The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

The kidnapping of strategic product

the head in which the Kid and Carlson unforgivable relaxed, for which he paid

Still sombre as a storm cloud, Carlson took the pot and began to put cereal in a bowl.
He laid and imposed, and when scraped it all up, began to slide the index finger along the wall of the pan, otkolupyvala that stuck.
Only after the whole mess until the last morsel was Carlson at the plate, he started eating, so much so that behind the ears popped.
- Unfortunately, for the health of aunt Augusta to have to eat nothing, said Carlson, and wiped his mouth with his hand.
But what I can see. Here have a muffin! Calmness, only calmness. Dear aunt Augusta, all right, live in peace-quietly in your distant town the Cupboard or wherever you want. I'm going to eat for your health instead of porridge two buns. Maybe even three... or four... or five!


Morning Sarah was gloomy and cold.
Get out of the tents were not an option.
But the indomitable innate courage of the two travelers stoically made their camp.

To go to Gothenburg was through the village of millionaires.
To return to the track it was impossible - because before turning to Sarah hung the sign that the track turns next to the motorway, and therefore Cycling is forbidden there.

As a result, we got a little lost in three pines.
The village is small and not small Peninsula.
However, this did not stop us thoroughly lost.
And only thanks to the good Swede in the car we stopped for interrogation, we managed to escape to the true path.

Our way lay along a scenic bike path running close to the shore.
In the area of Askims fjord saw many fishing houses stuck to each other as skvorechniki.

An hour later we were driving through the suburbs of a Big city.
First we stopped at the grocery store Hemkopf order to buy food.
I must say these shops were quite expensive, but look for ICA or other not always had the opportunity and hunting.
After five days of exposure to nature , stained by rain and windswept how we arrived in Gothenburg some sort of sluggish and unfocused.
It all started with this store - I walked out with products and find the lost equipment.
Went back, had a long walk between the shelves , tore the cashier with your disgusting English.
And to the back to wait for me to Rinat empty-handed and the graphics on the backpack fell beyond the valve.

Our next stop was the bookstore where we bought two maps of Sweden for 118 CZK ,covering our remaining journey.
Card cost is more expensive here than in Stockholm and if we bought all the cards there, you would have saved money for a couple of pelabuhan bread with sprouted grain.
But there was no choice - without it we are blinded.

Then on the way saw Systembolaget decided poplulate yourself linefrequency excellent wine.
I bought a three-liter packaging for 150 CZK (600 R)
It would be enough for a long time.

By and large the city is very beautiful and original.
No wonder it is so loved by the Swedes and eager here.
And clearly deserves more time than we spent.

Gothenburg was founded by king Gustav II Adolf in the Delta of the river Getall (Gota alv), where it empties into the Kattegat sea and the North sea.

The city was built by Danish or even Dutch version, with lots of channels, small fortresses.
Hence, a geometrically precise proportions of the streets, avenues and squares.
In the old days Gothenburg was divided into numerous channels, but in XVIII-XIX centuries most of the waterways were filled in.
In Gothenburg remained only a Large port channel — Hamnkanalen Stora (Stora Hamnkanalen), as well as the remains of the fortress ditches — Rosendelunde (Rosendalskanolen) and Walgrave (Vallgroven).
Now channels go to Paddan sightseeing boats(Paddan) (which translated means toad).

The city is often called the Swedish St. Petersburg.

The city has a population of 500 thousand people, and together with suburbs, about 700 thousand.
Gothenburg is the second largest city of Sweden and its most important port.
Length of berths in the port town reaches 17km.
In Gothenburg the famous Gota canal, connecting the two coasts.

Between Gothenburg and Stockholm there is an unspoken rivalry between the two capitals — official and informal.
Most of the sights of Gothenburg is in the center.
Kungsportsavenyn or Avenyn, the main street of Gothenburg, the most popular place for walking and entertainment of citizens and tourists.
If the city is an event with celebrities, be sure they will be on Avenyn.
Ceremonial Avenue, lined with trees, consists of shops, restaurants, pubs, outdoor cafes, cinemas, museums, theatres, hotels.
One side of the street are buildings built in the French style, while on the other side are typical examples of English architecture.

Here we initially sent their stories.
After some time with us for the first time, something happened that sooner or later happens to all people.
We wanted to use the toilet.
To find the city's free toilet was not very easy.
Even McDonald's in the toilet was allowed only if you are a visitor.
To recognize there smeared hands some luminous paint.

Finally we found a huge shopping centre, which occupied a whole block.
And rightly so decided to try my luck there.
Drove around the perimeter and found entrance.
Near rubbed some unknown person.
Unfortunately we did not attach any importance to this - you never know there's all sorts of hippies and punks.
The bikes held up with rope and left of the entrance. Took with itself documents , money and went inside.

The Mall was really huge.
There was probably a few days to go - again it occupied an entire city block.
But free toilet is still not found.
Rinat stuck in the gift Department - he as the Papuan was not indifferent to all sorts of trinkets.
And I'm in fish - fish is my weakness - and then just Palace fish!
Mostly fresh, lying on the mountains of ice.
I just died for a while. Went and watched.
And decided if by the end of the campaign it will become clear that we have enough money, he would buy fish!!!!

Half an hour later we came out as agreed.
First noticed the loss Rinat. His alcohol eyes sharpened.
Package with a South African wine, which we strapped it on top of my backpack, wrapped ribbons and elastic bands, WAS NOT!!!!!
- Stolen! gloomily stated my friend.
Hunted looked around. Declassed persons were not in sight.
Too late came the realization that this was obviously the local alcoholics.
They took the most valuable product in the vastness of the Swedish Kingdom.
We are too accustomed to the deep of Sweden , to the fact that things can be left unattended and no one capitalizes.
And here's a cold shower.

Poraskinuv brains about why it is here rubbed alcoholics we found an interesting metal door around the corner.
The sign on top reads - Urinar.
Well still I have higher education and I without too much difficulty held parallel.
Looking inside we saw the cockpit all stainless steel and metal grating on the floor.
No toilets ,urinals and other things that would speak in favor of our desires.
However the smell was unambiguous.
Fearing to be trapped with this cabin, as with a shower in the camp, we hid nearby watching the door.
And only when Urinar stretched local outcasts know we're on the right track.
It really was a free toilet.

After I took the soul - and decided South African wine will be a lump in the throat at his captors.
But we were wrong to break their plans because of what irresponsible citizens.
In General, I ran out and bought another pack of wine - exactly the same - in spite of the enemies:)

Then we went to the shore of the port channel, which flows into the river of Getall.
Right on the waterfront was the local Opera.
Building Geteborgopera than it is similar to the Australian.

A unique building with a huge hall of incredible size and great possibilities of transformation of the stage was built in 1859
Swedish Opera certainly different from ours and it would be very interesting to visit some sort of show.
Unfortunately the format of our trip did not include even an evening visit cities.
to admire the night city with myriads of lights everywhere and the music.
Besides long days in July, when the sun sets after 23:00, did not ostavlyali us a chance to explore the nightlife.

At the pier outside the Opera house, stood the statue of Evert Taube.
At first I thought that this sailor some, but as it turned out, the famous composer and poet.

In Stockholm there is such Royal Institute of Technology.
And he annually presents awards.
Prize of Institute of Technology is paid from the interest on the contributions made by the sponsor, whose name was not disclosed.
The prize is awarded to citizens of Sweden who by their epoch-making achievements or discoveriesand, and creation of new values, especially in areas such as engineering, but also science and art, contribute to the prosperity of the Swedish people.

This is a very prestigious award ,established in 1945.
Among the previous winners of the Volvo founder Assar Gabrielsson, the world famous photographer Lennart Nilsson, the inventor Hakan LANs and Makitalo Austen, who is often called the "father of mobile technology".
Well, the composer Evert Taube was also awarded to her at the time.

We could not take a picture with such an outstanding personality.

...If that happens
Soon you and I
You will have to separate
Tell me then
That Big dipper
Seven stars
Tell the North wind
As then
Throws as then
The bumps in your tracks
Roses in your garden
Smell like then
New petals
Same as then
A hedgehog killed by a Viper then
Dusk as it was then
Comes to lap milk
To the saucer under the stairs--
And your swimsuit stayed in the boat

Behind Taube I could see the tall red and white building.

This is a new landmark for Gothenburg Utkiken.
Building in the spirit of constructivism residents have dubbed "lipstick", though to me it looked more like a pine cone.
On the roof of a skyscraper in the summer an observation deck where you can admire the panorama of the city and the sea Bay.

What is the mood after the theft did not recover.
And we decided to go further.
Gothenburg is not too big city and ,leaving him, we only once lost his way.
But we immediately helped the driver on the truck. Ahead of us he stopped and explained to us that we were going to a standstill.
A bike path in the opposite direction.

We had the next day to get in Vänersborg (Venersborg), where we waited for another one of my distant relatives.
More precisely, not waited and we had to drop it as snow on the head.

The shortest path on the map led through Grabo (Grabo). That's where we threw the dice.
Not to go on the road turned on a special cycle path which although was extended our way but was much more picturesque.
One Bicycle tunnel is worth.
Specially cut in the mountain tunnel to cyclists did not make a big detour.
Me it is absolutely amazed. Even more than anything else seen that day.

After a while we returned to the track. On the right side in front of us opened water surface of the lake Mjorn (Mjorn).

Lake Mjorn, the largest lake in the "Globalscot Region of the Great lakes" .
The lake is amazingly different in different places, with gentle bays, open spaces suitable for sailing and boat trips and the popular small inland marinas.
The wildlife in the lake area is very rich, and the lake is very popular for lovers of sport fishing.
As in any inland body of water of Sweden for this purpose it is necessary to buy a license.

The lake's area is 55km2 and lake Mjorn is therefore one of the largest lakes in Western Sweden.

On the lake about 60 Islands of different sizes.
Isle Riso is perhaps the best known - there are comic independent Republic of Sweden - "Republiken Rison".
Oh what Swedes like to declare their own independence from the state.
As they say in every joke there is a joke share.

The idea is to stay for the night could be here, but something drew us on.

We reached the narrow gauge railway laid along the next lake - Antenna (Anten)
This road is long, only 12 km away. it has three steam locomotives and several railcars.
Dear run by volunteers on a voluntary basis.
In fact, this Museum on wheels.
It's like in the old days. And locomotives and filling waterminutes from the old hydrant in Kvarnabo and manually turn on the special circle of the locomotive in the opposite direction at the end point - the town of Grafsnas.
A piece of iron is on the very edge of the lake and from the Windows of the train, a spectacular beauty.
To me this is what it reminded our children's train in the Park Yakutov.
The only difference is that the scale here is somewhat different.

We also toured the lake on the opposite side.
There is also the road goes along the edge.

Absolutely deserted a perfectly smooth asphalt road.
It's really breathtaking the view is at sunset.
The silence is deafening - just heard a light splashing of water.

Then the track left the shore and we had in the area Langered (Langared) again by going down to the lake in search of nights.
The entire coast is built up with houses - this is not surprising - such a heavenly place may not be unoccupied.
We had certain hard work and luck to find a small area between two private buildings.
It is strange that no one's capitalized.
on the way seen frolicking little kids.
One of them sent his bike straight at us - barely missed it.
The exact reduced copy of the Harley Davidson brand functional.
I have these toys in my life not seen.

We Wade through the thick grass and found a small bald area.
Apparently then the local guys arranged when picnic.

The shore at this place was a little steep and the water had to descend the cliff.
The lake was warm and despite the cool of the evening we went for a swim.

And then there was a well-deserved dinner with Spanish wine.
It has enhanced doubly nice considering how we got it (at double the price obtained).
By counting our stock welded to each double portion of porridge.
Rinat, which after the theft in Gothenburg was sullen and not very sociable, gradually came to himself.
The sun went down, but we reclined on the pankah unfamiliar breathing in the spicy aromas and absorbing the invigorating lake air.

Kastillo de Kredos warm waves flowed through our tired veins.
The wine overcame us sound sleep.
And falling asleep, I saw in reality, Mr. göran Persson Prime Minister of Sweden, referring to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso saying:
"Mr Barroso!
According to the world health organization the problems associated with alcohol cost Europe $ 235 billion per year !
Here are the reasons you should seriously think about the fight against drunkenness!"

Passed: 97 km
Pedal: 6.14 hours
Temperature: 22C