The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Farewell, unwashed Russia!

the head in which the Kid and Carlson knocking around in the Finnish capital

- And you there on the roof a lot of pictures? 'said the Kid.
- A few thousand. In fact I draw in my spare time.
I paint small cocks and birds and other beautiful things.
I'm the world's best draftsman cocks, Carlson said




Loading went without problems.

We disassembled the bikes and Packed them back in the holsters and perfectly put in the Luggage compartment, the benefit there is with minimum load.
Rinat, using one empty place, immediately retired and took up travel writing.
He was called to portray Paustovsky.

The bus started and Petersburg remained behind.
A female attendant announced that the first stop we will have in Vyborg ,and then to be bound.
From our side - Torfyanovka,Finnish Valimaa.

Our contingent got another one.
Almost the entire bus - huckster who constantly travel to Finke and back with only one purpose - to sell vodka and cigarettes that there is a deficit and by the money commodity (Wallpaper for example) - we are sort of expensive.
Our bus as it turned out was the type of Charter.
They chartered numerous companies exactly one day to bring their people to both ends.
Firms are welded to relatively cheap tickets - about 600 rubles one way, and traders respectively on the sale.

In Finland walks and the bus is much more comfortable, but it costs more than 1000 R.

Before people start to whisper and thusnot in the corners, something to resolve, or divide.
It's the whispering and the circulation reaches its climax near the border.
At first we felt some sort of white crows knows how to hit in a working environment.
All working up a sweat, and we understaete to vacation.

In Vyborg all disembarked near a grocery store and began to buy alcohol and tobacco.
The Schengen area is allowed to import from Russia 1 litre of spirits and 1 carton of cigarettes.
Longer at your own risk.
We Rinat is already being taken in advance bought two litre bottles of vodka in case of warm in cold weather.
To the North you can go as any.
But the cigarettes we had.
Here then we landed with a request to transport two blocks.
And we kind of agreed, not asking a penny for this service.

But we as it turned out was still a skeleton in the cupboard in the form of two vials of Bashkir herbal tincture that Rinat bought a gift case.
They already did not fit into the acceptable norm.
Had to rely on the case.

Our bus, the lady in question on the procedure of customs told us that the Finns can podvegnut we or one or two checks, paper and clothing.
And it is for certain not known beforehand that they want to check out. As lucky.
And told the couple what heartbreaking stories about how before someone found the contraband, and that then those poor were.
Rinat who absolutely reckless attitude to all possible rules, and my legitimate concerns for a favorable outcome checking our Luggage was a bit nervous and started to move an extra bottle.
From height of the experience it looks funny now , but back then it didn't see it:)

Before the border we had another stop for toilet and snack.

Here and Torfyanovka. On our side of the special problems and hitches arose.
Sleepy customs officers checked our passports and let us go with God.
But before the Finnish border stuck nadolgo.
Missed the first forward at the customs point buses.
And then suddenly our wheeled cart gave up the Ghost. Ceased to wind up the motor.<br /> Two drivers more than an hour digging around trying to revive the machine.
All this time we stood close to the so-called civilized world could not move him an inch.
As they say the eye is seen and the tooth, respectively, are not...(like leaning something - who knows?:))

Yes! thought - cheerful start of the hike.
Past us but it didn't stop the car after car, and our coach just shaking in one place in a vain attempt to start.
And suddenly a miracle happened - the motor growled.
All breathed a sigh of relief and the bus gently rolled up to the customs post.

Our steering aunt went to the guards to find out their intentions for our account and held in waiting.
Finally she appeared and climbed to the top step ,breaking away from ill-concealed triumph voice, said he congratulated all those present with the fact that the flea control we pass don't have to.
There was applause - you can see their skeletons the participants was insane.

Disorderly crowd our Finnish Charter burst into the hut. We Rinat was the first at the counter. Behind a glass counter sat a fair-haired Finnish-customs. I naustvoll Rinat ,last time repeating to him who we are and where we're going. Finn beckoned and Rinat rushed into the breach. I stood behind the red line at a distance second in the queue and heard as a studied Rinat ottarabanil our story.
Finca unhappy eyes looked at him and showed him where the side of the inconspicuous door.
As it turned out my friend took the fingerprints were the only ones from the entire bus.
Apparently his appearance is well within the Scandinavian ideas about terrorism, intifada, etc.
Me, casting a long languid eyes upturned, the woman asked only one thing - the Sportsman?
what I indulgently smiled and replied - Yes of goats!
I stamped and I finally moved abroad.

Here we are at last in Finland.
In the very country which is a consistent opponent of the abolition of the visa regime of the Schengen countries and Russia.

The motives for such resistance has not openly declared.
But in 2003, when first talking about the abolition of the visa regime and Spain, though not quite clearly, but supported this idea, Minister of foreign Affairs of Finland pulled Spain in the following way:
"It's about the same that for Spain to abolish visa requirements for Morocco".
Sounds sad of course,but after our trip it occurred to me that the Minister is perhaps not so wrong.
Sorry to go on foreign countries we can basically far the best part of society
And it folds up and relevant for the whole country

The first thing that probably strikes every Russian is purity.
The lack of debris even in the most minimal form.
In Russia you get used to bits of paper and cigarette butts on the streets, dirty toilets and not notice that it's not normal.
A collision with a purity akin to shock.
Consciousness does not at first understand how this is possible.
Where broken glass? Where the husks of sunflower seeds? Where?

While our bus was standing at customs we had the opportunity to visit a Finnish toilet, like operating in the hospital.
There I for the first time in this campaign felt uncouth Mowgli crawled out of the jungle.
I couldn't wash my hands because the faucet in the bathroom had no vents or buttons to turn on the water.
I felt him and moved his hands under it ,believing that there can be solar cells, and all to no avail.
As it turned out it just needed a little hit on his nipple and water will flow.
And will stream a few seconds, then again to hit. Savings!

Helsinki (Finland)

Customs ordeal behind us and our bus ,picking up speed, raced along the perfect tarmac in the capital city.
Where directly adjacent to the highway cliffs, their tops installed metal barricades to a random stranger or beast of the woods they fell on the road.
Along the way, Autonomous from each other, adjacent farm, as seen in one family, consisting generally of a two-storey cottage, which is located at some distance from the traditional Finnish sauna and gazebo with table and chairs for relaxing and dining outdoors.
The nature around is beautiful, but the desire to sleep overcame.
Because we virtually the rest of the road dozed on the seats.
I only occasionally, startled, opened his eyes to see outside the window or coniferous forest or neat wooden houses.

Finland is surrounded in the South, South-West and West by the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Finland and Bothnian Bay.
The length of the coastline - 4600 km.
Near the coast is a vast archipelago of thousands of Islands.
The coast and archipelago are largely composed of granite rocks, grey or red.
In many places beautiful clean sandy beaches.
There are no strong currents, so we can say that the coast is not much different from the lake district.
Additionally, the seawater is not very salty.

Many foreign firms invest in Finland for the reason that Finland is a very safe place to work.
In Finland we attach great importance to sohraneniyu nature, which is atypical for industrialized countries, and the Finns retained his active and industrious nature, despite the advances of civilization.

Finns call their country Finland.
It is alien to them the name of the German origin.
In Finnish language there is not even the sound "f".
My country is called Suomi by the Finns.
Truth and Finland and Suomi mean in essence the same thing, "land of bogs".
So long ago it was called aliens, and indigenous abitateLee.
They still cover two-thirds of its territory.

The current capital of Finland is Helsinki (Swedish name Helsingfors (Helsingfors)), its main economic and cultural center.
Located on the shore of the Finnish Gulf of the Baltic sea.
Granite occupies a small Peninsula Estes, small Islands and skerries, which separates the Bay from the open sea.
Founded in 1550 by decree of the Swedish king Gustav Vasa (then the area was owned by Sweden.)
In 1641 moved 5 km South to the tip of the Peninsula Estes.
In the 2nd half of the 18th century the city expanded thanks to the Swedes constructed the fortress of Sveaborg.
After the accession of Finland to the Russian Empire (1809) and the creation of the Grand Duchy of Finland of Imperial authority in 1812 moved the capital of Finland from Turku to Helsinki.
In 1862 the city was linked by rail with the interior of the country, in 1870 to St. Petersburg.
By the end of the 19th century became important trade and cultural center.
In November 1905, January (February) March - April 1906, November and December 1907 in Helsinki Lenin lived.
After the independence of Finland in December 1917 - the capital of the Republic of Finland.

The coastline of the town stretches for 100 km and in waters located approximately 300 Islands.
In summer, these Islands are a popular holiday destination.
Near Helsinki grew by two cities – Espoo and Vantaa, in fact, merged with the capital.
In Espoo is one of the most famous Russians of the attractions of Finland water Park "Serena".

Our bus arrived about six in the morning to the train station.
Driving through the city was surprised by the huge number of cyclists so early in the morning.

The train station is the most famous symbol of Helsinki.
This building, made of granite and is considered the main work of the architect Elies Saarinen , represents the most famous in the world productioneating Finnish architecture.
It reflects the transition from the national-romantic style to functional.

Our attendant said they back the bus will not move from here, and from some of the hotel "Jiloca" and vaguely gestured in the direction of.
Sleepy, with his stiff from the uncomfortable seats of the members of the two cycle-traveler disembarked and slowly began to equip their horses.
But then we had to accelerate because watering machine, marching in our direction and thought to slow water pressure.

Prior to the departure time in Stockholm it was 10 PM and decided to first find out where we have to sail and then to explore the city.
The map we had. And the station was very close to the waterfront which was located in the terminal of Viking Line.
The first thing that caught my eye in the town - it is certainly an abundance of people on bikes, and special lanes for their movement.
In the centre of town they were a part of the sidewalk for pedestrians, framed along the length of the blocks .
After a certain interval on the bike path repeated the icon of a Bicycle drawn with white paint.
Naturally at the intersections with the roadway curbs have been smoothed at zero.
And we for the first time in his life rode on this bike path, riding on the Esplanade leading to the sea.

The Esplanade is the busiest shopping street of the city, which starts from the Shopping Area, situated on the sea coast.
Nearby are the largest Metropolitan stores.
At the end of Boulevard – building, built in the early 20th century.
On the Boulevard – a few sculptures, some of which open the sculpture "Havis Amanda" ("Sea nymph"), staged in the market square in 1908.
The town of Helsingfors, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland, strongly opposed the erection of this sculpture, representing the figure of a naked girl, but in the end it was hocksLena. And almost immediately became a "national pride" not only for the people of Helsinki and Finland in General.
In 1930-e years was born the tradition associated with fun student holiday Vappu
Every year on 30 April, the sculpture is crowned the new detail – student cap, and after the ice hockey world championship in 1995, when Finland won the title, the nymph dressed in the form of a hockey national team of Suomi.
By the way small monuments or sculptures of different types and purposes, is very characteristic of Helsinki and many other cities of Europe like Stockholm and Oslo.
A lot of naked women in all sorts of poses.

Above the shopping square was the hum.
Despite the early hour was full of people.
Rinat went straight to the part where they sold all sorts of trinkets and national crafts.
Him as a sculptor is always interested.
In her free time photographing it withdraws and creates his little masterpieces out of wood.

Had to dismount and carry the bikes on occasion - in the crowd it was impossible to move otherwise.
Especially Rinat - in the back of the backpack sticking out the rod and it all periodically cling.
I even subsequently lost the account how many people he went her in the face and other parts of the body, passing by.

Particular attention was drawn to the abundance of fresh fish apparently just caught in the sea. The fishermen came Housewives, busily examining the sea , traded and left satisfied with cod or saffron cod.
Finns and Swedes are obsessed with the environment and sometimes it looks funny for us, accustomed the consumer to relate to nature and living beings inhabiting it.

City court of Helsinki has decided to fine the $ 50 Magnus Ekström for what assigned to them in the sale of burbot was so fresh that it continued to move even on the counter.
The plaintiffs at the trial made the vet and three sanitary inspector of the Helsinki market.
According to the applicants, the fisherman extra fish caused the illegal "unnecessary suffering."
The hapless fisherman did not rescue even the argument of the head of the research laboratory of the Department of hunting and fishery of Finland Petri Suuronen, who reported that fish can after the "death" can move due to temperature changes.
Humanists advised Ekström thoroughly "kill" of fish immediately after catching, not to condemn them to a long painful death.

Having satisfied my curiosity and of course not buying anything, drove along the coast to the ferry company.
Desert coastal streets and some large buildings-boxes on the shore.
On the very far - the logo of Viking Line.
Across the Bay - the Silja Line terminal and white-blue the bulk of their ferry.
The map shows our route from the train station Yes, terminal.

It is now possible for the city ride.
And why many say that Helsinki is a big village.
For me it is quite cute, cozy town with no special historical pamyatnikov and masterpieces of world architecture, of course.
But there is no hustle and bustle like in St. Petersburg or Moscow.

After touring the Bay with the ferry terminal, we headed towards the Park Kaivopuisto.
On the way stopped at a bench to eat predusmotreno bought in St. Petersburg products.
On our gastronomic feast consisting of ham, bread and piece of chocolate, silently gazed bronze aunt.
She stood on one leg and symbolized, as it was written on the pedestal, the friendship of the peoples between Finland and the Soviet Union.

The Kaivopuisto Park is almost on the most southern tip of the city on the rocky shore of the Peninsula.
Rinat long frolicked fotgrafiya rest of people, mothers with children and the countless of birds - geese, ducks and swans.
Birds freely walked next to them with people on the grass and did not pay any attention to their presence.
However the people at the birds too. Rinat all wondered how this is possible.
We have them for a long time the neck was twisted and fried I guess.

From a small jetty on the nearby Islands, go sightseeing boats.
Is this short pleasure, as much as 50 Euro!

Near to our amazement we saw a wooden platform jutting out into the sea, which on special tables, the townspeople washed and cleaned your carpets.
Close to shore was located a rack for drying.
And something tells me they are not highly polluted water. The cleanliness and absence of dust in carpets, too, was hardly filled her.

Distance on the beautiful stones sunbathing people, the good weather helped, it was about 28 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.
Leaving their rosinante on the track we Rinat also followed their example.
And an hour and a half devoted to a pleasant idleness.
The water was cold, 19 degrees But Finnish citizens bathed in full.
And with them sailed close to the swans.
It is an idyllic picture. Complete unity with nature.

Flea market in a small square, which we got after the beach sucked my friend for another half hour.
They sold all the junk.
But it was very interesting to see the things of the last century.
All sorts of statues and sculptures, too, was full, but asked for them quite sickly money .
But the question still found a wooden statue of the African girl for only 1 Euro.

The rest of the time before the ferry we spent in the Park behind the station on the shores of picturesque lake Toolonlahti, lounging on the lawn.
They all are doing. Lawn with grass they are intended for felting, and admiring from afar as we do.
Suitability of signs "the Lawn planted! Not to go" will not meet.

Along the way we stopped at the store and bought some food.
Translated from euros into rubles, everything is quite expensive.
But still a lot of unfamiliar products nazvanii.
If they were in English it would be easier.
And go figure, that contains a colorful bag with a name like have Jackalopekid.
We were limited to rolls and yogurt, which turned out to be more like milk.
Lying on the grass near the water and watched the people.

The Finns of course are quite different from us in manners, behavior and temperament

A typical Finn is a tall, strong blond with blue eyes, on character quiet, not sociable, slow but even-tempered and friendly, works hard and has many Hobbies, he says quietly, slowly, without gestures and facial expressions and just in case, face calm, serious or smiling, inexpressive.

The type of person, language, and especially in psychological makeup Finns are much different from other Scandinavians.
Finns are not as expansive, more reserved, methodical, than their neighbors.
The main feature of the national character of the Finns is the stubborn determination to carry out what was conceived the matter, as difficult as it may be, "the ability to make bread from a stone", says a Finnish proverb.
Honesty, fidelity to the given word, honesty, a strong sense of self-esteem and responsibility – these are the characteristics rooted in the Finnish people.

Reliability - the trait that Finns consider typical.
The same as mark and others.
Reliability is based on the fact that Finn won't promise what he can't do, on the contrary he previously carefully weighs the case.
According to someone, it may look like being slow in making decisions, but it is careful - a pledge that promised to fulfill.

Finns know how to keep quiet.
Wordiness is a sign of the inability to carry on a conversation, and there is some truth. "Where words are not enough, there is the weight they have," wrote Shakespeare.
Pause and silence have a special place in the Finnish culture of communication.
On the Internet come across even a student working on this about the topic: whether Finns are silent because they have nothing to say, or, on the contrary, from an excess of depth of thought, inexpressible in word?
In Russia during a pause at the table, said: "Ment was born", and in Finland - "angel flying ".
According to the Finnish rules of etiquette, you should not say anything about the third, missing at the moment individuals, either positively or negatively.
Russian in this respect, really like "gossip", not considering it a great sin, well, how can you discuss life's problems, speaking only about yourself.

Finns appreciate the autonomy of individual existence, the existence of "their" territory, which has the right to any person to invade it is not allowed to anyone.
Russian concept of "private life" implies a much greater openness and, accordingly, the validity of aggression.
In particular, therefore, the question "how are you?" the Finns decided to answer "OK", in Russia in the best case, the answer is "nothing" in the worst start to tell in detail, how bad they're doing

Are you asking advice for Finn - so look dependent nitrolim, and to give advice to others - has interference in the lives of the
By the way the last is typical for the Swedes.

On the way back to the terminal, saw a wonderful sculptural ensemble which could not be photographed.
For the Scandinavians, probably has no concept of vulgarity in our understanding - they are apparently completely devoid of any hypocrisy in the portrayal of men and women.
Sculptural freedom of expression shocked Rinat.
I thought that it would be to the Creator, set it something like we say in the Park on the city Council.

To the terminal we arrived with a two hour reserve just in case. You never know what can happen. Leaving Rinat with bicycles at the entrance to the building offices, your obedient servant, PRoshel inside. Showing the woman behind one of the racks, our tickets I received in response to the indication to go outside the building where there is a side to take on the ferry. Behind the ticket office at the pier is red-the white colossus stood our ferry. Was clear as glass racks inside are people.

Ferries – this is a very important part of life in Helsinki.
The Finnish capital with their help, reported with the rest of Europe.
Helsinki is perhaps one of the few capitals in the "continental" part of the Union with the rest of its territory regular land communication.

International train and bus routes connect Helsinki with Russia, mainly St. Petersburg.
With the rest of the countries and cities of Europe the message is supported either by sea or by air.
You can, of course, to get on dry land, skirting the Gulf of Bothnia, but it is too long and expensive.

It was on the ferry and we had to swim to Stockholm.

Beating around I didn't find the entrance for us and stopped in confusion.
Then went again to ask for directions again and got the answer the go-ahead to the side where was already.
Here I was almost sorry that bad know English and can not understand for certain exactly what they tell me.
I understand about it, but not anymore.

And then Providence took pity on us and sent in aid of two new friends, Mike and Ulrika.
They drove up to the booths almost behind us. Ulrika is Swedish ,a native of malmö and the teacher of the Russian language.
And Misha, her friend from St. Petersburg, and perfectly knows the Swedish language, and also teaches it.
Ulrike stayed with him at Russia and now they ride their bicycles from St. Petersburg to Malmo. It turns out that little us on the way.
Mike rode on the ferry and knew where we him over.
Were you have to go backwards to go around a few more buildings and fences, and near the bow of the ship to the piere is the throughput box.

It emerged from scratch the issue was resolved for us in the best way.

Drove the day - 19 km