Underground hell Granger

Traveled: 105 km

...Most of the tunnels appear to us in the form of a black, lit from inside by the hole in which disappears our train or car.
We're heading down a boring corridor where nothing entertains the eye.
And we know little about him.
And certainly not remember his birth, when "these tunnels were similar to wounds, the black, the terrible wounds, all the while spewing pus and absorbs fresh blood" ....

A beautiful night and a sad morning. Rain started to Pitter-patter on the awning, even at night.
Once again, the weather turned to us his backside.
Though of course by the end of the trip the humidity was particularly negative emotions.
I stuck the face over the canopy.
Sognefjord was shrouded in a gray haze.
Ragged saturated with moisture, the clouds drifted low over the water.


On the nose, quickly formed a drop and relish fell from the height on the Shoe.
With a sigh, he climbed back in.
Ilya as usual was still sleeping, snoring rhythmically in the corner.
An hour later the rain had died down a little and pushed his partner took advantage of the unexpected pause to quickly pack up and have Breakfast.

The tent had to collapse the wet in the hope that the drier it will be when it is too late.
The last spoon of oatmeal had finished again to the accompaniment of water from the heavens.

Put on our waterproof jackets and tights.
I pinned velomobile they this day was just what we needed.
And Ilya, who had them put on his trainers on his bare feet, believing that the movement will not freeze.
Saying goodbye to Naseem cozy place, moved further way.

Highway 55 was in this place along the process of the Sognefjord called Hoayngsfjorden.
At the end of this small Creek was located Gorod Granger (Hoyanger).
The dissonant name of this place pointed the rainy day.

Industrial city engaged in the production of aluminium and hydroelectric power.
Granger surrounded by high mountains, the largest of which Havren - 1231 M.
From its slopes flows the turbulent river flowing into the fjord.
The city is located in a small coastal valley formed by this river.

Most interesting was the fact that the city is only one road forward.
And she drilled, no other word will not pick up through the massif.
Hoyanger tunnelen with a length of 7.5 km.
In fact we didn't have much choice and no other way. We had to go.
Although I, as the oldest and most cautious of the two of us, expressed some concerns about such a long stay underground.
Unknown as there is ventilation and the most expensive.
Norwegian laws prohibit the movement of cyclists in such contrast trims long tunnels.
All Ilya did not care, and he rushed forward, biting at the bit.

Ilya and perfectly complement each other.
In fact I was a brake on our velocipede, and he gas.
Without both it is impossible to go - or not budge or break:)
As a result, all passed perfectly.

Rain sprinted with great force and to stay on omtor city we did not.
Slipped him at speed, he came to a place where Dale actually began this horribly long underground passage.
Before the blackened hole in the mountain was a sign "Road cyclists prohibited", we immediately set up n fighting mood.
We stopped for a few minutes to hang lights on bikes and, blessed, rode into the tunnel.

Fortunately the road surface was slightly tilted down.
Because it was easier to go.
Tuskly light ceiling lamp is not too discharged surrounding darkness.
Some teachingstcaj to go had feels.
Granger the tunnel is relatively narrow, there is almost no space for a lateral white line. From the stones the rock and the wall.
Because we had to go as close to the edge.

Luckily the tunnel wasn't too busy in the car plan. Otherwise we would have had very hard times.
But those cars that sped by, was enough to get the full experience.

In the tunnel of this size and diameter of the sound has nowhere to go.
It can't dissipate, he absorbs, the rock casts a wave straight at you.
It feels even leather.
Like some kind of monster, flying a few inches behind or ahead it is not visible, but it's here!
No matter towards the car rides or catching up from behind.
This roar suddenly emerges and space covers you from all sides.
And growing every second.
In these moments inevitably reduce the speed and try to pin yourself into the right wall.
Only when the headlights it becomes clear where the car rushes.

Stopping in a tunnel, immersed in sepulchral cold of the crypt.
He inevitably sneaks in every cell of the body, restricting her trembling and weak with terror.
Fortunately on this day we were dressed warm and dry air of the dungeon was even nicer flow of water outside.
Every 500 meters on the sides were installed glowing boxes indicating how much is still left to the end.
With the air we're lucky to breathe in completely bearable.
Apparently the ventilation system worked great. A weak current of air, barely felt, but he was.
The most unpleasant kilometers to the center of the tunnel.
Go and understand what you deepens more and more, further and further from life-saving fresh air. And who knows what lies ahead.
We must pay tribute to the passing drivers, no one honked and we are worrying about nothing.

After marking 4 km vzdohnyosh easy.
Even had the idea to stop in a quiet INTERMEDOK between the oncoming cars and make the frame.
But first, in the dark nothing would come out, and in vtoryh unspeakably didn't want to stop.
Just advance quickly to the exit.

And finally, after 35 minutes of continuous riding and chilling the nerves of internal tremor, we went outside.
The longest in my valuestore the tunnel was successfully overcome.
Don't know was where the video camera but it would be interesting then to see the look on our faces along the way:)

Not want to plunge into the water and somewhere in the soul cherished the hope that suddenly this side of the mountains it's not raining. But alas, here, too, was pouring in buckets.

Beautiful highway 55 laid straight across the edge of the Sognefjord and literally follows every curve of the shore.
In good weather you ride a real pleasure.
But in the pouring rain especially no beauty. Yes, and the fjord was barely visible in the fog.
To began to freeze. Ilya and not teeth chattering.
So the next 40km to Palestrina riding non-stop.

I seriously began to fear for the health of his friend - he was almost barefoot.
In sneakers with holes. And the contents of his backpack.
Water poured in all the cracks. Tights long been soaked and heavy.
The jacket was the last one who bravely resisted the pressure element.

Ballestra (Ballestrand) a very famous and popular tourist town.
There are many old buildings in old Norse style emerged on the crest of a wave of nationalism in the late 19th century.

Local architects tried to create a true Norwegian architecture.
As a result a lot of wooden churches and Stabenow - buildings on stilts, painted in red and with the heads of dragons on the roofs.
Typical of such a building - the Church of St. Olaf in Balestrino.

Immediately near the pier is a tourist info center.
That's where we went to warm up, leaving the bikesdy at the entrance under the canopy.
It was quite crowded. The woman behind the counter patiently answered every question.
A lot of booklets scored all there. But most importantly the Internet. Really paid.

Stuck in this office for almost an hour.
A little bit warm. Ilya says it is necessary to eat.
Went outside in the rain and in the supermarket.
It gathered food all yogurt and cheese (as without it)
The question arose where it all is. Not in the same tour. And in the rain as it is uncomfortable.
And then our eyes fell on a small cafe by the sea. They sold fresh-baked rolls and coffee.
Without thinking wet and tousled burst inside.

Behind the counter is a fun and deftly wielded two pretty girly. One is quite thick.
For decency's sake we took the Cup of coffee for 15 SEK and the bagel 10.
And, seizing the moment when we stopped paying attention, pulled out the yogurt and cut the cheese.
Not quite open. Rather surreptitiously.
Uncomfortable you know all the same. Like vagabonds what is.
But the process went more quickly. And twenty minutes later a pleasant satiety possessed the body.

Before leaving I took a drive along the coast for some distance.
And enjoyed from the beautiful white Kviknes hotel, built in Swiss style.
It's expensive via the first-rate accommodation is a single room which overlooks the fjord is 1400 euros per day.
I feel like a ragamuffin next to such prices:)
And in Balustrade right next to the port there is an Aquarium - it contains all the species of plants and fishes inhabiting the Sognefjord.
That Ilya would not hurt to go there.

Like all institutions in Norway too early and closes.
After dinner will not get anywhere.
What people do here local is unclear.
To drink vodka, especially not give.
Cultural entertainment deprived.
Probably sitting home in the dark and read books by Erland Lou:)
Maybe chase itselfgon.

17 00 Balestrino Waving the stick went to the ferry Dragsvik-Hella via another OSVETLENIE the Sognefjord.

Even from the hill I saw that the ferry is already at the dock on our side.
Had to step it up. And what we bump is already on the dock my bike jumped and uttered a dreadful noise.
To understand it once we are on the move flew to the ship, which in a moment was away.
Upon closer inspection, it turned out that I broke the front wing.
Not so critical to happiness.

Distance here is very small.
I had scarcely emptied in the ship latrine, as the ferry has already approached the shore.
The rain had subsided. And the road became more fun.

Near the village of Leikanger(Leikanfger) we stopped to admire a large waterfall Kvinnafossen lasvegasusa almost right on track.
The two ledges of the water, shrouded in spray, trickled down the mountain and went from one side directly under the bridge over a rapid stream, and on the other, boils, fell into the Sognefjord.
Since the waterfall was located so close to the highway, it was not possible to remove it away from the side. This would come out on the boat at sea.

The track soon turned away from the Sognefjord and went along the Sogndal fjord.
Pair was thinking about the Parking lot. And then we saw a gorgeous place.
On the map was designated the beach.
From the road it was not visible but it must have been and was situated in a picturesque location opposite a huge mountain located on the other side of the narrow Sogndal fjord.
The beauty and the silence is indescribable.
I think it would be one of their best stops for the entire trip, if Ilya had not insisted go forward to Sogndal.
There close to him, too, stood on the map icon "B".

The law of meanness we never found him.
Or it simply was not there.
Sogndal popped up from behind a turn unexpectedly.
A couple of hundred metres nAzad and it was impossible to assume that you are two steps away from a large settlement.

Beach bummer leaching. Return of course is not wanted.
We drove slowly, considering the situation.
Sogndal on the outskirts was situated the camping and the thought to spend the night legally transformed into its complete rejection once she learned the price.
To pay 700 R!!! the night was pathetic.

It was decided poshukayte in the area.
The edge of the city was visible to the naked eye.
Case unexpectedly, however, the upshot was that His Majesty the case led us to a private uninhabited house, near which was a small lawn with a massive tree.
And of course the wooden table.
Having rumpled a bit, we decided to your own risk I will stop.
Though the place was almost in the city center but absolutely deserted.
After sitting for the sake some time, we made sure of it.
For half an hour on one's looked to us and asked unnecessary questions.
In the house, too, neither light nor movement was not.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be something like a kindergarten or a boarding school, closed for the summer apparently.
In spite of the correctness and obedience to the law, two wet weary traveller camped in the yard of the kindergarten.
What arrogance on our part!:)