The fourth sense of Scandinavia

The bike tour across Sweden and Northern Denmark


Trip participants - Igor Grishanov and Povargo Dmitry
Travelled 950 km in 10 days
23 July - 3 August 2007

"Life is a process of disillusionment and betrayal beliefs, but only that something is and who has what to lose and what to bring.
Only to him and is hurt because he knows the child's knowledge that you would have otherwise, that is not so, and this pain turn out decent things, or decent art."
Alexander Garros

Маршрут - Мечты и реалии

Sense air, Sweden
1. Пробег: 109 км Швеция в первом приближении
2. Пробег:102 км Лежачий камень у стоячей воды
3. Пробег: 99 км Корабли полей
4. Центральная Швеция Чернеет хладных вод зерцало
5. Пробег: 98 км Велоралли в темноте
6. Пробег: 130 км Рок-н-ролл у пролива Каттегат

Feeling the wind - Denmark
7. Пробег: 95 км Нежность и коварство прибрежных дюн
8. Пробег: 80 км Узнать поближе петуха
9. Северная Дания Хорошо в краю родном пахнет сеном и ...
10. Пробег: 45 км Дорогой маргариток

The feeling of raindrops - Norway
11. Западная Норвегия Атлантический странник

12-27 ...interrupted...

Четвертое чувство Скандинавии

In the design we used several photos of Scandinavian and Russian photographers
Excerpts of their national Newspapers and magazines.
As well as reference information from public news sources


0. Beginning of a long journey
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson decide to go to Stockholm)
1. Bread and salt in.
(Chapter in which Carlson scolds soup and advised to scratch turnip)
2. Farewell, unwashed Russia!
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson knocking around in the Finnish capital)
3. Baltic boat
(the head in which the Kid feels stupid and Carlson fills the belly)
4. Fell on the tail
(Chapter in which the boss and Bethan become leaders, and Carlson analyzes the exhaust)
5. Feel like savages
(the head where the Kid fights with a shower, and Carlson bodyit tincture)
6. Kuningamae
(Chapter in which Carlson is studying Swedish feminism and Piguet lures Bay)
7. Blueberries,mites and a hernia
(Chapter in which Carlson sees a naked woman, fighting off insects and is used its hands)
8. Manevichsky fishing
(Chapter in which Carlson portrays Paustovsky, catches ticks instead of fish and crisscrossing the pavement)
9. Invited guests and among them Tartar
(Chapter in which the Baby tortured English, and Carlson's after the housekeeper (based On the works of tage of Danielson and Unsen of Eivind.))
10. Hit the rally on Öland
(Chapter in which the Baby harass the English , and Carlson is engaged in the coal production of meat in the Amateur scale)
11. Not to see Karlskrona and die
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson chew overseas products, cut the water of the lake and admire the sunset in a war zone)
12. Coffee tango
(Chapter in which the Baby enjoys the music, and Carlson jumps over boulders salmon river)
13. March throw from country to country
(a Chapter in which Babe rubs ass and Carlson sleeps on-the-go)
14. The Danish day - the Woman of his dreams
(Chapter in which Carlson is looking for a woman and make merry with the Baby on the waterfront Nyhavn)
15. The Danish day - In the depths of Zealand
(Chapter in which Carlson is attached to the world culture, and the Baby curses Bicycle saddle)
16. Crimean charm of the Cape Cullen - goodbye eresund
(Chapter in which Carlson becomes junk, the Kid suddenly give Danish guards)
17. Crimean charm of the Cape of Cullen - the Country of Ladonia
(Chapter in which the Kid think he was in Ukraine, and a horse Carlson periodically rears)
18. A short road in the dunes
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson the last time sunbathing and swimming in the sea without knowing it)
19. Honesty in Swedish
(Chapter in which the child instructs Carlson to the true path, and he struggles with greed)
20. The Shock Of Varberg
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson admire the ancient fortress, compete in speed with the clouds and try on the guise of the rich Swedes)
21. The kidnapping of strategic product
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson unforgivable relaxed, for which he paid)
22. The city of Venus, middle-aged
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson get acquainted with the life of an ordinary Swedish family and a little rest from his great path)
23. Norwegian breakthrough
(Chapter in which Carlson presses the milk in their own backpack, and the Baby is getting wet in the toe area)
24. Car Park jump
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson gets to the heart of Norway)
25. The gloomy charm of Oslo
(Chapter in which the Baby attached to a naked female body, and Carlson's affinity for knitwear)
26. The palaces of the kings of the North
(Chapter in which the Baby gets to eat the raspberries, and Carlson pays tribute to blueberries)
27. Changing weather tactics
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson wanted to get away from the water and partially succeeded in this)
28. Ants tracts of Milliken
(Chapter in which Carlson cleans the body and suffocates insects, and Baby thinks about the nature of existence)
29. Remembering Alfred Nobel
(Chapter in which Carlson finds the Swedish ballistic missiles and glue girls, a Baby feeding on his flesh mosquitoes)
30. Cloudy water of the lake Hjälmaren
(the head in which the Kid and Carlson almost got into a fight at the grocery question)
31. Damp socks and fugues by Bach
(Chapter in which the Baby covers himself in grey mud, and Carlson engaged in extraction of selenium)
32. Alcoholics Södertälje
(Chapter in which Carlson loses a glove, a Kid again ruined red fish)
33. The gentle embrace of the metropolis
(Chapter in which Carlson is desperately looking bags and finally gets on a ship, and the Baby spends the last crown)
34. The Elusive "Jiloca"
(Chapter in which Carlson stroking the ice and was almost late with the Baby on the bus)
35. It's Russia, guys!
(Chapter in which the Kid and Carlson travel for Russian palaces and get acquainted with the lover of Czech beer)
36. Epilogue
(which is sometimes more important than the prologue)