The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Blueberries,mites and a hernia

Chapter in which Carlson sees a naked woman, fighting off insects and is used its hands

What did he, does not look like any birdhouse or, indeed, on anything else.
Very difficult to say that a piece he made.
- What's that? - asked the Kid.
Carlson tilted his head to one side and looked at his work.
- So, one thing he said. A great little thing. Guess who's the world's most Golden hands?
- You, Carlson.


The day was marked with our early rise at six in the morning.
Had to remove the unauthorized set up the tent.
Even Rinat against his custom almost grumbled that he was not allowed to sleep.
Silently I pulled my stuff out , spread his sleeping bag on the grass and began to snore again.

Well not the first to do everything yourself.
Let him rest people, and I already couldn't sleep.
Removed the tent and began prigotovili Breakfast instead, sees the tenth dream, the world's best cook packaged cereals.

When the rays of the sun rising over the water of the Bay, dispersed the morning mist and began to tickle the face of Rinat he got up and silently ,than unhappy, went into the water to search for a lost on the eve of the spinner.
His half-hour efforts unfortunately did not succeed. Swedish fjord forever sheltered them in its stony bottom in a swirl of herbs and roots.

Misha Ulrika quite relaxed. They had a long sleep then just lay in the tent.
It was evident that our girl still very much tired, despite his wish to come along.

While everyone was resting I decided to go to bathe in local shower.
In the hope that this time stocks will not be any.
Took again the key Misha and walked to the hill where the complex household buildings of the campsite.
Whether I was in some kind of reverie, whether I was confused a large number of doors, but in the end I did not pay attention to the pointer and mistakenly went into the ladies room.
I must say that camping toilets and shower are in one room.
That is, I took a shower, then pee, or Vice versa. Type all in one.

Fortunately or unfortunately no one was there.
I quietly did his business, then washed!
It's all in 10-15 mins And no one came during this time. Imagine what it would be:)))
Then got dressed and in the same thought came and went.

But as always take the rap for my gullibility had to Rinat.
She met me on the way back, he took the key from the toilet and asked where is the entrance, also went to wash.
Back he came back with bulging eyes.
Is at this time there came a young woman, undressed and only prepared to take water treatments, as there was Rinat. Black tan and shaggy after sleep.
Then there was a short silent scene in a few seconds, during which the bloom was staring at a naked lady, a naked lady, respectively, at Rinat.

Here we all laughed then.
Only Rinat worried asked not if she deems it a mistake for harassment.
Misha reassured him ,saying that Swedes are the children of nature. And to be naked for them as naturally as dressed up.

And I was tormented by the question - how could I not notice the pointer on the toilet.
And why they have one key fits all doors:)

Left camping inexcusable late - around noon.
This rate us with Rinat did not suit we did not fit in the planned schedule.
Therefore he decided to say goodbye the next day with our companions, however it is a pity.
We have already sufficiently mastered in a foreign country and would continue to move on their own.
Yes, and Misha with Ulrika without us will go in the right pace.

Before leaving, Uslanov at the map and estimating proenhance distance, I suddenly realized how truly large the territory of Sweden and how many we still have.

By area, Sweden is superior to California, and almost equal to Spain or France.
To give children an idea of the size of the country, in Swedish schools often use the following comparison: if you expand Sweden 180 degrees around its southern tip like around the axis, the Northern extremity of the country will be at the level of Rome!

With such a limited population and such a vast territory of Sweden is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.
The explanation is simple: before the harsh and challenging Northern climate could not give life to the larger population.
Only nowadays people are using technology were able to "tame" nature and to create favorable conditions for their life.
Driving through the Swedish cities, marvel at the almost complete absence of people on the streets.
If someone dropped a neutron bomb and the population became extinct overnight.

Until three in the afternoon our way lay past the small villages with neat houses like toys.
Tryserum - Frederiksdal - Melby - Hult.
Names like a song.
On harvested fields lay cubes wrapped in plastic "bottled" hay.
On unharvested grains grew in neat rows - spikelet to spikelet.
Orchards - with derevyami in a row like soldiers in formation , with juicy apples and pears raced past us with his amazing illusions.
And most importantly - no protection.
It is easy to imagine what would happen to these apples growing along the road in Russia.

Agriculture in Sweden is perfectly organized.
The state guarantees to protect the farmer.
Give him security against droughts and floods - will still pay a pre-planned harvest.
From the farmer requires so much grain, so much milk. If it is more - it even pay extra for the excess.

Part of the way to Almvik (Almvik) had to drive on the highway E22 to accelerate .
So nothing particularly interesting here is we have not seen. A couple of times stopped to take rest and all.
But in the area Almvik finally turned on a secondary road and hit the area of small lakes.

That's where the beauty is extraordinary!
Smooth as asphalt, melkogravijnye road, and pine trees that lurks right to the left of the water.
Peace and quiet is poured on a Sunny forest.
And only somewhere in the grass hiding treacherous ticks, waiting his next victim.
But the victim was already there.
She furiously pressed on the pedals, clutching a stranglehold in the handlebar grip and irrigating diamond then Swedish land.
After the village Bangsund (Vangsunda) with dirceu, worthy of the brush of Raphael, at the fork of three roads tired vellutini hobbled their horses.
Szczyrk is protestanstsky Church in Sweden.
Usually in small towns they are built near the local cemetery.
See the resemblance in the names?
Szczyrk(Swiss.)- the Church (Herm.)- the Church(Rus.)

A thousand years ago, king Olav Skotkonung took a knee, bowed his head and was baptized.
It is considered that it was he who in the first years of the ELEVENTH century decided to accept Christianity along with his family and retinue.
The baptism of the king was baptized arrived from England the missionary Siegfried has become an important step towards the spread of Christianity throughout Sweden.
While the process of Christianization of the country from the outset faced great obstacles.
In several areas was very strong traditions of paganism. But Christianity in Sweden was spread only by peaceful means.

Now 90% of the population of Sweden professes the Lutheran religion.
But in the last ten years, the Church's influence in the country wanes.
Fewer people listen to the opinion of the Church.
Fewer parishioners attending Shirky . Only on holidays gets busy.
Sharp the reduction in the number of parishioners is forcing the Church of Sweden to sell the Church building.
Over the past five years the number of parishioners of the Church of Sweden has decreased by 250 thousand (out of a total population of 9 million)
The loss of the Lutheran Church from the reduction of only one of the contributions of the parishioners was about 1 billion SEK (almost $ 150 million).
Due to the difficult financial situation of the priests have to hand over the Church premises to rent for events or even sell the temples.
The greatest demand is for the new Church located in areas of new buildings.
The market for Church buildings entrepreneurs and representatives of Muslim communities.
Islam ,on the contrary, is gaining strength.
The Muslim religion was the second-most number of followers in the country after Christianity.
In Sweden Islam came not so long ago, in comparison with many European countries, but despite this, Swedish law recognizes the religious rights of Muslims.

Misha Ulrika fell on the grass and fell asleep, and Rinat went to have blueberries.
Here it was apparently invisible. You can just sit in one place and not stand half an hour, just a slow spin around its own axis, eating inch by inch around.
The Swedes themselves seem generally do not gather any berries or mushrooms.
The same blueberries are sold fresh in supermarkets and is inexpensive.
The only berry which is collected by the Swedes, and that is not all, this jordgubbar(strawberries).
It is grown whole fields as we do potatoes.
You can come to such a field and for a fee, to gather themselves as necessary.
Seems to be about 100 CZK for a bucket.
Some are doing this small business.
Driving through town, we saw almost every supermarket tents, which in wicker baskets sell the strawberries. Of course much more expensive.

The blueberries we ate probably an hour.
And the sun is already clonemoose to the sunset. I had to go down.
Before the scheduled morning of camping in Blankaholm were more than a dozen kilometers.

And here Rinat again found himself not two ticks.
Fortunately they are still crawling on his clothes.
Tick-borne psychosis came back and we all started to carefully osparivat each other.
No one else ticks were not found.

Looking ahead to say that they are suffering only my friend Rinat.
Cost him even a minute to go in the grass or get off the bike on the track to pee, as here, he found such dirty insects.
I crawled through the bushes along with him, but never even on the clothes themselves did not find them.
By the end of the trip I crept into the idea that this is all subject to some sort of biological theses.
After some ticks it is not limited.
Rinat constantly fought back from nowhere uzaklast flies, mosquitoes furiously pressed.
And cost us a chance to stay near the nest, as large black-and-red beast started to climb his legs up the body.

Apparently the question was something particularly attractive to insects.
It's probably just the smell.
Maybe he gave off some pheromones calling on signal type: I your!
or Vice versa.

Whatever it was, but sometimes I even became sorry for him. What suffers!
But in this case to help could do nothing.
Only saw him every day ticks by.
Unfortunately this was of little help, as they managed to gnaw in between inspections.
And only the subsequent cold snap has delivered us from this scourge.

We had to go again to the highway E22 in the area Gladhammar (Gladhammar).
The rest of the way passed on among the winding forest dirt road.
Past logging , some abandoned workings and lonely hutorkov. A typical Swedish wilderness.
Driving through villages, saw warning signs: "children Play" or "OSToragne! Here children enjoy life"

All was well until about 21:00 bike brand Aythor our helmsman Misha didn't make the last breath. Or rather its wheels.
Could not stand the weight of its narrow tire hybrid. Cracked along the edge in contact with the rim and the openings got a camera that was immediately broken.
Typical Bicycle hernia.
This should probably be expected looking at the huge size of the backpack Mishin "Mirage" of the St. Petersburg company "Equipment."
To be honest, and the backpack itself leaves much to be desired. But Misha put there too much stuff.
For example, I was surprised to see that he carries with you the heavy porcelain plates, lot of spoons and forks and even speakers to listen to music from the player.
Misha all the time fended off by our criticism.
"Travelling with comfort" that was his favorite phrase.
And now this comfort has led us to a forced stop.
Spare tires he had.
Had to come up with a solution to the problem on the go.
Here first role out Rinat proposing to use pieces of old cameras as a gasket between the rim and a crack.
Thus it was possible to protect the entire camera from the bike breakdown. But I had to go quietly, so as not to ride on the bumps.
We partially unloaded the backpack and Mishin, blessed, moved on.

The factor of safety on forest tracks was not enough.
On the highway I had to stop again. And again to repeat the treatment of hernia with a wheel of a hybrid.

It was already dark, turned off the highway in the direction of Blankaholm.
The time was around midnight.
After passing the town, Misha ,following the signs, found a campsite.
Of course reception was closed (usually in campgrounds, they are open from 8:00 to 21:00)
Misha annoyed by the fact that he was unable to pay for a piece of land for the night, said that he and Ulrika were very tired and immediately lay down to sleep.

We Rinatom, following our tradition, moved a bit to the side and prelest between camping and private houses found a quite tolerable place for our tent.
Totally neglected place, and so my conscience could that day to sleep peacefully.
Beneath the pale moonlight put up a tent and even cooked the food.
Ate in silence, occasionally including a flashlight.
Bay side exuded coolness and fog.

Passed: 89 km
Pedal: 5h
The day temperature: +30C