A journey through the country of fjords


The total route length of 1400 km
Running days - 19



A joint production of the Norwegian author Erland Lou and Ufabike
(what first luckily does not know, and the second, unfortunately, not hides)


Prologue - the power of wishes

Getting started
1. Passed: 38 km Night throwing
2. Passed: 88 km Beer, vodka and wind
3. Passed: 66 km Hand OLE Sigurd Hansen

South mood
4. Travelled: 108 km Bermuda Farsund
5. Passed: 78 km Duma about transfer 0,5:0,5
6. Passed (Ilya): 6 km Fishing in Flekkefjord
7. Travelled: 62 km Shadows of the past
8. Travelled: 70 km The flowers in the middle of the rain

Meeting at the Department
9. Travelled: 68 km Kindness Eloise
10. Rehabilitation Of Pulpitis
11. Oil capital

Archipelago in the mist
12. Damp as a habit
13. Rode 83 km Attack at dawn
14. Rode 47 km Ringtones Bergen

Traverse the Sognefjord
15. Drove 88 km A race with grandma
16. Traveled: 90 km Aliens, lice and cheese
17. Traveled: 105 km Underground hell Granger

Roads in the sky
18. Traveled: 73 miles Winter fun
19. Traveled: 41 miles Clever uphill will not go
20. Traveled about 77 km Stone silence
21. Naked revelations by Gustav Vigellana

Best country in the world


Indirect participation also dick Francis, Frank Metzing, Bend Hamsun and the group "the Brothers Grimm".