The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Baltic boat

the head in which the Kid feels stupid and Carlson fills the belly

- Tell me, please, here this sandwich, and this, and this...
- Yes! - suddenly exclaimed Carlson. - I almost forgot!
- This candy will go to charity, Carlson said, and stuffed the box in his pocket
then again began to devour the sandwiches.
- The best fighter in the world of pies is Karlsson on the roof! - he said and smiled happily.


It is impossible not to talk a little bit about these amazing Baltic karabl.
Because they allow anyone, not even a very money man, to feel on Board an ocean cruise liner.
You understand that the cost of travel on such ships not everyone can afford.
And here the ticket prices are low probably because of competition between the steamship companies.
And almost for the whole day can feel like a wealthy man, to burn time and money on the decks of some sort of Queen Mary 2:)
Let the comparison is not in favor of the Baltic ferry, but the General impression can be obtained.

From Finland ferries every day, sailing from the two cities - Helsinki and Turku .
On the way visit the åland Islands.
Sail from Helsinki much more fun to sail at 16.30 Finnish, arriving about 9.30 in Swedish (the time difference is 1 hour), and the distance is more nearly two times which means more time spend on Board
But of course more expensive than Turku.
This route ferries sail only at night.

You can book tickets in advance either by telephone or via the Internet.
Will tell you your order number and you can pay it right before landing.
It was our new friend Mike.
In principle it is possible toupit the only entry or deck.
But places without cabins on the ferry are few and in the summer to buy this ticket is problematic.
For those who bought a ticket without a cabin, there is a special room with chairs.
Where you can sit and take a NAP if you can.
Usually these tickets bought poor people.
For example students.
They are in these chairs and don't sit all night hang in bars and drink everything:)
Gabriella on the ferry on the way back we saw the rest room without any furniture, just a rug on the floor.
Spread out sleeping bags and sleeping - all very democratic.

Ferries Silja is slightly larger and c big chic decorated, but there are no fundamental differences: they were built about the same time and in some plants.
Silja Line - the company is Finnish, and Viking Line buffet, but the ferries from the same company go under one and under another flag, depending on the port.
The number of passengers transported Silja and Viking is about the same.
When the Viking Line shipping company was considered for men "simpler", a Silja Line marketing focused on people "richer".
However, these faces has long worn off and shipping compete on an equal basis, offering roughly the same groups of consumers.
On the line Helsinki-Stockholm "Viking" is conveniently moored in the centre close to Gamla Stan (Old town), a "Silja" - in the port of Vartan, a 15-minute metro ride from the centre .

The largest ship that runs from Finland to Sweden - ferry "Silja Europa".
During the flight Turku-Stockholm it takes on Board 3013 passengers.
This is one of the most luxurious ships in the Baltic.
One of its main attractions is the elegant theatre "Moulin Rouge" on 564, and the international show of participating artists and countries of the Caribbean.
Beach and in the Sauna you can enjoy the sauna or relax in the Jacuzzi.
Other vessels - "Silja Serenade" and "Silja Symphony" take on Board about 2,800 passengers.
In the fleet of this company includes high-speed Superseacat catamaran.

In addition to these two main companies, there are a few smaller supporting traffic with Sweden, Estonia, Germany and Denmark.
Ferry routes to Russia.
The Estonian company "Tallink" in 2004 organized the ferry line Tallinn – St. Petersburg- Helsinki, but its exploitation can hardly be called successful - too small was the passenger
In 2005, the company announced the closure of the route from St. Petersburg.
Even before it was halted traffic on the route St. Petersburg Rostock, supported "Silja Line".
Alas, huge Baltic beauties-ferries in St. Petersburg will not see.
Obviously, before the abolition of visa regime for ferry lines from Russia to Europe may not be cost effective

One of the largest ships of the company "Viking Line" ferry "Mariella" plying on the route Helsinki-Stockholm.
Designed for 2,700 people.
On it and we had to sail that night.
This is a huge floating 12 deck hotel with its comfort and range of services may pleasantly surprise the passengers of any age.
Built in 1985, length 177 m, beam 28,4 m, berths 2700, vehicles 480.

The plan of the ferry Silja Europa in the context of:

A detailed plan of the ferry Viking Gabriella (Viking Mariella is very similar - with differences only in the internal layout)

At the bottom of the second deck under a car compartment are the cheapest cabins economy class.
They are without Windows of course, and some have shower and toilet in the corridor.
But this did not affect their comfort.
Cabins for comfort is not inferior to hotel rooms.

Our cabin was class C4 .

This 4-berth cabin without porthole, 2 upper and 2 lower shelves, on area of 8.3 square meters, a toilet and a shower inside.
Its price is 60 Euros in the period from mid-June to mid-August.
In other months the price differentialsa depending on the day of the week - that is Sunday-Wednesday - quite cheap (40 euros), Thursday and Saturday for 62 Euro on Friday, as many as 92 euros.

On the same deck there are cheaper cabins with toilet and shower in the corridor (type Q)
Their value in the summer of 42 Euros ,other days 24, 42 and 66 Euros respectively

The price of a fare on the ferry is the sum of prices for the input - 32 Euro from Sunday to Wednesday (44 Euro on Thursday and Saturday, 56 Euro on Friday) and the fee for the cabin.

Price per cabin is independent of the number of passengers - whether you are a foursome or alone, you will still pay 60 euros (as in our case, we rode double to quadruple cabin and if there were four of us, the trip to everyone would cost less) .
Price does not include meals on Board.

On the plan of the cabins you can see how everything is placed inside.
At the entrance to the left hanger and mirror, and to the right a bathroom with shower.
In the shower ,as always in Sweden, the cunning crane is not seen by us before (I feel like an idiot when you can't immediately understand how to use it:)
The toilet, initially half-filled with water for some reason. What is this system, I never rides.
And scraper - polisher in the corner to clean the floor with a spray of water .
Hfour fold-up beds, which belt stretch linen with mattress and bedside table.
And of course air conditioning.
Spartan decor, but quite decent.

The ferry Viking Line is a cardboard card with a magnetic strip.
He is also the key to the cabin.
A separate card is issued for the bicycles (the transportation of the bike on the ferry costs 5,5 Euros ) - it is needed for access from a corridor in the automotive Department.
Bikes parked on the ferry along with the cars.

3.4 deck is cars (or only 3 as "Mariella")

5.6 decks are the bulk of the cabins of average price category and a sauna.

7 deck - patrimony system "taxfree". Stores where they sell alcohol,cigarettes, perfumes and clothes.
Here Seaside café with a sea view (120 visitors) where you can eat while shopping, and a children's room, where fusing of the children not to interfere with shopping.

8 deck is a local Las Vegas.
Casino, restaurants, pubs and Nightclubs.
Throughout the night there having fun, dancing and drinking bitty ferry people.
Night club “Fan club” (at 560) and the casino bar (110 persons)
The restaurant “Food garden”, at the same time accommodating up to 332 passengers and Brasserie
There is also "Viking buffet" , at the same time accommodating up to 580 people and occupies the entire bow of the ferry.
The Breakfast here is 8 euros and dinner is 24 euros per person.
The food here is organized at the buffet, that is there is you want.
Make sure nothing is impossible and if caught severely punished up to the ban on entry into the Schengen area.
To enter the canteen, paying, you can of course only once.
In buffet there is no toilet, so people are not too obvious.
However skillfully enough hours to get drunk to the point of exhaustion ,crawling to get to his Kaiyou and occupy the toilet.

9 deck disco “Disco”, open almost all night and cabins luxury.

10 deck on the sides for walking - it is open
Here, a huge conference hall (for 300 persons)

11 deck Vip cabin

And finally on the 12 deck is a helipad which offers a magnificent view all around.
You can sit in a plastic chair and enjoy nature slowly passing by the shore, a rugged sherami, small rocky islets.
From wind to protect Peredistyy cabin.
Anyone can get on the ledge above the nose and test the breeze, which spreads literally to the bone in minutes.
Aft there is an outdoor café.

The main profit of shipping companies is based mainly on the income from restaurants and shops "tax free", so the court shipping "Silja Line" and "Viking Line" that sails between Finland and Sweden, often referred to as "floating stores".
Or "floating bars", as the main shopping there have alcohol.

In July 1999 within the EU were abolished trade tax free.
And the company changed the routes of their ferries so that the court began to come to the capital of åland the city of Mariehamn, the non-EU area.
Thus it was possible to save a trade tax free on the ferries.

The system of "tax free" lies in the next purchase is made as a tax-free, and when exporting goods from the country traveler, with a receipt and unopened product, and receives back the paid VAT (tax).
The items return is, for example, at the border of Finland with Russia.

There are certain rules that allow you to buy only a limited amount of alcohol.
If they go immediately back and the number is doubled.

If a passSager that buys something in the shop of alcohol (or tobacco), he is obliged to show the ticket with a magnetic strip to enter the cabin and he will put a note on the purchase.

For Finnish and Swedish ferries "Silja Line" and "Viking Line" is an alcoholic's Paradise.
In their countries there are semi-dry laws and purchase hard liquor problem.
Yes, good money is the problem.
Alcohol is subject to high taxes.
You can enjoy alcohol only in bars and restaurants or in the state spetsmagazinah.
That forced the poor Scandinavians to ride the ferry there and back for their Euro crown and with the sole purpose of a good drink and get alcoholic beverages how much will your own back.
But mostly they privacyvault to the output and therefore really drunk this flight is only for the weekend.

Learn more about the sale of alcohol in Sweden can be found in the Chapter "the Empire of the degree".

Accepts payment in both currencies - Euro and Swedish Krona, and the required amount you can pay in one currency and part to pay the other (the cashier carefully count exactly how many).

Boarding for foot passengers is via a long glass corridor on the second floor of the terminal, and ending on the fourth and sixth deck of the ferry.
For cars, motorcycles and bicycles check separate along the pier, where the ferry from bow to its stern through the open ramp which is loading mobile machines inside.
At the entrance to the pier is a barrier with a booth in which sits a controller. It checks your ticket and issue a magnetic key card and a piece of paper with a large black letter you want to hang on to the vehicle after placing it in the belly of the ship.

The process of loading a single song!
Ah, see how everything is organized.
After just an hour inside the time to call dozens of huge trailers and hundreds of thBily and placed almost right next to each other.
The process is controlled by only a few people are pointing someone where to go and where to stand.
We were with the motorcycle in black Harley missed the first.

For passengers at the entrance of photographer in a special cardboard arch.
Later on one of the decks will be posted all the photos, if you wish, You can buy your memory, and you can not buy if you do not ponravitsya or money.
At the entrance are people who think the passengers and handing out brochures and discount coupons.
We of course did not feel as loaded as the vehicle with the poop:)

The regulator gave the go-ahead and we first stopped inside the womb.
Went through all the ship to nose and began to fix bikes .
In case of rolling motions.
There are a lot of glands, rods and other protruding elements. I tied Luggage elastics and some sort of orange belt was found in a box nearby.
It seems to be these straps are used for stretching and fastening the motorcycle to the floor.

Taking the needed things (and just in case valuable - Russian habit), we climbed from the engine room on their deck.
Or rather went down, because the second deck was on the floor below.
From the engine room into the ship store a few doors opened by pressing a large red button.
And Back can be accessed only with a magnetic card.
And after the loading ends and the ship will depart for access to the engine room will be closed until arrival at the destination port.

Because we boarded first, then to the ferry departure could have time to wash and tidy themselves in relative order after a three-day road.
But Rinat ,as always, just drunk water treatments.
Washed it for a long time and tasteful.
Scraped and furiously rubbing his wiry body for hours like last time.
Any young lady would have lost him for the time being in the bathroom.
Well, I used to do everything quickly and in ten minutes I was enough to shave and wash:)
Finally we were ready to go out.

This could be done or the stairs or using the Elevator.
Chose the latter, the benefit people have by this time located in places of pleasure, and the Elevator was relatively free.
Went immediately to the upper deck to admire the scenery.
Helsinki has long disappeared from sight and the ferry glided along the Finnish coast.
The weather was wonderful and the passengers poured out onto open decks, enjoying the fresh air, the salty wind and the sun.

We systematically went round all the decks, literally looking in every corner.
Walk on the ferry literally everywhere.
I immediately thought that we would have it hung signs of the "Passage prohibited","Service entrance" or "staff Only" by the Way, this freedom of access did not seem designed to access places that always confused me, and then still could never get used to.

Rinat said that will be enough to go to finally meet some girl.
And noticed on the deck of a lovely odalisque sat down beside her.
"Hi," he said one of the three English phrases that were known at the time.
"High" - smiled the girl
"May neym of Rinat" - issued a tirade my friend.
"Suzanne" - was the answer
Inspired by the success of Rinat decided to build on these achievements and take the bull by the horns so to speak.
He pulled the bottle of vodka from his backpack and languidly rolling his eyes with a clear Sheffield accent said, "drink of visas mi"?
The girl not that he shied away from.
But then was confused at first and then with a guilty smile, as it sidled sideways and retreated.
The contact was defeated.

And we have nothing left to dive into the bowels of the ferry, to take on himself the other delights of a life of leisure.

Inside seethed MSZn.
At the door of the restaurant there was a queue - people waiting for vacant tables.
In the bar held a karaoke contest.
We listened for half an hour ,as the young girls sang songs Celine Dion and Madonna is not worse than the originals.
And tore a standing ovation at the end. The people there are not exactly complex, I feel relaxed. For example can something to shout loudly in the corridor to each other.
Or Vice versa to sit on the couch for hours perfectly still, staring out the window.

In a local pub tried Kozel beer at 5 euros per Cup.
Real beer is unusual to Russian people - without gas as a compote with degrees.

At the end of evening settled into night club where we drank coffee and tea and watched an entertaining show.
Were the singers, dancers and illusionists.
Live music people willingly danced.

Closer to midnight we went to bed.
Tomorrow will be a hard day.

Between Sweden and Finland, the difference in time minus one hour.
We got up early not to be late for Breakfast and to take in the event more time
Breakfast at the Viking Buffet starts from 7 a.m. and lasts until the arrival of the ferry in Stockholm, almost until 9:30
It is, as I said, 8 Euros.
The choice of dishes is someone probably not impressed, but it's just Breakfast.
Cereal, yogurts, cereals, boiled eggs, ham and meat of different types.
Pickled and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.
And a lot of red salted fish.
On which Rinat just came off - he was eating her weight, placing a full plate as thin as toilet paper slices.
And a variety of cookies, melon, three kinds of juices, tea and coffee.
Enough to eat before a long journey.
Misha Ulrika came later.

Rinat came to the indescribable delight of unlimited possibilities to fill the stomach.
And said that will leave only crawl. /> I must say that the words with the case it is not sold - he made a countless number of approaches to the racks with food, each time bringing plates filled to the brim with food.
Fish alternated with meatballs,meatballs loin, loin went in the sausage with the cranberry sauce.
All this was cabriales cups of juice.
Then he took up the desserts and starchy foods, eating fruit and drinking tea.
And all the time saying, in extenuation, that he had a difficult childhood and wooden toys.
At first I tried to keep up, but then gave up:)

With all this we still had time to discuss pressing issues of Russian-Swedish relations and the geopolitical situation in the Scandinavian poluostrove.
Talking with our new friends did not notice how time passed and he heard the bell announcing overstayers people about what time you left.
The ferry approached the dock in Stockholm.
The amazing journey came to an end and we had to hurry to get my stuff from the cabin and go to the bikes.

Unloading the ferry is as lightning fast as the loading.
Idle shouldn't be.
As soon as the ferry docked, the staff immediately rushed to clean up the place (sometimes even the walls), change linen, take out the garbage - for Parking time necessary to prepare and to take new passengers.
When you depart for the ferry to Turku (station about an hour), it will be replaced by ferry from Helsinki, which is a lot longer (about five hours), the evening will come here again the ferry from Turku, but a different one. =) And so without a stop every day for many years.

We waited for Stockholm.