Ufa Ruble


Cycling on lake Alakul and sarykul street

Since they built the bridge near Stone crossing has changed a lot.
On the one hand to get in Saufkie now become very easy and fast.
And on the other I rushed with a vengeance stream of cars and people seeking to live in a clean place and having the money or power, but the same thing.
The former relative wildness of those places is gradually replaced by construction sites.
But yet destructive force of man is not completely conquered these places, you can find landscapes which are quite Yeshe is available to rest mere mortals.

If you go in the direction of Okhlebinino and turning through the village of Akberdina to the side of the White river that will soon seem like two nice oxbow lakes of the river - Evakool and sarykul street.
Akberdina is a new Ufa Ruble.
Near the village built residential settlement "of Akberdina village"
And in the village some of the houses look like castles in the Victorian style.
With tiled roofs and chimney pipes they hide their owners behind high fences.

On the shores of lake sarykul street is located hotel-entertainment complex "tashly"

Lake sarykul street bounded on one side dvuhsotmetrovyj hills, with a height which offers a magnificent view of the surroundings.
On one of the hills are not wooded gazebo and the deer figure.

And on the other flat (which is laid wooden bridge) plenty of Parking lots and fishing.
On site, all equipped, respectively, for the money.

But if you go over the fence farther along the coast, you can do all the same absolutely for free.

Near the complex "tashly" under the trees there is a spring, flowing from the platezinc-plated pipes.
A bench in the shade - the perfect place to relax in the heat.

Lake Evakool less scenic and longer.
Its banks are covered with dried sedge gives the lake a little surreal look.

In Akberdina at the fork of two roads is a sign of a sign "Ufa"
Installed it exactly in the middle and shows in a private home.
If you do not know where to go left or right have to rely on maybe:)
No wonder they say that in Russia there are no roads - only direction.