The Megan Binom: we and the sea

Flip-flops and its consequences

Day 5 (21.08.2005)

Morning revealed:
1. The consequences of the fall of Ilya more serious than we thought at first;
2. Igor has pierced your camera on the barbed wire;
3. My brother broke something that usually never breaks - eccentric...

Midnight Ilya groaned in pain. His arm ached in earnest. I suspected a fracture or crack, and giving him his metanolom -analgesic pills. Only after eating two pieces, my friend after some time I fell asleep.

After Breakfast and summing up the aforesaid, came to the conclusion – you need to go to Sevastopol.
Elijah in the er, I was for a card for my brother.
Remained in the camp brother and Igor, or brother.
Igor in the strength of his character to sit at all.
He went to Roll. So. On exploration.
Brother enjoyed the opportunity to sunbathe and laze.

Ilia caught the bus and went there, where yesterday barely escaped.
The er in Sebastopol hour and kruglosutochnyy.
And near the market SEAGULL on the area of the Rebels that this time we were very hands on.
Ilya took place, I went to the dealers the bike stuff.
The old salesman who had sold us the spare, found out I sold the Cam and did not fail to inform that it is already stated our friend (Serge?) and offered to buy him a bike.

By the time the Ilyukha was x-rayed, patched up and sent on all 4 sides with the admonition to keep quiet, dry and warm.
From hospitalization, the patient refused and after a little thinking, courageously decided to go on, in spite of the pain in the limbs.

Back at the camp at midday and after lunch (at the initiative of the brother), we finally moved on.
The weather was not an example of the first day, the fucking Crimea.
To the right of us was blue black sea.
The sun warmed everything we could to warm.
Ahead was a full 2 weeks off!

There were no signs of trouble when we moved in Roll.
We buried her at a military checkpoint.
All. Arrived.
By questioning the patrol, about the opportunity to drive further to the village of andriivka, received a full and unconditional instruction to go back up to 13 km and via Orlovka, to make a detour, as our further progress was COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY SECRET MILITARY AIRFIELD.

He of course was not indicated on our maps, atlases and guide books, otherwise there would have been secret.
The prospect of returning, we are so not impressed that we were trying to find a way to cross the airfield illegal.
For this he was recruited by a passing bike boy (the local population is generally very friendly).
Kid, you don't know how to get to Andreevka?
- I know. Through the airport!
- Oh! And you have to spend?
- I can, where are you from?
So if we ever need to penetrate the closed Crimean object... "politeness – the best weapon of the SCOUT!"

You know, to drive through the field by military helicopters, planes, radars and observation towers, the coloured clothes and on bikes for the entertainment.
We are aware that you are the perfect target to practice shooting at moving targets.
So I try not to look back, and certainly not to be photographed (although the frame would be super!).
All ever ends and here we are outside the danger zone.
The sun + 30, and I'm in a cold sweat!
Most interesting is that on the other hand was also a roadblock.
But he looked like 10 years no one was guarding.

Brother nervyak wanted to eat.
Why in Andriivka has been bought watermelon and devoured with extreme cruelty along with bread (my brother said that is how you eat watermelons all the Crimean Tatars).
Further, jumping on the asphalt rather lively (and damn monotonous) alignment through vilino, Tobacco, leaving the left Nikolaevka and almost fell under the wheels of a dashing Crimean truckers, we decided to go on a primer on Frunze.

Of concern is the hand of Elijah, but he said he can handle it.
In Frunze brother found the sign of the zero kilometer, which seemed strange to us...
In the lake Kyzyl-Yar gave yourself a little break on the long descent.
And in Ivanivka came across a roadside market where Zatar sweet peaches, grapes and melons.
Of course brother wanted to eat.

It was getting dark. It was necessary to plan the night.
Ilya foaming at the mouth knocked his butt to the chest and shouted about a nice place for camping in the center of Evpatoria.
And although he still had to drive, we purchased wine to Saki, he agreed (he knows how to convince this Ilya).

The road from Saky to Yevpatoriya lies on the sloping and narrow spit to the left of Kalamita Bay, on the right, Sasyk lake, and we are speeding down the darkening highway near a railway.

We have already got, when it got dark (it gets dark in the Crimea quickly, especially in the mountains - so no lights and headlights will not do) and then decided to have dinner at a local cafe.
While waiting for lagman, pilaf, salads (cyclist should eat often, but a lot) and favorite Chernihiv Biel, evaluated the route traversed.
In half a day we rode 75 km.
Brother was shocked by its capabilities, and Igor was upset about the delays. [/Andrew]