals itself and enhances the action of other drugs.

Water from the lake flows through a stream in the river Uzen, winding along fields nearby.

This is particularly evident from the hilltop.
With a magnificent view of the surroundings.

The place was certainly very popular.
Come here for the cars. And therefore the trash is present.
About the drivers, because too lazy to clean up after yourself.
That's not why they come here to go to the trouble laste ambulatories.

When you walk along the ridge under my feet sounds hollow emptiness.
Surely karst caves here full.

Across the river Uzen near the village Podobovo spanned bridge.
So the exit on the road to Beketovo is not a problem.

It was only one like clay that blue out savagely have not dredged the whole.
Whether it is filled permanently, or not so medical.
The only thought which tormented me all the way back and not in the head answer
However if we do not understood that means just do not possess all the information:)