The Megan Binom: we and the sea

Sweat and space

Day 1 (17.08.2005)


Two days in the train and the anticipation of the heat and the sea after rain and dampness Scandinavia.
The Station Of Simferopol.
On the platform I was waiting for my new companion - Ilya Stroganov.
He arrived before me and already a couple of days hanging out on the Peninsula, in splendid isolation, with which the friends of the St. Petersburg girls.

I met him through the Internet 4 days before the trip.
Long and painful decide if I should go with a stranger.
It is no secret that people are different and nesovpadeniye characters, physical condition and so a trip can turn into torment.

Ilya was a slender rosy-cheeked young man who spoke rather clearly about his gigantic health than pain.


Not to delay the case indefinitely collected his bike and with his newfound friend drove around the city.
Before you go to the track in the direction of Sevastopol bought a bottle of wine Inkerman that evening to mark the start of the journey.
And some food for the road.

While drinking kefir at the store I was talking with a mustached salesman watermelon Caucasian nationality.
Watermelon is its small and dusty were stacked up in a pile on the tarp near the road.
And in the 20 minutes that we were there slacking no one bought it.
Trader, start a dialogue with the traditional question about the price of our bikes (I have long ceased to wonder why everyone is so interested in), gradually moved on to discussion of policy of Ukraine in the Crimea, milled bone after Yushchenko came to power, whose prices shot up in half, complained about high taxes and the complexity of the business.
Ilya clearly their views are not approved of my attempts to establish contact with the local population of this kind.
But I know perfectly well that any friendly attitude to anyone will come back to you a hundredfold later.
Even whenand this is not waiting.

Downloading our stomachs work on the next few hours, finally gave vent to their feet.
Sevastopol highway just melted from the heat. The thermometer topped 35 degrees.
The habit was stirred up in the head.
Had to water the cap and the head of water. But enough of this for a while.
And Ilya feathers ahead as zavedenii. His acclimatization is apparently long gone.
The unbearable heat made us turn in the highway in the direction of Kizilovka.
Nearby there was located the Partisan reservoir, in the warm waters which we were supposed to kolanut our hot bodies.

The capital of Crimea, Simferopol, is supplied with water from four liquid reservoirs.
Three of them are filled with water of the Crimean mountain rivers, the fourth-Intermountain - the water of the North Crimean channel.
The most usable is the water at Ayan and Guerrilla reservoirs, as they are located in the mountains.
Simferopol reservoir is polluted with domestic wastewater densely populated Large valley Salgir.

In the Intermountain reservoir enters the Dnieper water, which contains pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, and sewage of cities and towns in the whole basin of the Dnieper.(here I write these filthy lines and I recall with crystal clarity the Scandinavian rivers)
Guerrilla waterworks built in the 60-ies of the last century, 15 km from Simferopol on the river Alma.
The volume of the Partisan reservoir 34.4 million m
The reservoir provides water to villages and towns located along the highway Simferopol-Sevastopol, as well as some neighborhoods of the capital .

Reservoir is the water intake and of course that is the object of strategic and guarded.
But the local people showed us where to swim to avoid detection from the post .
The beach was located behind the narrow turning basin. We had to drive through the woods and down to the water. And so we did. Protection of drinking water for Simferopol turned out to be far from strict.
As a reward we got a whole hour of blissful relaxation in the shade and fresh water baths.

After a while our sweat and dirt dissolved in the mass of water went through the pipes in the apartments of Simferopol.
And what is a housewife, started the seagulls, slurped it , not knowing that there are so many interconnections.

Refreshed returned to the track and drove to the next turn on Rocky.
In total we waited for the Crimean astrophysical Observatory and Marat Pavlenko in particular.

By the way, I bought pears from two elderly people selling on the roadside near his home.
Again talking.
And we were bombarded with fruit gift. We didn't want to take, the old man insisted and did not take the money.
As a result, agreed to barter - Ilya gave from their badges plastic bottle of beer.
Against such exchange will not trample. And to the mutual satisfaction of the parties exchange was made.

Winding the way to the village of Science with a length of 15 kilometers seemed to last forever.
She walked all the time on the rise. Sweat poured not only the eyes and even mouth. In principle, waste-free system worked if ingested. Salt starvation the body I was not threatened.
All that came out partially then to him and back:)

On the way caught shooting what is advertising.
I managed for free too click one frame much to the displeasure of the local Director.

That's on top of the mountain was a white cap telescopes immersed in a gorgeous Park.

Crimean astrophysical Observatory, Ukraine's largest, located in the village of Science, on the flat top of the watershed between the rivers of Bodrak and Kacha near Bakhchisarai.

In 1908 in the village of Simeiz was founded the Department of Pulkovo Observatory.
During the years of Soviet power Simeiz Observatory became one of the largest in the country, but during WWII, she was Rusrushana.
After the war, was found a place with more favorable conditions for the construction of a new research centre.
The Scientific village founded in 1946, and in 1949 was built the first telescope - photographic double refractor with camera with 400 mm lens.
Then began working the tower telescope.
The official opening of the Observatory took place in September 1956.

After passing the Concierge, I called the Marat.
Marat Pavlenko lived on the territory of the Observatory. Worked there his relatives.
And he organized a bike tour. His routes in the mountain Crimea is very popular.

Marat greeted us warmly and immediately added to a guided tour of the Observatory.
The bikes we drove into his garage.

Needless to say that the tour was very interesting and informative.
It was led by a member of the Observatory competently and told the fascinating history and details of the observation space.
We started as expected here with a tour of the telescope, named after its ideological founder - academician G. A. shajn.

It was the first of the largest 26-foot reflector in Europe - year of birth 1960.
It is one of the largest optical telescope in Ukraine.
Many years have been conducting the observations the staff of the laboratory of physics of stars and galaxies.
One of the most interesting directions - a study of the cataclysmic stars, undergoing powerful explosions.
Such studies are of great interest, as it is one of the fundamental questions of the Universe.

My understanding of telescopes has changed dramatically.
Before, I thought that someone sits and looks into the eyepiece of a huge pipe.
Nothing. Everything is automated, telescope Voditsa to some point in space or a star, and continuously monitors it for a certain period of time and results are recorded by the instrument.

Though of course it is very STAPoE, though rabotosposobnost.
One captured Carl Zeiss is worth.
As argued by the guide telescope optics are so good that to this day is better than domestic.

In addition to the star telescope on the territory of the Observatory is a solar telescope, supervising our sun.

When it became dark we did like stargazers from fairy tales and the eye to look at the moon in quite small toy telescopic.
Probably to the disappointment in the children's views were not so strong.
I even tried to photograph him through our satellite.
Came out so-so.

Fatigue made itself felt throughout the tour so tempted to sit down somewhere.
Eyes stuck together and it was difficult to perceive all that a lot of interesting information that metered expounded to us professionals.
All ended well after midnight.
I called the Marat - he rushed on his bike and escorted us to a crash.
To do this we left the Park and a little down the hill.
In pitch darkness I was a couple of times not filled.
Weak diode light helped very little.
Marat raced ahead. Here it was all familiar from childhood and the way he would have found blindfolded.


One of the many clearings we landed and made camp.
Made dinner and Marat has kindly agreed to drink wine for the meeting.

Somewhere in the bushes rustled unknown animals, on the top of the mountain, slowly rotating gears, rotating the multi-tube telescopes.
And we reclined on the faded sun-bleached grass and drank in small SIPS the divine nectar inkermanskogo Bastardo.
And the stars twinkling lights silently looked at us from the bottomless abyss of the Universe.
Consciousness circling in the maelstrom of sensations and involuntarily rushed away from the Earth so small and helpless, but familiar and beautiful planet - our home, which is sure to cherish.