Inhabited the Peninsula

VILADECANS progressors

"Adults respectable people in the Group of Free Search not going.
They have their adult solid case, and they know that these alien planets are in essence quite monotonous and tedious.
The monotonous...
Of course, if you're twenty years old,then take the catalog, open it to any page, pick any line and fly myself.
Open the planet, call her own name, establish the physical characteristics, battle monsters, bodø there are, join contacts, Buda will find somebody, Robinson gradually, Buda does not find anyone...
It's not that it's in vain...."

Entertainment battle ride with informative and recreational purposes with a length of 630 km in 14 days running

Actors and valispoliitika
The Aunt
Day 14-15-16 (03.09.2008 - 05.09.2008) And I'm on Aye!
Day 17 (06.09.2008) In the footsteps of the Karaites
Day 12 (01.09.2008) Deceit and charm, Sunny trails
Day 13 (02.09.2008) Foros - a dead end hopes
Day 9 (29.08.2008) Passes, passes, and I'm a little like this
Day 10-11 (30.08.2008 - 31.08.2008) The pearl of the sea
Day 7 (27.08.2008) There my soul seeks for Cape Meganom misty!
Day 8 (28.08.2008) Wine, women ass and the New world
Day 6 (26.08.2008) A day will taking a NAP at Ilaw-the Bourne
Day 4-2 (24.08.2008) Jump wild goats
Day 5 (25.08.2008) Long live the naked body!
Day 4-1 (24.08.2008) Military Zone
Day 3 (23.08.2008) Sweaty haul
Day 2-3 (22.08.2008) Brachianticlinal in the first approximation
Day 2-2 (22.08.2008) Nuclear devastation
Day 1 (21.08.2008) A warm puddle
Day 2-1 (22.08.2008) Dungeons Acmena

In the story used quotations from the works of the Strugatsky brothers, and Alexander green

As well as materials from Wikipedia and other open sources.

All coincidences are not accidental ,are ad hoc and invented on purpose to the narrative.
But if they offend someone, then that's his problem and issues with his sense of humor:)