Inhabited the Peninsula

Sweaty haul

Day 3 (23.08.2008)

Finally dawn broke. The insects fell asleep and hiding in their burrows. The sun began its takeoff run across the sky.

Fun night has left an indelible mark in our minds.
In addition, it was found that in the rush I forgot to remove a package with some food in a backpack, leaving him in the dark on the rocks.
And it is pretty trampled by the representatives of the local fauna.
And the package is now presented gastronomic interest is that some Chinese are accustomed to eat all sorts of insects.

The journey would be long. Planirali have access to the Black sea.
Azov already fed up.
All the same, the Kerch Peninsula is atypical of the Crimea in the usual sense.
A very peculiar and interesting in their own way.
But the soul does not lay.

Separate epic was to get out of the Parking lot. Had to raise the rock up all things, bicycles and in addition bags of garbage that had collected Edward.
A deal's a deal. We had all this out of here and make your own contribution to the ecology of the Peninsula.
Took ten minutes to downhill Pans in the Tatar Bay.
Here the people were even less than in Shelkino.
As the area is quite a few camp sites.
But the sand here is notable.

We heard that every year before the holiday season there are rumors about a "black" (or thorium Sands)
Supposedly, somewhere in the depths of Azov there is a deep fissure from which the waves bring to the beach grains of ore with a high content of radioactive thorium.
Particularly intense this process during storms in the offseason.
Utilities must monitor the condition of beaches and time to collect and take away such sand.
But usually they just buried on the beach.
Black Sands can harm the health, if infected place to lie down for a few dozen hours.

Along the Tatar Bay is furious sand-dirt track.
This type of primers is very characteristic of the Kerch Peninsula and the Arabat spit.
It is called a washing Board.
Along the shore to stretch the planting of pine trees.
They have planted over 50 years ago in this arid steppe area of salt marshes and barren Sands along the sea of Azov.
The years passed, the wood grew, which created a special microclimate here, transformed a lifeless earth into a colorful world with rich flora and fauna.

After a few kilometers the track deteriorated even further and we turned from the coast back to the side Aktashskoe lake.
On the Eastern side the lake adjoins Ostaninskaya (Oiselle) swamp. Here ends the longest on the Kerch Peninsula R. Sumarli.
And here, near the sea and right in the swamp is a round the man-made island.
It is best seen from space.
Now everything is destroyed and almost nothing is preserved.
These are the remains of thermal power.
She was one of the first not only in the USSR but in the world.

The idea of establishing a solar power station of industrial type have been put forward by the Soviet engineer N. V. Linitsky back in the 1930-ies.
Then they were offered a scheme of the solar plant with Central receiver on the tower.
It system capture sunlight consisted of a field of heliostats — flat reflectors driven by two coordinates.
Each heliostat reflects the sun's rays on the surface of the Central receiver, which is to eliminate the effect of mutual shading is raised above the field of heliostats.

It is for this type were constructing their solar thermal power plant and Kazantip
With a system of mirrors the sunlight is focused into the water tank installed on a high tower.
The thus obtained steam spinning a turbine and Dynamo.

According to the information foundNYM me on the Internet it proved to be unprofitable due to low efficiency and high maintenance costs
Supposedly a big part obtained in this way electricity was used to power the adjustment of the mirrors, and there were about 2000!

In addition, some time after launch, the station began to fail, refused Soviet automatic sun tracking,and then the money ran out.
In working condition lived up to the perestroika. In 2005, the tower was cut into metal.
The layout was only in the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow.

As always - we have a lot of original ideas and inventions, but with the implementation of their misfortune.
As a result, the ideas are fine now abroad.

For example solar thermal power plant in the district of Sanlucar La Mayor , near Seville's city centre.
This PS10 — Europe's first commercial solar thermal power plant such as "solar tower" (solar power tower).
The capacity of the plant is 11 MW.
Its 624 mirrors, with an area of 120 square meters each, Shine a light on a beautiful concrete tower with a height of 115 metres

The light from hundreds of large mirrors, so bright that it makes you glow dust and moisture in the air, and thus visible rays are attacking a beautiful white tower.
In the same place, the engineers plan to build another installation twin called PS20.
Only it already will generate a capacity of 20 megawatts, collecting light from a larger number of mirrors. In the picture in the background you can see the pad under it.

From a look Aktashskoe lake with its fortified shores and dams.
We're in the middle of an abandoned Soviet energy technology Park.
Sonsie salt marshes snowy white spots everywhere. All flooded.
Support elektroperedacha stuck in the middle of the water. Leafless trees black freaks sloppy stick out here and there.
In 1999 flood and storm water that broke in Aktash flooded 1,200 acres of woodland.
Because of this pine was killed on 358 acres, were destroyed and forty acres of nursery.
Waterlogging salt water the soil became unsuitable for reforestation and afforestation.

The landscape complements the field of wind power.
Almost all systems are, some sluggish turns, and the other altogether broken.
They were built after the closure of nuclear power plants in the hope to replace the power of the atom to the wind.
In principle, it is in demand in many countries of the world.
Especially in the Nordic countries.
The undisputed leader in the field of wind energy is Denmark, where over the year produces more than 2,000 megawatts of wind energy.
Just as on earth, the wind generates more than 1.7 trillion kilowatts of energy per year.

But with wind turbines at Kazantip was quite not interesting.
For the old heavy units, which were produced in those years the domestic industry need not just stable in the wind, a strong wind!
Closer to 10 m/s, because the operating speed must be decent. They are not cool with little wind and slowed down under minimal load.
And the wind in the Crimea, alas, weak.
The wind farm was given to the peak to three megawatts.
Pretty well, it's two or three thousand modern kettles can be provided.
But only a few times a year!!!!
The rest of uraemia blades not spinning.

Now with the advancement of technology came the possibility of producing wind turbines spinning, even from a light blow.
So maybe in the near future in the Crimea wind power with the help of Western companies will find its Renaissance.

My companions became totally silent, looking at this sad sight.
Ahead on the shore of the lake seemed huge green jeep from MDM fell out with a gang of bearded men.
Imagination painted a picture of the Kerch bandits came to the showdown in vesluding place:)

But it was the Hungarians-the watchers.
Go to the Crimea and studying populations of rare birds.

By the way on the Islands in the lake breeds a lot of cormorants.
These birds in recent years, unwittingly destroying the forest.
The fact that the construction of nuclear power plants deepened on 15 meters the Aktash.
In addition to this, building mysove, closed natural discharge of water in the sea of Azov.
As a result of numerous Islands, the former nezdinich arriving from around the Kerch Peninsula cormorants, terns and other waterfowl, disappeared under the water.

The birds remained nothing how to find a new comfortable place to live.
Cormorants quickly chose pine forest Mysovskogo forestry.
The birds began to build nests in the treetops.
Eat cormorants, known fish, the benefit of the Azov sea a few hundred meters from their chosen places.
In the morning, an Armada of birds goes after prey, then carries the caught calves to hungry Chicks.
Of course, any living creature if it eats, gets rid of toxins - a normal physiological process.
But due to the fact that cormorants don't eat the buds and grass, their waste wood to recycle not.
For several years thousands of birds that pelted all around the fish corpses, which began to rot and exude a stench.
Trees which through the durable shell dung has not received sunlight, were killed.
For the period since 1999. 2007. cormorants brought to the complete drying 162га. pyatidesyatyletia pine forest.

For the forest certainly struggled. Guard scare birds during the summer months.
Due to the summer drought of 2007, a little more crowded. the lake - there are Islands, where he returned many birds, and the sound effects still scared them.
But the battle isn't over - in fact it is man-made causes still remain.
Now offeringt to shoot birds, identifying them to harmful!
First created unbearable conditions for life, and then want to kill.

So the nature of revenge is short-sighted representatives of the human race.
Involuntarily thought, and sapiens of these two-legged Homo?

Our path would continue along the shore of Aktash, but there was no detailed map and we are not to stray down towards the plant.
And driving a familiar road, went to the track shcholkine-Lenino.

The second half of the day passed in an unremarkable routine pedalirovanija.
Except that, hiding from the unbearable scorching sun, have the foundations of a halt near the next channel.
Perhaps it was one of the hottest days in the Crimea.
The thermometer on my bike computer surpasses 36 degrees in the shade.

Even less pleasant was driving on the road Kerch-Feodosia.
In seaside we turned off the highway and spent a couple hours already swimming in the Black sea.
There were a lot of jellyfish and tourists.
But this is a little worried about us.
Amused by the ad on the wall of the local shop. Conscientious guys what that looks like.

In the heart of seaside on the way met the Moldovans, who were driving from Cape Opuk.
According to them they managed to get through there without encountering a single huntsman.
The fact that the Opuk is one of the most interesting nature reserves of the Crimea.
It was created at the same time Kazantip - in 1998.

Opuksky the reserve is located on the southern coast of the Kerch Peninsula to the East of Feodosia.
Its core forms the massif of mount Opuk with a height of 185 meters.
Plateau-like mountain fantasticheski stands on the seafront in the middle of a flat steppe landscape.
From the West to the slopes Opoka adjacent salt Kojashsky (Licensee) lake separated from the sea by a sand spit with a width of up to 100 m.
And in the sea near the shore of the quaint community of the towering Cliffs Ships.
Spring Opuce, as at Kazantip, in the high grass the second the sea - consisting of mites.
Them there no one poisons and insects away.

This place has survived almost intact and nesaratnam tourists due to the fact that in the immediate vicinity is a closed military facility, part just included the whole territory of the reserve.
This object became world famous after a tragic incident when he was hit by a passenger plane Tu-154 tel Aviv -Novosibirsk.
It is from here that the rocket was launched anti-aircraft missile complex s-200.
Which exploded, flogged liner balls head part. There are about 40 000 pieces.

To me it's more fun, because I had 20 years to serve in the far East, specifically in regard to such complexes.
To arrange shooting in such densely populated areas is strictly unthinkable.
But apparently the Ukrainian army was nowhere else to train their fighters.
In Soviet times for exercises for launching missiles from the bonds s-200 was used only three landfill located in deserted places.

For example, we went to the area of the lake Balkhash on the range Saryshagan in Kazakhstan.
There are many hundreds of kilometers of sand.
But the Ukrainians have neglected the security, and maybe even targeting screwed up.
Missile s-200 is induced by radar, radar target illumination (ROC) - we called him Cheburashka and radio altimeter PRV - idol (because he rocked radar antenna up and down like a Chinese toy).

Rough target detection is a radar and altimeter, and then a narrow beam of ROC catches and leads the target until its destruction.
It is likely that something of the military was not done.

Moldovans have not met the Rangers. Maybe it's the fact that they have to move around the reserve on foot. Machines they are not isolated.
But I think, as at Kazantip the issue would be solved nth summy local mnt.
And even if you do everything according to the law you need to obtain a license in Kerch on visiting the reserve.

The administration of the reserve has to literally fight for their territory.
Local authorities and strive to grab their land - supposedly for agricultural purposes.
But really - there is a tidbit of the coast and if not reserve it would be quite possible to cut cabbage on tourists.
Recently a fire broke out which destroyed part of the vegetation cover Opoka.
Say was a special arson with the purpose of expropriation.

It is necessary next time to try all the same to go there.
This is one of the last places on the coast which I have not seen:)

Sunset caught us midway between Seaside and Feodosia.
There the route goes along the sea and stretches a long beach called Golden.
The name seemed to us worthy to take to bed our burnt by the sun of the body.

To drag through the deep sand, the bikes in the cargo business are not particularly grateful.
And so, without further ADO, we turned off the highway and fell in the first place.
Despite the twilight people on the beach were still Amateurs to swim at sunset.
And because the couple resting near confuse not had to.


It happened later, when the night satin veil covered the area.
In the midst of our evening meal when under the light of headlamps the food particularly appetizing moved from the pot to the stomach, a couple had sex.
In the dim light of a partial moon was all clearly visible, although we tried not to look at them.
It was to go nowhere - the tent is set ravnomerno and belongings scattered as usual over a large surface.
Because I had to finish the day under a quiet tocatta orgasmic sighs.