Duma about transfer 0,5:0,5

Passed: 78 km

... There are two options and it depends on me which one to choose.
The first is to drop all your inhibitions and accept things as they are.
That is acting like a child.
The second is to observe a certain distance, look closely at the detail and try to find all the familiar features. Sort and compare experiences.
In the first case, the mass of impressions may seem overwhelming.
In the second, sensing things contemplative, you can make a number of subtle observation and to much pleasure....

If you go to three in the morning States at eight in the morning unable to even be havranek like me.
Lain till nine-thirty.
Then slowly was going, sunbathed and swam in the cool sea.
In the light of day our place was very decent.
If you don't count the hangars Elkem aluminium plant.

The noise marred the rosy picture Norwegian sun in the morning.
People were not here in sight, because we allowed ourselves to swim naked.
We had no idea that this was our last dip in Norway.
the weather was great and Manila in a way.

Returning way back in Farsund serenely to the track leading along the 465 Straits and fjords.
Peninsula Sheet (Lysta) cut the water back and forth.
It is difficult to even understand where the sea and lake.
The man at the gas station pointeresovatsya where to, clucked and said that we chose the hard road - Very heavy road!
Said, showing hands, winding snake.
Well, we do not get used up and drove with God.

After the bridge across the Strait Krossnesundet really had to sweat.> Until we got on the serpentine road up to the observation deck I was wet as a mouse and was breathing heavily.
The angle of elevation was large and loaded with pedal bikes barely got out.
Perhaps a few pounds gone from my body stroke.

The grounds were beautiful views of the bridges and Farsund.
Next to the table wearing a sign announcing what flora and fauna inhabits these places.

We're nearly alone. Rarely what kind of car will overtake us.
They all go on the E39. Cyclists generally have not see.
Cyclists in General in Norway is not as many as in Sweden or Denmark.
Even in Oslo, I haven't seen the specially marked paths.

However, the nation is obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.
You can often see people running around, trying to maintain his physical form.
In Norway more than in other countries, circulated Hiking.
Here for walking people has numerous marked trails, which in winter and in summer around a crowd of local and visitors.
On the bike ride too of course, but not so massively.
Even Norwegian writer Erlend Lu noted in his novel Doppler:

"Becoming a cyclist, a reluctant man is forced to lead a life of partisan and encroach on the existing system of transportation, more and more getting a kind of drive, even in the case of healthy and strong people.
Cyclists bullied, we're not having the voices of the minority, whose habitat daily squeezed, displacing us are not adapted to our everyday life the place do not allow us to speak our language, we finish under the ground.
But beware, for a grossly injustice and the anger and aggression behind the cyclists, then don't be surprised if one day, when non-cyclists will fat so that is no longer fit behind the wheel, we, the cyclists go on the offensive and the ceremony will not.
And it's a crusade. We are soldiers and we will fight to the last warrior.
Against a model of correctness. Against stupidity."

If we are in Norway, the cry of the soul is possible, then what about Russia in this sense.
We cyclists are not even partisans, as pariahs and outcasts.
In Russia there is a fashion on a healthy lifestyle.
It's funny to watch as the struggle with the increase in the birth rate of the payment of money, and drunkenness felling of vineyards or cheap vodka.

The plateau on which we drove was 360 meters.
It was a small lake with a completely motionless ominous dark water.
The dark slopes of the mountains reflected in the lakes, making them even more black.
On the shores of the flock sign - no fishing and no swimming.
However even here and break wouldn't at all desire.

The weather began to deteriorate , clouds appeared and the heat was gradually to leave the air.

Spuskatsya the mountain was not much better.
Though the icy wind chills my big ears, bursting into them icy stream and valoragua skull inside.
I even bungled themselves plugs of cotton wool. It helped.

Water Oftefjorden flashed behind the trees.
But had no desire to stop and gawk. We rushed down at full speed until you left to a place called EPTA (Apta). In fact, the letter "A" here is written with a dot above and read as "E".
By the fjord there was a large campsite. And we decided to take a breather in his backyard.

Norway is a network of campsites of different levels.
5* o 1*. The difference in infrastructure.
All campsites represent a specific set of services, which is marked on the Board at the entrance to the campsite.
If 1* camping -guess a simple set of services, showers, toilets, mail, phone, grounds maintenance and premises, room for first aid supplies food lighting at Vespersher time of entrance to the campsite.
It five stars it is - hot and cold water, shower, toilet. Washing machine, dryer.
In winter, campsites are heated.
Security personnel constantly working in London. Lounge, heated pool, kids pool, sauna. Boutiques and stalls.

It seems this camp was of the last category, because the children's pool there are present.
First we had a snack and NAP on the grass, sheltered from the sea wind behind a stone wall.
And then decided to wash insolently.
A miracle! Shower with hot water there was free.
Parked the bikes, we take turns with Elijah showered. what a delight - warm water!
To assess at present it can only be in the campaign.

the map was waiting for us in front of the narrow doiny Fedafjord (Fedafjorden), which had to go around through the city Liknes.

A dotted line was shown to a Grand building - the Norwegians wont have straightened and shortened the path.

Here was built a new branch route E39 by the bridge over Fedafjord.
If she had acted at that time, we would have won at least about 40 km.
Though in this case you'd have to go through the long tunnels, one of which came straight from the mountain to the bridge Fedafjorden bridge.

This tunnel - Teistedal - pierced pjatisotmetrovyj side of a fjord for two miles.

However, the deadline of this track system was scheduled for the end of 2006.
And we went in July and there was nothing left as to go the old road around the Bay.

However, by taking the time and we were rewarded with a view of the opposite Bank of Fedafjord from the height of bird flight.
You can clearly see the multicolored patches of fields , narrow ribbons of roads and teddies neat houses, is perched on the water.
If I looked out the plane coming in posadkifrom.

In Licnese on the banks of the river Kvina, a tributary of Fedafjord, we again indulged own stomachs Norwegian yogurt, bananas and sweet rolls.
A supporter of the last two positions were Elijah and by the end of the hike I began to just hate bananas and pastry.
I never would have thought that it is possible so to overeat.

The road leading along the other side of the fjord to the village of Feda runs at first through farmland.
Here grazing cattle and giant scales grown strawberries.
Fields speckled with reddish dots follow each other.

Long, light nights of Norway provide the perfect conditions for plants and berries.
The more light the plant gets, the richer the taste of the fruit.
It is believed that this is one of the reasons that strawberries in Norway is much better than in most other countries.
Norway is one of the first places in the world in terms of production.
Strawberries in Norway are bred from the South to polar Alta.
The second reason for this phenomenon is that along the entire coast of Norway is the warm Gulf stream, which creates a very positive environment not only for strawberries.
In the South of Norway Matures even cherries.
And strawberries in Norway begin to clean up in may and removed in year two crops.
Due to the small number of parasites and a cold climate the use of pesticides is minimized, so the fruits remain natural.
Strawberries for dessert – a typical Norwegian treat of summer.
These juicy berries are especially good with cream and sugar.

We with Ilya have seen many times sellers of strawberries on the roads.
Go and visible from afar the fanerku with the image of berries.
During the harvest in Norway workers come from many countries and not only students.
The berries are placed in a wicker or plastic trays weighing 200 grams and prayt their 20-25 kronor.

In terms of rubles is about 100.
And when we passed that field, then of course I thought - certainly on the site of harvest, you can buy strawberries cheaper.
It was - approached two elderly muurikka coporatist in the place of storage of berries.
One is clearly the Norwegian ETS nemnogosloven, the other turned out to be a pole - came to work here.
Well, we pulled up to him and I ask - How much?
And he, without batting an eye says 25 kroner!
I'm like, for God's sake, father!
Why is the price on the road and on the field are the same!
Let's say at least 15!
No rested standing his ground.
And then Elijah gave the English stock - But many! Wee Frome rush!
(no money as we are from Russia!!!)
Ah! So you are from Russia - the peasants clearly animated!
Okay guys, take then as a gift from us and shoved us to the tray.
We are certainly taken aback by this turn of events, but did not give up of course.
Promised the peasants a photo to send. They were satisfied.

Jerry and Love Olaf Olsen called them.
If you read something like here about yourself again a huge thank you to them for their participation and generosity.

How so what's going on in Norway and strawberries and cherries are grown almost year round in some places.
It turns out there is such a thing - the average temperature
In Finland, for example, +1.5 seconds. And in Russia - -5,5 C
And the average annual temperature is not everything.
The main differences are felt in Europe in the winter.
There is such a thing as a "harsh climate" - that is, the difference between summer and winter temperatures, and the difference is night and day.
On the severity of the winter climate is the same - the habitable part of Norway, southern Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, West Germany (except Bavaria), Eastern and Central France, Northern Italy, Croatia, Albania, Northern Greece, the coastal areas of Turkey, southern coast of Crimea and the coast of the Caucasus.
The average January temperature thereabove zero.
But Norway more than 3000 km to the North of Greece!

Western Europe and Norway in particular is a unique region.
Nowhere on Earth are there places that are so close to the pole and so warm.
They say that Scandinavia's as cold as Russia!
Actually it is not so.
French geographer of the last century, Jean Elise Reclus called "effective" area where the average annual temperature below -2C.
Only a third of our Russian earth -"effective".
In populated areas of Norway, for example, in homes single frame, because the country stretches along the ice-free sea.

Russia as a state is for the most part there where no one else lives!
And of course the severity of the climate of Russia affects the efficiency of any production.

However, it is the Gulf stream to cool down or to stay (such as phonesy exist) as the whole of Scandinavia will transform into ice desert-type region of Chukotka, our.
The strawberries we tried in the Parking lot. And I will tell you nothing.
I did not like. Watery what she is, though juicy.
Soul in it , the heat of the southern sun and force of the black earth.
A beautiful, but empty inside taste.

Then we saw the icon - a Bike path.
She went up into the mountain, skirting a small conelike on the old E39, which we moved along the fjord.
But tired, we decided to go ahead.
Before Feda was the first tunnel on our way to Norway.
Only a few hundred meters, but the first feelings are always the most vivid.
The tunnel was obviously from an old, poorly lit and from the ceiling in some places the water was dripping.
But to go in the dark, seeing ahead out - pleasant enough.

Finally we came to the same bridge under construction - bridge Fedafjorden. <br /> He was a good ready.
Huge video boom guys held at a height of 50 meters to the sea.
Black hole of the tunnel gaped right at the beginning.
The space between the two bearing towers, 331 meters, and the height of the two towers are 107 metres from sea level.

The straightening of highway E39 between Lingala and Flekkefjord probably demanded a huge monetary investment. The shortening of the path by 40 miles escorted the digging of 6 (six!) tunnels with a total length of 7170 meters. And construction of cable-stayed bridge over Fedafjord.
But Norwegians pay the price as always is not worth it.
I'll be cutting all roads and will be at full speed to go round the whole country along the perimeter in neskollko days.

The village of Feda(Feda) proved to be extremely remarkable.
Here live only 374 people.
Its cosy red houses built at the mouth of the river of the same name outrageous was located in the water protection zone, looming with their fronts right on the water.
Our Mitvol probably would have died then from a heart attack.
Were visible even boat garages attached to dwellings.

Do wonder of course how they have solved the problem with sewage and waste of human life.
There was such a purity that it does not seem that the residents lowered them into the water.
Most likely there are no centralized collection and wastewater treatment, and applies individual system.
The most advanced treatment system of wastewater from toilets for private homes is Ouranoupoli vacuum toilet with small sink. This system is used in many homes in Scandinavia.
Toilet made of ceramic and has a separate small recess with a hole for urine.
The urine under the action of gravity flows into the collecting container.
The feces and water from the toilet washed vacuum system in the same collecting capacity.
Each time the sink is used, only 0.5-1.0 l of water for feces and 0.1-0.2 l for urine.
The total volume of water from the toilet may be only 0.5-1 m3/person per year.
In the waste water from the toilet, you can add household organic waste, which makes it more concentrated.
In stores of the Nordic countries you can find 5-10 different systems for sewage from the toilet.
These systems provide separate pipes for sewage toilet waste.
The less water used to flush, the more concentrated the waste water are obtained.
This is important because it reduces the volume of collecting tank, reduces transportation costs and makes the final product more valuable to farmers.
In the wastewater from the toilet is a high content of pathogenic microorganisms, and therefore to reduce it, they should be subjected to processing, such as liquid composting.


We've enjoyed it so much that decided somewhere in there to set up the tent.
However, knock in Fede, found that of the places then not at all.
Had nothing to do, went on.

First again, panting, clambered up the hill. At the old branch E39.
Then she joined the new road. The front of the Flekkefjord was already finished.
How many times during the day came into my head seditious thought that the bike could use some more lower gear than 1:1.
These bikes surely would demand in Norway.

Spxt hour ahead I saw a long queue of cars in front of the entrance to the new tunnel.
It was not until the end is completed and the movement has been through it one-sided.
First, let flow in one direction, then in another.
To adjust the process were a special people with walkie-talkies.

We joined the queue and patiently waited with the others.
It was at this time I felt in touch with my inner ozNob.
The disease crept up on us.
The fact that the weather here is very deceptive.
The sun is hot and especially when pushing for uphill of course sweat a lot.
But should stop in a shadow like nowhere ledenice the air touches your body hooked by invisible fingers.
You will not have all the time to remove and wear the jacket. I was lazy, and paid for that.

The regulator gave the go-ahead and we rushed into the bowels of the mountain.
Of course all the cars we were quickly overtaken and most of the time we went inside alone.
The tunnel was large and well lit. Perhaps best of all passed us.
The wide flat arch and enough room for a Bicycle.

Finally, a glimmer of light and a mile of the crypt ended.
We waited patiently. Only when the second COP saw us on the road, only then he gave the command on the radio that you can go the opposite group of stuck cars.
Oh we have Norwegian calm and restraint!
However it is difficult to understand where they border just basic respect for anyone.

When at last we rode in Flekkefjord (Flekkefjord) so I freaked out no joke.
I sat on a bench on the embankment, leaving Ilya to prove himself once again.
He went in search of the beach indicated on the map.
I was hit with chills, fever.
I did not notice the beauty of this city.


Finally Elijah is back, scouting the way.
And I went with him to the edge.
Again Pelosi to go to the mountain then go with her.
But the beach has exceeded all expectations.
Locations were many and we settled down under a large tree at the edge.
I still have enough to put up a tent and unpack.
Then I ate the medicine and fell into a restless sleep.
What did Elijah at this time I do not remember.