Rehabilitation Of Pulpitis


... I think I'm more is a very large and very small things, than what is in the middle....

Morning Preikestolhytta(Prekestolenhytta) was rainy.
Tedious small drops of rain drummed on the awning.
But we wanted to get to the mountain as early as possible.
But heaven took pity on us.
By eight o'clock solid gray jelly went ragged lumps.

Quickly had Breakfast and throwing veloryukzaki into the tent and clasped his big rope, just in case, recovered in a way.
On the stand near the beginning of the trail says that the approximate rise time is about 2 hours.
But for a couple of guys will probably be faster.

The trail immediately takes off the bat.
Up the rocky Praleska.
After half a mile the first stop - a place Plataet (probably plateau we).
It offers a magnificent view of the lake and Prekestolenhytta Refsvatnet on whose Bank it is located.
Sorry, our tent is so well delivered that it is not visible almost nowhere.

Way everywhere marked with a "T" with red paint on the rocks.
Sometimes it goes in a wooden footbridge in zabroshenyj places but most only guessed.
Placer boulders are forced to remember that person for the movement was not always only feet.
Kamenye river bumpy tongues froze in the crevices.

We are not alone.
The flow of sufferers to see Lysefjord from the height of bird flight, actively moving in the same direction.
Young and old alike intensely moving limbs and the rod up with decent speed.
Old ladies with trekking sticks are not far behind.
Every time I see this and wonder every time.

Unaccustomed to so much to walk it was a little stressful.
On the bike a completely different load on the legs.
In some places the stones were raw from the many flowing streams and mini rivers.
Had all the time to be alert not to get hurt.

Through the hours of climbing out on a high plateau.
Here, even the beach on a small lake.
However in this weather swimming is not pulled.
Again, drizzling rain and I had to pull the hood to the eyebrows.

And then our eyes finally opened panorama Lysefjorden.
Even despite the cloudy weather the water far below glowed a bright turquoise.
No wonder the translation Lysefjord means Light fjord.

Many thousands of years ago, a huge layer of ice covered Norway.
The glacier was deposited in lakes, rivers and deepened in the steep valley that stretches towards the sea.
The glacier advance and retreat 5, 10 or perhaps even 100 times, before finally to retreat 14,000 years ago.
In memory of him, the glacier left a deep valley that was filled by the sea.
And now is the calling card of the country - why go to Norway thousands of tourists from around the world.
Lysefjord one of the most beautiful in West Norway.

The surrounding nature characterized by wildness and inaccessibility.
Throughout its duration (about 40 km) there are no major last any roads along the coast.
The inhabitants of small villages are forced to message to use water of the fjord.
Kilometer high cliffs in many places very close to the shore and magnificent views from them is the main attraction of the fjord.
And we were on our way to the most famous of them - the rock Prekestolen (pulpit) or as it is called Pulpit Rock is the Rock of the priest.
The first name comes obviously from the appearance - it is almost the correct shape of the box really looks like the pulpit where sermons are read.
But the second probably comes from the middle ages when these rocks were made for execution of criminals or sacrifices.

The last part of the trip goes up to the cliff.
At one point, even the fear of their sticky embrace for a moment binds the body, when a narrow escape pristupochke drop down the abyss on the left side.

As Ilya tried, as not overtaking dozens of people along the way, first on the rock was not there.
There have already enjoyed the views a few people.

The rock is certainly impressive. Mother nature tried to glory.
Multi-ton grey-black lump hung in the millennial jump over a sulfate, waters of the fjord.
And profile - a giant iron left some fabulous Gargantua in a skirt.
And it looks like a huge rotten molar. And the word Pulpitis, me not English, is associated not with the priests, and dentists.
If a certain percentage of imagination you can imagine yourself young nanobots launched into the body for diagnosis and treatment.
But to treat this huge tooth ever could do.

Almost in the center of the rock crosses the deep crack.
And who knows when she will split the stone in half.
Maybe in a year, maybe a thousand years in the district you will hear a crackling roar and kicking up clouds of dust a piece of Preikestolen slowly depart from its Foundation and collapses with shestistrunnoi height, creating a giant wave that destroys everything in its path Northern tsunami's gonna hit the coast of the Bright of the fjord.
And a piece of Pulpit rock will rest on the seabed and will be another attraction.
And God willing, when all this will happen on the rock will not be a single person.
Otherwise, the Department will happen the first sacrifice since the last middle ages.

I remembered the story of the swallow nest in Crimea.
There had to strengthen the rock on which stands the Palace, otherwise he would have collapsed into the sea.

Playground rocks does not fenced.
The daring to approach the edge at your own risk and look into the abyss.
But generally, this is done by crawling on his belly.
Too much fear, too seductive, deep and strong instinct of self-preservation.
The edge of Pulpit rock someone carefully hammered the metal pin holding on which you can look down from a height.

But youth knows no fear and has not learned to appreciate their lives.
Ilya heroically did some photographic somersaults on the edge.
Me the maximum that was enough for it to stand a few meters from the edge.

The people all arrived. But we managed to get a couple of shots which did not hit any fat Germans nor the Japanese dry shabby neither zavorote and our fellow citizens.

Prekestolen occasionally attracts unstable personalities seeking to end the life in such a romantic way. In 2000 met on the Internet jumped off a cliff, the Norwegian and Austrian.
A little later, the police somehow managed to prevent another suicide attempt of a young family from Bergen.

Even Prekestolen is a platform for self-assertion and various extravagant antics.
In Norway there is a character like the French rock-climbing using only the fingers.
Eskil is Ronningsbakken - acrobat videlyaushey without insurance deadly stunts in different places.
Including the Department where he teetered on the edge , standing on her hands on a small ladder.
The ladder was held by assistant, and the process was watched by the wife of Eskil and his child.

The weather up there is changing with catastrophic speed.
Just peeped the sun and managed to take some far shots and here again clouds appeared a dense fog Shrouding everything around.
Visibility dropped to a few metres.
There was a sense that the platform floats in the milk of the sky and completely detached from the Ground. Blew a sharp wind and the rain has abruptly turned dreary people and stones.
Who got the umbrella, who then took refuge from the wind behind boulders.
Among the latter was and we.
Found a quiet spot and pulled out my simple food.
Very handy little bottle Ufa balm "Iremel", which Ilya is why it is called Erema.
A few drops warmed our souls and bodies, chilly wrap herself in waterproof, but poorly heating clothes.

Half an hour later the rain stopped and the sun reappeared through the wet cotton wool clouds.
The fjord is breathtakingly beautiful in the deepest of the comb uneven mountains receding into the future.
Clouds reflected in grey blotches, as pure as those unnaturally blue water and the fjord is like a piece of camouflage.

The opposite shore is also clearly visible. Huge waterfalls coming off the blocks cascade from the heights, at this distance seem thin rivulets and glistening with reflected light.
And pleasure boats - small water bugs slowly move your carcass on the surface.

There is certainly probably eerily great alone in good weather at night.
Such a mystical place where the stones breathe the souls of ancestors to look for more.
Hang in silent delight between the cosmos and earth and feel like a grain of sand in the maelstrom of Time and Space.

Knock a little more on the court went in the opposite way.
Even climbed a little higher Pulpit rock where the rock was at a glance.
Ilya struggled to climb yet - it was a possibility, but time was running out - would like to have time in the day for the ferry to Koh Tao coming to Stavanger.

All the way to the top took us an hour and a half.
Heard that the command of the Norwegian army uses the path to the PreCastolin for training soldiers.
They make several forced marches a day to the summit and back.
Perhaps this occurs after the end of the season.
Great leg workout and coordination.

As you know the descent is always more difficult ascent and I felt it fully.
Three days after that day I had sore muscles of the legs and feet.

For dinner we were again at our base camp. All things were in their places.
Otherwise, it could not be.