The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Hit the rally on Öland

Chapter in which the Baby harass the English , and Carlson is engaged in the coal production of meat in the Amateur scale

The motor roared, Carlson swiftly dived out of bed straight to the plate of meatballs.
He hurriedly grabbed a meatball, then hoisted to the ceiling and making a small circle under the lamp, happily began to chew.

-- Delicious meatballs! exclaimed Carlson. -- Extremely tasty meatballs.
You'd think they were doing the world's best expert on meatballs!..
But of course, you know that this is not so, he added.


In the morning we allowed ourselves to luxuriate in bed longer.
After all, when else will you have the opportunity.
Sister is merciful we are not awakened.
Then there was the traditional Breakfast.
Toast , skim milk ,broth.
Nephew bill, as an independent and self-sufficient human unit in the early morning Srul about their business.
And my sister took the day off of work in order to devote the day to us.
I asked her to take us to the island of öland.
After a little hesitation decided to do it on the car.
First more will see , and secondly, the problem with the bridge to the island.

One of the attractions of these places - the bridge to the island of Oland.
Thirty three years ago the six miles of sea separating the "islanders" from the "big land", were overcome only with the help of the ferry.

And now... four rows of the highway, concrete bulls ascended to a height of 40 meters above the sea.
It seems very delicate and fragile when seen from afar.
The bridge was opened after four and a half years of intensive construction works on October 1, 1972.
Its length is 6 072 m and 13 m in width.
The bridge has 155 flights.
The bridge is not straightforward, and has the hump for the passage of vessels. This is the highest place of 41.6 m.r /> And the lowest is 6 m above sea level.

Walking across the bridge is impossible - it all automotive.
To ride a bike, too - there are special Bicycle bus stop which runs daily between Kalmar and Öland.

Before to depart for a ride to the shops Squid, bought food for a picnic.
Marina, my sister got the idea to introduce us to how Swedes spend their weekends on the nature.
Namely, grill sausages.
For these purposes was purchased thick sausages in a vacuum pack.
Generally speaking sausages in Sweden below any criticism. Nasty taste and color. And only the thick sausages, reminiscent of our sausages, you can still eat pre-roasted them and Dobrev substantial portion of ketchup or mustard.
Sosyk supposed to grill - this is the metal grill with a tray filled with coals.
Such kits are sold in all the stores and gas stations in Sweden.
And cost about 50 kroner (200 p)
Another was bought special rolls for hot dogs - elongated with polaristm in length , to insert the sausage.
And of course in the local Systembolaget three-liter Tetrapak white wine.
To walk so to walk! Sister finally decided to hit our imagination!

On the way I looked in the phone store and bought a SIM card for your mobile phone from a local operator, Telia Card costs 100 CZK and that is the money put into the account.
Minute call costs 4 crowns (16 rubles)- hmm not particularly chat. But the phone just in case.
You never know what can happen on the road.
Not sure what I could call an ambulance , but to call my sister to make it - easily:)
And finally, a fully scoring the trunk of a red Renault Marina, over the bridge we drove to the island.

The öland, its size is the second island in Sweden and the smallest province of the country.
Its length is 140 km, its width from 4 to 16 km.
Its area is 1345 sq km and a population of about 25,000 people.
The island was already inhabited since the Stone age.
Then the Vikings and their descendants had built fortifications here.
The rocky base of the island was formed over 500 million years ago and consists of a sequence of layers of Sandstone, shale, and limestone.

The South of the island Alvaret - barren limestone steppe, starting from the village Vikleby.
At first glance, the hilly countryside looks completely empty, but in fact here is a riot of plants.
Due to the rich limestone soil and climate conditions the flora of Öland is extremely rich in flowers of rare varieties.
On the island there are more than 30 species of orchids protected by the state.
In the very South of the island is an ornithological reserve, which is the busiest bird sanctuary in Europe.
Here are a migratory route for many migratory birds.
And I must say that birding in the nature of the most popular hobby of the local population.
There are a lot of ruins Dating back to the iron age.

And the southern tip of the island is crowned by the highest in Sweden, the lighthouse (42 m) Long surnamed Yang.
The fact that öland is a popular place for summer recreation for Scandinavians, here are some wonderful sandy beaches and the biggest number of Sunny days throughout the East coast.
Here the Swedes love to celebrate the Midsummer's festival Midsummer - hence the name beacon

At the southernmost tip of South ostorova Gronhogen is the famous five-kilometer wall from coast to coast, built by king Charles X in 1653, who was a great lover of hunting.
Thus he wanted to prevent the migration of the Royal deer from the southern part of the island in its interior and sto protect local farmers and their crops.

In the North, too, there is something to see

On the most Northern part of Öland is Boda Kronopark , extensive pine forest, the trees of which on the coast is curved by the wind into bizarre shapes.
This forest called Trollskogen (the Troll Forest)
Along the sandy shores of the Park grow arborvite (TUI).
Here in the town of Boda, there are many campsites and beaches.

From the port of Grankullavik in the summer there are ferries to the island of Gotland (Distance 50 km )
At the Northern tip is a lighthouse "Long Erik"- he's just like his southern counterpart is open.

If we move from the Northern tip of the island along its Western part to the South , the traveler will pass Neptuni Akrar (Fields of Neptune) named for the Swedish scientist-botanist Carl Linnaeus.

It is a kind of salt water marsh surrounded by a c on the one hand the strong surf and on the other hand, the giant wall of sea pebbles.

It is very beautiful in early summer when the stems of blue Thistle, like the waves oscillate in the wind, like the hair of the sea God emerging from the depths.

Just South on the same coast is the stunning Bay Byrums Sandvik.
Here you can see the so-called rookery (pillars of stone) - a strange rocky formation similar to the giants with a disfigured profile.

Often they are disposed in a line and stretch for several kilometers.
They appeared about 425 million years ago when the Baltic sea was a tropical sea.
Generally they are much more on the island of Gotland and they are more picturesque, but the Eland occur.

In the depth of the Kalmar Strait opposite the Byrums Sandvik is a small island of Bla Jungfrun - the Island of Witches
The island is assthere's only in good weather, by boat, sailing from the town of Byxelkrok
Or by regular ferry from Oscarshamn.

In contrast to Öland, the island (at 86 meters above sea level and with an area of 66 hectares ) consists of granite as the mainland.
The island served as a quarry for many years, and this unfortunately caused the destruction of many caves.


The Northern part - are absolutely devoid of vegetation bare red granite rocks with crevices and cavities.
On the South side of the island below , more flat and covered with dense deciduous forest.
It is dominated by oaks mixed with lime, maple and aspen.
In the rocky clefts and among the rocks of the pine trees, spruce and birch.
The island consists of young virgin granite, which is 1.4 million years.
Retreating glaciers brutally skived stones and formed an unusually smooth lunar landscape.
The only mammals on the island - the forest hares and bats.
Flora rich in lichens, and a very distinctive bird is a black Guillemot.

The name of the island as originally put, was "Blеkulla" . But as the superstitious sailors were afraid of him and linked their failures and bad weather with this name, then for some time it has ceased to apply.
The fact that Blеkulla means "small blue hill"
Red granite rock covered with dark lichens that make the island look blue from the mainland.
On the other hand Blеkulla is also the name of the place where the devil meets witches on the Thursday before Easter.
There is a place on the island, which is called a "dance track", and some people believe that this is where the devil walks the coven of witches.
In 1666 the Eland began to burn women who were considered witches. First burned the first seven, and then it became popular and began to burn all podrpoison, enough someone was singing to himself, so it was immediately deemed a witch reading spells.
This place was discovered by Linnaeus in 1745 , and he called it Trojaborg (Trojeborg) or "labyrinth"
This ancient monument consists of a tangled maze of paths made of small stones that lie on the rock.

Local fishermen used the island and on it there are no traces of permanent residence.
The place was considered unclean and settle there is no desire for anybody.

Carl Linnaeus was the first person who described the island in 1745.
Bla Jungfrun was then a virgin island.
Quarrying, which began in 1904, disfigured the island.
Red granite was exported in the whole of Europe, as the stone for decoration.
The biggest cave of the island was completely destroyed.
Under the influence of the public, the island became a national Park in 1926.

The island has Hiking trails.
On the bike there is not possible.

In the center of the Western coast of Öland is the capital city of the Borgholm castle (Borgholm) , Its population of 3,000 people.
Near the town in the town of Solliden is the summer Palace of the Royal family, built in 1906 by Queen Victoria.
In the magnificent Park of the Royal Villa in the Italian style.
It is open several hours daily to the public, even when it is present in the Royal Family.
This is a great opportunity for fans at least catch a glimpse of the royals.
Here is the hunting grounds of the king, now turned into a nature reserve.

Here close to the medieval ruins of Borgholm castle ,which burned down in 1806.

The richest in historical monuments of Eland contains the many runic stones VikinGOV, there are even places like the English Stonehenge.

The earth dug stones with drawings and writings.
The inscriptions on the stones like our "Vasya was Here", with the only difference that instead of washi, some sort of bearded and sweaty håkan or Higher.

"I am the great and mighty Haakon kind of Khokonov put this stone here to let everyone know that I was here and then my property, and my buddy Higer carved it all in stone because I myself know nothing about writing"
The way of expression in General.

On Öland there are 19 known prehistoric FORTS.
They all date back to the Iron age,when the island was very rich and densely populated. The flat landscape gave little opportunity for protection from the attacks of enemies and therefore had to build ring FORTS.
Such constructions are very typical of Eland

Eketorp (Central) - the only Fort, which was completely excavated and restored.
Fort Eketorp was built in Zelezny century, in the fourth century of our era, when the population of Eland lot of contact with the Roman Empire.
During this period, the Fort was partly a refuge for local farmers during the war and partly common place for religious ceremonies.
The Fort was destroyed several times.
During the early Medieval period, approximately 1170-1240 ad, the Fort was rebuilt again.
He was then a military garrison and, apparently. played an important role in the struggle for power and the Swedish crown.

Now the legacy of the Vikings is carefully cultivated. Now Eketorp "restored" a castle of Vikings.
People costumed in period costumes, sell the tourists Souvenirs, fish and Mead in a wooden dish, demonstrate the skills of household chores and primitive crafts.
Every tourist has the opportunity to dress in canvas and participate in competitions in archery, which conducts the Viking instructor.

The hallmark of the island are of ahaunted windmills, of which there are about 400.
Especially well-known mill in the village of Lerkaka - there are many.
Such an abundance of mills indicates that previously there was abundant harvests of grain.

Eland on the many huge wind turbines that provide electricity to the entire island.
In the country now there is a policy for more widespread wind power.
Under the influence of parties, environmentalists and public opinion Sweden is phasing out its nuclear power industry.
Already closed three of the five existed.
The price of the kW after the transition to the wind will inevitably rise and the Swedes will pay more for electricity in their homes.
But it's inevitable price to pay for the opportunity and good fortune to live in the most clean and safe country in the world and they know it.

Well, our petrol crew after the bridge turned left and headed down the highway to the North. It was very hot that day.
In the car were rescued by air, and on the street we just melted.
After wandering a bit left on the beach to the sea.
More precisely we went to a special Parking area and the sea went on foot.

Beach and nature around vividly reminded me of Bulgaria in the area of Kiten and Sozopol, which I went some time ago.
Fine sand , a long shallow entry into the sea and a bunch of fans to sunbathe Topless.

Kolonov their bodies in the warm waters of Kalmarsund, we drove on towards the island capital of Borgholm.
He was a gay resort town. Where they all go in shorts , flip-flops and bathing suits.

We wandered around many shops, I saw the Souvenirs that we bought from else to eat.

Everything was great, but suddenly Rinat tragic voice told us that he had found on his leg stuck another tick.
The sun was darkened and the world curled up to the size of ovchinki.
It was evident that my friend was not laughing.
And where he just catches them! Probably somewhere in the bushes on the beach.
The matter of further complicationnalos the fact that he didn't bring my tweezers for plucking the hairs from the nose, which is concurrently used for pulling out ticks.
Tweezers were small but easy grip and perfect for such a delicate operation.

It was decided to go to the nearest pharmacy (Apotek in their language) and there to ask for help.
Tick put his black head in rinatovich flesh almost to the shoulders.
And it could get dangerous.
Pharmacy was bright and airy.
Behind the counter busily moved immense size Dr. Feelgood round glasses.
Marina Swedish asked for his forceps for temporary use, but he kindly refused her offering in turn to purchase a special device for pulling out ticks for the price of a used car.

We is to go of course they could not, and stopped in indecision.
And here is what the aunt of the number of buyers who are sitting in front of the Desk and write yourself some medications attended anatomski the line.
Busily calling Rinat , she peremptorily offered his services for manual removal of the tick from the leg of Rinat. It tells you in the two accounts it will pull out and not notice.
Well, of course she said all this in Swedish, but the words were accompanied by unambiguous gestures. So without the translation it was all clear.
Rinat wouldn't be a question if did not resent the entire pharmacy that old Shoe offers him what he himself can do.
And he protested loudly and attracted the attention of all visitors. Well at least they are in Russian do not belmesa not understand:)

It ended up that pissed Rinat left the pharmacy and he pulled himself the tick with your fingers.
And quite successfully.
but the mood was spoiled. My friend admitted that if, after the first ticks it was like to not care about them, but now he was seriously disturbed by the attitude of the Swedish fauna to his person.
And so much as it does uslies he just needs a little kiss to the delicious white liquid that gurgles in a cardboard box at the bottom of the trunk.

To follow we decided culturally and together.
And not finding a suitable place for a camp in the surroundings of Borgholm went back to the South.

After passing the town Farjestaden (Farjestaden) - (here before the construction of the bridge was the ferry) finally found an acceptable place.
Leaving the car in the Parking lot passed along grassy beach to the very end.
People were quite a lot, but we were lucky and a spot under the trees was not taken.
Moreover there was near what is a scrap concrete casing embedded in the ground - the perfect place for grilling.

First, we settled on a bench under the birches.
Nearby was a cafe and there were portable tables, but of course we couldn't with your food there blatantly will be located.
Imagine my surprise when the cafe owner himself came up to us and sympathetically offered to take a table so we could have the rest.
Opened the wine and Rinat was finally able to pour flaming soul.

While we c sister cut lettuce, Rinat volunteered to fry the sausages.
Coals smoldered slowly and the heat was enough for many servings.
At first he did pretty well.
But as time went by,conversations flowed, and the package of wine were empty, the sausage was getting darker.
And when later we drove up to a friend's sister Swede Elena with his son Sebastian and nephew bill (turns out he had them entertained all the time), on the table already cold embers.

Elena was by profession an architectural planner. She projectreal the location of buildings in the city.
In Russian of course, not talking, and I had to sweat, building phrases in English and trying to understand what she's talking about.
While sister easily moved from one language to another and not felt the slightest difficulty.

The sun was setting and the heat slowly subsided.
On the way back to the car I watched a little as the Swedes indulge in another passion, miniature Golf.
Unlike the big Golf this game is completely affordable , it can play even small children.

We drove back in silence, tired from the impressions and hearty meal.
Rinat generally carried and he was Napping in the back seat.
At her sister's house he immediately fell asleep.
And the three of us until midnight sat in the kitchen and tried to communicate.
My sister even encouraged - like come on Igor strain - speak English!
I am for the evening so tired of this language, not tired for a week of Cycling.
Already swarming thoughts - probably in the saddle:)

The day temperature: +34C