The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Beginning of a long journey

the head in which the Kid and Carlson decide to go to Stockholm

.... The kid was very happy that he had met with Carlson.
As soon as Carlson arrived, began an extraordinary adventure.
Carlson must be equally with the Baby.
Because whatever you say, and not that cozy to live alone in a small house, and in such, which no one heard.
Sadly, if no one to shout: "Hey, Carlson!", when you fly past. ....



The idea to ride bikes across Scandinavia came to me last winter. The truth is in the plans first were only Sweden because of the country I had heard a lot from my second cousin a long time living there.
And wanted to see how you can live to not treat each other like animals and behave like a pig (forgive me animals).
We are all so accustomed in his country to such a model of coexistence that are already just do not notice the negativity in which we live.
The great and mighty Russia has always been a country of masters and slaves.
And nothing changes with time. To clearly and painfully feel it probably needed this trip.
It was conceived as a fun bike ride on smooth roads.
As a result, forced to think about their own homeland.

Sweden in my view, was a quiet North country.
And knowledge about her was limited to children's tales of Selma lagerlöf and Astrid Lindgren.
The kid and Carlson became our prototypes at this time.
The more that I found just has a striking resemblance with Carlson's my constant friend and partner of Rinat.
His character and demeanor is laid on the character of the mischievous little man with a propeller ,invented inthe great Swedish storyteller.

Well, I was to be dropped out to be a Baby (the good and height 194 cm are quite suitable:))
But sometimes happened to me the metamorphosis and I turned briefly to dumouchelles Bok.
I was heavy-handed and annoying, but soon everything went back to normal.
Naive and simple-minded Kid took over my body ,like Dr. Jekyll in Mr. Hyde.

Before going Rinat unanimously elected me leader.
And I did not resist.

Preparations for the campaign began about six months.
We studied maps and made a rough route.
Acquiring the missing gear and velocemente.

And most importantly received a Schengen visa to Sweden - for which special thanks to the people contributed for us in this:

The light Solovieva from the St. Petersburg company "rainbow",dedicated cyclist woman who helped with tickets and visas (for her help at all overestimated). As well as other employees of the company, which different possible assistance
My second cousin Marina from the city of Kalmar, who made the invitation and sheltered the exhausted life of foreign travellers on the two days.
Dima Powergo from Promtransbank helped some documents , mentally and physically.
Viktor Nechayev , Chairman of the club "Velopiter" and part of the doctor "Ambulance",not just wysylania us with a variety of veloprovodnikov, which was not found in our city, and acquainted us with the Light.

Without these people our trip probably would not take place.

The overall result of our campaign is:

We drove 2700 km in four countries Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and a little bit of Finland
Was on the road 30 days.
Daily mileage ranged from 19 to 160 km
The air temperature ranged from +14 to +30
We poured the rain and dried by the sun.
Damage bikes are pinholes cameras
Money spent 400$ on the road and visa, and$ 400 on the life and times during the month
Well, now everything is in order