Lake velopment


Ufa(monument to Friendship) - Gypsy glade - Mel - arhimandrit's lake - the Black lake - cordon Chernozemny - Ufa(monument)

South of Ufa - automobilesinsurance.Airport, cottage villages, shopping malls all contribute to the busy traffic.
However, even in this situation you can enter in a parallel velomir almost no contact with the motoring world.
Quite away from riding on the track is impossible, but to bring this matter to a minimum quite probably even there.


Just over the bridge from the monument of Friendship to dive into the jungle Gypsy meadows and along the shore of White quietly going to the flour mill.

Every time you pass this way, sad to see shrinks like shagreen leather, the world of my childhood.
A long time ago 30 years ago when the trees were large and I small - here on the shore stood a small cottage.
A small two-story house with 4 rooms. The place seemed so far away from the city, so secluded and wild.
Spent every summer here with their parents, walked and gathered mushrooms in the landings, we went on the boat for White (there was a boat station), eating svezheprigotovlennuju mom starlet bought from local fishermen.
While his father collected Kalina, I wandered around a huge meadow, munching sweet clover was not on the earth happier me at the moment.

Almost nothing has remained since then. The house is long gone.

Meadow faceless stone built private houses
Plantations littered.
City inevitably grows and absorbs new territory in his bottomless belly.
He is indifferent to my memories. They simply have no place.

After flour mill, heading for the camp sites.
The main thing is not to miss the right turn to the camp Agidel
Otherwise you will Balk at the gate and not the fact that now there pass through the territory of the beach.
Was there a long time ago when camp sites belonging to different companies were practicalEski collapsed
And everything was wide open.
You can travel through and end up on the notorious Golden beach.
Nothing remarkable but there.

We'll go right to the camp Agidel. There is an asphalt moderately broken-down track.
And again, do not miss the right turn to another camp. There hangs a pointer. That's just her tricky name I forgot.

The base is protected as a sensitive object.
We turn before the gate onto a dirt road and meadows road to move to Chelyabinsk.

On the road do not have to go. You can go along it.
I was there in autumn, when drought dried up the ponds.
Even such a large lake as arhimandrit's shrank and blossomed.
The grass around is also grown.
Sometimes so high that they could not see where to go.

In the summer the lake is great for swimming. The place is not really nice in my opinion - littered and crowded.
But in September there was not a soul.
Around the perimeter of the lake (along the convex part) you can go back to Mel.
If this desire is not just to go to the interchange and on the highway to move towards Demos.
In 2009, they expanded the road. But vtoroi band was not yet open to cars, although not completely paved. Just kind of a huge bike path)

Sheer pleasure to ride a Bicycle.

Almost immediately after the bridge over the river deme, on the right side is a lake of Black.
I must say that the lakes with the same name around Ufa a few. Someone fantasy is not enough, and we are now to be confused)


From the side of the road, enterprising businessmen built on its shore entertainment complex - restaurant, beach with water slide.
Us, and this gift is not Nagy)

Avoid this den from the side and voila - we are on the shore.
The lake, if you look at it from above, it looks like a sperm.
The main round part and a long curved tail, whichwhich is probably one of the oxbow lakes of the river.

To the place where the tail connects to the head can comfortably pass.
The pond is very pretty and on its shores many places to Park or picnic.

Further the path goes through the cordon Chernoozersky.
The intricate trail winds through the woods and eventually bring to the track on the demo.

Driving on it can not be avoided, but after the reconstruction, the road became wide and go quite safely.

Another ten minutes and we are back in town.