In search of the Moomin-Dole

Baltic coast - red dawn

Chapter in which hemul concerned with the problems of nuclear power, and Mumla - strangers glasses

Mileage: 96 km | Temperature: +25 (sun)


Interestingly, the longer you go to foreign countries, the less reflections with self-kempingovye.
First of all, and all fear is encrypted, try not to light up, to get as far as possible in some sort of backwater.
And then there's apathy - within reasonable limits of course.

In the morning we were awakened by the haunting sound, like an enormous beetle curled around the tent.
Looking out the canopy I found a nearby bearded peasant in noise-reducing headphones.
He carefully sheared with the mower the grass in the area.
We he's definitely long saw and carefully cut the area around is not particularly closer.

The sun rose long ago.
With Neleus, I probably soon forget how to get up early in the campaign:)
Charges were short-lived. Before leaving, we sat at a table located on the edge of the island.
From there we had a magnificent panorama of östhammar.
I undressed and had wanted to bathe, but the water temperature this time stopped me.
Limited by the fact that I was at the U-shaped jetty for diving.

Their way from the satellite can be clearly seen. The place is wonderful - the best of what I saw in Sweden in this campaign.

Because of lawnmower man, we are somewhat hurried departure, and the result is Nelia I forgot to have water shampoo and some soap-rylnye accessories.
But it was discovered much later.
So now the Russian shampoo wash a head the Swedish simple beach hunky:) If not disdain.

Östhammar stopped at a supermarket ICA.
And then wanted to take some wine for the road.
Had to look up the state store selling alcohol from Systembolaget.
Nelia volunteered to go and choose something to your taste. But soon returned. She didn't sell the bottle, demanded a passport.
Apparently the cashier thought she was younger than 22 years and according to the law of Sweden is to drink the juice or Cola:)
One this fact flattering to any woman which give less her age, and the other probably feel like a naughty schoolgirl who was trying secretly from my parents to drink with friends and simply caught adults.

Mumla offended, which was not given to press to eager Breasts a bottle of sweet to go a second time refused.
I had to choose. Nelia and then complaining that it's sour.
Young did not accept me , despite the fact that drew belly and thrust out his chest.

But seriously, it is the policy of the country in the sale of alcohol amazes me every time.
They managed to reduce the population alkalization simple measures.
Gave the rights to the sale of liquor to the state, raised prices, limited sales and introduced the age limit.
All the deal - and what effect.
By the way for the last six months, prices are still up.

On average, alcoholic beverages become more expensive by 4%, and for certain the price will rise by 20%. The reason for price increase of liquor - the low exchange rate of the Swedish Krona.
Last time the prices in the shops of the state monopoly of alcohol trade increased last fall.

Surprisingly in Sweden started to produce their own wine, from approximately 2003, growing grapes in the warmer areas of its territory on the Islands of Gotland, Oland and the adjacent coast of the province of Scans .
Local calcareous soil and a favorable combination of climatic factors have helped to gather a good harvest.
The development of this case is constrained by a state monopoly on alcohol sales. After all, winemakers are forced to take the wine Systembolaget and can't implement it themselves.

Finally we went to the track Osthammar-Phen unfortunately unityhere again the road.
To go on the road and let maloosmyslennoe not too interesting.
I would love to turned into a secondary, but there are none.

The sun was hot and the ride was very comfortable.
After ten kilometers on the speedometer was highlighted Neelie devil's number.
Like a hint that we drove up to this place.

The most remarkable place in the district - Forsmark (Forsmark).
Forsmark is one of the oldest villages in the municipality of Osthammar. Now it is a Museum under the open sky.


Here are more than a hundred years ago housed a steel plant.
He worked until 1890. Then it was closed. But the entire infrastructure is well preserved and clearly shows an old Swedish tradition and the past.


Workers ' houses were built along streets on one end of which is a Church, and in the other the master's mansion house.
In 1975, the factory building was bought by energy group "Forsmark" and at the same time, this place was declared a historic value to Sweden.

We arrived to the complex where there was information house.
Inside sat a lady of pleasing appearance and readily strougo dog looked at us. But to help us could not - in the Russian language did not own. Therefore, we have limited number of free booklets.

At a little distance attracted the attention of the brick hangar to open the gate and the inscription Laboratorium.
This place is worth it to dwell on it in detail.
Essentially it really is gaming laboratory, where demonstrada those or other physical processes. Just freedom to teach kids.

And all this completely free, I Sweden is always UDwas ulala.
We Neleus from children differed little in that moment and fully immersed in the world of the laws of Faraday, Newton and Edison.
So it turns out carries - feel the action of various natural phenomena.

Something like Nel pulled out of this citadel of science.
First was the desire to leave the bikes and go for a walk on foot, but then this idea have refused. The area was too big.
Around the buildings was a beautiful English Park with numerous alleys, ponds and delicate bridges.

And nothing talked about that only 6 kilometers from the village nikolitsa the devil's object in the whole of Sweden - Forsmark nuclear power plant and the storage of nuclear waste.
It is located on the shores of the Baltic sea.
Nuclear power plants are always built near the water it needed to cool the reactors.

The plant belongs to the consortium "Energy group Forsmark", and Power Group Vattenfall AB is the principal owner.
Nuclear power plant has three reactors and a total installed electric capacity 3102 MW.
Exactly at the station Forsmark in 1986 found elevated radiation in the environment and on the clothing of staff - wind brought from Chernobyl.
And only after the statement of the Swedish government, the Soviet government recognized the scale of the disaster and start the evacuation of Pripyat.


After the accident at an American nuclear power plant "three mile island" in 1979 next year in Sweden was designated a national referendum on the future of nuclear energy.
The vast majority of participants in a plebiscite called for a phasing out of nuclear energy.
The referendum was Advisory in nature, however, the Parliament decided to impose an embargo on further development of nuclear energy and to stop the use of 12 stations in 2010 in the case of painless to replace them with new sources of energy.
But since then public opinion has changed and new adequate sources of energy was never found

Eight in ten Swedes want to preserve nuclear energy as one of the options of energy production.

The Swedish coalition government plans to abolish a 30-year ban on construction of new NPP units.
Cancellation is accompanied by a number of constraints: number of active units not more than 10; all new units should be built on existing sites.

Now Sweden operates 10 nuclear power plants. At the end of their lifetime they will be replaced with a new one.
More than half of the nation's electricity is produced by nuclear power plants and this energy is very cheap.

Periodically on Swedish nuclear power plant to happen the incident becoming public knowledge.
This is despite the fact that stations of the country are renowned for their level of security.
The most serious incident in all the years of the existence of atomic energy Sweden occurred at the station Forsmark in 2006
when a failure of the cooling system there was a threat of melting of fuel elements in the reactor core.
Only miraculously managed to avoid disaster.

a distinctive feature of nuclear power Sweden is that the country's nuclear waste is not pererabatyvaya such as in Russia, and stored.
In the area of Oskarhamn nuclear power plant is a temporary storage for the waste Club.
There they lie until they are not transported to permanent storage.

The Swedish company for handling the SKB has selected a site Forsmark for the construction of a permanent repository for spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RW).
Site selection for the repository was the result of nearly 20 years of experience, during which SKB performed research throughout Sweden.

At the store level under the Forsmark area are dry rock with very few cracks. In addition, the storage in Forsmark will require less storage space than the competing platforms — and this advantage, which means that you will need to remove smaller rocks and use less materials.
Spent nuclear fuel from Swedish nuclear power plants will be buried in the new vault in crystalline rocks at a depth of about 500 m.
Surface facilities will be constructed in an existing industrial area, which reduces the impact on the environment.
Preparation for the construction of storage facilities could begin at the site in 2013, full-scale construction in 2015 and the new store is scheduled for 2023.
If construction goes according to plan, Forsmark might become the world's first permanent repository for spent nuclear fuel.

Another interesting property is situated in the sea near nuclear power plants.
This so-called Biotestsjon (lake to conduct biological tests)
From space you can see this Grand man-made lake in the middle of the sea.
Its built, natural ispolzuya the local Islands of the archipelago and complete the missing perimeter dams.
In Forsmark is research Institute Biotestsjon, where he studied the relationship between water temperature and biological processes in the sea.


The fact that nuclear power plants require large amounts of sea water for cooling When cooling water passes through the system and its temperature increases by approximately 10 ° C.
The heated water is pumped into the sea through this same lake Biotestsjon, where he studied what is the effect of heated water on marine life the waters around the station> The purpose Biotestsjon is the study of how heat affects plants and animals.
Biotestsjon included in the organizational structure of the plant but is responsible for research on her Swedish Board for fisheries.

Research has already established that those types of fish who like warm water increase in size and number.
And the species which prefer cold water they leave this area to the North.
Gulls and sea eagles warm benefit, they find excellent conditions for rest and hibernation. And this was the fact that they have multiplied, not only here but far beyond the area of Forsmark.



Local places rich in historical remnants of the steel industry.
The Swedes cherish it all and kept in excellent condition.

In the town of Lovstabruk(Lovstabruk) once housed a steel plant at first belonged to the Swedish crown, but was subsequently sold to a French industrialist and merchant Louis de journal of European economy(Lui de Geer)
He is considered the father of Swedish industry for he brought into the country, the Walloon blast furnaces.
And produced their weapons for the German Protestant movement, for the Dutch admirals and the Dutch East India Campaign.

Continue to Karlholmsbruk(Karlholmsbruk) another vintage plant associated with the name of the Frenchman.
Along the main streets is the old well maintained houses.
Across the road was arranged by the pond. About him we camped for lunch.
Nearby stood a clock tower and I took us an hour to rest.
We layed on the grass foam and Mumla quickly fell asleep wrapped in a warm jacket. Hardly shook her then

The road to Alvkarleby unremarkable - just a semi-desert course that is rarely overtakingand cars.
Stayed a couple of times on vacation and all.
It is because Nelia saw the cherry tree and chewed all the roadside bushes:)
Not possible without my participation of course.

My companion had already begun to fizzle out, but I wanted to get this day to the coast
The slogan - "Every overnight must have water!" has not been canceled


City Alvkarleby(Alvkarleby) and Skutskar(Skatskor) as we form a unified metropolis and situated along the narrow fjord is more like a river.
The latter still known for its pulp mill produces paper high quality and built with maximum environmental safety.
He belongs to the Finnish-Swedish Stora Enso campaign is in fact a city-forming enterprise.
His money built the infrastructure of Skutskar.

Not udivetelno that in the direct vicinity of the plant is a local Riviera reserve Billuden known zaroslei buckthorn and white sandy beaches with limestone.
A favorite vacation spot of local residents.


We Neleus went to the sea a little way out of the sanctuary to the left of the mouth of the river fjord at the confluence of the Baltic sea.
There on the map was specified beach.
After a short walk through the woods with the desired path was found and we saw a great place to stay.
The beach was really gorgeous - located in a small Bay enclosed on both sides by forest and small whitish sand.
The Parking for the car was located the toilet but only with cold water.
Do not miss Nelia by yourself a single outhouse rushed inside, her body always protested against the corresponding procedures in nature.
To understand it was impossible , it only remained to take.

Meanwhile, I went to look for a camping place.
In principle, there had no problems at all, and selecting the Christmas tree in the relative distance from the found of the trail, threw the bike on the joke.
Soon it was my fighting friend.
After a few minutes she found that he had left his glasses on the faucet in the restroom and went back.
Came back stunned = points lost.
These points were taken into concession Julia when we were broken up. She didn't like to drive in them and therefore readily gave temporary use.

Amazing for Sweden thing - five minutes had passed, and things have attached feet.
Not believing in such a terrible wreck of my ideas about the honesty of local residents, I went in search of himself.
Near the toilet he saw the car a few minutes ago was not.
By simple masakryczne I have compared the owner with our loss.
And went out into the woods hoping to see the person.
And then it happened - I went down swarthy arabolic.
With all my inherent courtesy and reverence in broken English I asked the gentleman if he had seen in the toilet glasses lost me recently( I won't write in English so as not to shame) Absolutely not relying on luck.
But the grinning Arab took out our glasses and gave them.
Then he kept muttered something apologetically. I was nodding my head , like a father soothing his conscience.

Sweden had fallen backwards, again wring out and stood on his feet.
The idea he could not give points. Somebody's loss is somebody's discovery.

Surprisingly, only half a mile from here was a huge industrial complex, with its port and railroad.
But nothing betrayed the presence of the industrial beast.
The idyll of nature was full if would have stopped God knows what in the middle of nowhere.
These are the industrial facilities of Sweden - they fit perfectly into the environment and strip occurDenia absolutely does not exist. Here's a plant, but ten meters is virgin nature.

Until the sun went down we wandered around the edge of the beach, and I went knee-deep into the icy water.
Stood on stones littered the shallows.
A warm haze descended peace.
After a long time pedaling so nice to relax and experience a different life in tired limbs.

"You see, the wind has stockbase
Hot South paints
Not to learn today of the sea, not to learn today of the waves...

Heat over the sea razmeshalsya,
And the sun's caress
The entire Gulf up to the horizon blue transparent full."

Sasha Black