Hand OLE Sigurd Hansen

Passed: 66 km


... Last few days all I think, I think that never sets on the bottom of the Northern summer.
All not going out of my head this summer and the place where I lived.
I decided to write something down to pass the time and just for my own pleasure.
I saw a confusion of Islands and skerries, a sea blue top, and lay the forest, endless forest.
How I rejoiced in the smell of roots and leaves, the smell of fat pine resin; only in the forest everything in me calmed down, I felt strong, healthy, and nothing darkens the soul...


To get up after a long night get-togethers was not easy.
While Ilya opened his eyes yesterday, our friends are almost gathered.
We only had time to wave them goodbye when their van, roaring engine, pushed off the road.


Now we were the sole guests of this magnificent place and was able to slowly eat and gather.

Thereafter, such Parking areas we have met many times and several times they again gave us a bed.

Parking along roads differ from each other a degree of comfort.
In the simplest case it's just a pocket with benches. Further, there may be an additional toilet.
Platform or big size, where you can Park the car and spend the night.


In Norway everything is done for the safety and convenience of man wherever he was.
Studies confirm that long trip without stopping to rest can worsen the condition of the driver, his ability to effectively drive and increase the risk of involvement in a traffic accident.

SPmunicipality hours of continuous driving most drivers want to stop and take a break for lunch, a little rest, visit the toilet or anything else to distract you from the monotonous trip.
Leisure and roadside service provides drivers the opportunity.
Among other things these places can affect that drivers do not stop at the roadside to avoid the risk of ending up in a traffic accident associated with a long and monotonous movement.

Analysis of the effectiveness of investment in the construction of recreation facilities showed that the average payback period is 3.2 years.
The benefit is to reduce the number of accidents by 30%, reducing trips to search for a suitable place to stop by 26% and increase the comfort of travel by 44%.
That's it!

Ilia was full of energy and fighting spirit. Left about 11 o'clock and soon the highway reached the city of Notodden (Notodden)
It was located on the shore of a large elongated lake Huddelstone (Heddalsvatnet).
The city is famous because here is the second largest oil company of Norway, Norsk Hydro.
The company is developing 13 oil fields on the continental shelf and in addition operates in Angola, Canada, Russia and Libya.
In addition, Hydro is a manufacturer of hydro and microlectronic.
And in may 2005 became the main contractor for the construction of tidal power plant in Portugal.

In General, the production of electricity in Norway is very expensive for the simple reason that the country is obsessed with ecology.
Unlike many European countries in the Norwegian energy sector is completely absent electricity production on the basis of nuclear and thermal power plants.
They do not burn precious oil!
In a country dominated by electricity, which is produced almost on the basis of rich water resources.

Norway has established and operates an extensive network of small hydropower plants, which is the basis of power supply of industry and households.
Thanks to the successful use of the terrain, a wide spread in the country got cascade and pumping plant.

Currently in Norway, electricity is getting more from renewable energy sources (wind farms, biomass, solar panels, tides of the sea, etc.)
In particular, before the major energy companies the government tasked to 2010 to ensure receipt of 3 TW/h from wind power plants.
However the Norwegians are faced with the fact that wind turbines killing birds, getting into the blades.

And now more and more development get tidal power.
The main advantage of this type of energy production is that it is predictable, planned and practically does not depend on the vagaries of the changing weather, as is the case with wind stations.

The tidal turbine is arranged quite simple. Two two-bladed propeller with a diameter of 15-20 meters rotate the rotor of the generator, the same used in wind power plants.
Engines submitted for streamlined chrysobothrini brackets, fastened to the Central tubular mast three-meter diameter.
The Foundation of the mast mounted in a hole pre-drilled in the seabed.

In the Norwegian society there are debates about the construction of nuclear power stations, but so far things are there. Too much influence of green movements in the country.

Notodden opened as the palm from a height of 50 meters of the rocky shore of the lake.
And we could not deny ourselves the pleasure of a little rest in this place.

Notodden is famous for its huge old wooden Church, Heddal stave church built in the 13th century.
This is a sample of a typical norvezhskogoabout wooden architecture look so proud in the country.
Since then, she of course has been repeatedly renovated.

14 km after Notodden lake was crossed by a bridge.
Or rather two bridges. One new car, and the second is the old transformed into a pedestrian.

The bridge opened up this attractive scenery that we decided to go down to the water and swim.
Knitted big cable just in case, and a steep wooded hillside reached the water.
The water was terribly cold. Even Ilya didn't dare to swim.
However, with the shouts and cries wash still managed.

The stretch of road 10 km from the bridge the village of Gvarv very hard.
The mountains here reach a height of almost 600 meters and the track consists of long strenuous climbs and short descents. A sort of roller coaster.
Midway we fell into the bushes and lay motionless for half an hour. Even the big man Elijah and he served almost no signs of life.
By this time it became clear that plan a home timetable to withstand fail. I usually figure out on the map at 100 km per day. Put your fingers on the compass at a distance of about 10 cm and measure out one hundred km plots.
The terrain of Norway is not allowed to pass in a straight line as much as I would like.
It became clear that we won't make it in 20 days what we got planned.
Had a bit to accelerate.
The solution suggests itself although was disgusting to me as a cyclist.

Gvarv is a village in Telemark. It is located at the Gvarv River.
Gvarv is famous for its Apple and cherry gardens.
Here is annually held Apple festival Eplefest.
At the time, the Norwegian painter Erik Werenskiold drew many voiceswitch rustic landscapes, such Telemarksjenter ("Girls from Telemark"), near Gvarv.

Having entered the village, they began to look for the railway station.
According to the map she was there.
Luckily for us we are wholehave tritely it is a good - natured curly-haired fat bloke by the name of OLE Sigurd Hansen.
He then told us that the station in Garve communicating and trains do not stop here.
Have to go to the next one, located in Bo.

He called us on his cell to his wife and she gave him the schedule.
Out that before the departure of Bo the last train to Kristiansand remained 25 minutes.
We even theoretically have time.
Seeing our disappointment, Ola immediately offered to drive us in his car.
About the money and he didn't want to hear.

It was. At a rapid pace took the backpacks and stuffed their car. And bicycles strapped to a rack behind the trunk.
And 10 minutes later was in Bo (Bo).
Ola gave us a lift directly to the little vokzalchik.
We warmly thanked Mr. Hansen for his participation in our plight and rushed inside to buy tickets.

Vokzalchik was completely empty. Just behind the glass sat full cashier.
The price for a ticket to Kristiansand was certainly impressed. For one person it cost around 400 CZK (1600 R) plus CZK 10 separately for the bikes.
But we had no choice we had to take. Helped a little discount youth card Elijah.
Tickets are of course beautiful on Tasneem cardboard with biciocchi.
The cashier was trying to tell us something related to how and where we should sit.
But seeing that we are not in the tooth foot from her explanation, personally came out of his booth and helped take the train.

The composition came so noiselessly, like a cat sneaking towards his prey.
Just suddenly materialized around the platform.
The train jumped the guide and they are a couple with a cashier clouded our bikes in a separate carriage located in the head stock.

Selfless participation in the life of a stranger.
That's a feature that caught my eye when traveling through Norway.
What is - generosity of the rich and well-fed people or just normal human quality that is forgotten in our troubled times.
Unfortunately, the anger and ill - frequent companions of people in today's Russia.
Get used to it and not notice, and only on the contrast after such trips you feel in its entirety.

Inside the car is divided into two compartments with Seating.
In the middle of the automatic toilet and space for Luggage.
Our compartment was filled with young loud College Chicks, probably going to rest on the South. The free floor was littered with their backpacks.

We squeezed into place followed by the outspoken views of flirtatious.
Chairs were beyond praise. Comfortable and ergonomic. Particularly pleased with the headrest that can be positioned anywhere on the back.
The train gently pulled out. We had a little more than two hours to spend in the pleasant idleness.

Comfortable trains for Norwegian Railways operate on tracks with a total length of 4000 km.
This is a high class train with modern equipment corresponding to the highest European quality standards.
Many trains are equipped with special observation decks where one can enjoy the true beauty of nature in Norway.
Norges Statsbaner (Norwegian state Railways, commonly known as NSB) owned by the government of Norway.

Most of the trails pass through scenic countryside, which offers beautiful panoramic views of natural mountain and plains areas and fjords of pristine beauty.

The most famous of these areas is the Bergensbanen(Oslo-Bergen railway) through the high plateau of Hardangervidda (Hardangervidda), referred to as the "roof of Norway".
The road length of 471 km, connecting Oslo in East and Bergen in the West. At altitude 1222 meters is the highest station, Finse on this route.
The railway Bergensbanen is one of the 20 best Railways in the world.
Learn more about this amazing structure of human hands I'll tell you later, in the course of the story.

Another spectacular route is the railway Dovrebanen between Oslo and Trondheim through the valley Gudbrandsdal.
The road runs mostly on the historic route between Eastern and Central Norway, through the city of the Olympic games – Lillehammer. The entire line from Oslo to Trondheim is 553 km.
From Dombas(Dombas) ( between Oslo and Trondheim) called Raumabanen. This road length of 114 km elektrifizierung.
The journey takes you through picturesque mountains, bridges, tunnels.
On the way to the base of the valley and County of møre og Romsdal, the mountains become higher and wider, with waterfalls, full of glacial meltwater. Average(Northern line) – runs between Trondheim and Bodo is one of the few Railways that cross the Arctic circle.


And finally, the southern branch - the one on which we traveled - Sorlandsbanen(South line) runs between Oslo and Stavanger via Kristiansand.
The total length of 545 km.
Sorlandsbanen was built by the German occupiers during the Second World war.
The line was an important communications to transport troops and weapons.
Segments of the railroad Sorlandsbanen built away from the coast
One reason for this was to protect the road from attack from the sea and attack it with ships.

The train silently slid over the rails like a piece of soap on a smooth surface.
Outside the window flashed scenery of fields and mountains. It was possible to stare at it all.

But to sit soon got bored. Girl to contact with us did not go. Shy I guess.
What else you can have fun in the train, of course to go to the outhouse.
Especially an advanced toilet technology.
The first went inside me.
And pretty quickly figured out the system buttons locking it.
Was arrivalsa he pressed the button above the sink.
And Ilya, that is a blunder and not locked from the inside.
The result was the silent scene, when a mother with a child opened the door and saw the Manneken Pis.

To eight in the evening the train arrived at the station in Kristiansand (Kristiansand).
On the platform from afar smelled the sea.
A buzzing crowd spilled out and rushed into the city.
The conductor kindly pulled us out of our bikes. Apparently this consideration was included in the ticket price.

Kristiansand (earlier Christianssand) is the County capital of Vest-Agder.
In terms of population it is the sixth largest city in Norway and the largest city in the region Sorlandet.
On January 1, 2006, had a population of 76 917.

Kristiansand was founded by king Christian IV in 1641 said the famous words "here, the city should stand".
If I remember correctly, we have the same words were uttered by Peter 1, before the construction of St. Petersburg.
Whether all the kings from time to time they say such words, whether they just simply steal them from each other.
Not so many phrases with the help of which you can get into eternity.:)

The city was created as the trading capital of this region.
The centre of Kristiansand is called Kvadraturen because of its right angled streets.
The city is famous for its zoo where animals are not in cages but in their natural habitat.

Kristiansand is connected to continental Europe by air and sea.
The local airport, Kjevik, is located 12 km East of the city and has routes to European and Norwegian cities.
From mestengo port ferries to Hirtshals (Denmark) and Hanstholm (Denmark).
In the heart of Kristiansand, the most Sunny days per year in Norway.

In the evening the town was empty. We drove along the waterfront and headed West along the coast in search of a place for the tent.
There was a warm wind, screaming seagulls, and the sea lazily lapping at the coast and quite hard to believe that you're in Norway, and not somewhere far away in the South.


On the map halfway between Kristiansand and town of Sogne has been specified beach.
That's where we headed. However, it took an hour and a half before they were able to get outside long city and drive to the desired place.
Found the beach not immediately, at first poked in different places around. Everywhere houses and private mansions.
Finally he saw the forbidding sign on the tree.
She was confused but decided to risk it and drive through a small forest, went to the sea.
The place was fantastic and most importantly deserted. Tents sites in bulk.
It was possible to put it on the hill among the pines and from heights to watch the sunset and the water expanses.
But decided not to philosophize slyly and located closer to the water on the grass.
Dinner in the dark by the light diode lanterns. On the horizon, burning flames ships. With sushi's voices.
And we recline on our skin and dimmed delicious buckwheat porridge with cheese and sausage.
In such moments it always seems that there is no one in the world happier than us.