The new adventures of the Kid and Carlson

Remembering Alfred Nobel

Chapter in which Carlson finds the Swedish ballistic missiles and glue girls, a Baby feeding on his flesh mosquitoes

- And among us, it turns out, I got lazy!
The world's best doormat and the world's best scoop for some reason they are not satisfied.
Vacuum them, see, submit, only from work to be lazy. And Carlson even snorted with indignation. - If I wanted to, I could be a hundred vacuum cleaners.
But I'm not a bum like some people.
I'm not afraid of physical work.
If a person bothers to live only a nut shell, trapped in my Shoe, he can consider himself happy.

The sun woke us up early in the morning. The day promised to be good.
Hastily wrapped up the morning exercise.
Rinat usually going faster than me.
And blessed, went from inviting meadows into the city Karlskoga, which became famous after it moved there to live the most famous Swede in the world - Alfred Nobel, where he spent the last two years of his life.

Karlskoga (Karlskoga), even by Swedish standards a small town - there are now living approximately 31,000 thousand people.
It is located on the shore of the lake Muskeln (Moskeln).
Karlskoga is the founder of king Charles IX, and the name of the city means "forest of Karl".
In connection with the reduction of production in recent years the population of the city declined, but since the early 1900 Karlskoga actively developed thanks to military industry and especially in the years of the Second world war.
The impetus for an even greater rise was the purchase of Bofors Nobel factory, producing shells, guns and missiles. Nobel owned the plant until his death in December 1896
Recently the plant has lost its reputation due to some scandalous frauds connected with the sale of weapons and even allegedly was involved in what some way to the murder of Olof Palme.

However, when we Rinat moved to the city, completely unaware of his militaristic stuffing.
But in vain - it would save us time and effort. But more on that later.

Karlstad in the morning was as usual deserted.
Said first counter aunt the magic word "Centrum", and soon there appeared.

After so many days spent in the country seemed nothing was able to amaze us.
However, the local janitor made it.
We watched spellbound for the organization of this work.
The janitor arrived at the little open car.
Took out a huge backpack vacuum cleaner with a corrugated flexible hose and went along the street carefully looking for the slightest inconsistency with the canons of purity.
Rinat immediately set out to create a photographic masterpiece and has already begun in the mind to calculate the profits with zeros, which will have him off soon after these pictures.
However, the janitor is natural to expect Rinat did not and while he was digging around getting the equipment went somewhere around the corner.
The photographer began to reproach the careless janitor how much light is worth.
If he is not realizing his destiny to be imprinted with the true scope and creativity, could not wait a couple of minutes.
However, Rinat hid and began to wait for his return.

Meanwhile, I decided to ride around and was stopped by a noble man, with whom he talked for the next half hour ,sweating and desperately looking for familiar words in his speech.
Turned out his father was Estonian, and even sat in Stalin camps.

Finally Rinat lucky.
Unfortunately masterpiece did not work, but the janitor was able to capture.
Then we went to Central square, past the cafe where we waved to two girls.
Ate ice cream and watched the fountain with another naked woman.

And then I went what is the stadium named after Alfred Nobel.
I wanted to see I guess.
The stadium was lifeless and empty, but clean and freshly laundered.
Everything was wide open and nobody stopped us even drive on racetracks.
The stadium actually is one of the most visited places in the city, along with the house-Museum of A. Nobel and entertainment center for the whole family, "Boda Borg".

Alfred Nobel became known the world over after the invention of dynamite and made a fortune on this.
But even more, he became famous after his death when it was announced it will:

"All my movable and immovable property, wrote Nobel - should be paid by my executors into liquid values, and such a capital is placed in reliable Bank.
These funds should belong to Fund which will annually award the income from them in the form of prizes to those who during the past year made the most significant contribution to science, literature, or peace and whose activities brought the greatest benefit to mankind."

The amount of income had to be divided into five parts, and each of them in the form of the award each year to award the best scientists in physics, chemistry, medicine and literature, as well as the most outstanding peacemakers.

The value of the award from the outset has been and remains very high.
Today it is 10 million Swedish kronor, or about 939 thousand U.S. dollars.
The award of the Nobel instructed four organizations: the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (physics and chemistry), the Swedish Academy (literature), the Swedish Karolinska Institute (physiology and medicine), the Committee appointed by the Norwegian Parliament (peace).

The Nobel prize in Economics - was a later invention.
It was established by the Bank of Sweden and was first awarded in 1969 in mathematics, the Nobel prize is not awarded.
They say that Nobel didn't like mathematicians, because one of them escaped his lover.<br /> an outstanding Swedish mathematician Mittag-Leffler (foreign member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences, and later a foreign honorary member of the USSR) persistently and unsuccessfully courted the wife of a Nobel.
On hearing this, the founder of the awards decided to take revenge and his science in such a peculiar way.
Although it is possible causes of resentment lie in a different field. About it, no one will ever know.

Now the premium is somewhat politicized.
In the world there are few who are truly interested in who and what was given the award.
All cares from which country the winners, although long ago it is clear that most of the prizes will be given to the Americans.
And the point here is that all essentially cash prize Fund is controlled by US.

Alfred Nobel left the award their behalf a large sum, but not inexhaustible - all at today's prices $150 million.
The Nobel Foundation for a long time they would have spent if I didn't earn, blowing the capital of the deceased in the turnover of c varying success.
By the end of the second world money is almost at an end.
The Swedes released the Fund from all taxes, but that only prolonged the agony.
And then came to the aid of the United States.
In 1953, the US Treasury was exempt from tax on its territory of all financial transactions of the Nobel Foundation. Managers of the Fund immediately began to play on the U.S. exchanges and speculate in real estate.
Since investments of the Fund in us securities is growing, and in parallel, a growing number of US citizens have received this award.
Though of course dispute the fact that American science is one of the strongest to date too.

After leaving Karlskoga, we had to Orebro to go back on the highway.
I did not want this and foolishly I insisted to roll on the track, according to the map running parallel to the highway.
However, I did not pay attention to the area marked with the blue and the gray dotted line.
The territory extended to the northeast and captured our the secondary track.

We quietly continued on with half an hour enjoying nature.
We overtook some rare cars.
And there were no signs of our mistakes.
And suddenly Rinat, who was riding just ahead, around the corner stopped abruptly and said in a whisper, ahead seem the missiles are.
And really over the forest stood a silvery cones.
Become as not. However, we drove a bit more to satisfy their curiosity.
And saw that our driveway abuts the gate of the military unit.
The cones were not missiles, and some sort of pipes.
If we have another car entered the gate and surprisingly we did not even pay attention to, not shouted at, not checked.
But we could pass for Russian spies with professional photographic equipment to sneak into a restricted area.
It was probably the entrance to the landfill where it was tested newly produced weapons.

"...The baby decided to give up.
Because Carlson actually was not a spy - then it can hold only for what he Carlson.
The kid thought Carlson seriously threatens nothing.
- You have nothing to fear, Carlson, - he said, trying to calm him down.
- You can't do anything because you're you.
- Of course, everyone has the right to be Carlson, ' said Carlson.
Although until now there was only one good and rather chubby specimen."

We turned around and went back and only now I saw the inconspicuous little yellow signs on the sides of the road with the inscription Military Area.

Two hours later, we drove to the Orebro (Orebro).

At the entrance to the city, I could not capture chistenkie and shiny toy factory energy company Sydkraft

This company belongs to the atomic power station "Bareback" which in 1999 was closed the first unit.<br /> This nuclear power plant could be seen with the naked eye from Copenhagen and the decision to close was taken under the influence of the Danish society.
The closure of the second unit while suspended. The state assumed the losses of the firm.
However, the General policy of the state is unambiguous.
Sweden and Belgium and Germany decided to gradually abandon nuclear energy.
And in Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland and Norway, nuclear power is generally prohibited.

Trend towards the gradual abandonment of nuclear power plants in the Western part of the Baltic region are associated primarily with opposition to society, the risk of possible nuclear accidents and the unresolved problem of long-term storage of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.
As I mentioned earlier, the accumulation of spent nuclear fuel and rising costs for its reliable isolation from the environment it becomes clear that nuclear energy is economically unprofitable.
Only pay for the supposedly cheap nuclear electricity will be our descendants, spending money on safe storage of nuclear waste.

The castle and I loved it. A bright and cheerful town with a population of about 100,000 people.

On one of the squares was some kind of concert.
People sat at tables and ate, the musicians were rassekali them.
We listened to music and went to the castle.

Its main attraction is the castle of Orebro Slott, erected in 1240 by Birger Harlem after the defeat of Alexander Nevsky (according to other sources one of the first Swedish kings Magnus Ericssonem (Magnus Eriksson) at 1300 m to year)
The castle is a Museum under the open sky Acceping, which brought a variety of old wooden buildings, some of them of the XV century.
The castle was crowned in 1611, king Gustav II Adolf .

One of the last in the castle lived the first ancestor of today's king of Sweden Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, the future king KaRL XIV Johan, who was elected in the castle of örebro on the Swedish throne in 1810.

From all sides the castle is surrounded by water and almost completely occupies the island on which it is located. This is a four-tower building in the Renaissance style of the XVI century, with elements of the epoch of the XIII century.
The castle was reconstructed in its history many times to adapt it for current needs: it was used as a Royal residence, Fort, prison.
Now the castle are offices of the administration the Museum. Some halls of the Palace given over to the restaurant and Brasserie.

We drove directly into the inner courtyard of the castle.
It is very similar to that seen in Kalmar.
Maybe just a little more exquisite architecture.
Were his bikes, and with the next tour came through.

I was able from the Windows of the last floor of the tower make a beautiful photo overlooking the city and the river Svartan, which flows through Örebro.

Rinat was struck in the heart of the beauty of women artists who played a show for the tourists, depicting Swedish women from time immemorial.
When the tour ended, the girls disappeared behind the door of a room where obviously took breaks.
Rinat first came with me to the yard, and then broke down and ran back upstairs to meet you.
This time he didn't propose for this purpose to drink vodka and applied repeatedly tried and tested method.
Namely asked to take a picture.

Rarely what girl could resist the urge to pose at least a bit.
It happened this time.
Their names were Anna and Maria.
They left the email address for sending pictures, which as it turned out was working.

From far away from the castle could see the white mushroom of a water tower Svampen height of 58 m, the symbol of the city
We did not bother to go closer to him

Amateurish from trips around the city I bought milk and bread from the little store and came to Henry Allards Park near the castle.

It's not even a Park, and a small square where in the shadow of the trees on the grass lying young people.
Who's just talking, and someone is eating.
We settled on a bench and tightly ate.

Rinat instantly dropped his head on the backpack and began to snore.
To cut him a lot of time was required.

Örebro is a city, founded more than 7 centuries, and some argue that it has more churches than cinemas.
Before there came the legislators of the nobility, there were adopted many of the fundamental laws.

The city is very cozy and beautiful.
Many Cycling paths and bike rentals.

Rinat naturally all the time vis in all sorts of souvenir shops. And there really was something to see.
Sea all sorts of trinkets and decorations that would look organically only in a typical Swedish house.
But all cost a lot of money.
A friend of mine found a little broken Santa Claus sold at a discount and tortured me for fifteen minutes whether to take it.
And Santa Claus all this time slyly smiled his plump face with a broken ear.

We Rinat another hour to twist through the streets of Örebro, enjoying the atmosphere of the young and vibrant city, and moved in a further path

Drove past the municipal stadium with a funny monument soccer judge at the entrance and hangars of the Corporation with standing row Linde lift trucks.

A little distance away, was even a monument to these loaders are made in plasticine style.
Oh, and like the Scandinavians of all sorts of monuments.

The case went to the evening and we have sent your wheels to the village Ekeby-Almby in the hope somewhere out there to stay in the area.
Tried several times to turn directly to the lake Hjälmaren, but to no avail.

Finally got on a dirt road that after 3 miles brought us to the bridge that connected the shore and the island of ASON (Ason).
Obstinacy the principle of "neither revolution of the wheel back" drove us forward.
From the bridge the lake was quite beautiful. Only clouds and wind Delalic it unfriendly.
More precisely, it was not yet the lake itself and its Bay called Mellanfjorden.

As it turned out later that our hook in search of Parking was one of the biggest.
We have deviated from our road almost 6 km.
Passed the island almost to its Northern tip.
The road was right on the core.
First, Rinat saw a nice lawn in front of some private house and wanted to get up there.
Anyway, in unflattering terms persuaded me to trespass on private property, citing the fact that they say "crack".
The house was certainly uninhabited.
Most likely it was a rustic cottage of the resident of the City who were here from the bustle of the city to fish and lie in the hammock.
Showing integrity I calmed down the other the fact that we always managed to find a good place and I just feel it in the front.

Though there had forays to the shore to the right then to the left of the road.
And everywhere were waiting for us private property, wetlands and the hordes of angry mosquitoes literally ate us, it was worth to stop for a minute.
Cursed creatures brought to rabies and interfere with focus.
Rinat's bosom grew in size a great stone for me.
He frowned, but still patiently went after it.

And lo! my reputation as a Navigator was saved.
Another dirt track led us to the sandpit inside the island.
We went down the sandy slope to the water.
Mosquitoes tried to follow us, but see, being in neestestvenno environment without your favorite green bushes, confused and hurried off to our gnawed body.

A little apart stood the excavator. Apparently with his help fromand scoop sand for construction projects.

We dismounted and went for a swim to cool cool water itching bitten skin.
Soon the car pulled up some local guys with dichotomy and also began to swim and baragozit.

Well, we made the usual formal To wash, eat and all that.
Rinat gravely uncovered his rod and declared that firmly intends to terminate their shameful fishless series to exploit the tackle until they begin to smoke.

As I put up the tent and moving things my friend whistled the first line nearby, and then moved in the direction of the grassy banks.
Safely where he once again hooked the lure for what is a snag and after unsuccessful attempts to retrieve it threw the rod in the sedge and waved his hand to catch before tomorrow morning.
It is common knowledge that it is wiser.

Passed: 89 km
Pedal: 5h 30 min
The day temperature: 19-24C