Shadows of the past

Travelled: 62 km


... Les good-natured and friendly. This sea is treacherous.
And mountains.
And the forest is predictable and annoying at times less than almost any other place in the world.
To rely on the sea, mountains or other people can not in any way, but to trust his life to the woods will sound like.
Because, I say, the forest listens and listens.
He destroys nothing, but only plants and cultivates.
Forest understands everything and everything in himself interfere...

Well, good gentlemen!
But still healthy!
Woke up in the morning and not feel that all night, drank, walked.
Some weakness was, but I think I can handle it.
The more turned slow again fees.
Then another two hours in the city spent.
Ilya Dorval finally free Internet at the information point and dwelt there for a long time, making something for his work.
Well, I, meanwhile, had the opportunity to walk through the city and see what he lives.

Finally when I'm all weary, Elijah finished his Ouija online session evoking the spirit of the site in Norwegian limits.
On the way out of town we stopped in a fishing shop where my friend ruined two spinners specially designed for catching certain types of fish - cod and saithe.
And as it turned out in a result, things went smoothly.

The road between Flekkefjord and Egersund perhaps the most scenic on the entire South coast of Norwegii. And the most popular route.
Not many places in the country we have seen where the route for cyclists marked with signs.
The route coincides with Nordsjeveien - North coastal route 44, which goes to the very center of Stavanger.
A Norwegian company has developed a detailed PedalNor kathe mouth of the routes showing all attractions, lookouts with the most beautiful views, the accommodation and repair of two-wheeled machines.
Map this free of charge in our office in Stavanger.
And we bought it in Flekkefjord for 10 crowns. Great in-depth booklet with a good scale.

The first interesting object we saw in 10 km after leaving the city, passing a small lake.
On his back between two high mountains was clearly man-made structure, type of dam, however sometimes sprouted grass and shrubs.
There was a narrow path ending defensive barrier.
What is that structure I have not been able to find in the Internet later.

The soul sang from the beauty that surrounded us.
Low picturesque mountains, crystal lakes interspersed.
And the forest around.
A kind of peace from the quiet and pastoral idyll.
"Summer nights, lonely lakes, and the endless quiet of the forest. No sound, no trace on the trails, and my soul was full, like a dark wine," wrote Knut Hamsun's novel "PAN".

Near the village of Ana-Sira at the river of the same name forms the border counties.
Once across the bridge, left the region Vest-Agder and Rogaland were in.

Another ten kilometers eyes opened famous Jossingfjord(Jossingfjord)
Long narrow sea jammed between the mountains language.

On their slopes there is Debica plant of titanium ore, and at the very end of the Bay is the hydroelectric power plant.

In the depths of the valley under the overhanging layer of rocks visible wooden houses abandoned ancient settlements Helleren (Helleren).
When there were farmers of sheep and hunted fish. Rock a natural refuge for the buildings.

But the interesting thing was above.
This double tunnel in pierced mount.
The right part for cars and left Windows and battlements for pedestrians and cyclists.
Creepy inside.But the sight of these makeshift Windows with stunning.The fjord at a glance.

Jossingfjord associated with a historic Norwegian event of the Second world war.
The so-called Incident with the cruiser Altmark.

Initially Norway declared its neutrality in the war.
Altmark was a German tanker and a vessel carrier , one of five of this class built between 1937 and 1939. The tanker was 141 meters in length and imell tonnage of approximately 7,000.
He returned to Germany after the raids in the South Atlantic and on Board was captured British merchant seamen.
Altmark attempted to return to Germany, moving around the North of the UK and then on the Norwegian coast came into Jossingfjord.
The armed forces of Velocimetry found out about it, and despite the neutrality of Norway landed on its territory killed the Germans on the tanker and freed its people.
The Norwegian government did not let neither the one nor the other.
This case Nazi Germany used as a reason to attack and the seizure of Norway in April 1940.
Here on the hill above Jossingfjord are the graves of the dead Germans.

From 1940 to 1945, Norway was in the occupation of Germany.
During the war much was destroyed. Buildings, factories and entire cities were destroyed by bombing and burned to the ground.

After a few first days of the war Norway showed practically no armed resistance. The police was controlled by the Nazis, and all power in the country passed to the new, Nazi friendly government headed by Vidkun Quisling.

In total, the result of the war Norway had lost about 10,000 people. About 700 of them were Jews and placed in concentration camps in Germany.NII and Poland.

The Nazis who occupied Norway actively encouraged Affairs between local women and German soldiers - it was part of the plan SS enrichment Aryan genetic stock.
These women were called tysketoser, German whores.
However, when the occupiers fled and the puppet regime of Vidkun Quisling fell, tysketoser called backstabbers.
After the war, children from their mothers was taken and kept in special institutions, often classifying them as mentally handicapped, where he was subjected to sexual and physical abuse.
The then government justified such treatment of tyskerunge, or "German girl" and the fact that the offspring of the German-Norwegian couples are a potential fifth column.

The most famous child born in Norway from a German soldier, is Anni-Frid Lyngstad, the singer of the Scandinavian super popular in the 1970s band ABBA.
Her mother Synni was having an affair with a German soldier, and when she struck the persecution in his native village in the North of Norway, she was forced to flee together with her daughter to Sweden.

At the exit of their tunnel housed an observation deck with a small shop where you could buy juice or ice cream.
The food we had and well appetite went inside.
Fresh mountain air contributed to the digestion.
Leg muscles much better after lifting. I still gained strength after his illness and I was the hardest.
While Ilya was his habit receivals was in an outhouse with a roof covered with moss and flowers, I have carefully considered the poster dedicated to the events of the tanker.
The headline read - "Jossing" is the name of horror!
See the events ambiguous memory remained in Norway.

The highest point of the pass in these places only 273 meters. At this altitude the forest is almost there.

But red rocks and some grass.
The stones are covered with mold, and a strange metal sturdy with impaled on them orange balls as ping-pong.
I noticed these things long ago. They are located near the roadside.
The purpose was misunderstood.
A lot more balls from the ping pong table was replaced by a cylindrical silver plaques.
Whether labeling something, whether the sensor is what.

The day was drawing to sunset. It was relatively hot. Drove in the jackets.
Left the show, then hiding behind the hills of the sea.
Single houses on the shore just attracted to drop everything and stay here to live.

I this day received just the physiological pleasure of riding a bike.

A place to sleep caught the eye by itself.
In principle, in such deserted places to stick PATCO had no problems and so.
But we're already spoiled by the comfort. So the table was, Yes toilet.

And that's on you of how special such a place.
Parking a frustrate Norwegian hospitality.
Fenced outdoor area surrounded by flowers and shrubs. Not on the edge of a small Peninsula. And the waves washed rhythmically on the stone shore.

We were not alone out there. Stood a white van. But the movement in it was not appreciable.
We took the best seat near the table and benches.
Put a tent under an oak tree.
And launched a flurry of activity for the preparation of the Royal dinner.
Have durabol 50 grams of vodka with Iremel to keep warm and fell asleep fully satisfied with themselves and Norway.