In search of the Moomin-Dole

Moomin valley and its inhabitants

Chapter in which Hatifnats, hemul, Mumla and Little my finally feel like got home

Weather: +26 (sun)


Tickets to the Moomin-Dol we got Infodate in Naantali, although they can be purchased on the island.
They cost about 20 euros and are paper bracelets which control you wear on your wrist.
Paper glued some sort of plastic - do not tear.
I subsequently exhausted before you had removed it.

Of course to go to the island, it is desirable theoretically prepared, otherwise many characters and other entourage will not tell you. And will not be perceived as it should be.
I must say that not all the stories by Tove Jansson about Moomin simple and easy to read.
They can be divided into three groups - one for the very young with simple and clear language, another for Teens and one for grown up children.
With the world of the Moomins, the vast majority are acquainted all the same in Soviet cartoons, which seemed good was not able to convey the depth of characters and the florid language of the writer.

Julia most of all of the four of us rushed in here and wanted to join the embodied fantasies of childhood.
And Andrew as a male ascetic personified who itlater in the life of her dreams.
Nelia came here more for a change from Cycling, rather than from a fervent desire to see the heroes of fairy tales, which she doesn't even remember.
Even I was initially skeptical about this venture because of their age I guess.
It seemed silly to go digging around in the sandbox without children.

But Mumm-dollars made each of us to forget who we are, where and why they came here.
This is not an amusement Park, there are no carousels, roller coasters and other crap inherent in standard children's entertainment parks.
It's just the real WORLD from fairy tales Tove Jansson thoroughly RDSthe best parts, lovingly honed and embodied on a small island in the Turku archipelago.

Right at the entrance is the Moomin theatre, in which every half-hour performances with the main characters - the Moomin trolls, little MJ, Snusmumrik and so Sometimes it's a MIME , but often act out a short scene from a different tale. Outdoor theatre - it can come out at any moment.

Here is near the shop Moomin paraphernalia - the only mercenary school in the world of childhood.
But who wouldn't want to buy their children stuffed momica or a t-shirt with a picture of your favorite heroes.

Meanwhile hemul and Hatifnats bought their girlfriends on the ice and watched as the bristling fun their fur.

People in that day was quite a lot. Especially on the Central Avenue which soon brought us to the present home of the Moomins. He was just exactly the way I imagined it.
Blue three-story cylinder with a sharp spear on a roof in full size.

Roam around almost all the characters from the Moomin Troll, allowing to be photographed with them, pull their tails, squeeze.
The kids squeal with delight and joy of hundreds of glowing eyes fills with angelic light and without the sun-drenched meadow.

Unwittingly, we all succumbed to the universal excitement. Forgot how old we are and started to cuddle with costumed actors.
Especially good was Little my (I mean local girl) jaunty vocal she scurried between people and their guttural voice that recited in Finnish. Probably what that phrase from the work.

Nelia went into a rage and used almost all. And I'm still screaming - Pick me up Baby!!!
So I took it, surprised the girl, but she did not resist. Heavy pretty! Under the red hoodie will not make out complexion:)
Andrew, Julia, is also not lagging behind.

When I finished all the characters in the crowd pushed into the house.
Inside there is a Museum, Moomin-Troll.
There is a kitchen, cellar with jam, a bunch of rooms where you can play and you can touch everything.

Each room of the house furnished with all the necessary for living things, and many items are found in the contents of the books.
On the walls hung pictures of the family, the Moomin Trolls, the furniture very worn, to cause a feeling of a house.
In General we see the creators did their best, not forgetting a single detail of the interior.

All with one hand like a toy, and the other looks like a present.
I spend my childhood in this house with my family, mom and dad is the real happiness for a child.

We, too, were fun and interesting inside. It is amazing how easily it falls off a person Fleur of past years.
Like a Wizard Hat made a miracle of making someone 20 someone 30 years younger.
In fact we are all children and only pretend to be adults, puffed, inflated lips, making an important and significant form.
We believe that once we many years, it gives us some benefits or rights.
Nothing of the sort! Adults are often much worse and more stupid children.
And serious expression on the faces of businessmen, politicians and bankers it's not a sign of intelligence or decency.
Once in the country children can see this very clearly. In contrast.

In fairy tales Tove Jansson is not a particularly deep philosophy, but perfectly reflects children's psychology and shows the various characters of the children of the free, freedom-loving traveler to Sniff nerds Hamula.
By the way the name of the sniff is a derivative of SNUS - snuff, and hemul from hemul - justification and proof.
And what about the name of the Moomins, there are discrepancies.r /> Some believe that the character came first-like drawing-a caricature by Tove Jansson for his brother.

The other version is more elegant, although the brother is also there.
The Jansson family was very educated and well-read.
As any philosophical argument about Immanuel Kant.
And she drew "the ugliest creature in the world" on the wall of the toilet and to piss off the brother, signed it in large letters: "Kant".
This was the prototype of the Mummiy-Troll
Subsequently, he was a little fat and gained a wonderful children's character. But initially he was tall and ugly.
I like this version more to their liking. The Moomin-Troll in the role of Kant - child of the philosopher and physician of souls.

Near the house starts a walking trail that circumnavigates the whole island and places facing the sea.
Throughout it located certain places from fairy tales.

All sorts of interactive bells and whistles - you can look into the cave, to sit in a cupboard behind bars , to shout in the hollow of an old tree and it will echo or repeat you swing on the shaking hanging bridge.

Here is the field with the ominous Hatifnatten growing out of the ground after thunderstorms. Andrew perked up noticeably upon seeing their relatives.

That's old hemul lecturing the family.
And even more stranger to me - still apparently did not read I books.
The Park was built under the guidance of the most Tove Jansson, so here every thing is located, and in accordance with the plot.

Maybe someone Mumm-Dol seem boring place, those who are full of different kinds of man-made entertainment, Disneyland and water parks.
But no other place is so accurately conveys the essence of the Finnish people, its quintessence.
The trail is paved with a neat dosochki and intricate winding between boulders of the island.
We noted in every corner, touched, jumped, was blow my noisemaker snooping wherever possible and where not.
An indescribable feeling of utter freedom from all and all:)

The shore rose dragon slowly drifted, shaking his massive inflatable body.
From the hill gave a great view on the archipelago sea. Somewhere nearby was another Pirate island "Vaski"
There gives tourists a small boat. It's fun for older kids.
Island adventure filled with mysterious worlds that hides a daring mixture of classes and tests.
At the entrance give a special e-card which you should enter their points in the stages of adventure.
The points collected are entered into the database and You know who you are: pirate, smuggler, fisherman or a hermit.
A visit to this island was not planned. Left for another time)

Here near the pink dragon on the small beach bathed the people. The day was very warm for the time of our trip.
Heat is a rare thing in Scandinavia and the local use of the sun to the maximum.

Andrey is also often used to dip the bodies into the cold waters of the Gulf of Bothnia. But our girls, especially Nelia was always cold. They were only inspired by the Mediterranean sea.

Full of positive emotions and warhead we left finally welcoming the Moomin-Dale.
Near the bridge to the island kids and their parents waiting for the little train to deliver it to the bus stop.

Before departure from Naantali decided to eat at a local cafe. Nelia as usual took a beer but the rest decided to drink Finnish cider.

Local love this drink. In fact it's Apple sparkling wine obtained by the method of champagne during the fermentation of Apple juice without added yeast.
Its strength of 6-7%.
The authorship of his invention is credited with the Swedish king Charles, who sat on the sack despised apples, crushed them there, its carcass a little and turned cider.
But since the cider is made in France and in Germany, I think they have their own views on this account:)
I really liked this light champagne with Apple flavor.

To eat in Finland is quite expensive to do.
Regular hot dog about 200 R for our money. I will not run away with our resources.

Sweet girl, we returned our bikes.
The process of taking them out of the basement was somewhat marred by the incident involving Julia and age-old oak door jamb.
They went into uncontrolled contact with each other, in which the joint didn't even flinch, and she probably had swelling.

It was a pity to leave the quiet resort town, but the road called us once again in a way.
We waited for the Archipelago!

The Turku archipelago is a scattering of 20 000 green Islands, small rocky islets and reefs, which stretches along the southwest coast of Finland near Turku. And surrounds them Saarisomeri (archipelago sea).
The Islands are connected among themselves by bridges or ferries.

And the nature is very diverse and very different from continental.
When the local places covered glacier and departing left behind a smooth, sloping rocks and steep cliffs.
And here most other colors - the green trees and burning flowers in the fields, pine trees with fancifully bent trunks, the result of strong sea winds.

And all this splendor is surrounded by the sea, the bright blue sea.
The sea with a small cozy coves with red fishermen's houses complements the magnificent painting created by the greatest artist in the Universe, Nature (or God in her face).

In these places, inevitably covers a certain air of detachment when you and your bike moving around by themselves , the consciousness hovers somewhere in other place, and his eyes greedily trying to absorb the surrounding beautyfrom.

On one of the bridges spanning the Islands we saw an interesting picture.
Right in the middle of the bike path sat a girl.
At first I thought that she was bad, God forbid!
But no - she just sat there doing the crossword puzzle.
We carefully drove around, so the girl even batted an eye in our direction.

Here was was tired and sat down to catch his breath. Everything is simple here from them. And it's fascinating.

We drove to the ferry bebrave Teersalo - Hakkenpaa. And she was almost a dead end - the ferry went through it twice a day.

Water on the Islands is very tight. We were lucky and about what a closed shop was discovered the unit selling water.
A kind of scuzzy metal box with two holes for coins and the hose on the side.
Andrew shoved the Euro back to test works or not.
The water ran so sharply under the pressure that I barely had time to substitute the empty bottle, but a few cents flowed still on the ground forever.
Paid enough money just for four two-liter plastic bytylka.

The ferry pulled up already in the evening. Scheduled ferry pulled away early in the morning the next day.
This was fine and I just had to find a place to stick the tent.
Found a place quickly - in the corner of the public beach.
But it was too open and, while the ladies rested on the water, Andrei and cut a couple of circles around the area, but only in order to make sure that the original was not.

Before dinner, Andrei and washed with soap in the sea. The water was burning cold.
Well girls, as usual, decided to wait for a hot shower.
Nelia however, when it got dark, still went on his knee and that there was not rubbing myself, dipping a sponge into a dark pool of quiet water.