The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

The Shock Of Varberg

the head in which the Kid and Carlson admire the ancient fortress, compete in speed with the clouds and try on the guise of the rich Swedes

- Calmness, only calmness! - whispering Carlson, and his little legs pounded on the floor like drumsticks.
- The world's best runner is Karlsson on the roof! he added, barely a breath.
The kid also knew how to run very fast, and right now it was necessary.



The morning of July 20, was relatively warm.

The sun warmed Yes 24C. However when assailed by the clouds immediately became chilly.
Rinat climbed out of the tent like a ruffled Chaffinch and zavernuvshis one of her girlfriends feminine - foam, sat on the log brushing your teeth.
I collected the tent.
And glad successful purchase.
Going tent quickly for 2-3 minutes.

After leaving the hospitable forest ,we went to Varberg (Varverg).
Distance 23 km we covered in the hour.
The city itself is located in a wind-sheltered Bay.

A few kilometers from it starts the Park along the sea and beautiful bike path.
We stopped in front of the plan area.
Such plans are common for Sweden, but this was very tasty decorated.

Through a pine forest we went to the beach.
The Kattegat sea was especially beautiful.
Prickly waves of the North sea broke in foam on the rocks which was covered with all the coast.
Salty fresh air awoke in us passion for life and travels and the lighthouse on a small hill, seemed to show us the way forward.

From this hill had a view of the city.
In the distance the sea could be seen the ancient fortress.
To her we sent their iron horses.
Spurring a chain of rosinante, two knights in the blink of an eye ran down the hill and was soon at the gates of the citadel.
We were lucky the weather allowed us two hours Brodit inside, enjoying the antiquity.

Inside the fortress was conducted by costumed tour.
We joined one of them, although did not understand Swedish, enjoy watching the game artists depicting people of previous centuries.

In one of the towers we found rememering workshop, which sit in the pretty medieval lady and directly demonstrated his skill in making all sorts of lovely trinkets - lockets, leather bracelets and weaving.

Anyone can sit in person to try their hand at these sessions.
This is especially attracts children.
So perhaps instill in them the interest in crafts and manual labor.
For a fee, ladies can on the medallion next to the emblem of the castle to vytisknout your initials.

With the height of the fortress city as the palm.
But especially attracts the attention of a wooden structure on stilts in the sea near the shore.
We thought it was a restaurant and only later I learned that it is one of the most popular saunas in the world.

This facility for rest and recuperation like an outlandish fairy-tale Palace is located directly on the sea: the hard work of its creators – architects, builders, engineers, doctors (experts in thalassotherapy) – linked contrast of cool sea water and hot steam saunas.
From sandy beach to decorated with elaborate carving, the complex of wooden buildings standing on tarred piles, are bridges – also on stilts, with the curly railings.

Saunas consist of two buildings with a tower, cupola, spire, stained glass pointed arches in doors and Windows, Central stained-glass window in the form of town hall hours.
The corners have four domes surmounted by the octagonal plan of the tower rooms for VIP visitors.
Connect them encircling structure around the perimeter of the terrace – open and closed, with setmi on them with chairs, so visitors to the sauna in any weather you can relax outdoors and admire the wonderful sea views.
Sauna room semi-detached two isolated from each other group, respectively, male and female half, each of which has two well-equipped saunas (large, 10-12 people, and smaller – 6-8), as well as changing and shower rooms.

The main highlight arranged in each of the two parts of the large pools with sea water.
Actually, this is the sea waves, which with a slight noise freely rolled right under the feet of visitors, and after sweating in a hot sauna is enough to make a few steps on convenient durable stairs to plunge into a pleasant coolness.

At the entrance to the fortress is a Museum of bikes.
But we didn't go there because the entrance road, and our principle was - "economy on the brink of feasibility" .

After the castle we went into the city.
Varberg shook me with its crowded and fun.
We have become accustomed to the desolate silence of Swedish cities.
And here on the Central streets there were just crowds of people.
On the square were musicians and the market was bubbling with rainbow colors and different smells.
In Varberg I again felt almost forgotten was on a deserted expanses of the country the presence of modern civilization.

It is further reinforced when we visited the local ICA supermarket to buy some food for the near future.
Perhaps it was the most ambitious I've seen in a month stores.
The abundance of products per unit area was stunning.
I could walk all day by choosing food.
Separate huge rooms for dairy, for vegetables and greens, meat and fish.
And everything looked (probably were) so fresh and new.
Onions like a half hour ago was torn from the garden and shiny in the fluorescent light of the tomatoes is not even taken from the twigs, BUatt an hour ago grew in the garden.
And so with all the positions.
It is difficult to understand why in our stores is nothing like it.
Like Russians don't eat less of the Swedes, and money now people enough. Much to eat it is always.
Range Varberg grocery store was an order of magnitude more.

On the other hand felt as well live in Europe.
And somewhere at the same time in another part of the Earth children are dying from hunger.
The distribution of the planet's resources was clearly skewed toward the advanced industrial countries, despite a much smaller population.
Surely this is all gonna backfire on all of us.

In the Swedish shops, I was often looking for products suitable to the end of shelf life.
They were sold for half the price.
And feel the difference with a completely fresh would probably only iskushenie food gourmets.
And we save each era were to the point.
Passed the hours spent in the realm of food.

When the street we were stuffing their veloryukzaki acquired evident that devastated our wallets for another 150 CZK
I looked up at the sky at saw the horrible black cloud rolling inexorably on the city.
We spontaneously decided to tear the claws in the hope to have time to outrun the wind.
Painfully not want to get wet.

To my surprise we succeeded.
Two hours we violently shook on the pedal, with each turn of the wheel closer to Gothenburg.
And the clouds were behind us, but then seemed to fizzle out , was partially dispelled by the wind of the sea and lost its primeval intention.
But we exhale less.
Our average speed was over 20 Km/h and believe me a lot for thelogitech bikes.

Because near the town Kungsbacka settled down for lunch in the area local beach, hiding from prinosyaschego wind in a small dune behind the sandy rampart.
Traditional yogurt and milk with rolls picked us up and returned the efforts.

Near Gothenburg is the place Sarah (Sore)(accent on the last letter "e" from the word hedgehog) or Soro.
It is a resort where prefer to relax and settle Swedish know.
Cozy Bay protects the local villas of the rich from the Atlantic winds.

I'm somewhere in the Internet before going I read about the beautiful beaches near this place.
And kept our ride a lot no doubt we will find a place to stay.

On the way to the fork in the road, we caught sight of a curious pattern.
Totally destroyed car with broken Windows, dented doors and the strange hole in the back, very reminiscent of bullet.
All this still life has just no less mutilated bike lying on top of the roof.
I began to photograph all this, and Rinat, meanwhile, grumbled that I removed some nonsense and know nothing about beauty.
Meanwhile, my imagination went, not nashutku and even came up with this picture a few catchy titles: "Clash of interests" and "non-standard Parking"

In Sara located on the Peninsula we arrived at about eight in the evening.
Traveled almost the whole village enjoyed the luxury villas.
But sandy beaches are not found.

The result had to go back a little and inconspicuous on the forest track past the private houses to go to the Bay away from private estates as far as possible.
The shore was completely overgrown with tall grass and sometimes even swampy.
Nevertheless, we managed to find a spot for the tent.
Very good - high grass again hid us from prying eyes from the land.
A view of the shelter as expressed Rinat "fat" (in the sense of money) the Swedes, pleasing to the eye, watercolor tones in the setting sun and conjures up all sorts of thoughts about the impermanence of life and class revolutions.

Traveled: 90 km
Pedal: 5.3 hours
Pacetemperature: 22-25C