Naked revelations by Gustav Vigellana


...In a man weighing 70 kilograms, contains, among other things:
- 45 liters of water
- enough lime to whitewash a chicken coop
- phosphorus, which is enough for 2200 matches
- fat of approximately 70 bars of soap,
- iron on two-inch nail
- carbon for 2,000 pencils
- a spoonful of magnesium.
I weigh more than seventy pounds....


Last morning in Norway came extremely early and fast.
It was necessary to keep up to the departure of the first bus.
The fire is for speed, not bred. Yesterday's cold tea heated up on the remains of gas.
A little kozey "putty" with the bread and in the way.

It was almost nine o'clock but the city is still completely asleep.
Geilo deserted streets , deserted railway station.
Before departure remained for about twenty minutes. Ilya grumbled that we had to get some sleep and come back later.
What he was right.
In Norway there is no need to rush, not afraid to catch, fear that they will be late, what is the best places, etc.
Here everything was clear and on schedule.

The bus pulled up three minutes before the designated time.
No questions were loaded and Packed the bikes in the Luggage compartment.
Ilya went inside the first receiving a discount on the ticket for ISIC card.
I also gave a discount even though the card did not show - and I didn't mind.
Unexpected savings is always a joy.
And then this is akin to the compliment cards are issued to young people up to 25 years.
Began to be well preserved - again did not cause its kind of suspicion in his old age:)

Bus to Oslo takes just over four hours past the great lakes.
Highway exclusively picturesque.
If we had even a couple of days forpace and no transport is not needed.
Would have been there themselves.
But the Procrustean bed of time period forced us to sacrifice veloturistam principles for the umpteenth time.

In the hour of local time, the bus gently sauntered into the Parking Bay Metropolitan railway terminal located near a large shopping center Galleriet.

At our disposal was nine hours.
Stiff members requested traffic, while Oslo was waiting for us.

The plan was simple - go in the city centre, and then go to the famous Frogner Park.
We successfully implemented.
To talk about the center of Oslo there is no sense, not to be repeated - if desired, it can be read by going to the report Scandinavia -2005

Frogner Park we found almost without effort. Buxom mulatto suggested the direction and within just 15 minutes, wheel our bikes looked at the quaint guard booth with bas-reliefs and wrought-iron arches decorated with dragons and dinosaurs.
The Park entrance is absolutely free (regular Hello St. Petersburg to Pavlovsk for example)

To the left of the main entrance to the estate Frogner (Frogner hovedgard) — this long building with a tiled roof is located the Museum of the city of Oslo (Oslo Bymuseum).

But of course our eyes were glued to the dominant feature of Frogner Park, located along the Central Avenue sculptural ensemble Vigeland (Vigelands skulpturpark), a Grand complex of granite and bronze figures.


He was born to a carpenter in 1869 in southern Norway.
In the years of his youth learned from his father.
In Christiania (was the Norwegian capital during the Danish Swedish dominion) came nineteen-year-old teenager With me he only had sketches of his sculptures andall had no money.
Tramping through barns and attics of houses until he finally hired an apprentice to the renowned Moscow sculptor Brynjulf Bergslien. Thus began the triumphant life journey of a young boy named Gustav Vigelan.
Later he studied in Berlin and a visit to Rodin's Studio in Paris.
When Gustav returned Home he quickly achieved recognition as the leading Norwegian sculptor.

In 1915 Vigeland submitted to the city authorities ambitious project — the creation of a monumental sculpture Park.
After nine years of hot debate and controversy, the project was approved, and the artist has signed with a government contract: he donated Christiania all your future work, and in return received full allowance and a new workshop, which after his death was to open the Museum.
And all the people of Christiania had to pay an annual tax on the construction of the Park.
This situation was particularly irritated by the famous painter Munch, who publicly resented the fact that have to pay out of my modest earnings money Gustav Vigelan put on the production of sculptures on stream.

The authorities took the sculptor a plot of land in the Frogner Park where Whelan worked for about 40 years.
As a result, the light appeared amazing building sostojashie of more than two hundred sculptures, combining naturalism naked of human life from birth to death.
Whelan expressed in his works all the way man he is in this world, the feelings experienced by each of the generations and the whole gamut of relations between the sexes.
The sculptor himself designed all parts of the Park up to the lawn and flowers on them.

The fact that he came out as a result really admire.
Lilac stone sculptures, a small Playground, alleys, huge flowerbeds with roses and a fountain.
It seems here you can wander forever, to contemplate and to think about his life, to trace in its entirety. That it was, is and probably will be.

Unfortunately we didn't have much time for this.
However, Ilya heard our Russian speech, several times joined the tour and listened to what the guide tells our compatriots.
Without the necessary explanations difficult to understand what is what.

Park Vigellana begins the 100-foot bridge over the Creek Frogners (Frognerdammene).
Whelan built this bridge in place of the old built in 1914.
On the parapets of the bridge has 58 bronze sculptures on the relations between the sexes and between adults and children.
And the edges of the bridge are 4 high columns, on which are represented scenes of fight of people with the lizards-demons.
As the enchanted walk along and gaze in Nude figures and faces trying to comprehend their meaning.
Above the main parapet - two wheel shapes inside is the symbol of eternity of existence.

But the most famous sculpture here is doubtless - Angry Kid (Sinnataggen) - why is not very clear
The figurine is quite small - at full size.
Near it is always full of people - take pictures , touch.
As a result, some part of his body is polished to a Shine. Especially the left hand and pee-pee.
Well the pee-pee more or less clear, but the hand....
The unofficial symbol of the Park has been repeatedly kidnapped, but the city authorities always managed to return the toddler to place.
Scary to think what would happen to the kid, he stay in Russia.

If you look for the Angry Boy down from the bridge on the shore are situated all round Children's Playground (Barneplassen) with Osamu kids on the perimeter is a symbol of childhood.
And in the center is the embryo, standing on his head as a symbol of the origin of life.

All this is quite impressive.
Especially we Russians are accustomed to the fact that monuments can be in the foundationsMr. only clad figures or leaders of some famous personalities.

The bridge leads out to the huge flowerbeds with multi-colored roses.

And behind them - the Fountain(Fontanen) - the earliest work of Vigeland placed in the Park.
A huge bowl in the center — the "burden of life" — carried by six muscular Goliaths.
The edges of the granite pedestal 20 sculptures — of the human body intertwined with trunks and branches of trees.
Vigeland tried to convey the inextricable link with nature from the moment of birth to death: "trees of life" enmeshed in infants and youths, and old men, and the skeletons of the dead.
Below the crown of the tree unfolds the life of a man, from the cradle.
Our time on earth is only a part of the eternal cycle without beginning or end.
Behind a tree with a skeleton, which would decompose and dissolve in nature, follows a tree full of children: from death arises new life.
Around the fountain is paved with mosaics of a huge maze.

Central in this Museum under the open sky is the Monolith (Monolitten) is a column from a single piece of granite.
From the fountain to it are wide stairs.
Along them the sound of the water cascades.

Above the Monolith Whelan worked for almost 20 years .
Before starting work on granite, he concocted two models of the obelisk of clay and plaster life-size.
The piece of granite was carved out of the rocks near the city of Helden on the banks of the Iddah-the fjord (we passed these places in the past year - see Scandinavia-2005). The weight of the stone was originally 470 tons, and after the treatment was 270.
On Monilite consists of 121 intertwined human body.
Whelan did not explain the idea, which he put in the Monolith, leaving a wide field for conjecture and speculation.
Obelisk interpretiruya and as the picture of the struggle for existence, and as a phallic symbol, and as an endlessly recurring cycle of life, and how the persisted desire for God.

In pthe period of work on creation of the Monolith was built a wooden stair around the granite pillar, surrounded on all sides by scaffolding, which did not stop the work of his assistants.
This ladder has become a popular destination for Park visitors that climbing on it at the height, could see in detail all the constituent elements of the monumental colossal compositions created on their eyes sculptors under the guidance of the author. Unfortunately after the work was completed it was removed.

But besides the Monolith have 36 sculptures illustrate the human life cycle.
People of all ages — from children to the elderly — presented in different everyday situations: they sleep, eat, play, love each other, grieve, console, suffer and rejoice.
These figures are constantly covered in tourists who climb on them,sit down and even try to put the third in the intimate posture of the two.

People in the Park walking a great many.
And we were afraid to leave their bikes for a long time in the power of indestructible Russian reflex - don't want stolen - don't leave me!
In addition, the terms of wandered our fellow citizens many of whom probably had no moral foundations of European mentality.
Because the inspection was carried out by small dashes.

A monolithic main alley again up the hill — past the sundial with zodiac signs to the "Wheel of life" (Livshjulet), consisting of seven intertwined bodies.

The wheel is a symbol of eternity and executed as a garland of women, children and men holding on to each other.
In a sense, this sculpture sums up the dramatic theme of the Park: the way of man from the cradle, through happiness and grief, through love and hate, eternal and undying hope and faith.

From the top of the Wheel offers a view of the entire Park, and on the other side of the city and the cemetery of Vestre Aker (Aker Vestre gravlund).

On that note Frogner Park was abandoned.

On the streets in Oslo quite a few machines.
Is from 2005 Norway increased the amount of fines for violation of traffic rules.
(for example for speeding take the equivalent of 20-30 thousand rubles)
And introduced paid Parking in the centre ten years earlier.
The capital is divided into zones and the cost of Parking ranges from 80 to 150 per hour.
More than three hours standing nowhere - for the violation will have to pay.
Unwilling to pay for replacement of the fine to imprisonment from 3 to 15 days.

"...I'm paying for the car, give five hundred crowns as a penalty for a Parking violation, one thousand five hundred for the evacuation of the machine, in one hundred crowns for every day that she stood here, and these days was coming up a lot, and so it proved.
In the more than three thousand crowns.
A waste of money.
My hard-earned money.
One can only hope that the municipality will spend it on something useful.
That's the only consolation..... E. Lu "

Still had some time before the departure and we had it on the lawn in front of the Royal Palace, before eating bought this product from our favorite supermarket KIWI.
Finally decided to act and took a whole box of ice cream.
It was sold under the label of First Prise was fabulously cheap for sixteen eskimo placed inside.
However, even for macerich travelers eight Popsicle at a time is too much.
Despite the warm sun I'm completely frozen from the inside.

Around the Palace on the grass lay a lot of people.
We chose a good place on the hill overlooking Karuhanga and threw himself shaped the camp, throwing things and edibles around them for a good five square meters.
Somewhere nearby behind the bushes someone plaintive twang of the violin, isbut false at the same time.
At a little distance sat a girl with tousled hair. She was clearly drunk or high.
Since all time was, they'd stand up with a complete lack of expression on her face.

The sun was setting over the horizon.
Norway escorted us with beautiful weather, as if to say - you guys are not so bad! come nepremenno else.

The fatigue and the desire to go home somewhere vanished and was sorry to leave the hospitable land of the Vikings.
After all, she has kept us so many unseen places and secrets.

To nine in the evening arrived at the station.
Dragged great inside and I went to the information Desk to find out which place will be sent to our bus.
To do this, as it turned out was not worth it because each access to the platform hanging TVs with a list of the next flights.
But as a result of this irresponsible move I have egg on us with Ilya aunt of this Bureau.
After she realized that my bike want to take the bus, jumped out of his glass booth and something began to sputter with a worried look implying that with the bikes they have here and not what our business seams.
I had to nod kindly to her, and to pretend that we're leaving.
I had to disassemble the bikes and pack and then the question would not have arisen.
But to carry a burden through all the station building were not an option.
As a result, we sly has leaked its course to the desired output and there slowly dismantled our horses.
However, Ilya was a little nervous, and for some reason everything was completely to the bulb.
I knew we can do it all.

Half an hour later the bus company Swebus in the dark was driving us through the Scandinavian Peninsula back in Stockholm.
The middle of the night when we rhythmically snoring and saw different dreams, we suddenly stopped and forced to reboot what is in another bus.
Ilya sproson vile cursing pulling out the Luggage fromdivision our heavy Luggage.
Especially got company Swebus, which ,however, despite a higher price than the competition, do not differ special comfort.
But maybe we just zazhralis:)