Journey to Grenlandia

Poetry bald hills Sun valley

Passed: 29 km
Just path: 4h
Pedal: 2H 23 min.
CP.speed: 12 km/h
Air temperature: 27C



I like the water looked, but did not understand the simple binomial
Dark soft coves, the ancient Greek Megan,
Only sensed by the liver, that this mystery is familiar to me...
The Megan bean: me and the sea. There are rocks with water -
Pomatrosil and cast, with this wave, that.
Waves also does not miss - with this and with that. Their trouble
Deal I just (especially when taking).
Sea something like the old er, or ive.
Sergio Boychenko

From Sudak we went to lunch.
Strange , but I felt a tremendous relief.
Like my entire being is eager in the path. I felt that I became weary of sitting in one place. Perch so familiar and dear for many years ago, now oppressed and pushed.

In Sun valley there were two ways - either at the great highway Sudak-Koktebel(through the mountains and pass Sinor), or along the coast through Bogatovka past the Cape Meganom.
Naturally we chose the second option, which subsequently also changed.

On the road in the direction of Megan can be reached from Cape Alchak, reaching it on the embankment of Sudak.
So as not to attract attention, we went through the city and near the water Park went to the sea.
In this part of the perch most is quiet. A promenade is almost over.
Cape Alchak previously, it was possible to walk freely, but now they made a reserve, put the enforcer and fenced entrance fence.
Without much ADO we got out of the back of the Cape.

Immediately after Altacom nature changes dramatically.
Vegetation all vanishingset and far sight extends bare, covered with burnt yellow grass hills.

When in these parts there are people, agriculture (sheep and cutting of forests above all) simply killed the local flora.
The lack of roots, shrubs and trees and opened the soil to sun and wind, thin the topsoil was quickly destroyed.
Not so long ago, forests were being cut down and the undergrowth is destroyed, the numerous flocks of sheep and goats wandering around everywhere.
As a result of overgrazing animals ate and smashed vegetation, stripped the land of protection - a screen of leaves and crowns, reinforcement from the root system of plants.

In the distance could be seen the outline of the mountains, jutting out into the sea. It Is Meganom.
Megan associated with the word mountain and the Cape , although, in fact, is a mountainous Peninsula, with several capes, valleys and a marvelous variety of coastal landscapes.
From the sea, if you go on the boat, strikes the imagination of erosion slope between Cape Meganom, where the lighthouse at the top, and a Thick Cape.
At a known share of imagination you can see in these natural Scalado the bas-relief depicting 33 heroes and the old man Chernomor.

Land side of the Peninsula, outwardly, seemingly, unremarkable.
Normal coastal landscape, rocky ground, bushes, Yes feather-fescue carpet.
Its high steep slopes there are several coves, known among divers, it has beautiful scenery and clean, clear water.
One of Ogonoski bays - Engraving - from Sudak constantly carry divers.
Here is a Paradise for them
There is an interesting surprise of nature, which is called the Elevator shaft.
A huge stone block vertical hole starting at a depth of about seven meters and goes down to eight meters.
At the bottom of it has three moves that allow you to swim from this mine.

Next – the "cemetery of anchors". The plurality of anchors the RAdifferent designs and types of impossible to find even in museums.
Here is an anchor that weighs at least two tons.

The valley between Cape Alchak and Megan called Kapselskoy (translated as black spot).
Valley is composed of low clay hills which are dissected by ravines, and in places they form dense branched network - the Badlands (bad land).
Was so named when the canadian hunters ravines impassable areas.

On top of the Cape is located the wind turbine, really like rabotayushee.
The lighthouse at the tip of Megan is visible for many tens of kilometers.
In the Soviet years, on top was built a secret military facility, why access to Megan was closed, it was forbidden even to photograph the Cape.
There are two parts of air and one of the guards.
Once the Cape was studded with rocket mines .
The last missile was taken five years ago, and this year, they say, with concrete poured mine.

All terrain from Sudak to Feodosiya - again military Crimea.
Although military equipment is not dismantled, now the secrecy is removed and Meganom open to the public.
But in recent times it was different.
With these places, one related story, the authenticity of which has neither been confirmed nor refuted.

It is connected with the destruction of a practically new cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov".
He was shot on the teachings as a target.
They say due to the fact that earlier it was used in the testing of nuclear mines in the area of Meganom.
Sanction to test nuclear weapons in the Crimea in the Black sea could only give N. Sergei Khrushchev. This head could, without thinking about the consequences, to give such oral instruction.
Judging by the damage "Nakhimov", was tested underwater explosive device or a nuclear depth Bombe Depth of undermining is unlikely to exceed 400-500 meters.
The cruiser was struck by a powerful dynamic punch and water with radioactive rainfall. Was this explosion the victim or not, you can't recognize, removed from the ship, the crew, warned the public about possible high tidal wave.

And what happened next? The seismological station of Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries have registered a strong push off the coast of the Crimea, in the Black sea.
A huge tidal wave broke anchor and washed up on the Yalta embankment a group of barges, tugs and fishing trawlers.
Immediately the foreign Ministry was followed by official inquiries.
Here's the set to work of the KGB. All the documents seized on the cruiser, on the ground, took a subscription about nondisclosure, worked on the results of a nuclear explosion for an ordinary earthquake.
After the Soviet the holiday not too it would be nice to know that they are swimming in radioactive waters and eat contaminated seafood.
The KGB worked fine: now, three and a half decades about the "Admiral Nakhimov" had forgotten everything.

Cape Meganom is located in a very secluded spot, near the Karadag reserve.
Nearby Theodosia and the missile and artillery range. The time of the "earthquake" is very well chosen: the middle of winter, a deserted seaside, in the sea not even go fishermen.
No one would have ever known if not the seismologists.
The characteristics of the so-called "earthquake" is very similar to the characteristics obtained by the explosion of a nuclear depth-bombs.

The flag of the cruiser definitely launched on 15 February 1961 and signed the remaining 59 crew members, and the flag put in "permanent storage" in the Central naval Museum in Leningrad.
This fact indicates the involvement of cruisers to a very significant event.
You can also assume that the incident with the cruiser event was of national political importance.

Earthquake occurred on 4 December 1960 and supposedly decommissioned cruiser for scrapping 29 andJulia, 1960.
The need to remove any method from the main evidence - the body charged to "Nakhimov" - explains the ease of return of the cruiser at the shooting missiles.
Say, drown well, thank God!

Here by such interesting places we went. Himself Megan did not plan to call.
Continue past the turning to Bogatovka, rushed on.
Asphalt road soon ran out and went to primer.
without having to travel to the sea where he could see some buildings we turned left and went down the hollow between the hills. The ride was unpleasant - the hollow was washed out last rainy season.
But we managed and the road started to climb a mountain.
After some time the side suddenly they heard the noise and our eyes were opened to development.
Excavator loading rock to trucks.
Not far off what the people managing the process. Almost the whole hill was razed.
Surely it was illegal to do zemledelia in almost sanctuary.
Pretty sure it was the Crimean Tatars , who are actively constructed in these places. Especially in the village of Sun Valley.

Just a month before our arrival, I heard that there was another mess.
Hundreds of Tatars had landed troops in Kapselskoy Bay and unfurled their camp to conquer the land.
In response to the Crimean Tatar squatting on Cape Meganom, a local Slavs gathered in Sudak at the rally and said they would protect kapselskoy the ground.
If necessary, they also seize land, but not for housing, and for the salvation of the reserve.
How it ended is unknown, but when we came no one was there.

The higher we climbed, the more space has opened our eyes.
These desert mountainous terrain was mesmerizing. She wound up inside some band.
Rinat finally succumbed to my insistence and despite grumbling "What to withdraw" all the same, captured this while still intact the wild beauty.

Pretty popotet, we climbed to the top of the mountain castle-Kisla with a height of 213 m.
From there opens a spectacular panorama in all directions.
Especially well it was visible to the coast of Karadag.
At the highest point of the mountain, was some sort of mast with steps and a platform at the top. Marat was on fire and climbed to the top. But had it only one-third of the height.
The mast swayed slightly from the wind and apparently natural feeling of fear turned Marat back.

Cape Meganom is one of the most active areas of UFO sightings on the planet.
the frequent appearance of orange balls, which for some reason is impossible to photograph this place called the "valley of oranges". There are "oranges" mostly in winter and usually over the military part.
The General attitude with UFOs, the military has always been tenuous: when Andropov, for example, fear of nuclear war, the army even instructed how to behave with the appearance of "saucers."
And one of them was shot down,allegedly, just above Melanoma. Found only chip.
It consisted of an unknown metal, in which the eyes of the astonished generals was cold fusion.
The chip was immediately taken to the KGB.
If you look at Megan from a bird's flight, the experienced eyes of the researcher on the carpet of withered grass will soon discover a strange yellowish stripes with a thickness of about 0.5 meter.
What made the grass here to change their pigment? Why is a bird's eye pigment stripes look like big rings? And who are these strange signs?
These and other facts indicate that the Cape Meganom is used by aliens as a convenient landing pad.
They say that Pets on Megan to be like, behave tense, wary and anxious.
There is a belief that if you sit here on the skin of a sacrificial lamb, the body becomes weightless, and he poured out the grace from above. A man after a long cleansingth penances can become a skilled healer.

We left the bikes and walked on foot to the cliff - fortunately he was near.
Bottom splashed on the rocks of the sea and up with the tent was absolutely nowhere.
Then I decided to go down to the Coastal village and look for a place to sleep.
You can travel a bit ago and the bypass road around Kasal-kisla to get to the sea. On the way there by the way was a small lake which is inhabited by crayfish.
But as always we decided to take a short cut and go down with the steepest side of the mountain facing the sea and the village.
As a result, we were given the fate about an hour of unforgettable experiences, when we carefully, stealthily, so as not to fall head over heels, trotted down.

Finally trekked through the vineyards, we rolled out to the sea.
Next was some sort of military unit and to stay for the night did not want.
Moved on. Along the sea pass did not work - the fence. I had to go around a military unit. Soon we went to the beach.
The beach in front of the village is very diverse.
Part (kilometer in length) is a fairly ordinary beach .
Summer beach probably cultivated: beer, ice cream, rental servov, riding the banana, scooters. But when we were there - everything was closed.
And more to the possibilities of local recreation, you can add many kilometers of trails for cyclists, including a very lonely and machineless(we run them here later), freshwater lake with crayfish and fish in 2 km from the village.

We have seen that on this beach a little to the side someone stood with tents.
But I persuaded the guys to drive in the direction of Karadag on the shore a little more.
And despite the fact that they had nursed was not in vain.

Further shore is a series of headlands cozy coves. One of which is directly under a small hill we decided to break up our camp.
The place was extremely cozy.
Although isredka people passed it does not hurt us. We immediately climbed to swim. The water was cool 19-20 deg.
The bottom was sandy with patches of rocks covered with algae.
If to sail away - a lot of shellfish.
Darkness came quickly.
We cooked dinner , sat and chatted about this and that, enjoying the air, the silence and absence of human beings. Oddly enough the fire is absolutely not htelos to breed.We already weaned from this, and still wood in the County to take was absolutely nowhere:)

As always great cover and collect in a tent, scattered belongings had almost touch.

How quickly the clouds run
Dark ridge,
And flakes of black roses fly
Under this wind moon.
And, the bird of death and weeping,
Drags black edging
A huge flag memories
Over the cypress stern.
And disclosed rustling
The sad fan of years past, —
Where with a dark shudder
In the sand buried the amulet
There my soul seeks,
The foggy Cape of Meganom,
And the black sail will return
From there after the funeral.