Zatonsky Nocturne


Ufa(Zatonsky bridge) - village 8 Mar - Alekseevka - lake-Pine - lake-Lavochne - Krasny Yar - Chernyi S. Michael Park - S. Surowka - POS 8 March - Ufa(Zatonsky bridge)


Around Ufa not many places where you could ride for several hours.

The situation for novices is complicated by the location of the city on a hill and need to climb a hill every time on the way back

However, if you do not take this into consideration - some of the best places for skiing over the Zatonsky bridge
Turn on the village Alekseevka and in 15 minutes you have about Pine (Lomonosov) lake.


A sufficient long lake and ride around it can also be an easy route for beginners or insecure cyclists.

Distance on the perimeter of the lake for about 20 km

In the dry season it is slightly reduced due to the drying out of the lake and its many branches, which have to go around mnogonogie.


This fall, Pine lake record became shallow. Even closed entertainment complex on its shore.

Sauna on the pontoons where people could cool off after jumping into the water were thrown on land by sperm whales.
The water around blossomed and turned into a swamp.
And in the center of the lake was formed sandy islets on which you can almost go by land from one coast to the other.

The path around the pond is very pleasant.
The feeling spoils only at the very end of the lake smell of the chemical plants located on the opposite side White.
However, if the wind rose sent to the other side then all will be fine.

Future path lies along the Belaya river.
Deserted dirt road leads to the village of Krasny Yar.
And you will fully be able to enjoy the sun , the air and to present UDOVOLSTVIE from pedaling.
For Red ravine andhas the sense to roll through the fields and planting to the village of Chernovskoye.

Here, besides the actual drive in the fall can pick mushrooms in the nearby forests. And mushrooms or white mushrooms will be nice and powerful addition to your journey.

Near Chernovskaya is a private entertainment complex with a water Park.

And if you ignore the opinions of knowledgeable people about this place as a brothel, then, drove on its territory can enjoy comfortable cottages and fabulous sculptures set around a picturesque lake.


The exit from the Park will lead you on the road Alekseevka-Mikhaylovka, which can be on the road to Ufa in the center of the cemetery.
However, a better option would be down in the village Surowca to Alder lake horseshoe bends around the mountain to the village of mykhailivka.

And to pass along it and through the field almost directly to the starting point of our journey - the village March 8

The route driven slowly for 5-6 hours
A lot of positive emotions and good health to you guaranteed)