Inhabited the Peninsula

There my soul seeks for Cape Meganom misty!

Day 7 (27.08.2008)

To leave the warm beach at the Cape of Ilaw-the Bourne did not want. But the road called forward.
Just around the headland is a small Coastal village with a long gorgeous beach and a winery from Sun Valley.

And a bit further another part of the military. There's even a beach blocked by barbed wire.
Far bald pastel yellow head towered mountain Experience-Kisla.
We crossed four years ago.
But this time just drove around on the bottom.

But before that, the guys drove to Sun Valley Village for grub.
Harvested by night the grapes are rested in the voluminous handbag on the handlebars of their bikes.
Even more than that. Because to rest when you shake at the local coatings is hardly possible.
Eat it immediately, we are unable - for a number of reasons described earlier.
And shaking and the sun made with berries that had to be done.
But more on that later.

Primer detour Kassal-Kisla runs past extensive vineyards.
Which of course are protected.
People inhabited the Peninsula (and indeed the bulk of his guests) are not very sensitive to other people's private and public assets.
The leitmotif of the citizens is always the same - shove all that is bad.
Communism in action - each according to his needs.
The truth about "power" at the same time modestly forgotten.
And so the vineyards must be protected if the people producing them don't want their hard work went down the drain.
The primer rests on the asphalt track the envelope of the Cape Meganom.

Here we met a herd of three horses and my boys fed them a portion of the grape stock.
Started of course Edward - to see if the horses leaped in him the genetic memory of ancestors.
Still he is a Muslim and his forefathers were nomads.
Of course, keeping up with the progress he changed the saddle of a rider on the bike.

Megan itself is not so much a Cape, how pretty the highest mountain of the sea prominent in several promontories.
Besides the Megan is a Cape fisherman , the Cape is Thick and the Cape Bugas.
In Greek language Megan means "large settlement".
A hundred years ago on its slopes you can find the ruins of the ancient town.
However, local people took the stones to build their own houses (in the village of Bogatovka), and to the 30-th years of the last century from the ruins left over.
And then everything is blocked. In Soviet times, drove in the military.
The place is certainly very strategic.

Upstairs is one more or less driven along the dirt road.
However rise was not easy on it in abundance were found large and small rocks crumbling from the surrounding slopes.
On particularly steep sections of the wheels were turned and had to dismount.
I just remembered a couple of years ago Ilya and Norway crossed the pass leading to the Road diggers.
There is the same going was hilarious.

Edward trailed against the habit behind.
Whether still not fully recovered, all the same whether the road led was not fit for such coverage.
With each turn of the serpentine was opened up to more majestic views around.
In some places grass and roadside bushes blackened burnt bald spots.
See fires often occur here.

Somewhere at an altitude of about 300 metres the path splits. To the top - for the military part.
In the Soviet years, on top was built a secret military facility, why access to Megan was closed, it was forbidden even to photograph the Cape.
Now the secrecy is removed and Meganom open to the public, although the military equipment of the dismantled not completely.
Talking of conscripts changed here every six months, because the longer they couldn't be there.
Could not explain the huge number of injuries and accidents.
Soldiers are constantly frustrated with cliffs, broken limbs.
The place was always shrouded in mystery.

Supposedly according to legend the ancient Greeks, here is the entrance to the underworld - Hades.
At Cape Meganom Odysseus met the one-eyed Cyclops, and through underground caves Karadag, which can be seen during low tide the sea, descended into Hades...
But most likely it's the same tale for tourists, such as those that we constantly hear in the bays of the New world.

The other two paths lead to the lighthouse at Cape Meganom and along massively wind turbines installed on the ridge.
Sudak is petroelectrosbyt.
Maybe she once worked, but we found complete devastation.
Broken white blades like a giant animal bones were scattered around the towers.
But the view from the observation ploshadki just awesome.
We hung there for half an hour. Just sat silently and meditated.
My God what a beauty on Earth is found!
Perhaps the view from the Meganom greater than Tepe-Oba.

From Zander at Megan's carry excursions on four-wheel scooters.
This is the team we met along the way.

Not having studied a detailed map of the Cape I thought that we can get the bikes to climb the mountain and go to the perch with the other side.
Because to go to the side of the military was a risk that had to go down to the lighthouse at Cape Meganom in fact.

Down led dennymi the serpentine and crept into the idea - as well as have to climb on it back!
But isn't there obchodni trails along the shore!
This can not be!
And rolled downwardz unequivocally.

Near the lighthouse there are the houses of his Ministers.
And on the slope, a little above the ruins of the old lighthouse.

Leaving the bikes, we walked to investigate.
And the worst fears were justified. With the desired side were steep cliff to overcome that and walk up easy.
Far below could be seen Dicky beach, like the local Fox Bay.
It was chosen by the same lovers of wildlife, recreation and other non-traditional personality.
From height was seen a few tents and people the size of an ant.
Here the clearest water in the whole of South-East coast and the cold.
Have high steep slopes there are several coves, known among divers, it has beautiful scenery and clean, clear water.
Industry, resort area stayed away from these places, but because the underwater world is extraordinarily rich and diverse.
Fans of an underwater extreme can find in these deep underwater caves, elevators and other pleasures.
A Mecca for divers - there are many stones and all sorts of other historical artifacts resting on the bottom.

Paradise at first glance place.
Although there are reviews:

"And there's a lot of drunken idiots playing on the drums at 3am under your tent, sometimes falling on the tent drunk. Gomno Nemer, trashed nepadetski.
At the entrance to the Cape take the money for 10 UAH. per person for passage to the Cape.
Midge Breakfast - action of the repellent is enough for about 30 minutes, then bites again.
In August, people were a lot - the spring has dried up, or a lover to shower with fresh water scooped for the night came running.
And Hannity hiding behind rocks And esche according to the legend on the Cape goes the Ghost of a sailor ulanowska in 1884 on carwale "Sofia" and hums -"my favorite sailor"- just horror. blind man's buff and sing along with him
And in 1975 I experienced nuclear bomb , detonated directly under the water.
Now there is to be a secret military base which continues to monitor the effects of the explosion, the radiation background in the area of the Cape is beyond the permissible norms and is primarily affects the reproductive function of the body"

Where truth and fantasy are hard to understand:)
Although about the atomic bomb rumors are not entirely groundless.

Not far from Cape Meganom in the mountains is the natural boundary Kiziltas
In this tract in 1851, near a medicinal spring, founded by Stefano Sourozh monastery.
It was built at the foot of the limestone cliffs of red, why is the entire contiguous area is called by the Tatars "Kizil-Tash" (Red stone)
In 1906, a goal Kiziltash monastery was visited by the Royal Family.

After the events of 1917, in 1923 the Monastery was abolished and until 1935, it housed the agricultural artel.
In the temples the way the club and the hostel.
From 1935 until the war, the sanatorium of the Ministry of defence.
During the war the monastery was located in the base of the guerrilla group.
During the fighting on the territory of the monastery buildings is practically not affected. This gave the opportunity to use them again the Ministry of defence as a sanatorium.

On 7 November 1950, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR adopted a decision on the organization of enterprises of medium machine building in the village Krasnokamenka.
The building of the monastery was blown up and in this place, "enemies of the people" under the leadership of the Moscow metro were built in the mountains of the nuclear Arsenal of the black sea fleet.
The work was supervised personally by Lavrenty Beria.
The prisoners worked in the tunnels, where it rattled all around explosions, and on the surface.
If a prisoner is handed over 151% rule, he is counted the day for the three.
By 1956, the village built home, Dorm, kindergarten, shops, stadium, etc.
The villagers lived in secrecy - they could not invite friends to leave the village only by special permit.r /> In the mid 60s the town had the name "Theodosius-13".

The scope of the work was amazing.
Almost to the foot of the mountain in her column struck the tunnel width and height is not inferior to the metro tunnel. Its length is more than two kilometers.
The tunnel came out on the other side of the mountain, where he had a spare away in the village of Old Crimea.
Under the top of the mountain was located the Assembly room and several storage products themselves and their hosts.
The height of the Assembly hall was about twenty metres and the length is several tens of meters.

Arsenal lasted until 1992 when the Treaty with Ukraine, all warheads were taken to Russia.
Now there are some elite units of the Ukrainian armed forces and the place is still guarded.
The monastery can be reached only through the territory of the military unit - he seems to be behind barbed wire.

Rumor has it that the tract Kiziltas connects with Cape Meganom long underground tunnel built by the convicts.
And through this tunnel it is likely carried on the testing of nuclear mines.
Do not confirm nor deny this is not possible - the Peninsula is still jealously keeps its military secrets.
Kiziltashskiy underground tunnels may still crammed with high radiation.

And we had no choice - I had to come back the same way.
Along the way, Andrew found someone's lost cell phone.
Edward is completely evaporated, puffed feathers but without stopping, gritting his teeth.
Thin road tires strained cranking on small limestone pebbles.
Nevertheless, we safely pervail through the mountain Meganom, and went to the track on the perch.

From the Meganom Cape Alchak it passes through Kapselskoy Bay.
The place is quite desolate and sad. The coastline is abound with abandoned nedostroya holiday homes.
And on the opposite side of the track - field human squareshnikov - poor booths of limestone.
This squatting. So the Crimean Tatars mark the pieces privatezirovanna area.
However in fairness I must say there is a Slavic squatting.
A bad example is contagious as you know.
The result is a depressing sight. Instead of admiring the steppe to the hilly nature of this area - where throw a sight - stone-pimples.

Capture captured sectors but the construction quietly no.
Wait, probably when the situation is favorable to start.
In the meantime, Ukraine has a law on criminal liability for squatting.
Another thing is that it does not hurt that it comply with the local authorities.

Only if the occupied land is somewhere in the city or tidbits on financial tocci of view of the field.
The Peninsula itself is small and clearly for everyone to grab a piece of the seaside place to stop.
So either be a battle or will come to power and those who with an iron hand to bring order.
The third is not given.
But while anarchy can be seen solid in everything.

Our team will soon come to Sudak.
And after about an hour of time on a quest, we stopped to wait at the pleasant peasant on the street my beloved turquoise.