The Megan Binom: we and the sea

Zombies and pasties

Day 8 (24.08.2005)


I woke up from the fact that I was sick. I looked at the clock - about 5 o'clock.
For the canopy tent was already light.
I clambered out and felt throughout the body terrible weakness.
The next hour I dedicated resuscitation procedures.

Out went all eaten the day before but in reverse order.
Last came the melon.
Left to speculate from what I have food poisoning.
Most likely melon. I've heard that, gourds in the Crimea to buy is fraught. They are almost all the polls are full of nitrates.
And here seem to have to see for yourself.

It is strange that Elijah, it does not work.
He peacefully nozzles in the tent and not heard I raped a coastal rock with his vomit.
After drinking a few tablets of activated charcoal, I again got into the sleeping bag and tried to sleep. I shivered.

Soon woke up Ilya, a lot surprised that no one wakes.
And I definitely do in this day is not wanted.
Barely found the strength to drink tea.

Going for a long time. Sunny day quite happy. Legs was wobbly and weak.
We had to return to Evpatoria.

I vaguely remember the next six hours.
They are like slides /images flashed in memory.
Ilya stabbed the camera. Sitting on the curb leaning against a tree and waiting.
Here in a certain village bought water.
Here again, sitting in the village Vorobyov cheburek and Elijah eats for both cheeks a variety of food.
And I have a orange and I'm trying a little bite out of him.
Again, the kilometers of road.
The last effort pedaling.
I'm not a man but a zombie is not alive and not dead.
The world perceived me as something from the outside.

Here and Evpatoria. Old camp on the spit in front of Saki.
I go to bed.
Flashed the thought that they have done for the day, no pictures.