The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Feel like savages

the head where the Kid fights with a shower, and Carlson bodyit tincture

- .. All the people rejoice when they see the tent.
Yes, that's a light! And Carlson lit a flashlight.
Kid wasn't sure what Bethan is really gonna be happy to see the tent.
But to stand next to Carlson in the dark under the covers and Shine the flashlight was so cool, so interesting that just took our breath away....


Woke up after spending the night unforgivable later at 8:30 in the morning.
The sun's rays are already grilled through the thick branches of the pines.
The charges had gone another two hours and goodbye Marco island, which became our first refuge on Swedish soil.
Long story short, we reached the town Wagnera (Vagnarad).

And the first thing on a nearby gas station.
Filling stations in Sweden - just saving for cyclists and other travelers.
First free toilets in which there is hot water and, if desired, you can wash your hair or something.
Secondly to get water. Either in the toilet or outside where there is a special glassed-in stands with water tap, bucket , brush for washing machines and device for pumping wheels
We never used, but the Swedish cyclists, it certainly makes life easier.
Thirdly you can take a free map of the area where the gas station.
Maps not very detailed, but in the case when there is a scheme of a city is very helpful.
And not have to wander blindly on human settlements.

Rinat became so proficient that he always willingly went in to the shop at the gas station and rolling his eyes, said "ze map!".
It is almost always understood and held out the coveted piece of paper with a smile and the words "It's a free!"(free)
Moreover, this characteristic seems to be only for Sweden, Norway, when we asked the card at the pump, we were offered a paid and expensiveclasy.

As for the gasoline as you know it us not much interested.
Just a couple of times bought big for our burner.
The price as already mentioned in the area of 11-12 CZK per liter
Gas stations in Sweden, working on a self service basis, and payment for fuel is made either with a credit card at a gas station (if the gas station fully automatic), or in the cashier after refueling the car.
The ticket office is inside the shop referred to as everywhere "Butik"

The idea is all based on the honesty of citizens, but is also among law-abiding Swedes are fans of cheat and ride for free.
Ordinary Swedish citizens , refueled, went up to the cashier of a gas station, pay 10 euros (about $1,3) chocolate made in the store at the gas station, and leave, "forgetting" to pay significantly higher amount for gas.
The theft of gasoline filling stations Swedish cost 40 million kronor ($5 million) annually.
In result, the gas stations have to cover the loss by "cheating" the prices of related products.

Roads in Sweden, as I was saying, beyond praise, however, limit the speed of movement is limited to 110 km/h.
In addition, all vehicles at any time of the day must drive with headlights. It is believed that it was safer.

Well, of course, impeccable markup slopes.
I was particularly put rumble strips-rumble strips applied on the right side on the roadway - they are doing so in the dark car accidentally drove off the road.
If she nezdet right wheel on a bump, respectively, will begin to vibrate at these mini bumps.
We had to go a couple of times on highways and sensations from contact with these bands just tough.

Cars on the East coast of Sweden all entirely new and very expensive brands.
A lot of old American mastodons 60's thDov - Cadillacs, Bujici, Pontiac, etc. in excellent condition.
I close to never before seen and their size is truly impressive. The other ships on wheels.
Meet other amazing mechanisms.
For example, in Stockholm we saw the car-a convertible in the form of a huge Shoe Nike.
Slip such sneakers along the pavement, even the wheels are not visible.

With a sense of humour from the Swedes seem to be OK.
Sometimes this feeling takes a monumental sculptural form.
In Stockholm, Yes, in other parts of Scandinavia everywhere are quite funny monuments.
Especially a lot of naked women.
As you like such as a fountain, which is the Nude beauty, and the inscription "Bathing slut."
Rinat there generally went crazy from it all.

On the road met a group of pensioners on bicycles with planetary hubs.
They famously overtook us and sped forward. Rinat could not stand such humiliation and rushed to catch up.
He was called "to be cut".
Sometimes he was so cut with different riding fast friends despite my protests that the result went the wrong way.
It seemed that in his mind clicks some switch and he forgets everything except the goal is to catch up and overtake.
Once even had to chase him a mile away yelling to come back, while Misha with Ulrika waited at the fork.
In fairness I must say that by the end of the campaign, he corrected himself.
Whether hearkened to the voice of reason, or exhausted:)
But in Sweden many people travel on bikes with planetary hubs. Especially in the city.
Usually these bikes have 28-inch wheels (unlike bike 26"). And quite playful and nakalista. There they have such a national popular firm producing bicycles since the time of blessed memory.
"Crescent" is called.(
Prestigious and Patriotic to have this bike. r /> the company produces a wide range of bikes including city for Housewives and retirees.

Planetary hub if anyone knows when the gear shift is in the hub of the rear wheel.
The number of transmission is small - maximum eight, but for the city and rides in nature that is enough.

The advantages of this bushing that the shift linkage is completely hidden inside the case that helps protect it from dirt ( due to this the durability of the parts is significantly increased).
In addition, you can switch gears even while standing in one place.
The chain always goes straight without curves and this affects the increase of resource chains and sprockets.

The flip side is the weight of these sleeves are two to four times heavier than normal rear bushings mountain bike and have a fairly high friction in the complex planetary gear mechanism sleeve , which causes an increased effort of the cyclist.

In the area of Nalgo (Halgo) again went to the seashore.
Sped past some marvelous isolated beaches. As everywhere before, and next to nature - no soul!
The sea and the lakes no one fishes. On the beaches expecting, arrived on the cars right to the water, not eating watermelons ,throwing the cover around herself like a fan, don't drink vodka and bonfires.
In the woods, no crowds of hunters and gatherers of berries.
Pristine silence and pristine.
Only birds flocks fly in the sky, the edges of the edges of rabbits and foxes.
Rinat even tried to photograph the little calf.
But he was faster. His oiled ass qutIM tail I didn't insert here.

Approaching the Nyköping (Nykoping) ,met on the road, colorfully dressed Dutchman on road bike c minimmind cargo. Rode alone from Amsterdam to the North Cape.
This is the most Northern inhabited place on earth beyond the Arctic clom in Norway.
From the place of our meeting to end to go at least 3500 km.
Mike and Ulrika chatted with him in English, not too straining with the translation for us.
The Dutchman remarkably cheerful type. Energy and humanity beaten out of him the key.
Sorry went in different directions, and it could be time to talk. Ask about how he goes about his country.

From the place of lodging on the island Marco to Stockholm is 70 km away.
In the city immediately taxied to the store to pick up food for the evening.
Zatar modestly - only 60 CZK (240 rubles)
Took bread, Russian yogurt ,apples, ham in a tin and shokoladku.
A trip to the store each time was taken away from us a lot of time.
It was necessary not only to understand the names, but also to find the lowest price.
And their supermarkets are not quats ours. The selection there is just huge.
Can day to take a walk in these kingdoms eatables.

The town nyköping is typical for the Eastern coast of the Swedish provincial town.
Pastoral bliss poured through its streets.
Nobody is running. Mothers walk with children, young people lying on the lawns. Everything is clean, trimmed and aligned.
Near the shore the palisade of masts offshore yachts.
Parked cars Volvo XG , Mercedes, and BMW.
Rinat licked at them and thought, what is there to live entirely rich.
Although their standards of such machines owned by ordinary people. Not the Nouveau riche or oligarchs.
And if any of them are really rich - they'll never know by their appearance or some other attributes.
In Sweden it is not accepted to stand out is bad form.
The houses of the rich Swedes, usually of wood. Cozy, but not monumental.
No multi-storey pompous palaces, as is the case with our wealthy fellow citizens.
Simply, but with taste.
Even if the garage is a couple of cars, a particular style for a real Swede is considered to commute to and from work by bike.
Men in threes and leather briefcases busily pedaling.
There's even Ministers ride bicycles in its business and without protection.
Because it is good for health and does not harm the environment.

The Swedes are among the happiest people on the planet.
Every fourth Respondent claims that "very happy."
More than half prefer the term "happy life" and associate it primarily with health.
Honestly in this country and it would make me want to run in the mornings every day and do exercises.
Everything has to this. And the purity of the air and the attitude of the people.

It was nearing evening, and Mike said that savage they stand today will not.
Ulrike need hot water, a normal toilet and all that.
It was to be an alternative to camping they have.
The closest was near the town of Navekvarn - 30 km from nyköping. We went there without delay.


At the entrance of Navekvarn (Navekvarn) installed a curious banner.
We even photographed on his background.
The inscription reads:"Edte slowly through Navekvarn - it's so beautiful"
These labels are very typical for the Swedes, as seen false modesty they do not suffer.

Camping which is so sought of our friends is right at the entrance to the city on the long and very scenic fjord Braviken.
We immediately drove through the campground.
Misha Ulrika found the place where to put the tent.
Then visited them and found out the price.
It was 100 euros for the tent. Mike immediately paid and received a magnetic key from shower and toilet.
In General it is not expensive and at first I was inclined to believe that it is worth to join.
But Rinat categorically stated that will be given to no one ere of the Swedish capitalists.
And we went to find a place for their Parking.

It should be noted that in Sweden it is forbidden to put up tents in nature if it is not a private territory and not a reserve.
But it is not accepted. All Swedes always stay at campgrounds.
It is difficult to understand their psychology.
We always wanted to put up a tent in a secluded beautiful place , preferably near water, and not to crowd on a specially allotted territory with hundreds of people, including trailers and motorcycles.
For the month of our campaign, we never saw tourists like us.
Us with Rinat in General it was really lucky, and every day managed to find a Parking space one better than the other.
As at this time.

Very close, 50 meters, was a small island on which the main camping was spanned by a wooden bridge.
As it turned out it was also part of the camping - kind of a pleasure Park with places for swimming.
We switched bikes to the island and walked it ,found a great place with a beautiful view of the Bay, the picturesque rocky coast.
There was even a table with benches.

I immediately forgot about my desire to be like civilized people and agree with Rinat that we better not around to find.
Some were concerned that by periodically held people from camping.
And we decided to put up a tent just in case only when it gets dark and the circulation will stop .
If someone of these good Samaritans will want to report about our illegal presence where necessary.
So as it turns out we worried for nothing. The Swedes do not climb into someone else's private life and do not ask any unnecessary questions. Perhaps they felt that the time we have here, then all the formalities are fulfilled by us. Otherwise should not be allowed.
In General, that our conscience was relatively clean.
After all, we stood on the edge of the campsite away from it paid infrastructure.
But conscience is I kept to myself mostly:) Rinat never suffered such atavisms.

As they say, until the court case - decided to have dinner.
Rinat started cooking, and I decided to run away to wash in the shower, after using the key Misha.
Crossing the bridge to the mainland saw our friends already put up a tent.
For dinner they decided on their own ,preparing meals in the kitchen of the camping.
Besides, probably we have them tired and they wanted privacy.

Taking the key, I quietly entered the shower cabin, undressed, and went into the booth.
Well, then I experienced the most mixed feelings for the entire trip , because he could not turn on the water.
The fact that there was nothing even remotely resembling a valve.
I twisted and pulled everything I could pull, clicked on all the tabs and... nothing.
Well education still engineering when it was brains not yet completely relaxed - think frantically - probably again the magnetic key must be inserted into any slot.
No cracks!
Here, I think, a shame it is!
If the water can not run, what will be next!
Have you ever felt like a Papuan, got out of the jungle to the big city?
Here I felt them fully.

Doing nothing had to dress up and go to Misha our bow, that he might illumine how and why.
Were you have to pay MONEY!
On the opposite wall from the booths was inconspicuous-looking metal boxes similar to electricity.
Here they then have to throw coins in denominations of one crown.
Threw the coin and the water flows exactly 45 seconds! And not a second more! I threw another - and another 45 sec.
In General, bathing in the rhythm of tango:)

In short, I was able to meet three of the crown.
The first crown I'm soaping a washcloth, the second body and the third crown all washed away.
Something I immediately remembered the story Nosov "dunno on the moon" /> There is also when the character got in a capitalist hotel, everywhere had coins to throw to that either worked.
In the result no pleasure from the soul has not received, except that the dirt is washed away.

Rinat on the island he developed an intense culinary activity.
Got our sacred cows - a bottle of vodka "Epiphany frosts" and Bashkir herbal infusion.
Cooked porridge , opened bought in Stockholm canned fish under the brand name "Euroshop" in 4 crown.
We have always tried to buy products is a brand. It is why it is much cheaper than other similar.
Of course the quality is not high class, but quite edible.
Got other delicacies.

Going to bathe my colleague refused ,when I learned that you have to pay.
Thus developed the theory of the decay of capitalism in a particular country.
Walked around the campsite system in Sweden and calmed down only when I suggested he start still to eat.

Already rather dark. The time was nearing midnight.

And we spent at our table on the island with views of the fjord Braviken unforgettable hour and a half.
Eat slowly, enjoying the fresh sea air, chatting with each other and just knowing that we are sitting so easily in a foreign country so far from home.

Around the Bay several times sailed some ships, filling the space around plangent horns.
Birds swept flocks of geese, gulls mewed and somewhere in the distance on land was barely audible, muffled sounds of human life.
Soon it became dark.

We were almost alone in the centre of its little universe.
And only imagination circled us in the circle of osushenie the name of which is Sweden.

Traveled: 99 miles
Pedal: 5h 33 min.
The day temperature: +28C