Night throwing

Passed: 38 km


... What kind of country is this Norway? Maybe it's you maybe it's me.
Northern sky cools the city. The fjords of foam, rivers made of crystal.
Just don't be afraid of the cold. We're go
What kind of country is this Norway?...


Ferry company Silja line is located right opposite the pier, in Viking line on the other side of the Bay.

The white mass Silla - Serenades already cast off and her insatiable womb of a string of stopped cars. The technology was already familiar with.
On watch got boarding passes and magnetic keys to the cabins and soon drove into the hold of the ship.
Parking bikes is tying these to the various knobs and protrusions on the wall.
Taking the necessary things, we went from the cargo hold one deck down to our cheap windowless cabin.

The ships of the company "Silja Line" ("Silja Line") runs along the line Helsinki-Stockholm (ferry "Silja Serenade" and "Silja Symphony") are positioned as five-star floating hotels.
They ply between Helsinki and Stockholm.
Built in 1990. Length - 203 m; width - 31.5 m; draught of ship - 7.1 m; speed - 21.5 knots.
Number of passengers - 2852.

Until recently, Silja Line was part of the concern si Konteyners Ltd. Sea Containers Limited and the title "Silja Line" was used for marketing in the sphere of passenger and cargo traffic.
In June 2006, Sea Containers exposed Silja Line on sale , with the sale subject to all of eight ships of the Silja company.
Along with Tallink range of interest in the company Viking Line. Norwegian NorFerries offered for Silja Line 520 million euros.
However, Silla was buyingena ferry company of Estonia Tallink for € 450 million.
And now it will be the largest ferry company in the whole Baltic sea.

From the upper deck of Silla opened a gorgeous view of the terminal of Viking line.
Loading onto the ferry this company was parallel to ours.

In Silla, the top deck was transformed into a beach. Green synthetic surface simulates grass.
A lot of people already strip naked and reclined on what someone could.
And when you have time.
Just came on Board and from here to the sun.
Snatch infrequent and the sun.

There was even an indoor pool with a winter garden. Though not very large. They sailed mostly kids.

And at night, Sundeck (sundeck) easy motion the imagination becomes Moondeck - deck for romantic walks under the moon.
Night, I once looked out and there was cold and strong wind. Don't know how anyone, but to me, this particular romance is not declining.

The cabin was exactly the same as the Viking.
Only this time we bought it, and took two seats out of four.
And that meant that most likely we will travel.
And so it happened.
One of them was our boy Alex.
The former editor of the column "fly Fishing" magazine "Rybolov-Elite".
Now works at a travel Agency. Specializiruetsya fishing on the Aland.
Was carrying a group of tourists on the regular fishing.
Pike they catch from boats. The group is not large and is worth the fun very expensive.

Well, I think it's a sign. Now Elijah will gain a bit of knowledge how in Scandinavia the fish to fish.

Another traveling companion is Mickey Finn.
What was wrong with Finn.
Too modest. All the time or slept or was lost somewhere on the ship.
Drink vodka categorically refused all the time and blushed.

Water treatments me a lot of time ne needed and after 15 minutes I was ready to conquer the institution of the ferry.
And Ilya, I was depressed.
As part of the wash it was little different from my friend Rinat.
I even then got the impression that he was sick.
Or is this a phobia or mania - a pathological desire for purity.

In General the ideal purity does not exist.
They even say that hands should be washed without soap so as not to destroy all the bacteria and not to lower the immune to them.
But then I got used to or resigned - I don't know.
Everyone has their own cockroaches in my head.

Within Silla's Serenade arranged the whole street.
Height from the seventh to the eleventh deck.
The Windows inside the cabins overlook her.
Well at least they are not opening, and then the passengers would have had the potential to spit on a passing bald spot at the bottom or something to throw down.

The sides of this street called Promenade (Promenade) shops, restaurants and cafes. You can just walk through it here and there gazing at parties.
What we actually did. Restaurants were too expensive for us, and food we stocked up in St. Petersburg.

Still there was a huge map on which the course of the ferry was shown a luminous dotted line.
And the place where he was marked with a flashing point.

The only place we went was the huge shop TaxFree.
A lover of premium spirits, as he positioned himself Elijah immediately went to the rows of bottles.
There was to look at that hot liquid all colors of the rainbow (don't know how you can drink such as blue poignantly similar to the vitriol, fire water)

Well, I turned to the rows of candy. And took a whole box of your favorite so in Scandinavia Taguchi.
Chew it like chewing gum and it melts in your mouth slowly.
One such candy eat - and the feeling of having a bag capitalized.
Very economical.

The area of the Ordinon Board Silja Line reaches 5000 square meters and is second only to London's Heathrow airport.
Shopping on Board is an integral and very important part of your flight Helsinki-Stockholm.
Say ,buying on Board a sufficient number of high-quality cosmetics and other Souvenirs, can justify the entire trip.
Apparently the prices on the ship are much lower than in the stores on land.
Very often, the most popular new products can be purchased on the ship long before they appear in stores on the mainland.
Ilya argued that the price of alcohol here is really much lower than in St. Petersburg.

The people in this duty-free store purchase at big.
Beer packaging in bottles, food, things what are.
Carts to the checkout ride.
Mostly they were residents of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world.

Was there and our fellow citizens. But they are usually on the General weather is not affected.
Some vociferous Finn at the cash register ernichayu and jiving in full voice with trudnoperevarimoy intonations.
Whom he he izgolyalsya and the meaning of his remarks I did not understand.

We are also limited to a bottle of American wine and Truckee.
Ilya really bought yourself a whole package of Finnish beer Lapin Kulta.
And wanted to scream - you lopnesh darling!
But Elijah was young, and not so easy to burst. Beer he loved perhaps even more than the purity of his body.

In General, Silja Serenade I did not like.
It is much less of comfort and intimacy than the Viking.
Not a five star hotel, a floating shed with attempts at luxury.
Maybe because is quite old - how did 16 years on the water.
Ekspluatiruet in the tail and mane.
Although neat and Scandinavians are all wiped, washed and cleaned, but the decay time can not be concealed.
The second decade trample the ship hordes of tourists, puke on its polished parquet floor and RUB bodiesand railings stairs and elevators.
And what they do in the cabins can only guess.

Drinking a glass of white California for the beginning of the path and eating a Russian sausage, we went to a night club.

The view there was in full swing.
The feeling of déjà vu is firmly lodged in my brain.
All of this with some variations I've seen twice on the Viking last year.
Kardebalet, tricks and artless accommodation of third-rate artists.
But this unfortunate event is called no more no less as Moulin Rouge.

All the trump places around the stage were occupied.
I had to perch oneself on the back. Where there was only a sound is heard but nothing is seen.
Ilya took a few cans Lapinkulta.
I took a Cup of tasteless coffee for 2 Euro at the bar.
It was a little easier.
For some reason the bartenders didn't understand my English pronunciation.
And the word "coffee" was understood by them more clearly than "ti".
Although there are two sounds you can screw up is not clear.

So we sat for about fifteen minutes, enjoying the bourgeois atmosphere and even if the involvement in this world.
While appearing out of nowhere the waiter suddenly it got destroyed.
He famously grabbed the dishes from our table, and then imperceptible movement snatched from the hands of Elijah a jar of beer.
He was just going to make it a good lingering SIP.
Yes he stood with his hand raised in amazement.
The waiter muttered something unkind to us, and before we recovered, and disappeared in the darkness.

Apparently there were allowed to drink only local Beers on tap, and Bank Lapinkulta shouted that brought the club from the outside.
But such boorish behavior of the staff was unpleasant fact.
Perhaps he correctly ruled us as Russians with whom you can not stand on ceremony.
However in this case we were wrong too.
And Ilya in the second pocket of the shorts was another Bank of the Finnish stuff, which he nevosaTimo printed and the remaining time is firmly held by both hands so as not to puke:)

A sense of belonging to bourgeois society is gone.
Somewhere in my chest was boiling and spread of class hatred for the oppressors of the common people.
Perhaps this revolution happen:)
After all, the reason for the first world was just one shot of the student Gavrilo Princip.
Great foolishness always start with a small.
Just like someone who then takes a can of beer!:)

By 12 o'clock the show was over and the club closed (and even a nightclub called!) and all dispersed.
Ilya said that he is determined to walk in the morning to drink beer and look for girls.
The ferry was large and resembled a summer camp.
After midnight all were closed and the nightlife is apparently moved to the cabins.

Unbearable and I couldn't keep my eyes.
And after a while I have a swim test on the white sheets and under the rhythmic hum of the motors behind the wall fell asleep.
Ilya pinned somewhere around four in the morning and long rattled in the dark bones, settling on the couch.
Then rustled Alex, collecting things.
Night ferry landed on the Aland he went ashore in Marienhamne.

Of course Yes Illya in the morning for Breakfast was not easy.
I probably will soon the medal should be given: In hard work when you Wake-up!
Or harmfulness of milk to give - so much filth in your address when you will.

Perseverance and patience one of my virtues and now for a table by the window I can see mentioned with the beer the booze the face of my friend.

To the buffet we went up not quite to the opening. The hall was already full. Someone as already came out.
Someone came back. At the entrance checks no one checked. To the side stood a cash-register and you could pay for Breakfast cost 9.5 Euro.
Elijah immediately set about trying to cheat and get in for free. Nobody controls!
People come in and out. Very easy to do inID what you paid and go inside.

It cost me some effort to explain to my friend what to do.
Because here trust you. Initially believing that you are honest. Thereby providing you due respect and honor.

In our society everything is built on distrust of each other. The government does not trust the people, the public authorities and each other.
Hence the abundance of all sorts of kontrolerov, police.
In a society where it is normal to do something for free, to cheat, to get something for nothing at the expense of another will always be so.

Everyone needs faith.
Faith in something positive that makes life not meaningless.
And trust is part of faith.
Trust is the faith people have in each other.
It is also easy to lose as hard to find.
Not to say that in Scandinavia everything is perfect in this sense, but obviously the level of trust people have for each other is immeasurably higher.
And therefore if we want not to lose self-respect, we must fully realize and accept the trust that we receive in this case, even if you really want to do as used to.
People in the canteen were many and our neighbors were two good-looking white-haired old woman with whom conversation.
One of them at the age of 70 years were very cheerful and worked as a tour guide.
Travels around the world with groups. Her husband died some time ago, and money was not enough. So you have to work.

Everything was very tasty and wanted to eat. As always, scored a mountain of food and an old woman looked in amazement at our appetites, picking his fork pieces of the tomatoes on their plates.
Ilya after two approaches poured the whole plate of liquid yogurt and inserted in her canned fruit.
And at the end of Breakfast simply choked.
Yes, and I felt my stomach slowly but surely becomes a hemispherical shape.

Food is not noticed as the ferry approached the port ofat Vartan (Vartan) in Stockholm.
Terminal Vartan is in the suburbs and this is a big minus Silje compared to Viking, which is moored in the centre near the Gamla Stan.

However on the Vela Stockholm city centre is only twenty minutes away was.
And now just a year later, I'm back on square Sergelstorg at the fountain.
Lovely warm Sunny day. A good sign for the beginning of our journey.
First we went to the train station.
There was a City transport terminal railway and bus station.

Leaving Illya to guard the bikes I went inside to reconnoiter.
After wandering around the floors found that in Oslo from Stockholm buses just two companies - Swedish-Norwegian Swebusи Sufflebussen.
Prices of Safflebussen I liked more - CZK 360 vs 420.
In addition there were discounts for ISIC youth card (she was my friend and do not forget that the two of us he was a youth)
The option of the train was not even considered. Road trains in Scandinavia.

Went buses of both companies around the same time.
At 14 00 and 21 30. Journey time about 7 hours.
When I was planning the trip we thought that we will spend the night in the bus early in the morning and be in Oslo.
But here we suddenly spontaneously decided not to waste time and go to lunch.
Than secured polubesova night.

But it will be then, and in that hour we stood at the cash register of Safflebussen and tried to buy tickets in both ends.
And everything went smoothly.
I said something, gestured, was, in General, the usual set in the dialogue.
The cashier smiled sweetly. While the foolish did not mention our bikes.
She immediately frowned and petrified voice said in their company bicycles are not allowed to carry.
We are all good in hindsight.
Now I understand that it was not necessary to talk about our transport - just wrap and put in the Luggage compartment.
It was a mistake and mistakes pprihoditsja to pay, in this case, had to pay crowns.
Because, going to the cashier Swebas, we bought tickets to Oslo and back.
And the mention of bikes in a stupor the usherette not plunged. We explained that will pack them in pouches and it did.

Then had the pace to go to the thrift store "Netto" and to buy food and my favorite Swedish yogurt with blueberries.

Loading the bus took place without problems.
Space in the Luggage compartment was more than enough. Particularly comfortable the salon was no different.
Was a folding table on wereregistered seat and thanks for that.

It is very curious to observe the audience. And then over the familiar road.
The first part of the journey to the Castle and Swebus rolled on the track where we last year with Rinat rode bikes.
Seven hours to go of course painful.
I have a very stiff legs.
The bus was standing at the stops very long. The embarkation was carried out quickly.
Hoary old driver in a white shirt with a tie nimbly punched at the cash register entrance tickets.

Near the border with Norway was a change of drivers.
Soon the plains gave way to mountains, and the markings on the road was yellow.

At the entrance to Oslo and the big stopper was formed of cars. However, our bus is not affected.
He was driving on an empty special bar to the right.
And soon we were standing feet on Norwegian soil.
It was nine o'clock in the evening.

Norway is this year again ranked the world's best country to live in.
This Scandinavian state for the sixth time in a row topped the corresponding rating, compiled by the UN development Programme .
Next on the list of countries with the best conditions for human habitation are Iceland, Australia, Ireland and Sweden.

Evening Oslo was deserted.
Only Karlshorst was full of life.
Ilia in Tempe, rode through the centre stop by on the waterfront Aker Brygge a little took photos and ran away from the city.

It was already dusk, and the capital of Norway, together with its suburbs were very extensive in length.
Darkness overtook us about Sandvika.

The city at night was uncomfortable.
Completely empty blocks. No cars, not a soul around.
And only black eye sockets of numerous tunnels lured into his cold, stone womb.
Tried to go around them by. Will call at such and emerges a very different place.
We had trouble keeping orientation.
Our map was too large scale for the orientation in the labyrinth of streets and alleys.

Looking for accommodation, we stopped randomly in the Parking garage.
He was attached to one side of the hill. We entered it from the top and then down turns on 7 floors down.
It is still fun.

It got cold and I had to put villagery and jacket.
Stopped several times to release tension and to chew Taguchi from the ferry.
Idea to take a photo of something not even there.

And then we spotted the police. Their car stopped at a distance and blinked us headlights.
In Russia at that time of day probably expect anything good from the police probably wouldn't have.
And here men in uniform politely asked if they give us something to help, because they see that we stayed in and apparently don't know where to go.
But the direction we already knew.
Nevertheless thanked the cops for taking care of those left without even asking who we are and where.

That night we were able to stick only at about 4 a.m.,taxied to some Park near a huge IKEA warehouse.
Where in the end exhausted and tired and pitched the tent.

Passed: 38 km