The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson


Chapter in which Carlson is studying Swedish feminism and Piguet lures Bay

The kid shook his head.
- No, mom did today meat meatballs.
A cake with whipped cream happens to us only on holidays.
Carlson pouted...
- We have for lunch today grilled sausage - said the shamed boy. - Do you want sausage?
- ...Well, the sausage so sausage.
You know, she's not bad.
Of course, a meatball can't compare, but some people can not be too much demand".


- Get up Earl, you expect great things!
Arise, Earl, you expect great things!
Arise, Earl, you expect great things!
Arise, Earl, you expect great things!

When the count called to stand up for the fourth time I got a little Raziel eyes and touch turn off voice alarm clock in your cell phone.
It was about seven o'clock in the morning. Already the sun was shining.
- Will I ever kill this count... - mumbled out of sleeping Rinat.
It was time to get up and collapse the tent.

In the morning our lawn looked even more attractive than in the evening.
Bright rich colors of the stones, the blue of the reflected sky and greenery.
The water was cool. But that didn't stop me to experience.
Cheerfulness by thousands of needles came back in my body, the mind brightened and the body was ready for new exploits.
After some time, pulled the ruffled and puffy after sleeping Rinat.
Went to the knee , scratched his head, thought and sprinkle a little on your armpits, back on dry land.

While I was packing the tent my friend was cooking Breakfast.
Close to nine in our camp came Misha. He decided to see how we're located and at the same time to take a dip.
Agreed that by 10:30 they will be ready to go.
Honestly our place I really liked and was sorry to leave.

Way back at the wooden bridge and we were back to the mainland on the main site.

Rinat saw a muscular girl who was preparing the kayak (such a narrow boat is a kayak) to sail and rushed to her photography.

Along with bike kayak in Sweden is quite a popular pastime.
Moreover the birthplace of canoe paddling consider Sweden, where the population to accommodate fishing kayak-kayak for water tourism and sport, creating a non-separable type "Swedish" kayaks.
Kayak - a light ,usually single, narrow boat with one double-sided paddle.
Here on these boats cut through the Swedes along the coast, approaching where like.
Luggage carry with them in waterproof bags.
Very quick and fun way to travel around the country.

Muscular girl willing to pose for a back part and waving to us to handle rapidly swam away from shore.

Finally we were all ready and also to take pictures at the farewell and set off.

The road along the shore of the Bay from Navekvarn to the ferry is very mountainous.
Nature is painfully reminiscent of Crimea in Yalta.
We had to sweat climbing on countless hills.
Especially difficult was Ulrike. She was riding hard though tried not to show mind.
Rinat possessed gentlemanly mood, and he over and over again, perched on the next rise, threw the bike and ran down to push the bike back to our ladies and any way to make her comfortable.
It would seem nothing special and he's just done.
But the result in an hour of such characters participate he brought Ulrika to tears.
She ditched the bike and trying not to show us your face, sobbed on a shoulder at Misha.

We Rinat was perplexed.
When Ulrike had calmed down Mike asked Rinat that he wouldn't do that.
That is not helped to go to his girlfriend.
The thing was in their nationalspecialized character.
Ulrika herself is aware that she is a woman, and therefore weaker than us.
And ,helping the girl, Rinat as it emphasized that its nature due to weakness.
And thereby have hurt and insulted her feelings, as if pointing out her inferiority

Here's a feature of women's the Swedish mentality.
In Sweden women are fighting for the right to be absolutely equal to men, and men they also behave accordingly.
The satellite will not pay for your co-worker or friend in the tram, in the cinema, in cafe. And it's not because of poverty.
Just the man in the right mind would pay for a woman working.
They have not decided to pass the woman forward and to provide other small signs of attention.

Swede strictly watching himself, from childhood accustomed daily to the gym, walk, bike, try not to get flour and sweet.
And the result is good health, good addition, vigor and longevity.
The average Swede lives about eighty years.
A passion for the sport explains one curious fact - in Sweden almost no fat women.
Even women in the age of dry and taut.

In Sweden prostitution is regarded as one of the manifestations of male violence against women and children.
Officially recognized that prostitution is a form of exploitation of women .
Evil, causing enormous harm to both the individual and society as a whole and a serious form of discrimination against women.

From 1 January 1999, the purchase or attempted purchase of sexual services is a criminal offence punishable by 6 months jail or fine.
Women exploited in prostitution, are not criminally liable.
And this is an important incentive to leave this sector.

The result of this law was to reduce the number of street prostitutes in large cities doubled, and the almost complete disappearance of prostitution in small and mAsmall towns of Sweden.
The introduction of criminal liability of the client has also led to the reduction of men who buy sex.

Further - more, as they say.
Quite nedovno the current Prime Minister Goran Persson criticized the press of the country, accusing it of exploitation /images of naked women.
He said that his government was studying the question of improving the image of the local press.

Recently, Sweden was officially recognized as a country, where in economic terms, men and women is most equal.
However, People said that this recognition does not mean that "you can become complacent and consider the job complete."

"Wherever you go in Sweden, everywhere you see photos of nearly naked women, he said.
- We need to dissociate themselves from the degradation, from the almost pornographic /images that we see in the press."
"In our country there is no equality", he said.

The current Swedes rather chaste than licentious.
So walking we have the concept of "Swedish family" as a family with loose morals is not true.
And it is not clear who invented it.

While Ulrike rested and recovered from offense, Mike suddenly remembered he had forgotten to return the magnetic key in the campsite.
And I decided to return the benefit we rode just eight kilometers.
Us with Rinat and such delay is not very pleased, but has nothing to do with so together.
While I was lounging on the roadside had a conversation with Ulrika, Rinat reached into the thicket to look for the blueberries and strawberries.
For the hour that Mike was missing by us not drove any car.
But we met with a lovely couple from södertälje.
They traveled together on bicycles, passing a day with a maximum of 40 km at night ostanavlivas camping (Oh, the habit of comfort).

Ulrike rested and relaxed and so when Mike back with a sense of accomplishment, we wasted no time and moved on.

Time waiting for the ferry across the Bay you can pass in a seaside cafe.
Misha Ulrika bought ice cream.
And we Rinat decided savings.
The first time the money is not squandered.
We had to navigate and figure out how much we will have to leave a day.
Ice cream in Sweden is delicious. Is 10 to 25 CZK (40-100P).

On the ferry across the fjord Braviken we left the flax Sodermanland (Sodermanland) and was in Lena Östergötland (ostergotland).

Now our way lay through the Peninsula to the next Bay Clambake (Slatbaken)
through the village of Ostra Husby (Husby o), Haradshammar (Haradshammar) and Acute Nu (o, Ny)

Along the way, we were covered with a small summer shower. Special discomfort it is not delivered, rather cooled our bodies.
We did not know then that later we will not have to rejoice in the fact that it is raining.

An hour and a half drive and we have about another terminal Norcros-Stegeborg.
The ferry here is smaller and organized differently in contrast to the fjord Braviken.
Water jumper in this place very narrow.
It is spanned by two of the rope along which the ferry is moving.
Perfectly visible lock Stegeborg (Stegeborg slott).
In this castle on 21 December born 1537 Johan III (Johan III) (1537-1592), king of Sweden, son of Gustav I.
John III - the first Swedish king, a policy which can be called in the full sense of the European: his interests extended to the whole system States of the continent.
also known wide aesthetic and artistic interests.
Architecture was his "highest joy", and the architecture of his era named in his honor by the Renaissance of John III.

If you move ugobi the mainland to the Bay Clambake, in the end is the beginning of the famous Gota canal.<br />
Gotha canal (Gota canal) is the largest construction project of Sweden for all time.
He was laid (particularly in very hard rocky soil) in 1810 – 1832.
Dig a little piclos since the project successfully used the lakes and rivers.
The main work was carried out manually, using ordinary shovels.
The construction lasted 22 years, and 26 September 1832 in the presence of king Karl XIV the opening of the channel.
The result is a system oklolo length of 600 kilometers.
On channel 58 gateways, and the elevation is about 91.8 meters. The channel connected the two largest cities in Sweden - Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Now it is outdated because it can take vessels up to 30 meters and a width of 7 meters.
However, this engineering structure is still used to transport goods and especially for the organization of tourist routes.
Four days in a small boat, you can slowly cross across Sweden, sailing among its meadows, fields and lakes.

After ferry decided to eat something and rest near the yachts.
Rinat as always after eating fell dead on the grass and began to snore.
If it is not time to raise - and would sleep until morning.

The sun on this day, hell vengeance. Sweat filled my eyes.
Our Swedish lady stoically went along with us never more not even piknuv.

After Boroma, tired from continuous pedaling among the Scandinavian forests and fields, we decided to rest thoroughly.
Fortunately, on the way, we got a sort of a camp arranged for weary travelers on the shores of a picturesque lake.
There was a great cafe, toilets and dressing.
Misha Ulrika decided to close for lunch.
To eat in Sweden costs about 100 CZK. That's the price of big meals.
On a large black Board with chalk written menu.
Chili con carne
Forbestallt pizza
Falukorv <br /> Kottbullar&Potatis mos
Zilbular med korintzos

The names of the dishes in the dark. That is what the prepared - is unclear.
Moreover, there is a risk of running into something like the national dish of coats.

Party from my point of view shaped stuff.
In short does a pint of pig's blood and poured in a quart of kvass.
In this hellish mixture was added three types of flour - rye, barley and wheat.
Then a little put all the spices (marjoram, pepper and salt), molded from the dough obtained pellets (babashki called) and cook them in the boiling meat broth.
Serve hot on preheated platter with sauerkraut! cranberries (ever tried?) and garlic sauce.

Well party it is just yum compared to Surstromming(sour Baltic herring)
Swedes, especially the older generation, are very fond of her.
For research is herring subjected to the fermentation process(fermentation) - that is, the anaerobic breakdown of organic substances, primarily carbohydrates, occurring under the influence of microorganisms.
Simply put - patuha fish.

The art of eating Surstromming is most developed in the far Northern areas of Sweden, where the dish is said to have occurred.
Herring, living in the Northern part of the Baltic sea has a very specific taste, different from the other herring in the southern part or in the Atlantic ocean.
This is a consequence of a very low concentration of salt in the Northern part of the sea.
In those days salt was worth its weight of gold and people had to find other ways of preserving food.
Salt in the fish enough that it does not rot and only potugal in the fermentation process.

Now, Surstromming is a Swedish delicacy.
Sold in cans. Due to the fact that the fermentation process continues ,roofsCA banks and swells when you open come out stinking gases.
These gases, however, also is part of the tradition and the experts are always positioned at the table to inhale them deeper.
And only then start eating.
People who try surstomming, you can be sure that they will never forget it.
However the smell can be avoided if you open the jar in the water (to be kept under water until all the gases will not be released).
Air need to open the jar carefully, as it could explode.

Surstromming eaten with bread, is known as the "tunnbrod" - rigid thin as a pancake, white bread.
Is placed on it a thin layer of mashed potatoes (or potato warming up), and top with a rotten herring and onions sprinkled with onion.
You can add more tomatoes and the bread to butter.
Get type of sandwich.
After that drink a glass of schnapps, to bite, to chew, to swallow and another shot.
Those who have tried to say that as a result the taste is not as bad as the smell.

In General, the basis of the Swedish food — fish and other sea foods.
Almost daily on the table of the Swedes are fish dishes. This is both the first and second, and even salads.
Herring, mackerel, eel, flounder are in the Swedish stomachs boiled and salted, although there is, admittedly less often, and gets smoked, and dried fish.
And fried halibut is not alien to the countrymen of Charles XII.
And the herring with potatoes, the population in Sweden considers its own exclusive national dish.

But not fish alone as they say live by the Swedes.
Remember than treated poor Emile from Lennebergi - hero of the tales of Astrid Lindgren?

"And I want to tell you that they put on the table.
Dish palcami.
Dish with pork sausage.
Dish with pork jelly.
A dish of liver pate.
A dish of fried sausage.
A dish of cutlets.
The dish with veal meatballsI.
Dish with bacon.
A dish of cereal sausage.
Dish with potato sausage.
Dish with herring salad.
Dish with corned beef.
A dish of long for salty beef tongue.
A dish with a large Christmas ham.
Dish with the head of the Christmas cheese.
Dish with white bread.
A dish of sweet biscuits in the molasses.
Dish with rye bread.
Pitcher juniper brew.
A jug of milk.
A bowl of rice porridge.
A tray of cheese scones.
A bowl of prunes.
A dish of Apple pie.
Vase with whipped cream.
Vase with strawberry jam.
Vase with ginger pears."

And another favorite dish of all Swedes - dark podkasty bean soup with bacon.
and the weird soup of beer (olebrod) - it is prepared from two types of beer - dark and light with the addition of eggs, whipped with milk and flour.

Phew! Well, leaving aside the insight into eating habits of the Swedes and go back to our Genesis.

Looking at some of the names of the dishes and regretting 400 R for a plate with food, after a short hesitation we Rinat decided to lunch our supplies.
Cheese with bread , the remnants of ham and honey (captured prudently Rinat from home) to satisfy our hunger.
Not rotten herring of course, but also it is possible:)

While Misha with Ulrika ate their usual meals in a cafe, we swam in the crystal water of the lake and sunbathing in the sun.
Life was just beautiful and serene until, after a while, I have not approached Rinat and the dead voice said:
Igor - we have an emergency!!!

Rose-colored glasses came off me instantly and I ,staring at his friend and asked what was the matter, assuming the worst.
But do not guess.
It turned out he was bitten by a tick.
His little black vile body protruded from the leg of Rinat.
Apparently he picked up a tick when I was exploring the woods to pick berries.>
It turns out ticks in Sweden is full even at this time of year.
They are especially common in the Stockholm area.
Besides it was very hot and this probably contributed to their activity.
Calmed one in the Scandinavian countries the percentage of infection of ticks with encephalitis or Lyme disease is very low.
And cases are rare.
But still probably worth it in such campaigns to take a spray against ticks and tablets yodanthipirina just in case.
However I have not heard anything about the effectiveness of these pills.

The tick we pulled out - deep sucking he hasn't, but the mood was spoiled.
I also examined himself as a whole. Misha Ulrika again began to look on the map the nearest campsite.
They could not differently - they had it as an obsession.
To go from campsite to campsite.

The remaining 30 km to the place of lodging in the area Valdemarsvik we drove two hours.
The city emerged before us bright konfetnoj wrapper, lying on the shore of the Gulf of Valdemarsvik.

Small and cosy it is located on both edges of long, narrow fjord.

In usual days here probably deserted as well as in other provincial towns of Sweden.
But we were lucky and we got to the feast.
As it turned out the day was a boat festival "Karne" .
And here brought together yacht owners from all over Sweden and even other Scandinavian countries.
Blocking the main street were tables at which we drank beer and had fun.

Rinat amazed stopped fotografirovati and we went immediately to look for a supermarket.
The time was about eight in the evening, and in Sweden grocery stores rarely worked later this time.
We managed to find 10 minutes before closing.
It was a supermarket ICA.

/>Swedish brand ICA (retail chain stores selling food and basic necessities) - one of the largest in Sweden.
I have not seen anywhere else such a variety and quantity of food in ICA.
Compared to him, our Matrices Patersoni or just General store.

This time purchased products for 80 CZK.
To choose a long time did not have time because they took something that is already proven - bread, ham, cheese, and yogurt.
Paying via cashier. But the change in the form of bills issues himself, and the little thing comes out of a machine.
When standing in line to put products on the conveyor and restrict them from others with special sticks markers.
The cashier will smile at you and say: Hey!

Heard that somewhere already put a fully automatic cash by which you can pay independently, without participation of the cashier.
The buyer swipes their credit card, then takes the portable scanner and before you put items in the cart, he scans the chosen product.
A security service can make a spot check every tenth buyer.
Hmm.. in Russia I suppose would have to check every second if not more and the whole economy on the cashiers would have gone to pay reviewers:)

And there the output is a large machine, resembling a magnified 3 times ATM.
There are two receiving Windows, one throw empty plastic bottles , another cans.
After ingestion of each bottle, the machine hums, chewing it or something.
After thrown the last bottle, you press the button, and leaves the check, allowing to do shopping in the supermarket, in the amount in proportion to the deposited bottles.

Rinat we found on pregenet place near merry boaters.
He says that he was called to take part in the feast, but he modestly refused.
The fun went on and on the waterfront.
The whole Bay of the city was crowded with wooden boats.
Played musicand , shone the lights of a disco and surprisingly there were a lot of drunks.
But not aggressive, and good-natured.

I tarelochnymi with our bicycles among the crowd and went to find the bloody campsite.
We had to drive several kilometers along the southern side of the Gulf of Valdemarsvik.
By the way the middle is another border between the two fiefs.
And we went to have Lena in småland (Smoland)

Camping was very comfortable.
We are very tired on this day and even Rinat already spoken for to pay.
But when we learned the price of 160 euros (about 700 p) for the tent, then immediately changed his mind.
The price was almost two times higher than in the previous camping would assume that there is already free.

Tent sites were on the lawn by the water.
Misha immediately prepay the night and they began to stay for the night.

And we decided to take a chance again and put up a tent when it gets dark and clean at dawn.
To go further and look for a place outside the campsite that you want.
Forgive us we're cheating a noble Swedes.
Although I must confess remorse gnawed at me constantly while we rode with our guide to these most campsites.
And I then breathed a sigh of relief when we broke up and didn't need to adapt other people's habits.

Throwing on the grass, the bikes we had dinner.
It was still light and Rinat for the first time decided to use his fishing rod for the purpose.
Got spinning and went to throw it in the blue waters of the fjord.

I must say that the fishing in Sweden is allowed without restrictions in marine waters and four of the biggest lakes mälaren, Hjälmaren, Vänern and Vättern.
In other waters, even for bait, you can catch only if there is evidence of the right of fishing called fiskekort.
Permission paid and can buy in sports shops, or on-site representatives of the administration.
The price depends on the lienew year and the period for which issued this permit.

Since the fjord was part of the sea, Rinat nothing is broken in this case.
Dusk was visible to his naked back and arms, flashing in the background of coastal reeds.
Half an hour later, cursing on what light is stupid Swedish fish, and treacherous grass, Rinat returned to the land.
He didn't catch anything and in addition ruined two spinners stuck in the sedge.
It was already dark enough to dive into the water and look for them.
Therefore, this process was delayed until the morning.

Traveled: 90 km
Pedal: 5h 30 min
The day temperature: +30C