Attack at dawn

Rode 83 km


... I leave the tent and go on the piss. As always stand in a certain place, on a smooth stone down the tent.
From here usually you can see the whole city and the fjord, but today is hindered by the fog.
Life has proven to me that when I withhold the truth, events turn against me, so let me, I just tell it like it is: I have a very big cock.
What can I say.
I attracts attention with its size, in other words, a giant sexual organ.
Member of the giant, in short.
So I have old big.
The best words for him to choose. Long. Heavy. And thick.
Great, one word...

The morning of the twelfth day actually began at five in the morning, when Elijah pushed a small need, got out of the warm tent into the light.
He undid the curtains of the tent, and was absent only a few moments. Smelled the fresh morning air. Rain during the night stopped and through the tent penetrated the first rays of the sun.

In my sleep, I felt like a fumbling Ilya climbed in the tent back.
Morning sleep is always sweet. However, the internal clock raised me seven o'clock.
Yawning I got out into the light and walked to the side enjoying a foggy Bay.
At the very moment I found the tick embedded in the most precious thing that any man has.
The dream vanished.
With his pants down, I rushed to look for tweezers.
Along the way shook Elijah, so that he looked at this blasphemy.

Luckily I have always had this essential tool inserted into a Swiss army knife.
For ethical reasons I do not include pictures of this incident.
So nervous my hands were shaking and could not get sfokusirovatI'm a little bastard.
First, I ripped off his body , then focusing and making two deep breaths, pulled the head and with a toothy jaw.

By this time, Elijah is also found on a couple of things, though not in such intimate places.

Moreover, these insects swarmed on this beautiful lawn.
There was just something their lair.
Neither before nor after in Norway we mites are not met.
They were crawling across the grass, our tent, backpacks.
I counted about a dozen large, visible to the naked eye.

Generally speaking Scandinavia is not considered an area of distribution of tick-borne encephalitis.
Cases here are rare.

Ilya, living in St. Petersburg, too, were not too familiar with this disease, nothing about it not heard and therefore not too upset.
As they say ignorance is bliss.
We on the Ural natural focus of encephalitis.
A lot of infected ticks and, accordingly, developed a system of diagnosis, notification and prevention.
For me this is not an empty phrase, but the terrible disease.
Because my mood dramatically soured.

It's good that I'm anticipating this and had assembled in Novosibirsk drug - yodanthipirina.
It was positioned as a replacement for injections of immunoglobulin in cases when it would be available.
To be honest, nowhere on the Internet, I failed to read about the proven effectiveness of these tablets, apart from the company itself.
But every Sandpiper praises to his last known.

Scientists have discovered that in recent years the ticks mutated, and this is most clearly seen in areas of industrial pollution.
Accumulating in their bodies lead and cadmium, ticks have become more aggressive and got the ability to carry not one, but several viruses.
RevLey encephalitis, Lyme disease and some trudnoperevarivaema shit.

The destructive influence of man on nature is growing every year.
People consume more natural resources without caring about their recovery.
It is not surprising that nature resists destruction, producing their own appropriate measures.
It is possible that the people perceived it also as a virus and it tends to locate him and eliminate him.
Hence all sorts of new diseases and extreme weather events.

Norway in terms of the purity of the nature all the same on one of the first places.
And although she, too, has his own skeletons in the closet - oil production , fishing and whaling still part of the tongs, the situation is not as breath-taking as we have.

But life goes on.
We had Breakfast and Ilya went to fish.
The sun had risen, meanwhile, has dried our stuff pretty soaked yesterday.

Just this morning my friend caught the best fish for the entire trip.
It was a mackerel or mackerel or rather as it is called everywhere here.
I'm not a connoisseur of fish but when ran on the joyful cry of Elijah immediately saw it darling.
It is unlikely to be confused with someone else.

Mackerel is a very beautiful heat-loving gregarious fish with a spindle-shaped body, thin tail strong stem and vigorous tail in the shape of a Crescent. It goes fast and makes a long migration.
Inhabits at a temperature of 8-20 °C.
Overwinters at depths of 200 m along the slope of the continental shelf.


In the spring the fat content of mackerel are low, about 3%, and autumn 30% of the body weight of the fish is fat.
So autumn fat mackerel is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins D and B12.
Such a good fish for Smoking and roasting on the coals.

Actually in Russia, I have never seen in another view.

Mackerel securely associated with striped Golden carcass hot smoked.
So delicious and unhealthy at the same time (for hot Smoking fish settle carcinogens), But here it was fresh flutter frantically on the hook.
Inspired by Ilya rushed to catch another in the hope that there is a joint.
But in vain - caught fish have remained in splendid isolation.
We wrapped it in a newspaper.
In the evening we are still waiting for the ear - a balm for my soul!

Around 11 a.m. a vernal left the beach.
Mites from this place followed us for a couple of days.
I occasionally picked them out of a backpack.
And Ilya again took off a couple of stray arthropods. Fortunately glaring shallowly.

The first half way of this day ran on the West side of the island Bomlo(Bomlo)
Mountain stream with small waterfalls, forest and a small quiet lake.
The almost complete absence of cars and a small elevation made our ride extremely comfortable.
A few times we allowed ourselves to stay, enough to eat wild strawberries growing along the roadsides.
Blueberries also met, but she was still immature.

Me once I was seized with a terrible sense of direction and, despite the protests of Elijah, we turned in the wrong direction.
I was indisputable and the result was nearly taxied to the Peninsula in the direction of Moster (Moster).
Fortunately my mistake was soon evident.
I had to go back. Lost about half an hour.

And finally we see the local attraction - the so-called Triangle Link or Trekantsambandet.

It is a system of bridges and a tunnel connecting the mainland and the Islands of Bomlo and Stordмежду themselves.
Fishnet design architect of AAS Jacobsen (Aas Jakobsen) spanning the Straits Stokkosund and Digernessund.

And on the third hand laid under water the longest underwater tunnel in Norway.
Bomlafjordtunnel originates on the mainland in the town of Valevag and has its narrow black womb at a depth of 262 meters under sea level.
Its length is nearly eight miles.

Well, we drove up to the triangle with the sides of the island Bomlo. And we were on our way to Stord.

The first bridge leading to a small island called Spyssoy Spissoy Bridge.
It was small and low.
Only 350 metres long and a ground clearance of 7 meters.

Then the road winds a few hundred meters to the island and goes to the second bridge - Bomla Bridge.

This is a huge cable-stayed handsome smooth arc bent over the waters of the Strait for 998 metres in length.
The water lapping far below at its highest point at around 36 meters.
A very wide part for pedestrians and cyclists.
We could not resist the temptation to take pictures.
The bridge had a beautiful view. The fresh sea breeze ruffled our hair.
The chest was filled with delight and far in the third plan moved the morning's trouble.

What is still a man-made beauty found in Norway at every step.
And all done with the mind and perfectly inscribed in the landscape.
AAS Jacobsen - a world famous first magnitude.
The bridges built by his projects, scattered around the globe.
The construction of these facilities went the total of 600 million crowns.
Penny for rich oil countries.

Norway spends heavily profit from the black gold on the development of road infrastructure.
No country in the world there are so many bridges and tunnels as here.
The authorities are well aware that the development of the state is unthinkable without the normal movement.
Here, everything and more debarks for that.

"...say, no car will stop all of Norway, because Norway is in all respects a country of extreme conditions including geographical, in order to ensure that people living in a rural backwater, got cheese, and milk, and cigarettes, and the patch, and all other commodities, is designed for both everyday and for long-term use, we have to go on the road not a small amount of goods, without it can not do..."

I down clocked to 55 km/h.
Through the Islands Nattoy and adjacent Foyno went to the third bridge Stord Bridge
Here was the intersection of highway E39.

This cable-stayed bridge is 1077 metres was lower - only 18 meters at the highest point.
He was not straight, but bent With a "j" right to the island of Stord(Stord)
His canvas all the time were on a slight rise, and coupled with the strong wind it did not contribute to the rapid pedaling.
However, the mighty Ilya seemed like everything was uneasy, he drove off far ahead at its fastest hybrid.

The island of Stord is called "Norway in miniature" because it has a variety of landscapes - fjords, forests, arable meadows and mountains.
We are two relatively large city - Fitar(Fitjar) and Lerwick(Leirvik).

The E39 highway goes around the island of Stord on the East side, passing through the port of Lerwick(Leirvik).
This city is famous for the fact that the stocks at local shipyard - the largest in the country going to a huge oil platform.
Including some of the most famous - Gullfaks C and Troll.

The Troll is a large Deposit of oil and gas in the North sea.
At this point, the shelf lies deep enough.

It is for this field was built platform the Troll A giant structure of concrete with a height of 472 meters , of which 369 under water weighing 656 000 tonnes.> This building higher than the Eiffel tower!!!

The platform is built on the so-called technology Condeep (concrete deep water structure) and installed on the seabed in the location where the depth is 303 meters.
This technology supports are made of concrete and not steel.
Such support is needed for heavy weather conditions and at great depths.
Support leaving the platform at 36 meters into the seabed.

It was the biggest structure in the world ever moved by man.
The Troll platform was towed a week at a distance of 200 km in the field area 80 km Northwest of Bergen.
Under the platform drove seven special ships (this is a giant barge that first stamp on, having on them the goods on the water, and then they emerge - together with the load).
Push this sucker helped a couple of tugs.
This fantastic spectacle was broadcast by all channels in Norway.

Inside is a Troll And 39 producing wells and one observation.
They drilled through three of mine.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the platform Troll A in October 2006, was given two concerts for the employees of the drilling platform, which took place at a depth of 303 meters.
British singer of Georgian origin Katie Melua (22-year-old Katie Melua was born in Kutaisi, her real name Ketevan Melua)
together with his troupe was forced to go to Bergen all the necessary medical examination, and a course on safety before she was taken by helicopter to a drilling platform.
The concert was given in the basis of one of the four pillars of the platform Troll A.

We with Ilya went West the road through Fitjar because it was less busy traffic
And soon crossed the whole island of Stord, having reached its Northern part.
Ferry Sandvikvag-Halhjem was waiting for us.

The ship is as much as 50 minutes. On the deck was pretty coolokay and we sat in the soft chairs of the salon.
The people inside intensive leaned on food and drink.
Two good-looking older women, drop by drop through his teeth, sucked on coffee and the smell of it spread around the room.
The aisles were kids running around.
Ilya turned on the VCR, hung on the wall, and thus has attracted in our direction the whole kindergarten.
There were some cartoons.
Sit in the silence failed, and to turn off the TV is to take away the toy.

About nine in the evening the ferry approached the mainland.
On this day, we still managed to drive to the town of Osoyro
And find a perfect place to stay on the green lawn of the local beach within the town limits.
There was no signage and at first, we cautiously looked around, to accidentally stand on someone's private property.
Nearby stood a white wooden house turned out to be from rental of beach equipment.

Again the rain started and far above Fusiform (Fusafjord) ascended the rainbow.
While not dark cooked ear of mackerel caught in the morning.
The food turned out - yum!
To taste, boiled mackerel in no way inferior to the salmon.
The same dense fatty sweetbreads.
I got great pleasure from this fish.
We drank tea in the dark. Somewhere upstairs were noisy rare cars and in the distance could be heard the sounds of the night city.
The day started badly, ended with a hearty dinner and a decent bed.
Yes, and we traveled a lot.

Sleep closed our eyelids tired , body relaxed and mind retreated into the world of dreams.
And only the remains of the mites somewhere else was crawling among the underwear, looking for a place sweeter for their jaws.
Every creature on Earth had to live.
And each did it their own way, their instincts and habits.