The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Not to see Karlskrona and die

the head in which the Kid and Carlson chew overseas products, cut the water of the lake and admire the sunset in a war zone

It began to grow dusk, and all around looked very beautiful: the house, as always in the twilight, seemed to some mysterious, and tall poplars growing in the yard, raised a wonderful, spicy smell of the foliage.

From the open Windows came a variety of sounds and noises: quiet conversation of some people children's laughter and a baby crying; the rattling of dishes that someone is washing in the kitchen; a dog barking; strumming on the piano.

Somewhere rattled motorcycle, and when he raced and the noise subsided, came the clatter of hoofs and rattling of carts.


Stand up hell of a way.
In a dream I heard clattering in the kitchen sister, going to municipality to work.
Rinat suddenly jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom which was occupied for an hour .
With the Swedish peace and patience Marina didn't push it, though as it turned out she needed to curl your hair.
Perhaps here she once vividly imagined what it's like to live with a man in a house where only one toilet.
And to live with Rinat would be doubly hard because of his passion to the water and purity.
The crisis was successfully resolved, not without my participation, sister gone, leaving us a key and we were alone.
Slowly gathered their belongings, Packed on a human veloryukzaki , had food left on a plate my sister.
And bless the departed from the hospitable house.
The key to an apartment left in the slot for mail cut through the door.
Near the entrance, saw the postman deliver mail on a Bicycle and equipped accordingly.

Drove to the city centre, the building housed the city government, said goodbye to the Marina and set off.

Before leaving Kalmar decided SACLANT on the Peninsula Varvsholmen (Varvsholmen) , which in 2003 operate toalmaski Technopark.
Here on a limited piece of land the same time dozens of companies working in the IT industry, fields of telecommunications and bio - and eco-technologies.
There are offices of such well-known in Sweden as

Technopark is still in full construction. We drove around the perimeter, admiring the last views of the Oland Bridge, was pofotografiroval futuristic building.

Also looked at the floating house, designed by one of the local architects.
This house with all the amenities you could sail along the coast of Sweden and approaching in the right places.
It was created by a private firm Modern Marine House , and was designed by the architect Stefan Strindberg.
The cost of this miracle of 5-6 million SEK.

Away from the Squid build huge superstore IKEA nebezizvestnoy now and Russian citizens.
Its founder and owner Ingvar Kamprad can serve as a good example of how dirt can get into the princes in Swedish.

Ingvar Kamprad was born in 1926 in the Swedish town Pjatteryd.
In 1943, at the age of 17 has registered the trademark IKEA (abbreviation composed of the first letter and last name Kamprad, the name of the farm of his father - Elmtaryud and the local Lutheran parish is Agunnaryd) and engaged in the sale of stationery in the mail.

In 1945 he received the diploma of the higher commercial school in Gothenburg.
The first store of IKEA Kamprad opened in 1958 in Almhult, Sweden.
His strategy and tactics of management Empire IKEA has repeatedly caused admiration and praise on the part of business circles of Sweden and Europe.

On his phenomenal stinginess and ability to save legendary.
Travel Kamprad lives in three-star hotels, with Breakfast (especially when that included abouttenance) eats "to spoil", to last until the end of the day, and if you still need to pay for food out of pocket, the billionaire goes to cheap restaurants and even allegedly buys hamburgers.
Situated during travel, different countries, he rarely travels by taxi, preferring public transport, where friends explains, "you can learn the tastes of the people."
When traveling by train Kamprad buys tickets only to the second class, he carries the Luggage, gains on sales of cheap clothes, and the best vacation considers "a journey by bike in Sweden"!(here I entirely agree with him).
"How can I claim thrift from people who work for me, if I spend time in luxury and comfort," he explains.

Have Kamprad has three sons, however the management company he did not allow them.
Each of them works in the IKEA group, each will receive a huge jackpot of his father's inheritance.
"The three of us concern can not lead - he explains. - Giving the preference to one, I will destroy their offspring internecine struggle of sons."

Until the early 1990s, Kamprad served as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IKEA, after retirement is the principal adviser to the company.
But he still remains the real owner of the company still runs it through a number of bogus funds and companies.
And he lives in Switzerland to avoid paying huge Swedish taxes.
So do many Swedish businessmen, including those included in the top 100 richest Swedes.

To compare the Swede to our oligarchs pointless.
In the mass they created nothing from scratch like Kamprad, his uncontrolled enrichment compromised capitalism and private property.
The similarity of our rich with such predprenimateli imaginary.
It is only that they have too much money.

Ingvar Kamprad has repeatedly declared "man of the year" in Sweden.
And recently appeared information that he caught up with the richest man in the world bill gates - owner of Microsoft (whose fortune is estimated at 47 billion)
But to achieve this he needed a life.

Weather again was great. To go to net the wash stuff was a pleasure.
We left the city and headed South through Ljungbyholm (Ljungbyholm), Vassalou (Vassmolosa) and Soderakra (Soderakra). The terrain here is flat as a table, and the South of Sweden and we are famously without stopping got to Torcasa (Torsas) , where he decided to eat something.

In the local supermarket and bought milk directly on the grass beside him gave a lunch break along the way nublada for concerted action of the workers carrying debris from the back of the store.
All dressed perfectly, all the attention to detail and is automated. Not a single superfluous movement.

After the meal, the driving was more fun. Soon we left the province of småland and moved to Blekinge.

Our next stop was the beautiful lake spread its waters right next to the road along which we travelled.
Was immediately equipped beach . Wooden walkways, stairs into water, synthetic mats.

We could not be tempted by such amazing care for tired travellers and spent half an hour splashing in the warm crystal clear water.
Next sailed the family drove up from later car.
Father, mother, daughter and doggy - bug. They noisily frolicked, jumped into the water and drove a big wave.

The day was nearing evening when we rode into the outskirts of Karlskrona.
The city is mainly located on a long Peninsula. We spent about an hour to get to the middle.
And the time was about 21:00.

Had to stop and poraskinuv brains, we realized that the city (it centralinoYu and coastal part) to see we are not meant to be.
Because in the daytime we have no time to travel to the Peninsula back and find a Parking space.
Besides traveled for about 90 km, and after the daily break in pedaling it felt like we were the first day of the ride.
Very tired. Still such a long rest on the way is contraindicated - it relaxes too and beats out of rhythm.
As in that poem : ".. and do not have the courage to walk , he realized too late the danger and all naprasnosti rest of the way".

Karlskrona became the only city in our way which we haven't really looked.
Impact those two hours spent in the morning in Kalmar sightseeing.
The city of Charles time is not enough.
As a result, giving a little detour, we went way back in the direction Nattraby (Nattraby).

Not having been in one of the most famous cities in Sweden, I would, nevertheless, did not want to completely bypass it with silence .
So let's briefly talk about it and that is connected with it in my free English translation from the official Swedish website.

Karlskrona, founded in 1680 by king Charles 11 to ylenia control over the Baltic sea, is an outstanding example of exemplary European naval port of the late 17th century. The city is situated on 33 Islands.

Naval port of Karlskrona was inscribed on 2 December 1998 in the world heritage list of UNESCO (and became the ninth Swedish object listed in this list). Here good sohranilas historic features of the city port 1600 and 1700.

Karlskrona is one of the few remaining naval ports in the world, which is almost entirely intact, as there has been no fighting.

The city is well preserved with numerous docks past centuries, some of which are still in use today, fortifications, towers and fortresses.

Previously, the city was closed to massowahon tourism due to the military facilities located on the nearby Islands. And during the cold war nearby even happened nebezizvestny the incident with the Soviet submarine.

6 November 1981, published a TASS report "About the incident with the Soviet submarine", which said: "In the night from 27 to 28 October, the Soviet diesel submarine, 137, navigating in the Baltic sea, due to failure of navigating devices and the emergence in regard to errors in the determination of the place in poor visibility off course and ran aground on the southeastern tip of Sweden...".

A WEEK later, the Swedish Ambassador to Moscow K. de Geer was summoned to the foreign Ministry and handed "the statement of the Soviet government to the government of Sweden."
It was a reciprocal act: the Scandinavian neighbors on the eve protested due to the fact that the Soviet submarine, in their opinion, were in Swedish territorial waters, "with the goal of conducting illicit activities."

By the time all potentially significant Western media managed to put a detailed reports with extensive comments, numerous photos, diagrams about the accident details and causes of which in fact remained a mystery for millions of Soviet people...

And the reasons according to one version, according to the testimony of participants in these events are in the usual Russian sloppiness when the boat went out to sea with a faulty navigational instruments and inept Navigator.
If not for these sad circumstances, the submarine's path seems anecdotal.
The boat, marching, as it turned out, in fact, blind, proceeded, as if aimed, secret Swedish channel specially dug in the archipelago for the fighting ships of Karlskrona.
It never showed up on a single radar of the naval base, although they were on the surface, did not openly and rattling diesels working on the floor of the Baltic sea.
In addition, two hours before the accident, going to the depth of thirty meters, at the very moment when the boat was on the move to crash into an underwater Bank podospela for a few minutes at periscope depth and the Bank successfully "jumped", not even noticing.

During all this time (two weeks of sailing) diesel Soviet submarine off course 57 miles between the calculated point and the true position!
And the result ran aground near Karlskrona.
The nose lifted and the boat put on the left side with roll degree 15.

The Swedes noticed the boat soon (their defense blew).
A fisherman was passing and saw the Soviet sailors.
And then it was surrounded by guards.

After clarification of circumstances (although the Scandinavians did not believe in the coincidence of the incident) the boat was removed from the rocks and released to the world of Stripping with the Soviet Union, more than 600,000 gold.

But who knows how it really is - there is a version that the boat was indeed there with intelligence purposes "U-137" invisible to radar and sonar entered the restricted area and remained there unnoticed during the fifteen hours (this despite the engine running!).
And ran aground accidentally due to errors in navigation

After this incident relations between the two countries for some time got corrupted.
The result was that in the Soviet Union immediately turned the show ran with great success of the film "The Movie" , and ABBA, almost the only Western European group to which the official Union were treated with favor, was also listed - albeit briefly - in the "black list" of opponents of the Soviet regime.

Another reason for Russophobia had the Swedes in 2003 after the publication of the Swedish evening newspaper “Aftonbladet” models of Soviet military maps of 1987 with the image of the coastline in the area of Stockholm and Karlskrona is the main base of the Swedish Navy in the Baltic.

These cards gave the newspaper geographer Ulf Erlingsson.
In the beginning 90-ies he participated in the international project on compiling a computer database on the geography of the Baltic sea region.
This would need good card.
About the problem of scientists found out a friend of Erlingsson, who lived in Riga.
He bought at the flea market for 1 dollar excellent set of maps of the GRU, which included “Swedish leaves.”
These cards were supposed to be destroyed with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the Baltic States. But apparently someone did.

These extremely detailed and accurate maps were marked all the defenses in the vicinity of the two cities represents the locations of favorable landings of troops and depths of secret waterways in the archipelago.

According to the Swedish experts, the Soviet General staff used these cards to prepare for an invasion of Sweden, and their quality was even higher than the best examples of the work of the Swedish military cartographers...

As a result, the nation was scared, as was not afraid even in the worst years of the cold war.
The Prime Minister of Sweden göran Persson, looking at the pictures, said that it confirmed the worst fears of those who have always considered Moscow a source of direct danger. The Prime Minister also said that after a careful study of the documents he will decide whether to protest Russia (but apparently after some thought decided not to get involved)

Published cards have had information even about the length of the piers and the depth near them at secret naval bases, not to mention the secret location of minefields in the archipelago.
“We first saw this sheet about Karlskrona, — admitted the chief of military intelligence MUST Colonel Christer Holm — the data series indicates that the cards were based on intelligence information”.

The Swedes thanks to the published cards again as in 1982 felt tenacious paws of Moscow.


Through Nattraby proteget a small river flowing into the sea.
In the heart of the Church (so-familiar call theirs the Church - the word of Szczyrk as it is jarring), seeing on the map icon beach we decided to drive there.
The Swedish card is extremely detailed and most importantly accurate.
If you specify the beach - you can bet that he would be there even if the size of only two to three meters.

But in this case we as it is apparently poorly made the search a good paved Dorica brought us to the gate of a private house.
To twist around a little more and found no exits to the sea, along the river we went back to city Church and moved on the bridge moved on.
Rinat has become nervous. He was always nervous when we could not find a place to stay.
But our guiding star knew his business and was never forced us to wander in vain.
It happened and now.
In the area Mavica (Mjovik) we again saw the track leading to the sea.
Rinat volunteered to go to look there , and I was waiting for him at the main road.
But five minutes later broke down and went to meet him.
To our disappointment the asphalt ended and began the tall grass type sedge height in human growth.
The shore here was clearly swamped.

But Rinat, like a real dog, sensed the barely visible among the grass trail and we attacked it, after some time, left on the rocky shore.
The place was truly perfect.

It was a rise of rock, overgrown with trees, in the middle of the quagmire.
Probably the only decent place for miles around and we found it.
As it turned out it was like the beach for the owners of local houses.
But even if we knew about it we wouldn't care.
In the distance were seen the lights of Karlskrona. Our place was right across the town.

Putting the tent on a more or less level ground, had dinner in the half-light prigotovlenie Rinatom rice with canned fish and lay down exhausted to rest.
And the hard rocks of the Baltic seemed softer thickest feather quilts.

Traveled: 105 km
Pedal: 6h 51 min
The day temperature: +27C
Strong headwind