In search of the Moomin-Dole

The eagle at the mouth of the Kymi-joki

Chapter in which Hattifnat desperately looking wheels, Mumla pressure on the ground under the water tower, and hemul finds is an amazing place to sleep

Mileage: 54 km | Temperature: +20 (sun)


The sun broke through the canopy of the tent and forced to swim out of tenacious arms of Morpheus.
The coming day promised to be beautiful. Fatigue vanished the life-giving sleep.
Like worms after the rain we slowly stepped out into the light. Process morning duties have always consisted of two main activities - first, a lot of small things gradually fell out of tents outside, and then gradually migrated into the velorjukzakov.

In between I managed to eat.
This time the process was complicated by an incremental retarding option - morning makeup.
Well, that's when our girls (though rocada can only for Nel) was applied war paint on their pretty little faces with the aim to adequately look at the wheel from the side.
Although Mumla constantly claimed that this delays us more than ten minutes, it seemed like an eternity.
Andrei has been very active and energetic companion and constantly dragged the locomotive of our team forward.
He with visible hunting first took up any job and cooking was no exception.
Cook it was great and I even secretly envied his friend, even though she wasn't with us.
However, the eternally gloomy condition did not allow me to fully consider it the soul of the campaign - rather, he was her guardian, reminding me of the shepherd firmly mastered a certain set of actions in order to herd fled and gave a good yield.

Clean-shaven skull and the twilight state of the person doing it exclusively like Hatifnatten.
And the glasses that he sometimes wore only complemented the image drawn by Tove Jansson.
However, it was impossible not to fall under its intelligent-aristocratic charm.
Andrew was certainly educated and purposeful man, though his energy was not always headed in the right direction.

Red campaign I was told that any other leader of the group and can not be.
The fact that Nelia-Mumla - the girl is wayward and easily fall under specific masculine charm.
Argue a little for decency, I soon agreed with this postulate.

And I must admit we were not mistaken.
If we exclude the unfortunate mistake with the road the day before, Andrew was the perfect Danko, figuratively vyryvaya your heart in the name of common way.
But on the other hand, I found an unpleasant fact.
Following in someone else's fairway I didn't remember the pass seat and furthermore did not seek to do that.
It reminded me of a military service when the need to obey the command gradually atrophied brain and dulled the initiative.
Only in this case it happened too as it is too fast.

Three hours after the lift, the trio finally left the campsite.
Finally, in the light of day I took some footage of this cozy venue.
But even realizing it, unable to understand what makes the Finns in days and weeks to hang around with their houses on wheels in one place.
Apparently the rhythm of life of Northern peoples served as a stage for the many anecdotes actually occurred.

Having done a short way back to the highway, the wheels of our bikes turned in the direction of Kotka(Kotka).
Soon we reached the town of Karhula(Karhula) forming with the Kotka small metropolis.

Typing the food in the local supermarket settled for lunch under the shade of a huge mushroom of a water tower.
By the way which is an indispensable attribute of almost every Scandinavian city.

The water tower for those who are not in the topic — structure in the supply system to regulate the pressure and flow of water in the water supply, the creation of the stock and align the schedule of work of pump stations.
In the hours umenshenie water excess water accumulates in the water tower and spent hours in increased water consumption.
Obviously everything is invented to save energy.

Honestly never paid attention whether there are similar constructions in Russian cities.
If there is something they are very inconspicuous, while in the Nordic cities towers sometimes works of art and architecture.

The tower is usually quite high and are usually observation, for example Nаsinneulan nаkоtorni in Tampere – the tallest observation tower in Finland or Haukkavuoren nakotorni in Kotka.
In addition, the towers are often arranged and a restaurant serving traditional Finnish cuisine.

Tower Karhula was no restaurant, and the pass up was blocked.
So we quietly settled on the grass at its foot, without risking to interfere with anyone.

A sumptuous repast consisting of yogurt and muffin spoiled unexpected discovery of Andrew.
But it was rather unexpected for us. It seems long ago that was paranoid while riding and having the bike inspection, Andrew discovered a crack in the rim of the rear wheel.
The crack was the result of wiping pads.
He hasn't just changed the rim and did this before going. You can pull on him all the dogs and to criticize his training, but it would not help.
Go Andrew still could, but with no brakes and desperately wobbling ass - crack gave pronounced excentricity circle of the wheel.

Leaving Nel to fill up on the foam, Andrei went on Karhula in search of a bike shop.
We found it but it didn't help.
There were a lot of things - even bicycles with batteries.
Among other model my own Schwinn for around 2000 bucks.
She was launched into production in late 2008.
In Kutchas food sources it uses Li-ion batteries Toshiba Super Charge, the distinguishing feature of which is the high speed charging.
To replenish reserves of energy from the power supply, they need only 30 minutes, after which the Bicycle with a rider on Board can travel up to 45 kilometers, traveling at a speed of 15-20 km/h.
The battery is made removable, so you don't have to drag to the outlet the whole bike - just take with you in your home or office battery operation.
And is mounted under the trunk - that is, not stopping to fasten the cargo.
In addition, This hybrid bike – the movement is and how to use the pedals, and by means of the motor.

But the store was not the main thing - on 26 inch rims.
The fact that the majority of Finnish citizens ride bicycles with wheels 28 inch and find a smaller diameter was not so easy. Returned empty-handed.

The time was nearing five o'clock, and the stores in Finland rarely worked later than six.
And Andrew had the presence of mind to quickly drive light to Kotka where we are headed, but together clearly did not have time before closing.
Which he did.
The idea was spontaneous and the result did not bring.
Returning an hour and a half on your lame (I mean wheel) bike Andrew told me that not found desired and there.

Putting Luggage on the bikes, we finally moved together to eagle city.
Drove slowly, not to give God a moribund wheel has not collapsed at all.
The bike path runs along the highway are marked with "Royal road".
Here was dissected over a hundred years ago the Russian nobles and kings.

Translated into Russian Kotka means eagle.
The city was founded in 1878 at same place was previously the Swedish city Rochensalm.
In Rochensalm born inventor of the first Russianof plane? no Mozhaisk, whose father served in Rochensalmsky fortress.
In one of the FORTS associated with Cumene-city Rochensalmsky fortress for almost a year languished several of the Decembrists, who were waiting for deportation to Siberia.
Here are several years served as the Russian poet Yevgeny Baratynsky, awaiting the production of his officers.

In the mid-19th century, the city Rochensalm was burned by troops of the Anglo-French Exedra and only a few decades later, this place was founded the new city of Kotka has become now the largest port in Finland.
Like no other cities of Suomi Kotka associated with latest Russian history.
In Kotka held the first sessions on radio Alexander Popov.
The Bolsheviks held in Kotka party Congress, where he addressed Vladimir Lenin.
And at the end of the 19 th century it liked to rest and fish the Emperor Alexander III.

The scenic river on whose banks spread their wings Kotka, bears the name of the Kymijoki river and very rich in salmon.
No wonder it is called the king.
The length of the river is 204 km.
The Kymijoki river flows in a southerly direction.
At a distance of 12 kilometers from the mouth the river forks and then, near the city of Kotka, Kymijoki river flows into the five sleeves in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic sea.

Especially the Emperor loved it the place where the river churns its water at the last rapids.
Here was built for the Royal family holiday house at the river in the town Langinkoski
Here was born the famous phrase - "When the Russian Emperor fishes, Europe can wait"

We could not admire its banks and pulled off the highway to the sea to travel along the rapids of the river.


The river Kymi is one of the most famous Finnish areas of salmon fishing.
The largest salmon caught here in 1998, weighed 24,8 kg.
In addition to the salmonth here is caught trout, Chub, whitefish and rainbow trout.
In General the best fish on earth for my taste.

Every year there is the celebration of the Kymijoki river.
Fishing fans this day is a unique opportunity to fish without paying a license fee, either with a half discount depending on the threshold.
The other days fishing with spinning need to buy a license cost 5 euros for a week.

The day was coming to an end, and we have exhausted the supplies.
Fortunately nearby was the Prizma hypermarket , where we joined the food their backpacks.
Like other grocery stores Finland it was chock-full of delicious food, walk on it was a clock, and to choose even more difficult.
Unfortunately because of the high rate of the Euro against the ruble was not all we could afford.

The Kotka was originally constructed as a port city.
One of the leading suppliers of wood in the late 19th century were Finland.
From Central Finland on the river Kemijoki logs floated down the river in the area of the present city of Kotka, where numerous saw-mills.
From here they were sent by sea to different countries.


To provide access lesopilniy and sailing ships engaged in the export of products was built seaport.


Now the city has several marinas.
The largest of them - Mussalo.

It is in the area of this port we went to, after visiting Prism.
Nearby was one of three five-star campsites in Finland under the name Santalahti(Santalahti).
To remove it, a place to stay was not planned, since we were clean and rested.
And savings are not disturbed.
The prices at this campground was 14 Euro per tent 4 person
The hope was that it will be possible to discover a free place for our tents.

Kotka is partly located on smaller Islands. There are more than four hundred.
The port of Mussalo occupies almost half of the largest island Takakyla.
From supermarket to sea we drove for about half an hour.
And noticed a small exit to the shore immediately rushed there.
The shore at this place was not built up and populated and, in principle, place for tents to find the one you want.
If not for one thing. Just above the most convenient plots laid high-voltage power line.
And positioned directly beneath it was unwise and unpleasant.
Although Andrei was willing to do anything I managed to dissuade him.

Close to coveted first place started camping.
To stand on the beach belonging to him-not with his hands.
Nelia has already begun as usual to be nervous and therefore, leaving her to relax in the cool Finnish vechereyuschim day, we together with my friend went in search of more worthy of our level of refuge.

Just behind the camping on the Peninsula began a landscape Park, rugged Hiking trails.
In principle, it was possible to find a place in the forest, but always wanted the sea.
Coast of the Peninsula, as usual, was occupied by private buildings and after half an hour of throwing, it seemed that hopes to stand in water anymore.

But as usual Providence brought me to the best place in the area.
For that, among other things, I love Cycling - so this is for evening excitement when searching for a Parking lot.
This huge Russian is never, and in densely populated Scandinavia search of bed turns into a similars the game bet which is a great view and quiet sleep.
In our case the matter was complicated by the presence of women who know how to wait don't really like and can:)

A relatively flat clearing I found in the water near the pier with boats.
Almost directly opposite the residential building, which when examined proved to be uninhabited. At least that night.
The clearing was well located with respect to prying eyes.
And did not hesitate long and we settled there for the night.

Launched our camping tents and Nelia helped with the dinner. And an hour later we were enjoying delicious food and an amazing view of the Gulf of the setting sun.
Despite the fact that precipitation on that day was not cool sneaks and required warmth.
Remains bought by Andrew liqueur went to this noble cause.

Interestingly, just 2 months after our stay in Finland, has again raised the excise tax on alcohol.
On the first of October 2009 alcoholic drinks has risen in stores in Finland on average by ten percent, and the Finnish police began to issue fines in the amount of twenty euros to those people, who after noting the guards continued drinking alcoholic beverages in public places.
But young people under the age of twenty years for drinking alcoholic beverages (but younger than eighteen, and soft drinks) police fined without warning.
A similar law exists in Russia, but never saw its fulfillment.

The horizon was slowly getting dark and could not help Recalling the lines of the aforementioned Russian poet Baratynsky

"All around me are captivated by wonderful gaze!
There's vast waters
Kilosa the sea with the heavens;
Here from stone mountain to him primeval forest
Came heavy footsteps,
Fell, and looks in the mirror smooth waters!
Too late, the day went out; but it is clear the canopy of heaven,
On the rocks Finnish without mcancer night descends..."