Journey to Grenlandia

We lost

Day 3 (27.08.2004)

Passed: 85 km(Marat+Rinat), 75 km(Igor)
Just path: 9h 30 min(Marat+Rinat), 7h 15 min (Igor)
Pedal: 5h 50 min(Marat+Rinat), 4h 30 min (Igor)
CP.speed: 14.8 km/h(Marat+Rinat), 11.5 km/h(Igor)
Air temperature: 30C

Truly wins the race:) This saying is the motto of this day

On the map - green line - route Rinat and Marat; blue - Igor; blue - joint movement


Waking up in the morning we had Breakfast with our ongoing oatmeal and began to pack.
We initially got up at six or half past six quite easily. Fees and Breakfast took 2-2. 5 hours. I went rarely before nine in the morning.
The longest fit Rinat. It charges at times resembled some kind of ritual.
He doesn't just pack a backpack it literally served as priest for a long time in shifting their things from the Trouser leg in a backpack, assemble them ,skewer and so that, before you put. We constantly had to wait for him.

In fairness I must say that Luggage Rinat was maybe more of our. Because he was carrying a heavy coffer with photographic equipment and a heavy tripod.

But flatly was from relief, not trusting us, even him. By the end of this campaign overload has affected his trunk and back wheel very sad way.

Before leaving, we still plenty nakupalis. Rinat long dive mask - underwater world in this part of the Crimea is quite interesting.
No wonder the Tarkhankut Peninsula is considered a Paradise for scuba divers.

Rolling his Bicycle with coast at the road, we moved on.
Shore as the cliffs become higher, the sea was more rocks and we could not resist to re-about twelve days stop, and take a dip in the crystal-like followingfor water.
Even I ,who does not like to dive, could not resist - took Rinat mask and had a little swim with her.

People almost was not, only once we met the car with the tourists.
Great place for a secluded romantic getaway.

Passed ryboloveckijj economy. Dilapidated houses and the white cross next.
On which the inscription:
"This cross was erected and consecrated brethren of the Holy Dormition monastery. Bakhchisaray"
The dead fishermen I guess.

Depending on the season, then catch mullet, flounder, mackerel, sturgeon.
Extremely valued and ROE mullet.
IN X!X century it was implemented at a cost above the cost of caviar of sturgeon and exported for sale even in Constantinople!
And far in the sea one can see several towers, reminiscent of the outposts at military installations.
In General, the process of catching fish here is quite unusual.
The principle catch of mullet remains unchanged with X!Of the tenth century to the present day : network stretch on the bottom or attached to the piles so that the three hand rose above the water, and the fourth ( from the side where you expect the fish) was lowered into the water.
From special observation points , placed on the constructed over-water walkways , fishermen watching the movement of fish shoals.
When they enter the network - fishermen raise lowered into the water the fourth side of the web. Then, coming to the network on the boats , raise all her canvas and dredged caught fish.

Say here, the fishermen can make money not only fresh fish, but also the extraordinary taste salty and smoked fish, is a real delicacy.
But we unfortunately were absorbed by the process of pedaling and not thinking about it.
Besides, Rinat taken after a fishing pole! And we were waiting for him we ever treat caught fish:)
But we was so tired that he apparently did not want her even to uncover.

The day before us that there was a storm. Threw a lot of algae and locals gathered their pitchforks in the wagon.

Close to the village of mizhvodne the terrain was a bit hilly.
The boys as always took the lead , despite my insistence to stick together and to tailor their own speed with all the participants.
I stopped to strain, trying to catch up with them and rode at my own pace, getting a real pleasure from the process.
The road was to go from the sea.
We came to another hill. Back Marat Rinat and disappeared behind its peak. Through the 3-4 minutes I got up to the same. My eyes opened panorama village mizhvodne. The guys disappeared.
I stood there for five minutes at the top, carefully scanning the horizon. Marat bright enough yellow Jersey and it is always seen from afar.
But they vanished. At that time I had no emotion - only puzzlement.

Standing on a hill a little bit ,in the hope that either I still or they will see me, I quietly went to the left.
There was an asphalt road right through the village.
This way I am very quiet at a speed of 5 km/h drove all mizhvodne. Guys were not. Well ,I think, geese are small, so dispersed, probably to move on the track in the black sea. But as you move the confidence I have as it was failing.
I pulled to the curb under a tree and decided to wait a bit. Half an hour went on. The mood has fallen. In my head swarmed with different thoughts on how to look for the children. In this reverie, I reached almost to the black sea. Stopped in thought.
And went back. Beside the road were extensive vineyards. An elderly woman was selling it.
I approached her and asked whether drove past it cyclists. She replied in the negative.

I bought a few pounds of grapes and sat down on the hill on the opposite side of the road. It was 13:30. My post was around the middle of the route connecting mezhvodnoe, the black sea. I felt like a spy waiting for the column to let it derail.

Note that do not have a particular patience , but in this case I just didn't see any other choice. Apparently the boys were in Mizhvodne. They knew where to go after it , and the road was one - by not proshmygnet.
So an hour has passed. I occasionally went out on the road and stared into the distance.
Once asked motorists who had stopped to buy grapes, didn't they ahead of the two beauties of the "common cyclist" . No one has seen anybody.
I decided to sit up to three hours and return in mizhvodne.
Two minutes to three , when I already stood up and began to roll out the bike on the road - THEY APPEARED. Since our breakup two and a half hours.

Next, I will omit the soliloquy which priznes notice only that he was distinguished by great eloquence and expressiveness, carried as much meaning and emotional load and was full of colourful idiomatic expressions.

It turns out the guys on the hill turned right towards the sea (and I left the track).
They told me that they say that the type I advocated for it to go is always at the beach (nothing to argue - as was the case).
Near the sea they saw the boys jumping from the rocks into the sea from a height of 15 meters.
Then I searched around Mezhvodnoe. And not finding, went to the black sea ,though for some reason not directly on the road , and giving a huge hook for driving over mud lake Arliga.
They have not been able to clearly explain to me which they were incurred. Apparently upset at the loss of the head was so great that the most disastrous impact on their ability to orienteering:)

Interestingly, in Earlypace dirt are available in two types – salt-saturated black and dark grey highly mineralized. Valuable the lake brine, as it contains therapeutically active ingredients, in particular bromine, iodine, metabolous acid. Well this is because the word...

So.. what I mean...and Yes! - this case was a good lesson to continue to be opportunities to lose each other we had.
Unfortunately at that time we had no working cell phones, SIM cartocci we only bought in Yalta. Otherwise, everything would have turned out differently:)
In the interval between Dzhankoy and Yevpatoria to buy me some of cellular communication there was no way.

In General, when the mutual joy of reunion subsided we again moved to the black sea. It is a pity that because of the lost time had to be adjusted way.
I was planning to roll around lake panskoye and again to get to the coast. And along it already reached the black sea.
But .. no luck so was.

The black sea was quite a large settlement with its own harbour. The ancient name of the city of AK-Mechet(White Mosque)
In the 30-ies of the XIX century M. S. Vorontsov(the one whose Palace is located in Alupka) moved here the peasants of Russia and to consolidate the Christian population here, in 1838, built a Church .
The Church building (extant ), built in pseudo-Gothic style common in Europe in the first half of the NINETEENTH century, attracted attention for its originality, served as a guide to ships coming to AK-Machitski Bay.
Sailors and travelers AK-Mechetskaya Bay has enjoyed a good reputation. Here you can shelter from storm winds, replenish drinking water and food. The Bay was well protected from the winds and provided a convenient refuge for vessels overtaken by a storm.

We are about an hour he wandered around looking for the way to the coast.
We scoured for some suburbs, landfills. All built up and will not pass directly. Ask people about how to drive on the coast five times.
Finally we did it and we ,after passing a military facility, went to the sea.
Part of the Peninsula from the black sea to Olenevka PRestablet an alternation of high hills and valleys between them.
The shoreline is limited or steep slopes of these hills, or bays of different sizes - beams.
Accordingly, the places to stay by the sea a little bit - only in most of these beams. So the people here are more - and therefore waste.

A dirt road is not near the sea, and just in the distance. And the whole steppe left slotted mesh different ways. It turns out the mini maze like this.
Tangled piece of cake. We on the road met several times, motorists are looking for a particular beam and disoriented.

As you move along the coast in the direction of Olenevka the steepness of the hills increases.
Dirt road rocky mixed with crushed limestone. Very difficult to ride, especially uphill.
Sometimes had one bike on foot together to push. One holds the wheel, the other behind like Sisyphus rests.
Marat's younger than we were, faster - he basically upressa. Climbed to the top ,and then helped us.
In short, we have put here 100%. I for the first time during the campaign felt real fatigue. And feet nice whine on load. But Rinat seems here and earned inflammation of the Achilles.
Still hybrid with tulipani is only good on a smooth road.
In General, we went on this roller coaster of the last forces.

Beam replaced the beam. Worthy of attention not all of it. First the Kipchak. There's a pretty decent beach. They say there is water. And lots of people with tents.
Through kilometers of eight - beam Big Castel.
It's a pretty big beam. Cars with tourists were not very many, and some dark left.
There was no wind - the rocks on the sides protected. On the slopes of the white pebbles were lined with all sorts of labels such as "Vasya was Here".
There is a well. But we haven't seen - the water have always been with me. We decided to spend the night here because the force has left us.

Prepared food, the IPbathed. Held bikes well-established pattern.
The exhaustion was so great that the tent decided not to. It was warm enough.
This was our first overnight stay in sleeping bags under the open sky.
The mattress served us pebbles and blanket the vault of heaven:)

In a velvet southern night, when opalyaet evening dawn on the Tarkhankut hovering floral aromas, delicate wearable Marshmallows, Yes tapping castanets of crickets. The water in the sea the silent night. It lies at the feet of a large, smooth, brooding. Basking in her Moon and bright stars.
And only the thunderous snoring of my fellow passengers broke the positive picture.
Rinat snores thunderously and relish. And starts almost at the same moment as his back touches any horizontal plane.
Marat snore quieter with pressurevacuum, vibrating lip rather than the throat. Oh! How much I suffered with them because of the snoring!
All elbows on them obbil night:) And only out of human respect for their illness did not use the old army method - a sock on the nose.
Marat repeatedly stated that the family has all snore from time immemorial. And his grandfather was snoring, and his father ,and he and his children will also snore! (I immediately just pictured some little muratikov with guttural sounds in unison - BRR heartbreaking picture )

Generally dry ”Tarhankutskiy“ air is considered to be very helpful and healing for the respiratory system.
The big medical factors are sea breezes – the soft winds, twice a day changing the direction: in the afternoon they blow from sea to land, at night – from land to sea.
These streams of air saturated with ozone, chloride, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, fluorine, bromine, and other parts of the periodic table and is an excellent natural inhalers.

Thinking about Mendeleyev and I fell asleep:)