In search of the Moomin-Dole

Day wheel

Chapter in which Hattifnat meets Baby MJ, different size wheels be the only sense and way of being, and the shores of the Aurajoki give bed

Mileage: 25 km | Temperature: +23 (sun)


The quiet rustle of the waves Sun of the Gulf and gentle dreary silence of the Scandinavian nights. Several times I woke up and went outside.
Nelia displeasure twisting and turning in the sleeping bag when the cool night of ice stream broke into the heated space of the tent.
Quiet Scandinavian night. In my opinion, even quieter Ukrainian:)
In Crimea, it is full of sounds, rustling, the chirping of cicadas.
But here the silence was absolute and even a nearby campground had not violated her.
Why the thought that we have in Russia then I would Gurbanli up in the morning, splashing in the sea with drunk, shouting, burning fires and shrieking chasing girls, throwing watermelon rinds and empty beer bottles.
Sitting on a smooth boulder around which silently lapped the water, I gazed thoughtfully at the horizon, where the pale pink dawn blurred languishing already accumulates at the sky.

Morning finally called our fourth member Julia.
She completely recovered and went by taxi to Kotka. Surprisingly, but to get from St. Petersburg to this city across the border cost only 800 rubles.
Andrei immediately jumped on his lame Rocinante with a broken back and went to meet her.

Meanwhile, we Neleus were collected tents and making Breakfast.
Nelia woman exclusively economic, cooks really well.
Only it was a fad in this area - she used to finely chop all the food that tucked under her arm.
On the one hand this allowed more convenient it is, and on the other was often left uneaten pieces which quickly objectively or spoiled because it has been chopped.
Well as they say everyone has some habits instilled since childhood, borrowed from parents or somewhere else.
And hike like a melting pot, learn to average all collectively put up with cockroaches each participant
So I - at first, I even was annoyed, but then got used and began have fun.
But before that happened perusal a bit of course - hemul's nothing like the situation requires:)

Less than an hour as our friends are fun (as is generally characteristic of Hatifnatten) and content appeared in our clear eyes.
From the border crossing Torfyanovka to Kotka only 60 miles on the highway E18.

Julia was cheerful and fresh. And only a brown shawl her grandmother famously tied at the hips issued last illness.
The campaign is finally reunited and the campaign is still in the phase of waiting began... with a hearty Breakfast.
Finnish food is not stale on a makeshift table. In the mouth went even the crumbs which fell from someone's careless lips:)
Polished in the end the muffins hot green tea.

Leaving our cozy accommodations at the pier met the Muscovites travelling by car.
As usual us in the words of envy, but I don't think it was sincere.
For what a motorist can sincerely envy the cyclist is nonsense.

Familiar road, passing the port, we again went to a bike shop that Andrew had chosen the day before, but could not get.
The shop was small - it was owned by an elderly couple who lived directly in it on the second floor.
The desired rim certainly was not - and why am I not surprised by this.
The owner promised to bring it through the day, but we are certainly not satisfied.
Was still hoping to buy a wheel in Turku because the city was bigger and therefore the selection of parts there had to be at the top.

Its course we didn't have time to get there - issue of Andrew and Julia were limited and wanted to spend some time on the åland Islands, and a broken bike Andrew was crying out for help.
Therefore remained nothing how to take advantage of the services of the Finnish intercity buses.
It should be noted that I always extremely negative attitude to useprovided public transport trips, as a supporter of the movement solely on the bike.
But everytime time constraints of my travel companions are forced to step on the throat of his own principles and to accept the inevitable.
Not to depend on buses or trains in Scandinavia must have at least three or four weeks which as you know for today's workers cannot afford.

As a result, we waited station in the centre of Kotka. And at first train.
The main part of the town was located on the island of Kotkansaari(Kotkansaari), which was connected by a low bridge with Takakyla, on which we slept.

Kotka is quite small - only 55 thousand inhabitants.
But there are plenty of interesting places, including Maretarium - a huge aquarium which presents the underwater nature of Finland (over 50 species) and created conditions close to natural, the Museum of Aeronautics with child vintage planes of the early 20th century, and of course the Park Sapokka hardworking Finns created literally out of nothing in place of the old dirty Bay.

Bay Sapokka cuts from the sea to the island of Kotkansaari, forming a Bay in the centre of the Finnish city of Kotka.
The locals believe that the name of the Bay Sapokka comes from the Russian word "boot". Bay really like him.
In connection with increasing environmental awareness, it was decided to clean the Bay, were in a deplorable state.
The shores of the Bay also decided to clean up and transform into a place of rest.
The clearing began in 1990 and lasted for four years that in General it is unusual for the slow, but fast Finns.

The dominant feature of the Park is water. It is presented in its various manifestations - here and quiet ponds, streams and even a waterfall.
Waterfall also beauty helps water circulation in the Bay and prepyatstvuet its acidification.
Sea water is pumped by pump 20-meter height from the sea from a distance of about a mile.
In the Gulf Sapokka carps and help to keep the water in the Bay is clean.
By nightfall, about two hundred special lamps begin to illuminate the Park, turning it into a fantastic fairy-tale forest in which the play of light and shadow creates a special mysterious atmosphere.

Would cost to see it in person, but time had us very differently.
The train station was quite deserted. In and around there was not a soul.
On schedule it was impossible to understand when and what time here does the train to Helsinki.
And directly to Turku flights did not exist.
Knock a little in the waiting room, we decided to go to the bus station.
There the situation was clearer.
The bus left in an hour and it was worth the fun 30 euros for brother(or sister of course)

The seat time Andrey is engaged in the disassembling and packing in pouches of our bikes and the girls went for a walk through the city center.
And as it usually happens with girls hanging from some of the stores and forgot about the time.
The bus was already filed and I had to run a couple of blocks in their quest.
But all ended well - we loaded the Luggage and sat down themselves.
The next three hours dozing in chairs, looking at the beauty pass.
Someone looked indifferent, someone with enthusiasm, and someone with sadness. And who belonged to what look guess yourself.

In Helsinki to waste time and promptly boarded a Shuttle bus to Turku (another 30 euros) benefit they're went, leaving the sightseeing for the way back.
After a few tiring hours doing nothing and about 7 PM we landed at the Central station of Turku.

In Turku live and learn my compatriot named Natasha, but unfortunately in the day of our arrival she was not in the city./> And the tired travellers hoped, if not overnight in her face, then at least the bath was left with a nose. (I think you understand you are talking about)
Besides, Natasha could tell us to show and tell about the city.
But alas, circumstances have in store for us in this campaign a series of breakages, some of which in addition turned out to be man-made, and offered a contrast to the overall positive impression of the trip.

It was getting dark. Became chilly and had to change outdoor veloparad private.
Windproof jackets and pants - a thing in Scandinavia is extremely indispensable.
All the participants were very tired because the bus ride is much worse than their own.

Had to think about overnight.
Andrew offered to go to the only nearby campsite indicated on the map.
It was located on the island of Ruissalo, which is the way In 1845 a decree signed by Tsar Nicholas I, were transferred to the Finns in perpetual lease. ( From 1809 to 1917 the Finns were part of Russia).
But after a dozen kilometers and at this point the distance from the campsite in the 19th km, after some hesitation turned in the opposite direction.

Back in the city centre and tried to get to the hostel located right by the river.
But there were no thank God, otherwise we would have had the dubious pleasure to roll out a tidy sum of 60 euros per person.
Do not think I'm greedy, just sickens me to spend money on such nonsense. Yes, and income in Russia not in the Euro work.

No wonder there is a saying that is not done, then the better.
Once again Providence has brought us in such a beautiful place that specifically did not come up.
But it happened an hour later, and until the wheels of our bikes were moving along the embankment of the river Aurajoki and we had the opportunity to witness the beauty of the oldest city of Finland, Novgorod was founded as a trading settlement.

Although the year of Foundation the city decided to take 1229, when Turku was transferred to the Throne of the Bishop.
Since stretch Turku is the seat of the Archdiocese of the state Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Here is the main Church of Finland, the national Shrine of the country - the Cathedral, which every day is worship( we drove), the Cathedral is considered one of the most valuable monuments of the country.

The Swedish name of the city of Turku. And as much as 500 years it was the capital of the region, while the Russian Emperor decided to move the capital to Helsinki, closer to Russia. Population (170 000) Turku in fourth place among the cities of Finland, but in importance, probably the second after the capital. The river Aura along which we were driving-pervading the city from North to South.

Over its thousand-year history, Turku has moved from the original location in the upper reaches of the river at its mouth there is now located the port and the old medieval castle.

Populated areas have ended and the path changed to dirt, but a place to sleep to find it was not possible yet.
It was too crowded in the area.
Aurajoki smoothly turned East. Its shore is overgrown with dense bushes. The trail wound across the field, but in the distance was seen in private houses.

The girls looked good, although Nelia was already sopela discontentedly to himself, and Julia's dissatisfaction could only make out Andrew.
In principle they could understand. Bath broke off, the hotel is also and overnight with unwashed body loomed somewhere in the future.

If not for the vague feeling of guilt for the ladies, which was completely wrong in my opinion, but understanding thereof, why it did not disappear, promenade evening could be considered very pleasant.
I love these evening yaw full of anxious suspense - lucky - no luck.

We stumble upon the bridge across the river.
Just behind him was a smallI plotinka - probably Maleh produced electricity for the surrounding area.

And on the opposite side of the long-awaited forest - not wild of course. There are parks all around.
But it was there after a short search found the required and only true point.
Our point! The perfect place to sleep where no one would interfere.

Small hill almost on the shore under the canopy of tall trees. Just for two tents.
Neither add nor take away.

Had dinner in the dark, watching the lights of the big city.
And fell asleep quickly and soundly. As all deserved.