Ladies man


The monument of Friendship - Stone crossing(ferry) - Zhilino - of Zinino - Cordon - the Black lake

Very easy, pleasant route away from roads.

The first part of the road from the Friendship Monument from Stone crossing is a good asphalt road.
Then you will cross to the other side of the river Ufa. The cost of the ferry 7 p plus the same amount for the bike. Runs every half hour from 8 :00 to 20:00
The second part of the way dirt road to the village Zhilino.
After heavy rain is very dirty.
Then cross the Chelyabinsk tract and after the railway crossing in the village of Zinino turn right along the glands. Here is also a lovely paved road .
The pavement ends a little before the village of Cordon.
And here you already in place. Looks greater curved shiny sleepy worm the Black lake.
You can swim, sunbathe or take a ride on a rubber boat if you take with you:)

If you drive a little further to the lake will be the camp "Orbita" from the factory Hydraulics.
There is a buffet and you can even take a shower in the summer cabins.
And if to pass through the field it will be on a steep Bank of White.
You can sit, dangling his legs, and to think about the fate of humanity, well, that's if you can:)