In search of the Moomin-Dole

The fight over water at sunset

Chapter in which hemul conflicts with the native, and Mumla polishes ass pavement

Mileage: 92 km | Temperature: +23 (sun)

Before we could see far on the water surface of the lake little house.
At first I thought there is an island and a house built on it.
But it soon became clear that it drifts. It was a real floating fishing hut.
And really - what for to freeze and get wet fisherman if you can fish comfortably lying on the sofa right out the window, sipping coffee and eating croissants.

The house I was on the lake all night and still not waking up in the morning we heard the noise of the car.
Looking out the canopy, I could see the following picture.
Platform with a house at the shore and now she's using winches dragged into the bed of the truck like a tow truck.
Apparently the lake Often tired and decided to relocate to other fish ponds.

The rain stopped, but while it was overcast.
A few hours later said goodbye to hospitable place and continued on his way through the forest of Sweden.

The good thing about the Nordics is their soil
For areas adjacent to the Northern and Baltic seas, is characterized by the spread of sod-podzolic soils.
Therefore, even after the heavy rain all dries instantly and there is no dirt.
We would we went deep in the black earth, winding it on the chain and other bike parts.

Through the two hours of velutina reached the town of Ostervala(Ostervala) remarkable only for the fact that doing the chairs.
And there is even a monument to this ancient accessory of everyday life.

In 272 the road rushed to the ancient city of Uppsala.
Before it was about 70 km and wanted the lunch to be there.
The road contributed to the speed and we dispersed as best they could.
Nelia said that while she has the strength necessary to go as fast as possible, then when they have it will end not be excruciatingly painful for nawapolany foot plan.

The average speed was 25 km per hour. Our loaded bikes, like cruisers, raced into the distance gradually filling in the corners.
The terrain was absolutely flat.
Left and right we were surrounded by fields of wheat and rapeseed, yellow carpet, which effectively contrasted with the bluish black clouds in the sky.

Finally appeared in the distance the outlines of the ancient capital of Sweden.
Among the rooftops stood the spire of a Gothic Cathedral, visible over a long distance.
We drove into the city from the North-West.

Started bikeways. Gazing around, we accidentally bonded with Neleus.
The speed was minimal.
But this easy contact side by side was enough to combat my friend fell to his side and roula on the pavement.
I ran to her in despair, cursing himself for his awkwardness.
My poor girl lying on the cold stones buried under a pile of iron and reeking with sweat rags, which was full of her backpack.
Tears dripped from her eyes, bathing the old stones of the ancient city.
Fortunately Nelia escaped with minor bruises and scratches.
At such moments particularly feel how much you care about those who are near, and the full measure of responsibility for their health and mental state.

Uppsala is the most beautiful city of Sweden after Stockholm, and maybe even better it.
He is one of the largest in terms of population and size of cities in Sweden with a population of 130,000 people.

The southern part of the city lies on the shore of the large lake mälaren through which the city is connected with the Baltic sea and Stockholm on the water and Central on both sides of the river Fyrisаn (or Fyris) flowing into the lake.
The former name of the river Sala, which means Complete.
And in the 17th century was changed to its present.
Comes from the Fyrisvellir - the so-called ballistae plains surrounding the city are filled and made suitable for agriculture.
And in thesex places in the tenth century was a bloody battle. In memory of this river bears the name of Furis.

"Glorious was this detachment, moving along planetcode waters of the river Fyris.
They walked along its high, wooded West Bank, and the other is the plain, stretched the rich fields.
Rock armor-plated helmet, the scarlet cloak proudly rode Helga at the head of his squad. Behind him, also on horseback, moved the young warrior with his banner in his hands, the Raven of Odin, the ancestor of Schaltungen, on blood-red field.
For the riders, just the swell of the sea, and swaying, glistening in the sun, spears from rati."

The Saga of Hrolf Gerdine

On the ships from lake mälaren to go up the river to the centre of Uppsala.
Further movement of the block two dams with devices called fish ledder, which was built to facilitate the migration of freshwater fish from the river to the lake and back.
These devices are stepped channels around the dams to facilitate fish jumping in the vertical plane.
To fish could bypass the dam.

Many fish species make regular migrations, the frequency of which varies from daily to annual, and the distance from a few meters to thousands of kilometers.
Migration is usually associated with the production of food or reproduction.
Nigirisushi freshwater fish called potamodromous (from potamodromous Greek - Potamos-a river and dromos - jump)
Here impressive pictures of fishladders in Uppsala and in the US on the Columbia river.

On the last day of April each year for Uppsala students try to slide down those stairs on inflatable rafts. With predictable results.

We drove to New Uppsala. The old (Gamla Uppsala) left behind. So call the place where the original from the fifth century the city was built.
From the ancient Uppsala until our days remained a XIII century Church and burial mounds IV—XII centuries. In a conservation area is a Museum under the open sky "Disagarden".

by the beginning of the XIII century, its commercial center has moved to a more convenient location a few kilometres on the river Fyris, called East AROS ( Ostra Aros).
When in 1245 Uppsala burnt down, Ostra Aros inherited the name of the old city.
Was built a new Cathedral of Uppsala, built in 1435, and the residence of the Archbishop of Uppsala.


Here we were almost a few minutes after an unsuccessful collision.
First went to visit the Cathedral.
Take a picture of it whole only from a distance, and the small size of the area does not allow for a full grip.

Is the tallest Cathedral in Northern Europe after the Nidaros Cathedral and the Church of SV. Mary in Gdansk and the largest Cathedral in Scandinavia. Cathedral height is 118.7 meters.

Among the Church treasures the Shrine: gold plated cancer(coffin) with the relics of St. Eric.
This Swedish king, who ruled the country with 1156 1160's.
Historical information about the neh has not survived, and all the information extant, based on legends composed about Eric by that time, when he was called the Holy people (the Church never recognized it as such)

Uppsala Cathedral is buried the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and Carl Linnaeus (physician and naturalist,Creator of the unified system of the plant and animal world)

To wander a little longer inside the Cathedral we were not given.
It was closed for a wedding and we were politely asked to leave.

And we went to explore the streets and houses of the city centre.
There was something to enjoy.

Still every time we are in Europe jealous of how much they love and preserve their history.
Anybody in a head will not come withwear in the center of the old house and build a concrete box for the super-rich.
Or at best leave one wall of a mansion of the past centuries, attaching her to the Mall and call it the conservation of cultural heritage.
In Sweden lovingly preserve and cherish every stone, each a plank.

In the past your story about Scandinavia, I wrote that the nation can be judged by the condition of the toilets and described in detail why.
And here write that can be judged in relation to its history.
People are not mindful of kinship, not appreciating their past have no future.

In other beauties Uppsala is considered a student city in Sweden - is based here six Universities, including the famous Uppsala University.
With the University associated with the names of such scientists as Linnaeus, Celsius, Angstrom, Adam Afzelius, Per Afzelius.

In the Central square went to the supermarket Hemkop and got food for the evening.
The water did not buy - always thought of as camping gets.
We slowly along the river and went South to the Mälaren.

The city proved to be extremely elongated.
For several hours we rode along the river Fyris, and then, when the path along it was over, had to shut down in residential neighborhoods.

But finally efforts were rewarded.
The southern tip of the city lies on the shores of lake mälaren.
Here is located the campground listed on my map called Sunnersta.

Perky came into its territory from the margins and soon discovered the usual amenities building with a crane on the wall.
No thinking about anything bad I took three bottles, they began to fill with water.
Nelia and for a change went to the reception to know the price and ask if you can take a shower.
As she walked, I quietly filled the bottle and was about to pack, I saw that my friend comes back with some sort of one-armed man, whosupplements something shouted to me from afar.
I decided to show courtesy and gleefully shouted aboriginal magic word "hay", which then all greet each other.
But this gentleman was configured differently.
The man was the owner of camping and wildly rolling his eyes and showing thumb down menacingly said a few times "Out! Out!!!"

It finally hit me - he wants me to pour the water dialed.
However, with maximum courtesy and disarming smile, I asked "Why?"
The English man replied "Because I'm paying for the water"
What I reasonably said, apologizing that he was ready to pay also.
But the one-armed Gospodin like went to the principle known to us as "neither myself Nor the people!"
And kept screaming, "Out! Out!", chest closing in on me.
His eyes were bloodshot, and the remaining hand began to twitch spasmatically
Nelia later told me that thought he was gonna hit me now.
Maybe he was shell-shocked when it.
Otherwise it is difficult to explain this unusual in General the Swedes aggression.
And maybe even what we didn't know.

Be at my place Rinat - mordobitiya could not be avoided I guess.
And I felt it best not to mess with the nervous type, and deliberately poured the first one , then another bottle.
Third owner fortunately did not notice - she hid behind the backpack.
I quietly slipped inside.

Suppressed such circumstances, came together and headed out of the campsite.
Which by the way was very expensive - 160 CZK per person (about 500 p)
And wash even for money one-armed bastard Nele is not allowed.
It is likely, we initially ask him to get water, he would be more supportive.
Perhaps it outraged our liberty. And in principle condemned it, we are not entitled to.
But what happened, happened. We are all good in hindsight.

Should have thought about the bed because it's bhave lisias evening.
But there was no place to stay - the area was densely populated.
I had to go to the Northern part of the lake, and again further into rural areas.

But another two hours we unsuccessfully poked in coastal locations.
The picture was the same - or there was home or they were swamped.
Soto we admire the very old Church in the village of Dalby
Nelia spent twenty minutes at the bottom until I cut through space in search of a bed at the local coast.
Later she said that she dug a local resident, thinking that she is sick and she needs help.
He just didn't know that Nelia almost always looks like that when its power is on the limit, and an aversion to the bike reaches its climax:)


I had to go on.
Mulla said that if we don't fall somewhere in the next 15 minutes she's going to fall there where it is.
Had contrary to tradition to spend the night near the water.

However the place turned up as always good.
A small oasis of green between two roads and endless fields.
The tent fit perfectly sheltered from prying eyes.
Though Nelly still had the strength to argue with me about its placement.
This time she had to give in and fell asleep we are not in the best mood from being so inappropriate happened strife.
But sleep, as you know, is the best healer.