Bermuda Farsund

Travelled: 108 km

... I feel knackered and excited.
It is amazing some basics.
It turns out that time does not exist.
It is difficult to draw any other conclusion.
In any case, there is no single time.
Is my time. Your time.
A lot of times.
Many different times is the same as no time.
If so, I should be happy.
Why am I not happy?
I feel the stress.
Maybe the joy will come later...


Southern Norway is justly called the cradle of the Norwegian summer.
Here the mildest climate in the whole country. Nowhere else can such fine weather.
And we are fully tasted her.

The Norwegian Riviera stretches along the Skagerrak from Skien to Mandala.
The stunning beauty of small towns with white houses.
Sandy beaches hidden between cliffs covered with pines, and the largest number of Sunny days in all of Norway.
The Gulf stream brings a lot of warm water and thousands of tourists flock here in summer to pampers your bones.
The population of many settlements of the South coast literally doubles in the summer.
Country house, hotels and resorts are filled with vacationers, finding true delight in swimming, sailing, scuba diving, fishing and enjoying the cries of gulls.
These sites are not typical of Norway. Sometimes it seems that you are in Crimea, sometimes in Sweden.

The beach on which we spent the night in the morning was even more picturesque than the night before.
Somewhere in the distance was heard human voices in the noise of boat motors and splashing water.

The rays of the morning sun, its warmth quickly heated to the rocky shore.
Folding up the tent and pzavtrakov, decided to polarinstitutt on the shore.
Suddenly the next day it will rain and will not be able to get warm .

And an hour bathed in the warm water of the Bay, wandered along the wooden boardwalk and played with numerous crabs crawling along the bottom.

Frankly did not want to leave this cozy place deserted.
However deserted it was only until 11 o'clock. When went got to meet two women with kids in strollers.
Such a late departure from Parking we could afford due to the long light days granted the land of the midnight sun.
You can easily pedal up to 24 hours until it was getting dark.

The area from Kristiansand to Flekkefjord is included in the district (County) of vest-Agder (Vest-Agder).
The terrain here is relatively flat. Small hills and the road winding along the scenic coast.

In the sea small island, on the shore cliffs and forest interspersed with houses with lush gardens.
It looks like Norwegian idyll. Peace and quiet filled the air.
The water is clear as a tear lures in his arms, and whisper the heated boulders and have to stop, dismount and rest on them.

We did not resist again.
Chilling next stop was the beach town Mandal (Mandal).
Mandal is a city and municipality in the County Vest-Agder.

It is the most southern city in Norway.
Mandal is known for its long sandy beaches that surround the city.
Sjosanden (Sea Sand) is probably the most famous beach in Norway, because it stretches nearly a kilometer along the coast.
Mandal is a very popular resort, with its mild and refreshing summer climate.

Approximately 10 kilometrah from the city is at sea, one of the most famous Islands in Norway - Skjernoy.
Quiet valleys, rough and rocky coastline, small villages and charming people, that's his charactercherished.

Another attraction - the Church: Mandal kirke.
This is the largest wooden Church in Norway, with 1,800 seats and a pulpit.

In the Mandala he was born the most famous Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigelan.
In his honor named street here.
Even here the birthplace of the painter Adolf Tidemand - famous picture of popular wedding on the Hardangerfjord.
Because of this, the city is sometimes called "the little town with the big artists"

Summer Mandali especially good.
It is with great pleasure drove by the waterfront.
In the Central part of it was shot down from the boards, and toy white and red houses came very close to the water.
There were restaurants, a Marina for luxury boats and crowds of people walking around, so unusual for the sparsely populated country.

On the way we stopped at the store Intersport and spent some time walking around the hallways, sighing at great prices.
There were many Cycling clothes.
Especially the clothes, so that's what you will not find at us in Ufa.
But prices in rubles, that repelled any desire to go shopping.

Just outside the city begins the forested area of tall, slender pines and trees.
But for her, the one kilometer beach.
There we threw their bodies still for an hour or two, spit on the road.

Russian merc people on the beach was quite a bit. The sand hot and fine.
But the water here was very invigorating.
Beach was open to all winds and warm sea did not have time.
It was only possible to run, plunge and ago .
But the Norwegians bathed pololu. Extremely hardened nation.
Near the shore floated white swans. No one no one interfered.
People and birds co-existed well together, each in their own little world.
People here didn't bear threat and feathery it felt.

Our lunch consisted of fruit, bread, and skim milk purchasedx in the city.
Norwegians generally adherents of a healthy diet.
The less animal fat in the products, the better.
But Ilya didn't like it and he strove each time to take a standard three-percent milk.
Taste preferences are difficult to change overnight.

"My dear friend, — I wanted to tell him the words of the writer Earland, Lou — today skim milk is the highest achievement among all the conquests of humanity.
Any second now, every idiot is able to provide yourself with regular cow's milk, but the revolutionary leap to skim milk was accomplished thanks to the brilliant insight and perfect the methods of separation that have become available only in recent times.
Speaking of honor, I am afraid that beyond that people can go. Skim milk will forever be the crown of human genius. Strap, to which homo sapiens will be attracted to.
Skim milk ennobles man."

About four o'clock in the afternoon our velociti languished from the sun and tightly Packed stomachs left from the beach towards the city Lingdal.
Unfortunately time was running out.
And we have not had the opportunity to do sorokametrovoy hook to the side of the promontory of Lindesnes - the southernmost point of Norway.
There is a beautiful old lighthouse.

Starting from medieval times, the Lindesnes headland has been one of the most important landmark for ships sailing between the North and Baltic seas.
At the end of the 16th century, Norwegian priest and historian Peder Klassen Freies Lindesnes described as "the Cape, known to all sailors".
As soon as the sailors noticed this distinctive landmark, they could easily plan the rest of their flight along the coast.
Until there was built a lighthouse the coast between Lindesnes and Lista was called the graveyard of ships.
Now the lighthouse is open for free visits. Inside is a book where you can leave your own review. And was built next to mSkansen open-air Museum of the lighthouse.

All this we saw as intensely pedaling along the highway E39.
Not the most interesting part of the way.
If you don't count stopping to rest in a specially adapted place. The Norwegians equip such places of rest intervals all along the roads. So drivers could escape from the routine ways, to stretch their stiff members , bathe and eat at the neat wooden tables.
Usually for such items stay selected the most scenic views of either the sea or the lake or, if it is a mountain, then the valley.

We also ate here on the banana and Preveli spirit.
Ilya washed the head in a roadside toilet.
Unfortunately why there was no cold water, and went golimy boiling water.
And wash the head had short snatches, at moments, summing up his head on the faucet.

This is the biggest impression of Norway, which leaves every traveler indelible mark.

Here water everywhere.
Water on earth and in heaven. It is pure and transparent, like rock crystal.
It is difficult to accept the fact that drinking water does not have to buy in bottles.
Even on the contrary. You can drink from any stream and become a kid.

You can often see that the pipes to the taps of the roadside toilets lead to the nearest river.
It is delicious and invigorating.
The water in Norway that gives me strength to move forward.
The water here is the natural state of nature .
Because the water from the heavens doesn't seem that terrible.
This is just one of the weather conditions.
This is a fact that can easily accept and live with it without feeling much inconvenience or irritation.

Route E39 led us cars in Lyngdal (Lyngdal).
Also known Norwegian resort. Its beaches are located at the ends of the two fjords approaching the city from two sides.
In principle, we could continue to go on the highway to Licnese the administrative centre of the province of Kvinesdal(Kvinesdal).
But interest in this there was no and the decision was taken unanimously. Turned towards the sea and went to the Farsund (Farsund).


It was late afternoon.
About nine o'clock in the area of Qualica where the road passed close to the shore Lyngdalfjorden, Elijah saw the fishermen.
And so he was finally sasadilo fishing that could dismount and hour to spend in contemplative expectation of a miracle.
I am always skeptical was configured to the fishing abilities of my fellow travelers.
And it's not out of malice, but I just like the fishing, it always seemed that it's not easy. What is a science and it is impossible to catch carp on a pond near St. Petersburg, equally well to drag out of the fjords, cod or trout.
In addition to luck, there should at least be of theoretical and practical training.
Fish fish alike.

A trip to Scandinavia showed my relative innocence.
Fish in Norway is not jumping on the hook itself.
Perhaps it here a lot, but to catch one you need a deeper knowledge than those which we possessed at that time.

But for our fishermen at times no matter whether the fish are biting.
Fishing is just a ritual, an excuse to dart away from the hustle and bustle of city life and be alone or with friends.
Man in his natural savage nature - earner.
So he kind of not supposed to just be in nature. Certainly it is necessary for someone to hunt to be accused of idleness.
To gratify his vanity, and at successful coincidence of circumstances to boast of trophies.

After a half hour, Ilya turned in silence spinning and we continued on his way.
The fish ran a parallel course, splashing in the salty water of long Bay.
Fish unusual taunt people. But sometimes it seemed that she does.

Evening Farsund (Farsund) suddenly popped up in front of our eyes, like a snowball perched at the water.
Its white houses perched on a hill, reflected in the waters of the Strait Krossnessundet and from that it seemed to them twice.
The Vela laced the bridge with cast iron railings.

Our forces were on the wane. I had to look for a place to sleep.
We passed the city and went away from him in search of a beach, shown on our map.
The scale was too big and we got lost.
It would be so bad, but we will also, as it turned out, drove around in the pitch darkness, repeatedly returning to the same place.
Like some evil force has swept us up, depriving the ability to focus.

We didn't even keep a girl, Lena, whom we met in one of the small villages.
She worked as a nanny in one family and quickly calculated in us Russians.
Conversation with her in Russian language was balm for those tired of English sounds mushy mouth.
The girl was talkative, but for some reason did not know the area.

Two hours traveled in the area of Farsund until the curve of the track finally led us to the camping site.
After that at full speed we tore into the woods , guided only by an inner intuition and a Russian perhaps.
They then brought us finally to the beach to the sea.

The beach I must admit was gorgeous - even in darkness felt its longest dimensions.
All the buzz was messing with the noise of a factory nearby.
In the black of night, barely discernible vague outlines of some hangars.
The plant slowly rumbled, huffed and puffed and breathed like a huge mysterious beast after a hearty dinner.


The choice we had. He wanted to sleep incredibly is. And has the morning.
However, stoic isif the kerosene stove and ate hearty in the light diode lanterns.
Settled early in the third. Just like the first day near Oslo.
You need to stop with this vicious practice, was the last thought.