The Megan Binom: we and the sea

The Megan Binom: we and the sea

Day 11 (27.08.2005)


In the field of writing out my companion Ilya Stroganov
Support the debut of a novice writer:)

...This day was very special and a little exciting.
No, we don't had a great pass, did not foresee a long-awaited reunion, but rather coming apart. Well, everything in detail.

We woke up a little earlier than usual. Igor got up early in the morning.
A long trip together and a long vacation from civilization is always a bit makes some of the void in consciousness, so any communication, and especially in the circle of nice ladies, always a special treat.
I'm spending the night at a disco, got it fully and quietly to rest in bed at the hour allotted to me.
My head, of course, was cracking, and my ears still heard the impact sound of the local tunes.

That night I allowed myself to break away from the full program, it's our last day in this town.
On arrival Igor we quickly had Breakfast and went to say goodbye to the city and the sea.
The day was not hot, and the sun was gone behind clouds.
But this fact does not bother anyone: the streets at this time were crowded, the shelves of merchants Laden with the proposed Souvenirs and goods “percusiones nature,” all moved to the waterfront with the idea to take a spare piece of beach and warm his belly.

We weren't great lovers of long poljanak, so to sit on his haunches fine with us.
Bathed not long.
A couple of good heats I was enough to finally Wake up and come in a good mood after a stormy night.

And we moved to the city.
More recently, it was decided that the way back to Simferopol we will go by bus from Sudak.
The ticket was worth to worry in advance, and we prudently decided to take them today. Problems at the box office was not: our train was easy to find the right ReyC.
They go, it should be noted, regularly scheduled and maintained schedule.
Interval following ~ 30 minutes.
We even managed to pick up the bus the large size for a more comfortable placement of our horses.
Backpacks were almost ready, and we had a touching farewell ceremony for the fabric of our hosts.
I must say that the conditions in these days under their shelter, not inferior to the local mid-budget resorts, so to leave was partly sad, but the road was calling and beckoning us on.
Tightly bite the remains of the dumplings, and share experiences from our time here with our hosts, we hastily climbed on our horses.
The owners, giving words of encouragement, accompanied us waving a hand, smiling asked them in return, reaped the pedals.

The road to this day had not the long and spectacular sights in no signs.
After the entire center, Sudak, we turned right from the main road P-08.
Had to go to Koktebel with a planned stop for the night midway between the cities (Igor knew there cozy place), this explains our desired distance from the highway.
On the way also wanted to enjoy the views of the local vineyards, fields and huge bays near here passing the capes of Meganom and Thick.

Leaving pike road steeply uphill for a few kilometers and then winding between the ridges of the Cape Alchak-Kai.
Here lurks the panorama of the city and his Bay.

On the first day, after this vacation to learn to ride, as always, come again.
Legs barely shook on the pedal, and the bike slowly lifted us into a steep climb.
I, being more athletic, prepared, rode the lift a little easier.
Affected and the ski habit endeavor is always to go ahead and press in the rise that is urine, on the slopes of the type serving.
But the slopes that day we did not indulge.
They were rare and cool.
Igors and then grumbled that I had a lighter backpack and shook his grey hair, and I, agreeing with his explanation, continued to lead our convoy.

Immediately behind Cape Alchak appeared in front of us the other side of the Sudak Bay.
Cape like divides it into two parts.
The first stretches from Cape Cave, the one that is already in the New world and includes the city itself and the entire coastal part of Sudak.
The second part of it is less populated.
Here most of the residents are tourists.
Their tented camps are here for months.
It and is clear: to the city at hand, i.e. food and water always at hand, the beach here is not less pure, but the views over the Cape fisherman (boundary Bay) and the Cape Meganom cannot fail to please the eye.
Tents everywhere.
People dispersed groups, apparently, according to their areas of interest (I noticed not a few fishermen among them).

We approached Melanoma.
No, to the Cape we won't.
The road there is too extreme and big hook we don't by the way.
Admire them from afar.
Only from this distance you can feel its power.
A feature of the Cape are its cliffs (Urmana-USTU 352 meters).
Yes, the vegetation on it is almost none.
That is why from a distance it seems so black and majestic.
The Northern part of the cliffs are dotted with grass, slightly mix the paint in the direction of the green.
The stories of eyewitnesses: water Cape is striking in its clean and transparent.
Many compare him to the shores of Tarkhankut.
Swimming here is not always warm due to the influence of cold currents is that the drop down into the sea capes are not uncommon.

At the crossroads we turned left in the direction of Bogatovka, leaving behind the sea and cliffs.
The road was quiet and with good coverage, the car almost didn't bother.
Along the way we met a grape field, it's amazing how many of them there were. It was not the private fields.
Igor explained the celebrity of these places with soil fertility and climate stability.
The rains here are rare.
According to statistics for the calendar year precipitation are only in 10 of the 365 days.
It is this combination of weather conditions allows to grow indigenous varieties of grapes are what the car and Javat car. In other places this variety to prijaviti failed.

Here it is – a winery where they make many times propiarenny "the Black doctor".
Buying nothing planned, and a tour to go there was no desire.
After examined by us informed of sights and wine cellars of the pike Perch and New Light seemed to surprise us is not possible.
But curiosity to ask the price to the price of the factory store was still not contained.
Yes, due to the nature of this method of cultivation and the value of variety, the prices were biting.

And we obliznuvshis went on.
The road carried us to the village of Solnechnaya Dolina (an appropriate name for this place).
Came it is time to think about the good, and that our empty bellies has long been nothing digested.
In the village was able to buy just the fruit on the patch near the road fork to the P-08 and the Coastal village.
Immediately replenish the supply of water from the hostess of a neighboring house.
I must say that the vast majority of the local population is very friendly attitude to Russian tourists, and not once have we helped out on various issues.
To go without water had until tomorrow, but we prudently (and maybe Russian greed :)) took a little more.

Hoping to buy something at a satisfying moved to the Coastal village, he was still our plan.
Without hesitation, and in view of the smallness of this village, joined to the first grocery store, it was a diner.
Refueled edible, moved on.
As it turned out, the store is really in this part of the village was the only one.

The road became narrower, the air more resembled the sea.
The rays of the sun warmed as before, and it is clear, the clock is already six in the evening.
We are gradually approaching the target.
The place planned for the night, Igor was known even from last year's trip to the Crimea.
He fell in love with it immediately. It consisted of a small clearing formed by the convergence of several trails.
Around it was surrounded by not very high hills, mostly rocky descent.
The clearing as if, buried in these hills.
Yes, the place really was very nice to stay.
In view of the above, not only we have chosen this clearing.
There was a lot of fishermen, and someone bathed naked in the sea.
Igor got a little upset.
It was decided to look around and look for Parking a little further. The coast in this part of the Crimea is quite high, and the part that is near the water the beach can not be called.
From the water's edge, to the nearby cliffs (and they drifted along the coast not one kilometer) distance of 2-5 meters, and with a good wave could fill the shoes passing.
Igor remained to guard the bikes, and I raced to the peak of one of the hills to look around.
To look around, as it should, not possible, because these hills there was a succession, gradually blocking the view for the future.
But my eyes still stumbled upon a few smooth places, far from seeming attractive enough.
It was decided to move on the path along the sea.
Igor comforted himself with the hope to return to this place two days later, on the last day of our trip, when we will move back to the bus station of Sudak.
But more on that later.

Can't say that the next half hour was enjoyable for both of us.
We moved along the sea to reach a place of rest. Moved, but how? Road or trail, the path is not called.
As I described above, then in addition to the narrow space between the sea and rocky hills prevented us from the ground.
Gravel interspersed with large boulders and then taken out of the balance of my bike.
To go had no idea. We were pushing our bikes forward.
Wave and washed over the stones of its salty water.
My hybrid could not withstand the Tata torture, it is enough narrow wheel repeatedly strayed from the planned track and I barely kept a loaded bike, trying himself to stay on his feet.
Perhaps it was the only day when my horse has failed me, leaving my thoughts a little jealous before you look more confident walking ahead of me Igor.
I had to move Vela to yourself, bringing them together through natural barriers.
Oh, this Russian universal habit of taking “in reserve”. Only one drinking water I had just over 10 litres, and a couple liters of my friend.
I then wanted to throw that extra weight.
But not our greed (not greed - and cautious - better safe than sorry - approx.ufabike), and the fear of unpredictability prevented us to do it.

Oddly enough, but on our way we were not alone.
By the way, we often met people: tourists with big backpacks, local natives with a hairy chest and outrageously dark skin.
All have somewhere to go. It is possible that this was the shortest route between two settlements and in the rush up to twilight to do this March throw.

Finally the rock had sent the end, the path turned into a wide beach strip.
The shore became more flat and we managed to move from the sea to find a place to break camp.
Not thinking for a long time it was decided to focus on the large lawn: there were stories where to hide from the wind and the burner was immediately put (type, stone Outpost), and the place is quite picturesque.
During the last hours we are quite tired, even a car with a married couple, settled down not far from us, don't even bother.

Swim this evening, had: was a gusty breeze which blew the tide and the water was murky from rising from the bottom of the sand.
Using the Parking lot, I decided to travel along the coast without a backpack.
Igor explained that there is close to set - artificial pribrejniy town there is something to see.
There I went. Long to see I managed.
All the scenery was closely guarded by dogs and a guard, and I soon returned to Igor, who was already pretty hungry.

The dinner was held as always at ur.
These moments are always loved and welcome.
Talking about local life and issues, Igor remembered about the photo shoot.
Yes, this day made not so many frames as necessary to replenish the photo archive.
Perhaps for the first time in our trip it was decided to use Weesen much more weeks a tripod.
Crimea, sea, evening, I and Igor, what could be more romantic? :))

But it turned out and it was not the limit.
In the distance twinkled the lights of Ordzhonikidze, warm sea breeze was warm on our bodies and here it is - an unearthly melody began to reach out to our ears.
At first I thought it was the sounds of drummers from the local discos distant town or city.
But no, the sound was closer, and in its nature rather like to dance There :)
Not long wondering, Igor came to the conclusion that it is the local nudist aborigines make your evening ritual – dance in nebezizvestny Fox Bay.
So we went to sleep.