Lake Akmani


It would seem that where Bashkiria, and Crimea.
But miraculously two Turkish name peresekli our bike path.
The fates, from the place where we started our summer campaign on the Peninsula, a place with a similar name, ended the season 2008.

The village of Kamenskoye or Akmani on the shore of the Azov sea and lake Akmani near Ufa.

Akmani in translation from the Tatar means the Bald or white-Fronted.
Near the Crimean village, near the cliff gaping galleries Akmonajsky quarries.
When it was mined limestone-coquina, which built Domov Crimea. And he is known to radically white.
Although the Crimean anthropologists believe that in fact the name of the village derives from the anthroponym Manlay (Manggai) – (Prince Mangaya, the son of Genghis Khan).

As for lake Akmani.
On its shore there is a small hill covered with forest.
It is possible in the winter she looks like a white head asleep the giant:)

The lake is easily reached in three ways.
Starosielski on the road to Small Kleshevo, train to sanatoriya Yumatovo or on the road to Chishmy through the deme (in our case).
Across the river Dema can cross pracice using the drive force of arms its passengers.

Just behind Deme carefree place for bike - meadows interspersed with forest.

The lake itself is very picturesque.
In the summer there are a lot of cars coming and probably a lot of garbage and people.
But in the late autumn of all this stuff almost was not.

On one side of the lake there is a small sandy beach and wooden walkways.
The other side of the lake is overgrown with forest.
They say that the lake in some places there are leeches.
To check it was not possible.

Between the lake and the Small village is located Kleshevo tractse Chaterly - wooded hills which maximum height of 225 meters.
It is a dirt track connecting directly strojirensky the track to the lake.
Its slope is such that if you go to the lake, it is possible to develop robust design speed.