Journey to Grenlandia

Crimean Venice

Day 1 (25.08.2004)

Passed: 76.5 km
Just path: 7h 09 min
Pedal: 4h 25 min.
CP.speed: 17.4 km/h
Air temperature: 25C

Out on the apron we looked around , dragged our stuff a little further away from the trains and started assembling bicycles.
After a couple minutes we pulled up some local guys with those issuing in low level of education and difficult childhood. They began to ask us all sorts of naive questions like: How much are our great? Which bike is cooler? Where are we and where are we going? and so.
To the extent possible , not to mention the whole truth, and very politely we answered him, simultaneously twisting the screws and hanging veloryukzaki.

I did it faster than anyone with your constructor "Wellega".
Since the demolition took only the front wheel , Unscrew the pedal and lowered the saddle. Velocer from the PEAK 99 was quite roomy. However, it is not enough to accommodate the similarly hybrid Rinat. So he had to Unscrew and even the steering wheel. Marat not made the case strongly vnatyag ,so also dismantled the bike to a greater extent.

Finally all finished and we hurried to get out of the station, while around us formed some sort of rally.

After driving a few dozen meters, we saw the exchanger, stopped, and changed the money. Part put into a common pot , a portion of each left on their own needs.
Then we stopped in a local shop and bought food - Cheddar cheese , sausage (when cooked caught chicken), bread , biscuits and water.
From Dzhankoy we left at 11:45 .
We needed the road to Sochi. We are after some wanderings found her ,crossing the railway track at the old crossing.
There was nothing about Lukoylovskoy filling.
I bought two liters of 92-octane gasoline for 6 hryvnia for our burner and put there stamp in the control book.
Went from the gas station at 12 00.
Road bylv quite tolerable.
Little cars - just Cycling Paradise:)
And with the weather we were lucky - we arrived on the first warm day after a week-long cold snap and heavy rains. Where it was 24-25 degrees and the clouds in the sky for most.
In General, the way we desire drove two hours. The area around was unremarkable - steppes and small forest plantations.

Just like we decided to rest and eat. Portugais half an hour - moved on.

Here is my lame right knee gave the first bell. I always have sore tendons in my right knee why is that if I don't ride my bike, and then I immediately, ready to cum loads.
But before going just so happened. It's been busy and I'm a week and a half did not go.
So there is a familiar nasty pain when you press on the pedal with my right foot.
But since it was not a surprise to me - I did the following: raised the saddle a little more than I usually go (by the way the correct setting saddle height is very important when Cycling, and on long tours especially - I will tell), eased the burden on my right foot (that is stronger pressed with the left foot on the pedal and slightly weaker than the right) and smeared knee ointment Phenylbutazone (warms and analgesic).
Acting in this way in the future - I was rid of the pain in Parinirvana tendon.

Well, since I talked about the problem a little depart from the General outline of the story and tells you about the main in my opinion the professional diseases of cyclists.

Diseases of the horses foot (okoloogilise educational program)

So, the frequency of occurrence:
1) Asphalt disease (face'om on road)
- to explain, probably not necessary:) to put it simply falling from the bike.
We did not touch it. because we are sufficiently skilful in the management of bikes and cautious enough to in vain not to risk it.
Treatment is with iodine and hydrogen peroxide to lubricate sufficiently large area of the wound.
If to grease with iodine, it can be quite painful for the patient and can cause burns from the iodine, which does not affect the healing.

2) Chafing of the perineum (mozol na pope)
Well, it is also clear that the formation of abrasions on the inner thigh near the groin, due to the reciprocating motion of the contact pieces of clothing from sweaty body. We Rinat it was unknown - because we were in velotrack with seamless diaper.Who would not talk about them , and the thing is brilliant (in the Parking lot of course we take them off and wash them as often as possible)
But Marat in his coarse canvas shorts have tasted all the delights.
Sometimes he had to go, dangling his torso from one side of the bike
sometimes his legs wide apart.
But he heroically endured ,refusing treatment , and said that soon there all gonna freeze. And oak, you know!:)

In General, you can use products which dry the wound - type talc. Or here is also an amazing solution is to turn the saddle 180 degrees in the horizontal plane and so go. Hmm! I haven't tried it of course.

3) Neuritis of the ulnar nerve
It occurs due to compression (squeezing) on the steering wheel as the result of unchangeable position of the hands.
Because of what numb fingers, usually the pinky and ring finger and part of the brush around them.
Pretty unpleasant but is quick when changing hand position on the steering wheel, or just at rest. Here is a good horn.
I didn't have them and therefore the numbness I had for anyone to try to change the circumference of the wheel.

4) inflammation of the knee tendons
Happens due to heavy workload. Especially with the habit. Treated with warming ointments and quiet.

5) Krepitiruyuschie tenosynovitis >
Sounds kind of ominous - but in fact simply an inflammation of the Achilles tendon.(those who do not know - this tendon is in the ankle)
often occurs as a result of prolonged riding with a heavy load, especially at low ambient temperatures.
The Achilles tendon becomes painful when riding and just when you touch hands, the area around it swells and the motion of the limb at the ankle joint audible cracking. When you touch the tendon it is felt that sound (crepitus is a sound as when chopped cabbage MNU hands) comes from him and not from the joint.
Treatment: Immobilization of the limb.In the absence of load passes on their own; analgesic and warming ointment.
Tenosynovitis dangerous transition into the chronic stage, the tissue of the tendon degenerates and possible rupture.

That's the kind of horror I was told!
but as the saying goes who is aware is forearmed.

Rinat our picked up somewhere on the third day something like that.
Many contributed to this apparently tulips (pedal road bike), which he pinned on a hybrid.
Fit on the hybrid other than roadies and load respectively under pedaling forces are distributed differently.
Probably fell on his Achilles. Rinat long endured until admitted to us in their trouble.
But the magic ointment Phenylbutazone (do not think that it is) , the sea, the sun ,daily excursion and configuration change of the metal straps tulipson miracle.
Rinat returned to service. But more on that later.

Other diseases are more rare and, moreover, even metadataschema!
One impotence ,supposedly evolving from Cycling is worth something!
Maybe this is the truth ,but I believe that ,first of all we don't so much ride my bike, and the second health benefit disproportionately. The most important thing to know when to stop:), And soilif prevstate on the pedals and rotate the tail in different directions to restore the circulation.

As a result, in the beginning of our journey with my knee, I was a little behind my companions, who on their high-speed slicks were driven at an average speed of 25-28 km/h. to convince them to stay together at first I didn't udalos. And as it turned out this is my spinelessness played us a bad joke.

At 14:15 we reached the village Novoivanovka where he bought three liters of milk after milking, dining 1 hryvnia per liter.

At 14:45 before the Voyinka, they saw water flowing from pipes in the ground.
Next to grazing cows. Asked people walking past and they said that drinking water.
We decided to collect our 5 litre plastic containers, believing that soon overnight, and the water may not meet more.
In the Crimea, water is a big problem.

Along the way, Marat decided to take a urinotherapy. The doctor is , what to take with him:) after 15 minutes, near the exit towards the village of Dolinka , just before reaching the bridge over the Creek Chatyrlyk, we found people collect water in the spring.
Went to them and they said that for 100 km around it is the most delicious and soft water. We poured previously dialed the water and filled the cans again.

Then without stopping we drove two hours , passing the Vorontsovka, drove into the Creeks.
The store bought some food and decided it was time to look for a place to sleep , as in the Crimea it gets dark early - at seven-thirty this time of year.
Went away from the village and into the nature reserve Swan Islands along the channel.
In this part of the Crimea especially a lot of channels. They are like a spider's web entangle the entire Northern part of the Peninsula. Why not Venice.:)
In some places the channels intersect c streams , which are hidden in the pipe and flow under the bed of the channel and then again come to the surface.
The Crimean channels are so amazing that has no analogues in the world structure that is worth looking at them in more detail.

As I said the fresh water problem is acute in Crimea now , but it's not like 40 years ago.
It was then launched on the North-Crimean canal.
Fill the deficit of water resources was carried out by the Dnieper water supply in this channel.
The North-Crimean canal – the largest building of its kind in Europe!
The length of the first stage of 402.6 km, width up to 150 m, depth – 7 m.

From Nova Kakhovka to Dzhankoy water is by gravity channel, and then raise the pumping station.
Only on the Crimean fields, there are more than 400 such stations.
To improve water supply of population, especially of the cities of Feodosiya and Kerch, near the village them Frontline created a large reservoir that fills with water in spring and autumn. In the summer the water is fed for irrigation, and in winter the bed of the channel without water: it is repaired.
From the main bed of the channel begin large branches – Razdolnensky and Azov rice distribution channels and Krasnogvardeysky branch.
As the main channel and its branches nourish, in turn, a dense network of smaller canals of the irrigation system with a total length of more than 6 thousand km.

Along with the construction of the second phase of the channel gradually rekonstruiruet its main trunk channel.
Every year extends it with a concrete bed. In the original design of this bed was not provided in connection with the waters of the Dnieper brought to the Crimea not only enormous benefits, but also a number of serious problems associated with leakage of water from channels into the earth, leading to its eutrophication

After about three kilometers inland from the highway we stopped at the bridge over the canal. What an appropriate place to spend the night was not. Nearby hung two men - angler , which is our stop took over the confusion and began to stick to us what they say we want.
We laughed it off and continued forward along the channel. Not finding a radically better place ,stopped in a result of the nearby thick bushes. Somewhere further away was a river with swampy shores.
Tired the boys immediately undressed and ran to bathe in the canal. And that I disdained. The water in the canal seemed to me a bit lifeless and unpleasant.
Beginning to get dark. We first put up our tent Lafuma - a masterpiece of engineering - and began to cook.
It should be noted that in addition to the purchased food we had strategic reserves of cereals in the bags that we brought from home.
Probably many are familiar with them - are the products of the plant Uvelka. Croup in these bags quite real, not fast food. They have to cook for 15-20 min. it is delicious and the pot is not dirty.
We took oatmeal to eat in the morning , as well as buckwheat and rice for the evening , calculate the approximate number of bags for 20 days.
After the first day of pedaling felt tired - as did we had covered 77 miles with average speed 17.5 km/h. I even did not want to have and slightly queasy.
It got dark and we went to sleep.