Journey to Grenlandia

Bakal spit

Day 2 (26.08.2004)

Passed: 65 km
Just path: 8h 40 min.
Pedal: 3h 50 min
CP.speed: 19 km/h
Air temperature: 29C



In the morning we arose rested and refreshed.
The night passed quietly - the mosquitoes which were abundant around inside our airtight tents to enter could not.
Cooked oatmeal with sausages. Finished with Cheddar cheese that looked like cheese. The guys didn't like him and I in the end still have rasprobyvat. With red dry wine, he was very good.
My companions do not appreciate it - because Rinat was unpretentious and for him there is only two types of wine - wine is acidic and the wine is sweet, and Marat was more for vodka with bacon pinned.
But at the end of the campaign, I hope, their views changed slightly and they began to better understand and appreciate wines.

While Marat was preparing Breakfast - Rinat went to mark the territory and returned with the news about the discovery of a beautiful spider. I grabbed my camera and disappeared for half an hour.
The result was gorgeous pictures. This amount of shots and angles is not awarded none of us - neither before not after:)

Stood the sun began to warm. We gathered about 9:00 left. Having done the return journey in length, 3 km to the highway , we stopped at the bridge over the canal to wash the bikes. Since the dirt road kept still tangible traces of the recent rains.

I especially squadala my wide tires with a strong tread raked the dirt worse than a bulldozer. As a result, spent another half an hour.
Further our path lay in the village Rozdol'ne.
When entering it we passed the turn to Port, before the buyout was a sign prohibiting Cycling! The first time such a saw in my life!
Here panaviset ever in Ufa such, God forbid:) that way there is a reserve Swan Islands.
Swan island is a nature reserve (a branch of the Crimean reserve-hunting territories, where the offshore Islands really are nesting hundreds and hundreds of swans, herons and other rare birds now).
Maybe still there, taxied, because the Port is a good beach (10 km to the North from Sochi).
Earlier this place was called Sary-Bulat (the Golden Blade).
Deep into the land, a shallow Bay protected from the North by a chain of Swan Islands, and sand of Golden color due to a small content of iron compounds, consists of finely frayed mollusk shells.

Razdolnoe was cozy and large enough settlement.
At the local store we bought some products and yogurt, which I drank right there in the street.
I went to the pharmacy nearby to buy more ointment Phenylbutazone and stayed there because of the queue.
After some time in the pharmacy broke the stagnant waiting for me Rinat and politely mate asked what the hell I'm here for so long, and why is this Shoe too slow move your clubs(this is a literary translation as you probably realized).
His appearance was so menacing and burned with such righteous anger, that the pharmacist immediately sold me an ointment without a queue:)
I must say that Rinat always like that. Mate, he never even swore, and talked.
We are used to it ,and other people reacted to his escapades in different ways:)
The chemist was the first who fell under his hand:) Then there was also a Crimean Tatar on a broken "penny", the policeman guarding Kuchma at his dacha in foros, my aunt is a tour guide in Balaclava and many others.

After leaving Sochi, we moved towards the sea to the Keepers. The movement was in the same key and Marat Rinat tore ahead and I trailed behind, sometimes even losing them over the horizon. The road was almost straight and gorgeous. That was the last kilometers of dviginia on the plane.
If I had known about this in advance, it probably would be more to savor this part of the route:)
Already after an hour I drove into the keepers caught up with fellow travelers shop around.
Bought water and tomato.
On our way, we went to Bakal spit, which started right behind the Keepers.

And there SHE was.
The nymph! Beautiful! Mermaid!
The girl in the red swimsuit with flawless, chiseled figure and a pleasant , slightly haughty face.
She went to the store, then she left him and went on the road.
Rinat precipitated. His eyes flashed the indomitable flame of the conqueror.
Marat also did not hide his admiration, although he was more restrained in emotions.
We went behind her and Rinat , suddenly forgetting about us and started the introductions.
He was a great lover of on the part of the female sex.
But I have to admit had great charisma and unique charm that , combined with the profession of the photographer has had on girls magical effect.
Met it with ease. Perhaps we had something to learn from it:)

In short order not to interfere with Rinat we went forward quietly waiting for when he'll catch up.
It happened in half an hour. Just as it took our playboy to meet new people and capture Katya from Kiev to different interiors.
Portraits have always managed to Rinat particularly well, which is not true of landscapes.

And here you can see some of the other women we met along the way

When Rinat caught up with us - his face shone like a polished copper penny.
How well I shaved this morning! he exclaimed.
Girl resting on a nearby camp site , of which there was quite a lot.
And in her words was like as already and not a girl, because were leaving the next day:)
Just say - there's no one insults - this paraphrase of a known joke about the man wanted in the South to meet a single lady, and he responded that he was not a man because he is leaving tomorrow.
That's the question that received the portion of adrenaline coupled with testosterone (maybe even three servings!:)), we entered from the Bakalskoe spit.
Finally, we saw the SEA! On the second day of our prebyvanija Crimea.

At the entrance stood the gate. Apparently there charged cars. But we drove past at full speed to the gatekeeper even thoughts did not come to make us soul-saving conversations.

Bakal spit is completely naked sandy Peninsula in the shape of the folded index finger.
A huge semicircle it covers the cozy Bay (also Bakal), which warms up to 17 degrees already in early may and doesn't cool off until mid September.
The road goes on it is almost up to two thirds of its length, component of at least a dozen miles.

If it was straight sand. It is impossible to pass and we gave up the idea to drive to the very end of the spit.
Stopped on the shore. Lot of people do not. Stand with tents.
The sea is very warm and clean. Swimming - just a wonderful place.
May 20, long-term data, set the water temperature 20 degrees.
It is preserved almost without cold snaps until mid-October.
However, about half of the days in a bathing season can be complicated by a high wave (mostly up to 3 points). Storm is good because the air is saturated with aerosols, sea salt, beneficial to the respiratory tract.

Along the spit are the pillars with dangling wires - apparently in the Soviet era there was electricity.

We were stuck there for about two hours. Sunbathed , swam and met cyclists from the Ukraine.
Young guy and girl came to the scythe of the black sea (the village we had yet to pass), where the rest hAstrom sector, and have made radial excursions.
They gave us tea, we are their food. Scored 10 l of water from the tank which probably brought on the spit for tourists.
The water was so so salty. The sun began to droop and we moved on. We needed to find a BETTER place to sleep.
Returning back along the spit, we turned right and the road went around the lake Bakal ( shallow, well warmed by the sun (to +32), the estuary, with very salty water and curative mud deposits. )

Near the village of Kotovsky turned to the sea again. In the village the store bought drinking water, food, and wine.

About six in the evening went ashore. It was a low earthy aspiration. elega sandy cliff with a narrow strip of beach. But it is sufficient to set the tent. A lot of seaweed discarded in the sea.
Pure water and not a soul in sight not much ukladyvaya in the horizon. The dirt road was almost on the edge of the cliff. The ride was just a physical pleasure:)
Right sea a reddish setting sun. Left the steppe with rare bushes. And the road right along the sea - just what I wanted.

Now after the whole trip it's safe to say that this was one of the best places for wild secluded getaway from all that we saw.
We even regretted that it did not stay there longer.
Passing along the coast several kilometers in search of a good place, we passed the house of anglers. Stop somewhere nearby shouldn't, for security reasons. You never know what these anglers in mind:)
It is always better to act on the principle of better safe than sorry.
On this basis we have argued, but in this case no objection from anyone.
Drove for a little while. Marat had chosen the place for the tent. We almost always relied on his experience in this matter. What is is what is:)

Went down to the sea and pitched our camp. Decided to kindle a fire. While Rinat cooked on the burner we with Marat climbed back to the cliff and went to a nearby Bush.
The process of harvesting firewood was delayed. Bush was worse than prickly wild rose.
Observables places to the blood. On such frail wood food does not cook. But we the fire was needed just for fun.
In the Crimea there was little where the fire was. Our gatherings around the fire can be counted on the fingers.

Finally, everything was ready. Dark. We lit a fire and sat efficiently. Ate buckwheat with sausages. We drank wine.
The wine we tried to always buy from the area of the Crimea who was driving. To provide a complete picture of the taste.
In the beginning of our journey we were taken exclusively dry wines. Since the climate of the Northwest of Crimea is conducive to the production of such wines. Fortified wine - South of the river.
The local wine is so interesting and broad topic that I think I'll stop in later to this in more detail.

We were at the beginning of the amazing beauty of the place - name of which the Peninsula Tarkhankut.
Tarhankutskiy Peninsula is a rocky elevated plain.
Rare dry grass, bare clay patches among the rocky alluvial deposits and collapse.
This ridge plain is cut off to the Black sea high steep ledge.
Its height from a few meters(as in the place of our overnight stay) to 60 m (Dzhangulskoe landslide of the cliff near the village of olenivka).
For many kilometers here, you can go without housing and roads.
Today it is the most ecologically clean area of the Black sea.

"...Healing steppe air, saturated with the scent of lemon sage.
Here the eternal sea, whose waters millions of years ago swallowed fire volcanic rivers;
here exotic underwater world with caves and arches;
colorful jellyfish and fish, boulders and heavy wall stide mussels and algae.
And when it burns to the ground a huge light-bearing day, but over the heads of the starry frame sky;
the Big dipper, slowly turning around the pole star, scoops on the horizon, something invisible and slowly takes over the steppe...
There is no chronology (or not?), but human curiosity is aimed at cognition of the primordial world, no, not of laws, but of beauty... "

The campfire burning low. The sky above us darkened and lit up with millions of svetilnikov different size....

Marat ,as always, first settled in the tent - wine had an effect on him as a good sleeping pill.
We put all three bikes together , clasped their locks and set on top of the covers, for carriage in the train.
Rinat still tied in a secluded place brass bell that could be heard if anyone will touch it.
Veloryukzaki at first, we were off the bikes and placed in the vestibule of the tent. Then I stopped shooting.

In the tent I climbed the second and last Rinat. He still some time rustling in the dark.
In the dark the good service rendered we my led flashlight CatEye. Its bright beam helped us more than once.
The first time we fell asleep to the sound of the surf. The habit he was in the way.
But fatigue took its toll and he took us in his sticky embrace.