The fourth sense of Scandinavia

The fourth sense of Scandinavia

Every time after returning from Scandinavia it seems to me that our country is dying slowly and irreversibly.
If there is almost no people alive, and those that still roam the streets – brainless apes.
They are like zombies not aware of themselves and the world.

Nothing General here has no value and is easily destroyed for the sake of paltry personal production.

For example, the Russians are willing to burn electric rods as Napalm, flora and fauna in the waters of their homeland.
Scorched garden, robbed for aluminum spoons, rip with the pillows, broken furniture and junk shit on the floor.

Tore signs with tombstones,desecrated graves, cut wires, even high death telephone cables - they do not stop anything

They owned nothing except their own pockets and they crap everywhere – in the hallways, on the streets and in the woods.
They do not understand the laws and even their own safety, so at a red light rod willingly, herd that foot, on the cars. They are easy to break the rules and mothers like themselves. Sit behind the wheel drunk and stopped do not understand what they have done.

They mark the entrances with the words on the walls and their own excrement and set fire to Newspapers in mailboxes and on Elevator buttons, break out the intercoms and rails.

Most Russians, going out in the country, marks its waste.
Fun heavy driver dumped the contents of their garbage trucks in the gentlest, most intimate corners of nature.

Suburban woods no more.
It's just the trees growing on the dump.
The woods were suffocated with plastic bags, who scored his airway.
The shards of broken glass littered the ground
Here and in the Shoe it is dangerous to walk.

Husk sunflower seeds in Russia stopped all the corridors of universities, bus, hallways and offices.

Toilets in Russia have become the talk of the town.
Toilet is a place which first and foremost judge people.
Zombies don't care about the stinking smell rend of unwashed toilets.
To flush they consider below their dignity.
And in some places even by shitting toilets.
The heavy smell of ammonia is what Shiba nose first of all in many public places.

They are useless to blame or punish.
Zombies are not to blame – they have destroyed the causal connection, and circumcised the meaning of the word "future".
They really do not understand punishment and after doing, looking the same.

The man in the campaign with the sprightly maidens on the shore of the lake throwing watermelon rinds.
Smoker, casually throwing cigarette butts on the asphalt.
Drunken youths urinating in doorways.

Look closely to their faces, and you will discover a Future that does not exist.

Of course, I deliberately exaggerated some things, but only in order to become more clearly visible.
After all, we are seeing all this in everyday life, accustomed and do not notice that we create ourselves and what is happening around us.

But hope for the best outcome will not die until in the country there are people riding bikes.
For the Bicycle as the greatest environmental invention in the history of mankind does not destroy the conscience and moral principles.
On the contrary it allows you to remove the veil from your eyes and see our Land in all its pristine beauty and insecurity.
The fourth sense of Scandinavian - feeling Bike.
There, it never leaves you even for a moment.
This feeling permeated all around.

Motorists are unable to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.
They are cut off from it by a metal and plastic capsule car.
Their world closed within it , they are blind and insensitive to what is outside it.
Color and the conscience of any nation - people on bikes!
While you are alive and hope for the future of our country!
The future which I hope is still there!

Sweden - Denmark - Norway 2007