The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

The gentle embrace of the metropolis

Chapter in which Carlson is desperately looking bags and finally gets on a ship, and the Baby spends the last crown

These July evenings, in Stockholm, does not happen anywhere else.
Nowhere in the world the sky is not illuminated by this special light,
nowhere twilight aren't that clear
as transparent, so blue that the city and the sky
reflected in the dull waters of the Gulf,
look very fabulous.



We got up at 5 am, quickly ate and gathered in the beginning of the seventh left.
Camping sleeping. From the lake to the land crept the thick mist.
Of course reception was closed and to raise the barrier, salute to our departure, there was no one.

We spent about two hours to get to Central Stockholm.
Signs of Bicycle lanes on the outskirts of the city is quite confusing. Arrow signs sometimes turned not quite go where you want.
A couple of times we were going the wrong way.
And once we helped a local rider showing the way.
As in Oslo, we followed him for some time.
When the target was only a few kilometers Rinat decided to finally pierce the camera.
He did it with great style and zilch.
And twice in a row.
We only fixed one of his wheel as having just departed, he stabbed the second.
Hybrid my friend hunted like the skittish horse refused to go further.
But we quickly brought him to his senses.

And finally, the bridge across the Strait of Arstaviken.
We drive through the södermalm district.
The city is also not yet awake. On the streets a few people and tourists.
Time about 9 o'clock in the morning.
Has not yet approached the ferry from Helsinki and new crowds eager to see the city not spilled human flow out of his belly.
Stockholm, meeting us after a long month of separation, like frowns their dark clouds.
As if to say , where the hell were you guys! Why so long! How long can you wait!

Came back to Old town.
You cannot ride a bike, but we notice this sign again too late.
And early in the morning there is still uncrowded. And it is possible to turn around.
Merchants open their shops, hang billboards and raise the curtain.

I helped some girl to pull the plywood Board to the entrance of her store that sells stuff for young people.
She smiled wide and thanked.
Her smile is like the clouds dispersed and the sky gradually began to clear.

We traveled through the narrow streets of Gamla Stan, we walked around in the souvenir shops, I breathed a heavy air of antiquity comes from the old walls and stones.
By 11: 00 went to the monument of St. George slaying the dragon sword is huge. Sword raised, the knight stretched his feet in the stirrups, waiting for the dragon strike. And next to the kneeling Princess. Eyes down, hands meekly folded, and her still and sheep lie down. Already there was a crowd of the tour.
And immediately heard
- Misha! Come here! well, where you're stuck! Then a funny rider!
Fat Mike, panting, waddling waddling to at least a thick wife.
On his neck hangs a video camera.
As written on the face of suffering.
He was again forced to listen to some nonsense about old walls.
I need it all ended and he would be stuck in the pub.

We grin our typical countrymen, traveling to foreign countries.
And themselves if they feel not Russians.
No - we are ordinary Swedes are calm, thoughtful and silent.
All that is told here guides we know for a long time, perhaps even since childhood.
Funny, but I really felt distant to the nation.
If would have been soaked in a different culture, different worldview and a different demeanor.

Leaving Gamla San, met girls from St. Petersburg, through Sweden, went to France at the invitation of some firms.
They are slack-jawed, wandering through the narrow streets and gazed around.

The main attraction of the Old Town - the Royal Palace, built in 1754 in the style of the Baroque era.
Gamla Stan is the Stockholm of the XVII century.
To this period belongs most of the buildings of the Old town.
It is entirely located on the island, where they reached no cars, no modern buildings.
Although probably time - once we saw the small truck in the old city, who brought the item into one of the stalls.
His body is almost entirely blocked the entire street and past it was possible to squeeze only on foot.
Our bikes with backpacks is no longer held and had to turn around and find another way.

Seven bridges connect Gamla Stan with modern Stockholm.
Narrow streets with gas lamps and restaurants are constantly filled with numerous tourists from all over the world.
Especially in the evening and night.
We saw a restaurant where Diners sit, legs dangling from the Windows.
In order to eat while gazing out over the streets.
The quays of Stockholm, lined with dense rows of yachts bobbing on the calm waters of the lake.
The vast expanse of water of Stockholm allow sea travelers to moor in the middle of it.

We had a lot of ideas for this day.
First we stopped at the station in the place where before leaving, Misha showed us the Internet cafe.
About an hour and wrote letters.
Then Rinat blood from his nose needed to buy Velasco.
The same one he had noticed in the bike shop in Kalmar.
We've been all over Stockholm.
Traveled all the largest Bicycle stores in the city and to no avail.
Backpack ABUS nowhere to be found.
Rinat was inconsolable. Collapsed, his final dream in this country.

The time was nearing one X
Our ferry was supposed to sail from the Marina at 16:30.
We rode through the Central part of the city and a little wander through the shops to spend the last of SEK.
That's the way the information for the future:

Swedish Bank warns the country's citizens and tourists, who after trips to Sweden were old Swedish banknotes in 20, 100 or 500 kroner, and coins in 50 öre, about that early next year they will be withdrawn from circulation.
Old money can be returned to the Central Bank till may 1, but to pay them even never succeed.
Currently in circulation in Sweden there are both old and new money.
The easiest way to distinguish the new 100-kroon banknote from the old strip of foil left from older bills like this strip no.
You can also distinguish between and 500-kroon banknotes.
But with banknotes in denominations of 20 crowns is more complicated.
There are no stripes, and both depict a portrait of the writer Selma lagerlöf, a famous Russian children for "the Wonderful adventures of Nils with wild geese".

In Stockholm you can wander endlessly. There are so many interesting places which we visited.
So many secluded corners and shady parks.
So many palaces and churches, ancient houses with tiled roofs and streets through which I walked and kings and Prime Ministers and Nobel prize winners.
And of course, our cheerful and resourceful Carlson.
Stockholm - his house, his homeland.
After all, you probably already understand how a typical collective and thought of the great Astrid Lindgren.

Rinat remarkably well focused in the big cities.
He has a very good visual memory.
Map it was not needed. Moreover he is in the cards dealt mediocre.
He had to leave in the open field and he could easily get lost.
Another thing here.
I could barely keep up with him - so Molnanono he chose a direction. And always correct.

Along the waterfront of Skeppsbron (Skeppsbron) envelope of Gamla Stan from the East ran our last meters on Swedish ground.
The embankment is very old and previously there was the famous fish market.
Ship owners paid a lot of money for the right to moor in this location.
And away to the northeast of the old town, along the shore I could see the white bulk of the ferry.
Red belly Gabriella stood on all about VikingLine terminal.

Knowing how and where to go with the consciousness of the mission I am your humble servant and my friend Rinat pulled up to the ship.
A proven way filed a ticket and received magnetic keys and boarding pass.
Loading has not yet begun, but the machines are already lined up waiting for a nod from regulator.
We went all around the queue and squeezed into the first row along with a blackened bikers on powerful motorcycles.
Finally started loading, but against our expectations we were not allowed first.
We waited for half an hour staring as I stop inside countless long trucks.
Then came our turn.

Tying the bikes to the side and took the necessary things with him, we went upstairs to our quarters.
To the clean white sheets and hot water.
Here's how strange the way people.
We have so much, especially the last two weeks finally wanted to be here, take off his dirty sweaty clothes / meow under the jets of water and stretch out on the bed.
And here we are.
And what?
Sinking feeling complete tales and latent desire to ride more.
Truly say that well there where we are not:)

I told Rinat to get in the shower until it's time until it pofotografirovat our departure from the deck Gabriella.
Otherwise he would be stuck there for a long time.
The ferry sailed right on schedule and we watched it from the helicopter pad of the ship.

What a beauty indistrict!
Majestic court is slowly turning its metal housing, the fresh sea air full of salt bryzkami wind and the cries of seagulls and the pointed silhouettes of the city in the distance.
Almost silently, the ferry departs from Baraga and rushes along the fjord to the Baltic sea.

On the opposite side see the island of djurgården.
Wooded, it was once a favorite hunting place of the Swedish kings.
Then – very prestigious suburban area, where the country houses of the local nobility.
Here and today is the highest in the Stockholm housing prices.

And now it is the Museum island.
There is a Museum "Skansen" - illustrating how lived in Sweden a few centuries ago.
And of course - the Museum - amusement Park built on motives of fairy tales of Astrid Lindgren.

The amusement Park Grona Lund is located on the coast of djurgården.
This is a fairly small Park, but, nevertheless, it contains most typical attractions: various slides, kart races, carousel, house of mirrors, a roller coaster, a Viking ship.
Park Grona Lund is also known for its concerts of rock and pop music. The attendance record was set by the audience who came to listen to the reggae superstar Bob Marley, then here gathered 27 thousand people (1980).

In telephoto Rinat visible attractions of this Park.

And left dark red building with masts on the roof is a hangar, which is a beautiful ship, "Vase", not so long ago raised from the bottom of the Bay.
He lay at the bottom for 333 years.
Named after the Royal Vasa, it was built by order of king Gustav II Adolf in 1628.
The king wanted to dominate the Baltic sea and the ship was supposed to be a demonstration of his greatness.
While the ship stood at the shipyard, master of the king's orders had built his body higher and higher.
As a result, the vessel has become unsuitable for morukodstvo, but the ambition of the king has forced builders to lower "Vase" in the water.
The ship sailed only 300 metres away and drowned along with all belongings, guns and even a ship's cat.
History is silent - escaped whether or not the cat or killed in the name of stupidity crowned Gustav Adolf.

Rinat was splashed on the deck in the purchased with such mental anguish Norwegian t-shirt.
Majestically strolled from Board to Board carelessly waving a camera price of $ 3000.
That would show probably that we're not bast soup slurp:)

About an hour admiring the scenery floating away from us in Stockholm, and then went down to take water treatments and prepare for publication.

We wanted as much as possible on this night to enjoy the entertainment of "drunk" of the ferry.
And so it happened.
We walked around the decks, drinking dark beer at the bar, listened to music and coffee.
Loitering shopping tax free, admiring the night time views of the sea.
For a long time and tried to soak up the atmosphere before returning home.

Well, when quite exhausted, went to his cabin and fell asleep strong relaxing sleep.
For the first time in a month we have nowhere to hurry.
Unless you count Breakfast the next day.
Rinat intended to come to the opening of the canteen, to catch to eat for last.
And I promised to Wake him up of course.

Traveled: 20 km (+40 km around the city)
Pedal: 3h 30 min
Temperature day: 16-19S